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Aisling Brady is a bright and lively 26 year old Physics and Maths teacher from Trim, Ireland, who moved to the UAE in 2016. She had planned to take an extended career break from her hometown job, to eventually return and set herself up for a fantastic future. 

Unfortunately on the 27th of November 2017 this all changed.
Having worked extremely hard to prepare her year twelve and year thirteen reports, Aisling went into school.  This is where she fainted for the first time, causing her to hit her head hard on the floor. After three minutes knocked out she came to and was sat in a wheelchair disorientated but totally aware, as she was giving orders (typical Aisling!) to the teachers who would be picking up her work for the day and was a little frustrated at the fuss being made over what seemed to be a simple faint caused by stress. Luckily, Aisling was put in an ambulance and quickly transported to the hospital. 

Once in the ambulance things started to take a serious turn. Aisling suffered three seizures on the journey and luckily, within the space of fifteen minutes, was in a hospital bed. Once led down she then suffered the first of three cardiac arrests. After three to four minutes of resuscitation she was brought back, to then suffer the second and third cardiac arrests, each resulting in three to four minutes of resuscitation. This was then further complicated with a stroke, caused by a shower of smaller clots to the brain. This has caused serious damage to the brain and, combined with the total of twelve minutes of hypoxia, really left her cardio-vascular system and brain very, very weak,

The cause of all of this was a Pulmonary Embolism which had formed in her leg over a long period of time, rushing up to her heart and eventually ending up caught in her lungs. Aisling has remarkably thick blood and with the frequent flying since moving, it has caused this to be brought on sooner.


We are extremely lucky to be able to start this page today, as just over two weeks ago we were given no hope. If the ambulance was a minute later, we wouldn't be here. 

We are praying that soon we can leave the acute phase, which currently totals sixteen days. This will hopefully be within the coming weeks and it is from here Aisling will be fully focused on the small steps to her recovery, as family, friends, acquaintances and strangers, we must think of the long term so Aisling can focus on the here and now to get better.

Everybody that knows Aisling understands she is resilient, driven, stubborn and tenacious and she will not settle for anything less than getting her life back up to speed. With the right help and support, there is every hope we can together get her back to her loving and caring self. She has left huge footprints in the world, on our lives, let's make sure she can keep doing that.

The first part of Aisling’s long term rehabilitation and recovery involves getting her home to Ireland. Her medical insurance provided by the school does not cover anything with regards to emergency medical evacuation or rehabilitation at home, so Terry and Antonette will need to front these costs. 

A lot of you have reached out and asked if you can fund raise or help in anyway. This is where you could really help us. 

This is my call to all of you to is to allow her family to worry about the important thing and not the financial burden - but focusing on getting Aisling to 100%! 

We have done a lot of research and quotations, spoken to the embassy for advice and negotitated hard with the potential providers and it is not a cheap process. Due to her condition, this is an extremely risky movement so we must take every step we can to mitigate the risk and we will only go with the absolute best for Aisling, it really is the least we can do after she has suffered such horrific events.

We have decided to go for a full Air Ambulance. This is a jet which will fly at a much lower altitude (roughly 10,000 feet) and is essentially a hospital in the sky. She will have a cardiac specialist, Neuro specialist, general doctor and nurses on-board, as well as a pre-mapped routes with potential emergency landing locations aligned. Once landed they will arrange for her to be made comfortable in a hospital in Ireland. It is a complete bed to bed service and on that basis is extremely expensive. 

Now, as Aisling's condition improves over the coming weeks, there may be areas that we can save on the total amount and this cost may reduce, however any remaining money will go into Aisling’s rehabilitation program, which is going to be a long and hard road for all involved. This could be anything from helping her learn to communicate again, motor skills or even logical thinking, it is a very broad spectrum which we do not have information on but we will keep everybody updated. 

A special account has been setup with appointed trusties back in Ireland and all money raised will go into that and be used to enable the family to get the Aisling we all know and love back to her big hearted self. 

We are working on a special way to thank everyone who makes a donation to help get our beloved Aisling back home to Ireland and get the immediate help she will need. Whether you can  donate €1, €100 or a €1000, please leave your email in the comments so we can send you a special message once it is ready! Every donation will bring Aisling one step closer to full health and happiness again.

Thank you all again, 

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"Thank you everyone for your donations, it means so much to me and will help me recover"

Aisling Brady - 27/11/2018
(Using a spelling board)

1 year on, we have all made the decision to close off Donations to the page. This decision was made by all of us, including Aisling, as we will need your help again in the future as her journey continues. For now, you can still leave comments and send messages.
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Tomorrow, November 27th will be exactly 1 year since Aisling’s accident. As we all sit and contemplate the last 12 months, reflecting on the good moments as well as the bad, it really brings to light the things that really matter.
Aisling’s fight over the last 365 days has been one which inspires us, seeing someone, given no odds find the willingness to give 100% in her physios, OT, speech and language therapies is truly incredible. The ability and mental toughness she has shown, even in her hardest days, days where she is chronically tired, too still push herself and try and work back some of her old life is something we can all learn from.
Prior to the Gofundme page being closed tomorrow, we thought it would be good to share some of our individual thanks and thoughts.

Antoinette and Terry

“As the first year of Aisling’s new life comes to a close, Terry and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your very generous donation to Aisling’s fund. It has been a difficult and emotional year for us all and we now know that Aisling’s recovery and rehabilitation will continue into the future. The money, which you kindly donated, will ensure that she will continue to get whatever equipment, therapies and treatments she will need when she leaves the National Rehabilitation Hospital in January. So many people from around the world contributed to her fund and Terry and I want to let you know that you have given her hope for further recovery and are eternally grateful to you. To those who have organized fundraisers, sent Mass cards, get well cards, texts of support, brought me out for numerous early birds and coffee, travelled from the USA to comfort Aisling, brought her gifts, sent voice messages with funny stories to tell her, Skyped her from around the world and so on, we say a huge thank you too. We tell Aisling about her extensive fan base on a regular basis which brings a big smile to her face. Finally we would like to thank Kristian for setting up this amazing fundraiser for Aisling last December. He has been at Aisling’s side throughout the past year and her world lights up when he walks into her room. He has been amazing and she is so lucky to have him in her life. As we close this fundraiser on Tuesday, we will continue to post updates on Facebook “ Aisling Brady Updates” and hope that you will continue to follow her journey and send messages to her on this page. Love and prayers, Antoinette and Terry”


“Thank you everyone who has contributed to Aisling's Rehabilitation by donating to the go fund me that was set up for her last December. As mentioned above your very generous donation will help Aisling in the future to get her life back on track as best as possible. We can't express how grateful we are. To continue to help us and her, I would ask that you please like the "Aisling Brady Updates" page on Facebook if you haven't done so already. This is where we not only keep people updated on Aisling, but also where we try to reach out to many people for answers to questions we have that we don't know the answer to. We have already received so much information from post shares that has proven to be hugely helpful for my sister. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Mark Brady.”


“Thanks to everyone who has shown such amazing support to Aisling and our family over the past year. We’re still amazed at the number of people who have reached out to us, and the generosity that we’ve been shown. Your acts of kindness and support are directly responsible for some of Aisling’s many laughs and smiles over the past year, moments where she could just forget the difficult path ahead of her and enjoy the good in her life. Looking back on the phone call I got from Kristian early that Monday morning, I was really frightened, but I never realised that what happened then would still have such a huge impact on our lives one year on. As we’ve come to realise the extent of her injuries, we now know that she will need to receive lifetime care. And as Aisling made the most out of her life, we want to make sure that she can continue to have the best life we can provide for her. Its great news that she is gradually going to settle back home in Trim, but we ask that all friends and family continue to show her support. Keep stopping by for visits, tell her all of your stories and remember that she is still the same intelligent, wonderful person that she has always been. Caring for Aisling would be a difficult task for Mum, Dad, Kristian, Mark and I alone, so we really thank you for being there for us when we needed it. We know that it takes a lot to organise a fundraiser, or travel long distances, donate kindly or to simply console us when we’re going through rough times. It is reassuring knowing that there are other people out there that are willing to look after Aisling too, while we direct our focus toward planning for Aisling’s future.”


“It’s really hard to express the last 12 months in words, and I often try to explain it in my head or articulate it to close friends and family. The word I always come up with is “weird”. Because as life changing and sad as it is, the joy and happiness I always find and always prevails is the opportunity Aisling is now presented with, opportunity I thought we had lost. Although her life is going to be different, her friendships different, her dreams different, she still has opportunity.

You, reading this are part of that opportunity. Through your generosity and kindness you have given Aisling and her family hope for the future. You may feel that the 5 euro you donated is only small, but that 5 euro gave us freedom, the freedom to make decisions based on Aisling and no other factors. The worry you saved us, particularly in the first weeks and now moving forward has been a huge contribution and allowed us to get through the last 12 months.

When we were all going through the darkest times of uncertainty, you gave us hope which we were struggling to find. The first 48 hours of this page gave us excitement, smiles, happiness, all things we didn’t think we would experience again. The generosity prevailed and your love showed that there was hope for Aisling.

So I thank you all for everything, not just the money, but the messages of support and the complete and total understanding.”
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Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since the last update, but hopefully you'll understand why after reading through this one! Loads of people have been onto me for this and I'm excited to say this is the first one Aisling has been directly involved in! She knows you guys are reading and has a couple of things she really wanted me to address!

Before we dig into how well she's doing and the progress, the last 8 weeks or so, we have had some tough emotional times with Aisling. As the team and family come to terms with her situation and potential limitations, it's been a really hard pill for her to swallow. Aisling has been coming to the family meetings and has had questions such as "when will I walk" or "when will I talk" and "when can I come home". Which at this stage are just impossible to answer.

But with this, we need to remember that her limitations are tied to variable factors; time, determination and support. Having spent the last 10 months watching Aisling battle through odds firmly against her, we all really believe the life she has ahead is still full of excitement and adventure, but we have to remember this is a long, long journey and we are still just at the beginning.

Improvements since the last update I am delighted to say have been coming thick and fast!

The biggest and the one Aisling is most excited to share (anyone that knows her well won't be surprised here!) is the fact she is now consuming food and liquids again!! After 9 months with no real taste or sensation of food, she is now gobbling down a chicken curry almost daily and we are all being bankrupt by the 8 Euro ice cream she requests or Scrumdiddlies. As some of you may know however, hospital food is pretty average at the best of times, but the stuff she is eating is puree, which means no bits....its not great having tasted it also. But she is happy enough and has a short list of meals they provide which she likes. We are hoping this will keep progressing and she will be chewing solid food in no time.

Aisling's core is improving, which is absolutely critical if she is to walk or be mobile again. She is now able to support her own head for much longer periods. Although she spends the majority of the time supported, this is something with notable improvements. The physio here is fantastic, Paul and the team clearly care deeply about Aisling and Antoinette has shared that watching her sessions, she trusts him fully which is extremely important. Although, i'm a little jealous he's getting pool time with her and I am not! Everything from standing supported, lifting her butt from the chair using her core and aqua therapy, these are all steps forward.

From a vocal perspective, we are really driving forward. After a long period with little to no steps, Aisling is now able to make sound on command. She does this to get our attention, express displeasure in situations, tell us she wants to spell something and of course, laugh uncontrollably at situations, some of which are slightly inappropriate.... but we won't go into to much detail on that....

On from speech, communication is key and Aisling is flying. A spelling board was introduced some may remember, and we were getting words semi regularly. It was hard to get Aisling used to this and often she would refuse to use it. Now, however, she won't stop using it! Spelling out full sentences and asking detailed questions. She doesn't miss a trick and it really feels like you can have proper conversations with her now. Her spelling is still much better than mine! It's really liberating for Aisling and also means she's able to interact with her surroundings more. Vision is a real issue for Aisling as we may have mentioned, it's been hard to calibrate what she can or can't see, however we see improvements here....notably when it comes to someone having a nibble of her food or ice cream. Two occasions spring to mind, when Anto has been caught eating her ice cream and chocolate mousse and Aisling has on each occasion told her to stop eating her desserts! So clearly she is seeing more than she is letting on!

Aisling's confidence has really grown the last few weeks, she has become more social, interacting with other patients on the ward, as well as her willingness to go places. She is taking it in her stride and its great to see her forging some sort of "normal". We have plans for beautician outings and obviously ice cream one's.

From a prep perspective, Terry is very much on top of it. The Trim home is being looked at and measured up, plans are being put in place to facilitate Aisling for her visits home and we are hoping to have her there for an overnight stay sometime in the near future. We need a wheelchair access vehicle and this is where some of the fund will go.

Moving onto the fund and fundraising generally, I'd love to acknowledge the Golf Classic which was held in the US this week. Terry flew over to attend and I'm told it was a fantastic day. It was great to see the support and Aisling was kept up to date with the whole event.

We would also like to acknowledge her students at Mercy School in Navan, who went onto the late late show and mentioned Aisling's cause. They are raising Cattle and part of the profit will head towards supporting Aisling's long term rehab.

Finally, we are going to close down the gofundme page on the 27th of November, one year on from the incident. The reason we are making this decision is at this stage you guys have been a huge factor in facilitating Aisling's progress. Without your help, we would not have been able to focus on her 100%. There will be needs for more fundraising in the future, as Aisling continues to work towards recovery, but for now, we are truly thankful for everything you have helped with. So please, over the next few weeks continue to share Aisling's story.

With the closing of the gofundme, it'll be hard to communicate with everyone, so if you would like to continue getting updates, I have setup a Facebook Page which you will be able to like and follow to get updates similar to this -

Thank you for everything as always,

AISLING!!!, Antoinette, Terry, Mark, Daire and Kristian
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It's been a busy time for Aisling, as most will know close to us, she has been finally moved to the NRH (national rehabilitation centre) in Dún Laoghaire. This has been a long time coming for Aisling at the 8 month point in her journey, and after some teething problems she is now fully settled in and beginning to make sense of her new surroundings.

I must say, the facilities in DL are pretty good, but honestly, its the competence of the specialists and the care she is receiving. The Mater clearly cared dearly for Aisling, but this really is next level. It's been really impressive how sharp to everything they are.

Aisling has spent the last two weeks going through assessments from the Physio, OT and Speech therapist, this gave them time to figure out where she is now and then begin the process of setting realistic goals. We had a meeting with the whole team yesterday, with Aisling coming in to join us at the end, although it was upsetting to hear (even though it wasn't much we weren't expecting), I truly believe Aisling will push further than the goals they have set.

This isn't the time or place to go into what these are, but if you want more info, you're more than welcome to reach out to myself and I will get back to you on any questions you may have.

The NRH are sitting down with Antonette next week to work out Aisling visiting schedule. This is a combination of timings and also visit types. What i mean by that is whether the visiting schedule allows either a chilled rested visit, or a lively and interactive visit. This is all to do with managing Aisling fatigue so she gets the maximum from each and every therapy.

This means is you will need to be much more flexible with visiting. Some reach outs have been really specific, asking for specific days and times and honestly, it's really hard for us to say no even though we should be. You guys mean so much to Aisling, every visit clearly picks her up, and she wants to hear all the gossip. But we need you to start flexing to Aisling and when she can handle your visit. So if you want to be added to the WhatsApp group and kept up to date with her schedule and slots, please reach out.

To those who have supported Aisling over the last 8 months and followed her journey where possible, we really want to thank you. It was especially great to see the Dubai crowd visiting this week as well, she loved it! Also a special mention to the newly married Mrs and Mrs Nash, I speak for both of us when we say we are delighted you've tied the knot!

Thanks as always,

Brady + Mansfield clan.
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