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Created January 6, 2019
Hi everyone

My name is Nadilla. My friend, ‘Amalina and I were supposed to graduate on the same day last 17 December 2018 at Loughborough University.

I still remember asking whether her family was coming. She said, ‘no’. But a few days before the day, I met her again and she told me that her father would attend her graduation all the way from Penang, Malaysia. She was as happy as a sandboy, and I completely understood how she felt.

However, neither she nor her father made it to the ceremony that was held in the Sir David Wallace Building that day.

Many of you have heard the news.

On 12 December 2018, Uncle Sahrom Ahmad had a stroke a few hours after he arrived in London to celebrate his daughter’s achievement. He was transferred into the ICU, Charing Cross Hospital, London and the doctor in charge urged to go for an operation. He underwent a brain bleed surgery to release his brain pressure and to allow the blood to come out from his brain. He remained unconscious ever since. And ‘Amalina did what every daughter would do, she waited for her father to open his eyes at his bedside.

The situation is already hard as it is. Although Uncle Sahrom bought a premium AXA travel insurance with a  RM300,000 cover, it is on a pay and claim policy.  This family would have to fork out for a hefty £70,000 (RM 367,581) bill plus the cost of flying Uncle Sahrom back home with a medical team and accompanying medical equipment first before being able to make any claim.

Therefore, we have set up this campaign on behalf of ‘Amalina and her family in the hope of seeking your help towards funding to assist them with the unaffordable medical bill so that they can bring Uncle Sahrom home. As soon as the insurance claim is received, 100 % of the money will be donated to charity.

You can find the complete chronology on NST here:

An article in Bahasa Malaysia about Uncle Sahrom on MStar here:

We humbly ask for your kind prayers for Uncle Sahrom's speedy recovery. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Your sincere help means a lot to us and we are humbly grateful for your heartfelt compassion and generous support.

May the Almighty bless you and your family onwards and upwards! Ameen.

Note: 'Amalina does not have any UK bank account. Therefore, we have nominated, Dr Khairul Ayuni Binti Mohd Kharuddin (email: as the beneficiary for this campaign. She is a Malaysian lecturer teaching at the School of Business and Economics where 'Amalina did her Master's degree programme (  She has been assisting 'Amalina and her father. She will help 'Amalina to withdraw the money from GoFundMe to pay the hospital.
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Hi (and salaam) everyone

UNCLE SAHROM IS FINALLY HOME! Each and every one of you brought him home. We really appreciate your kindness, support, love and generosity. A thank you is an understatement. We can never thank you enough- well, how can we? May you be blessed abundantly!

Read ‘Amalina’s statement here:

Watch the video ‘From Charing Cross Hospital to Subang Jaya Medical Centre’ by Zaharah Othman here:

Read other related articles by Zaharah Othman,

1. Daughter thanks Malaysians for help:

2. Sahrom comes home:

*Nadilla, on behalf of ‘Amalina and family.
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Postcard from Zaharah: A story of two strokes

January 13, 2019 @ 1:08pm

IT was too uncanny for words. Last week, walking from Hammersmith Station to Charing Cross Hospital with my friend Sri Rahayu carrying some nasi lemak takeaways to give to people we hardly knew, I felt a sense of déjà vu.

It was as if we had done this before.

Sri and I were visiting a fellow Malaysian who had suffered a stroke attack after arriving in London. There on the hospital bed in the Intensive Care Unit was Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) retiree, Sahrom Ahmad, who had flown in from Malaysia to attend his daughter’s graduation ceremony in Loughborough, but the stroke attack left him unaware that the big day had passed.

Oblivious to him, in the outside world, a debate was raging over medical bills and the question of repatriation back to the home country. And unbeknownst to him too, in what is popularly known as crowdfunding on the page of Gofundme, the amount of money to contribute to his medical bills and repatriation was steadily growing.

Hadn’t we read this somewhere before?

It was all too familiar; the proud father, the expectant and jubilant daughter waiting at the airport, the stroke attack, the issue of travel insurance and Gofundme.

Yes, indeed we had because this was what happened to Mohamad Sahar Mhd Noor, then 57, chief clerk at the Kolej Kemajuan Tinggi Mara, Negri Sembilan, two years ago. He came with the expectation to see his daughter Atikah receive that piece of scroll, to see that satisfaction on her face after all her hard work. But it was not to be.

Thus, when I first met Nur Amalina Sahrom, 28, I saw in her, not only Atikah but also her brother Fadhli and sister, Amirah; a combined face of resilience struggling with hope which at times was ebbing away, the face of having to deal with unexpected circumstances that happened in a foreign land where they hardly knew anybody.

When I saw Salmah Semail, Sahrom’s wife, I saw in her Awiyah Ahmad, Sahar’s other half — a face of resignation and acceptance that all these had happened for a reason and they would see it through as a family. When I met them, the tears had all dried and determination was fast growing to bring back their loved ones.

However, unlike Sahar who arrived without travel insurance, Sahrom had bought one online. So, like others who heard about the family’s predicament, I sighed a sigh of relief and thought there was not much to worry about, financially. But like everyone else, I was wrong to assume that for Sahrom’s case now is a grim reminder of the importance of reading the fine prints in insurance covers.

“When I first heard that Amalina’s father had insurance cover, I thought it was going to be all right,” said Fadhli when I contacted him. He thought Amalina would not have to go through the nightmare he and his siblings had gone through before.

“I cried when Amalina contacted me because I was there and I don’t ever want this to happen to anyone,” he said.

However, Amalina had indeed reached out to the right person. With his experience and the wisdom that comes with it, Fadhli, while advising her on what to expect and how to handle enquiries, hospital procedures and generous but sometimes overzealous offers of help, will be with the team receiving Sahrom when he returns.

This shared albeit tragic experience had brought these two families together.

Indeed, last night watching Amalina and her aunty, Norehan Desa, in deep discussion with Dr Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi and Dr Fahja Ismail on the final preparations for the repatriation of her father, it was again a similar scene repeating before my eyes.

Indeed, Sharifah, a lecturer at a local university here and Fahja, a medical doctor, and Dr Najmiah Ahmad, were among many other volunteers in London, who were instrumental in helping Fadhli and his family in contacting medical teams and hospital in Malaysia.

Now, the same team in London is working with similar enthusiasm with the same team of medical doctors in Malaysia, who will be flying in to accompany Sahrom home.

“They are members of Malaysian Aeromedicine. They will arrive in London, go to the hospital and assess En Sahrom and discuss with doctors treating him for the handover and they will look after him on the flight,” said Sharifah, who admitted that she will only relax when she sees Sahrom on his stretcher on the specially equipped flight back to Malaysia.

For Amalina, she is beginning to smile more. She even breaks into fits of giggles now.

The memories of seeing her father going through what must have been the initial onset of the stroke attack, seeing him looking lost without his shoes on outside their hotel room, banging on the wall and stumbling badly while reciting the Surah Yassin, will probably remain with her forever.

Like Atikah, she will never have that picture of her proud father by her side clutching the scroll on her graduation day. But God willing, she will have her father back and they can have that banter they used to have between father and daughter.

Watching her by her father’s bedside, I remember Atikah showing her father her graduation picture, while urging him, “Bangunlah Ayah, Adik dah graduate”. It is not an experience you would wish even on your worst enemy.
However, both families will remember that their tragedy had brought together Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike in their support.
“It was a truly 1Malaysia response,” said Sharifah.

There was a Malaysian Chinese echoing a Malaysian Indian in wishing Uncle Sahrom to quickly recover. It was the donations of £5 and £10 that were fast trickling in that was making the difference topping up the big generous amount from the Queen of Johor, which was recently matched by Battersea Power Station Development Company. TNB had been quick to offer help financially to Amalina, who was also a TNB scholar when she was doing her first degree and her mother who retired as a technician with TNB.

“We are so touched. Malaysians are so generous and kind,” smiled Amalina as she announced that she will soon stop receiving donations on the Gofundme page but will keep the page open for updates.

I visited Sahrom again yesterday. The sight of him moving his arms, opening his eyes; simple gestures that we take for granted, brought tears to my eyes — the same way it did when I saw Sahar scratched his arms.

This is not the kind of déjà vu I would want to experience again but the spirit of wanting to help, the fostering of friendship in times of tragedy when strangers become friends, is certainly something that will forever warm my heart.
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The overwhelming support we have received from Malaysians and many others around the world is nothing short than extraordinary. On behalf of ‘Amalina and family, I am very pleased to announce that at 9 am (UK time), 12 January 2019, we have received sufficient amount from GoFundMe and other sources to cover both medical expenses as well as Uncle Sahrom’s repatriation cost. Thus, we are ending our #BringUncleSahromHome campaign on GoFundMe and we are closing this fundraising. The generosity of your support has floored us with gratitude, and we want to thank each and everyone of you. No amount is too small, no prayer is wasted, every share to promote this campaign and every love and message of yours have really helped my friend, ‘Amalina and her family to go through a desperately hard time. We shall be forever in your debt. You are the real heroes!

Thank you.

Nadilla, on behalf of ‘Amalina and family

Sokongan yang kami terima daripada rakyat Malaysia dan orang ramai dari serata dunia sangat mengagumkan. Bagi pihak Amalina dan keluarga, saya sangat berbesar hati untuk mengumumkan bahawa pada pukul 9 pagi (waktu UK), 12 Januari 2019, jumlah yang kami terima daripada GoFundMe dan sumber-sumber lain telah mencukupi untuk membayar kos perubatan dan juga kos bawa pulang Pakcik Sahrom. Oleh itu, kami akan mengakhiri kempen #BringUncleSahromHome (Bawa PakCik Sahrom Pulang) dan menamatkan usaha pengumpulan dana untuk Pakcik Sahrom. Kami amat bersyukur dan berterima kasih dengan kemurahan hati anda. Tiada jumlah yang terlalu kecil, tiada doa yang dibazirkan, setiap perkongsian kempen ini, setiap mesej yang anda tinggalkan telah membantu kawan saya, ‘Amalina dan keluarga untuk melalui masa yang sukar ini. Kami akan selamanya terhutang budi. Andalah hero yang sebenar!

Terima kasih.

Nadilla, bagi pihak ‘Amalina dan keluarga.
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Hai dan Assalamualaikum semua

Keluarga Pakcik Sahrom sangat terharu dengan sumbangan ikhlas, ucapan dan segala doa anda yang tidak putus-putus untuk mereka. Kami, bagi pihak Pakcik Sahrom dan keluarga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada anda. Semoga anda dilimpahkan ganjaran yang sebaik-baiknya.

Menurut ‘Amalina, syarikat insurans AXA telah menyatakan keputusan terkini syarikat mereka bahawa mereka tidak akan membayar/menanggung segala kos perubatan dan juga kos bawa pulang Encik Sahrom. Mereka telah menekankan bahawa kos-kos ini tidak termasuk dalam kos yang boleh dituntut.

Oleh sebab itu, keluarga Amalina akan menggunakan sumbangan anda yang diterima melalui GoFundMe termasuklah bantuan dari pelbagai pihak untuk menguruskan pembiayaan perubatan dan penerbangan Pakcik Sahrom ke Malaysia. Team repatriasi kami sedang berusaha untuk membawa Pakcik Sahrom pulang secepat mungkin.

Perkembangan lain akan menyusul daripada ‘Amalina.

Terima kasih.

-Nadilla, bagi pihak ‘Amalina dan keluarga

Hi (and salaam) everyone

Uncle Sahrom’s family is overwhelmed and touched by your generous donations, well-wishes and never-ending prayers. On behalf of them, we would like to thank you all. May you be rewarded immensely for your kindness.

According to ‘Amalina, the AXA insurance company has declared their latest decision not to cover both medical expenses as well as Uncle Sahrom’s repatriation cost. They have insisted that these claims are not payable.

For this reason, ‘Amalina’s family will use your donations via GoFundMe as well as assistance from many others to pay for Uncle Sahrom’s medical bill plus the cost of flying him to Malaysia. Our own repatriation team is working hard to bring Uncle Sahrom home as soon as possible.

More updates to follow from ‘Amalina.

Thank you.

-Nadilla, on behalf of 'Amalina and family.
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£49,734 of £70,000 goal

Raised by 1,389 people in 2 months
No Longer Accepting Donations
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Created January 6, 2019
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