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MOVE MOUNTAINS – Get Betty To StandUp Paddle (SUP) Worldcup in CHINA & produce an inspiring documentary !


I'm Bettina from Hamburg (Germany), I LOVE Standup Paddleboard Surfing and ... I have a dream. 

It’s been a long time on my mind, but like many of us, I didn’t take the step. But now it's that time – because at the "golden age of 50” I got a ticket to participate at the World Cup!
My big goal is now to compete at the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championships in China* 23. Nov - 2. Dec. 2018.
So, help me to MOVE MOUNTAINS and get me over there!

Last year I already pursued this dream, but I failed. I was mentally not strong due to the tragic suicide of my lovely mom, which was a dramatic shift in my life as you can imagine. So, suddenly struggling with an “emotional roller coaster” I missed the qualification for the event in 2017.

Finally, I got qualified for this year event by winning 2nd at German Championships in Nov 2017. I'm back on track and now I go for my dream even stronger, totally excited to have the opportunity to participate this year.

(*Begin of July 2018 the organizer ISA needed to switch surprisingly for everybody the location from Brazil to China. )

I also want to share another passionate vision with you:
I would love to create an EMPOWERING DOCUMENTARY about my story, where the World Championship will play a big role. It's called "BETTY WOULD GO. Ride Waves - Surf Life!"

This is why it's even more important that I can go there! 
Read more below ...

Unfortunately financing such a big project on my own is impossible for me. I need the 3.600 € just for myself. This includes my flight, handling surf-equipment, accommodation, food, event-ticket, transfer & rental car. This calculation is based on the time of 2 weeks (1 week local training in advance to the contest and 1 week the contest itself).

An added bonus – to boost my success – would be if I would be able to bring my coach, which would cost 2.400 € additionally. 

So, to make my big dream & vision come true I would be very happy, if you would love to support me :)

Be sure, any small amount counts! Even 5 or 10 € helps me to get closer to my goal and would put a big smile on my face!

Should the donations overall get higher, be sure every cent will flow into creating the movie.


If you have any questions or remarks I’m looking forward to your message.

And now read more about me, my passion & dreams ...

I live with my family in Hamburg. Since 30+ years I'm passionate about waves and totally into surfing in all his varieties. My whole family is addicted to the great ocean-lifestyle as far as we can live it kind of "landlocked" in Hamburg. 

In 2010 I've discovered Standup Paddling (SUP) as my big new passion. Soon I got into race and wave competitions and won a wide range of titles e.g.:

>     6th place World Cup 2018 Women Amateure Long Distance, Scharbeutz
>     2nd place German Championships SUP WAVE 2017+2018, Portugal & Qualification for SUP World Cup Wave 2018
>     2nd place Hamburg Championships Overall 2016 & 2017
>     3rd place World Cup 2016 Women Amateure Long Distance, Scharbeutz
>     2nd place World Cup 2014 Women Amateure Long Distance, Fehmarn
>     Diverse top rankings at events of German SUP Challenge in Wave, Tech Race, Sprint, Long Distance and Overall since 2013
>     3rd place GSUPA Overall Wave 2016

Something special about me is ...
I'm competing as an amateur successfully against 16-30 year olds and I'm age 50. 
My mantra is “Do whatever is good for you”.

Even, going through the ups and downs of life I’m always the kind of person, that doesn’t give up. Who tries – with positive and powerful energy – to follow the ways life is unfolding. With this attitude I always love to empower others. So, the idea of making a movie came up. 

What is the documentary about?
With this movie I want to ENCOURAGE you to follow your dreams and go your way.
Just do it. Don’t give up. Get aware of your strength and use it for a happy life!

The movie will be about „surfing the waves of life“ and what you choose to fill your life. About the meaning of life – to become stronger – through all its ups & downs. It will show surfing as a lifestyle. And using surfing as a metaphor I will teach key principles for living life fully:
>   Go with the flow
>   Enjoy moments
>   Be curious about the new things every minute happen
>   Go for it
>   Take chances
>   Discover your own powerful strengths by overcoming fears.

I will play a key role with my life story as a „normal“ person – not a professional surfer – following her passions & dreams. Enjoying life but also having struggles to go through – to find “The something in life”… everybody is searching for. But I will also share inspiring stories from others.

Further I want to encourage to SAVE THE OCEAN as the most wonderful & important resource for our planets life.

Here you can find the beautiful teaser on YouTube

Since this campaign went so well - I achieved the goal to cover my travel-expenses - people keep on asking me, how they can support me further on this film-project. So, I continue collecting for it.

Every additional Euro donated now goes 100% into the film.

Stay tuned for more infos on this exciting project …
And find me online here …

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Update 16
Posted by Bettina Kohl
1 month ago
+++ CHINA RECAP – what an amazing trip! +++

Hi Everyone!

We just came back from SUP Worldchampionships on Hainan / China some days ago. Nearly 200 elite athletes from 26 nations competed for gold. We are still overwhelmed from all what happened over there and are happy to share this now with you!

As you know it was my dream-goal to compete at this world-class event and that this journey will be an important part of our documentary. Thanks to your amazing support WE MADE IT: I was able to participate and my great teammates – Andrea Hausstätter (Creative Director & Producer) and Kim Schiedeck (Camera & Edit) – could join as well.

We catched amazing footage from surf, nature & culture incl. inspiring interviews with locals and people around the world to fill the documentary with great content on empowerment and saving the ocean.

The whole trip started a little bit crazy.

The seafreight container of Team Germany with all our boards got delayed by nearly a week. Further – due to a sudden expected Taifun – the event-managers decided to switch plans and wanted to start with wave instead of racing. My plan to have some days of training before the event more or less failed. So, I got just 2 days in the water in advance and a heavy weather situation ahead, which was kind of terrifying.

Finally we were lucky. The ocean provided the best glacy & up to head-high waves for the wave-competition-days, which was somehow magic! Carrying the great positive energy of my family, all my friends and supporters with me in my mind I achieved my wave competition goal - getting at least one round further - and even more!

Beeing 51 years old amateur I was the veteran and kind of outstanding in between the high-level young women-competitors of the event. I made it until the 2nd repechage round and finalized 21th out of 28. I’m sooo proud and happy that I made it to that level at all. It was one of the most emotional moments and made me nearly cry on the water.

But that was not all … Due to a suddenly open spot, as one of my teammates had health issues, I decided short term to compete also in the 18 km Long Distance race last weekend. An absolutely big challenge – way out of my comfort zone, as I was not trained to race on this event and having not the right gear with just my wave paddle. But thanks to Team New Zealand I at least got a great Starboard-Race-SUP.

All competitors struggled with heavy sideshore-winds, choppy conditions and a brutal burning sun and heat. As you know “Giving up is no option” is one of my mantras and it pushed me the whole race. So, I finalized 26th out of 31 power-women. I was super-stoked!

With this I wanted to show it’s not always about classical winning - more being part of something special. Those experiences fill your life up being a great story!

Adding to the event we had an exciting time exploring a little part of amazing China, getting beautiful and same time also challenging insights on culture and nature. We met wonderful, friendly locals in a world that is totally different to ours. This trip will be definetly unforgettable for us.

We are deeply grateful that we achieved this milestone together with you!

Next step will be to finalize the content, as we still have some great ideas we love to integrate. We will keep you posted, how the story of this great project will go on.

Now we wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your beloved ones.
Look for you dreams and follow your heart!

Aloha – Bettina
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Update 15
Posted by Bettina Kohl
2 months ago

unbelievable - in 24 hrs I'm already sitting in my flight to China. Still on the "runway" to get everything ready to take off. My morning started with deep Vinyasa-Yoga-lesson as training.

Straight after that I had great RADIO-timeat NDR 90.3. You can listen to the fun and interesting interview about empowerment, SUP & Worldcup China tomorrow 15th Nov. in their morning show „Hamburg am Vormittag“ 10-13 Uhr.

Now it's big packing-time. Don't wonder if you don't here from me for a while ... I'm more or less off-line for the trip. So next update will be already December and I will give you exciting insights of the trip !

Aloha - Bettina
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Update 14
Posted by Bettina Kohl
2 months ago
+++ CHINA IS CALLING - just 4 days to go - all news & infos for you ! +++


I’m soooo looking forward to travelling to the beautiful island Hainan in China next Thursday to compete. This is only possible with your awesome support and I deeply thank you for that.

Last week was really exciting again, as I was in TV & NEWSPAPER! And the complex preparations for the trip are in the final stage. In this really interesting update you get all news, how you can stay tuned and why the Crowdfunding story goes on. It’s a little bit longer this time, so catch a nice drink and I wish you HAPPY READING!

TRAVELING TO CHINA stays an adventure and challenge!

The logistics are one point. The boards already arrived by seafreight-container in Hong Kong and are on their way to be delivered in around a week to us on Hainan. Getting them right in time through customs is crucial.

The other point is communication. China is special as our normal communication tools, a lot websites & social media don’t work - they are blocked by laws. So, this is my last update for you until I come back, as I unfortunately won’t be able to give you any updates during that time.

If you want to contact me, you can use “WeChat” (it’s there “WhatsApp”) or email me via GoFundMe.

Now I want to give you some interesting infos, how you can follow the WorldCup:


The whole event will be 23rd Nov until 3rd Dec. The wave competition, where I’m in, will be in the week 26th Nov until 2nd Dez on 4 days – which days exactly will depend on wave-forecast.

Best is to visit the website of the organizer ISA – normally they have a great LIVESTREAM !
Consider time-lag (Hong Kong) – for Germany it means +7 hours

Here you find some more infos on the event & schedule
And here you can find them on Facebook


To get updates on our team, just follow the Facebook-page of the German Surf Association “DWV - Deutscher Wellenreitverband”

Here is a nice article about our team!

GREAT MEDIA last week!

Our local TV HAMBURG 1, who interviewed me the last 6 month a few times, did a short great summary-report of the story so far, which they showed in their evening news! You can find it here

And our big local newspaper HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT published a huge inspiring article about me, incl. a teaser on the front-page in their famous section “Menschlich gesehen”. Here you can find the online version


As you know from my previous updates my SUP-Worldcup participation will be part of a bigger film-project: The documentary BETTY WOULD GO. RIDE WAVES – SURF LIFE! With this film I want to inspire, that it’s never too late to go for your dreams! A film connecting empowerment and saving the ocean in a special way. My trip to China will play an important role (further infos please see the campaign-story).

Since this campaign went so well - I achieved the goal to cover my travel-expenses - people keep on asking me, how they can support me further on this film-project. So, I continue collecting for it.

Every additional Euro donated now goes 100% into the film.

It would be fantastic, if you love to support me by SPREADING THE MESSAGE. Best would be with a personal note. Tell your friends, why you are in and how cool it is to be part of this project. We have great ideas! And the more money we get, the more content we can realize and the more quality we can put in the production.

Be sure, we are so grateful for any amount!

Thank you for sharing this exciting journey with me. Your power and thoughts are with me in China and this is the best motivation I can get!

ALOHA - Bettina
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Update 13
Posted by Bettina Kohl
2 months ago
Hi All!

So much happened since my last update and I'm very happy to share this with you. So take a coffee and enjoy the news :)

Just 3 more weeks to go - what an exciting time !! I will travel to China on 15th Nov to get some training in advance and the event will be from 23.11-3.12.

Our boards are already on their way in a seafreight-container, and this is already an adventure & story for itself. The logistics to China are so challenging! Especially the crazy work on customs-stuff and getting everything right in time to our location. But we go for it!

If you want to know more about the event, check out

There will be also a LIVESTREAM on this website then, where you can follow the event. I will compete in SUP Wave and you can send me your "thumb up" online :)

Meantime, I was in Portugal begin of Oct. for the German SUP Wave Championships and I'm now VICECHAMPION GERMANY 2018 :) We had really heavy conditions and I'm really proud that I made it. The pics below give you a little inside.

On the FB page of the DWV are a lot photos and the livestream-recording of the event

And here you can find an article of the SUP MAG about it

As I told you my world cup participation will be part of our planed inspiring documentary "BETTY WOULD GO. Ride Waves - Surf Life". We did a separate crowdfunding on this and finished it successfully last week. It was an amazing "ride" and now the story goes on as the production gets real - We are still totally stoked about that and so grateful for everybody who is joining us on this path!

Get more info on the project on www.bettywouldgo.com

It would be awesome if you love to keep on spreading the message. Every further support counts!!! Be sure, all money will be invested to realize the China-Trip and the production of the movie!

I wish you a great week and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!

Aloha - Bettina
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Raised by 42 people in 8 months
Created May 15, 2018
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