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Created August 3, 2017
Hannah Mueller, DVM is devoted to the animals. She has given so much of herself to helping those in need and now, she needs our help.

Dr Hannah sustained major injuries on the evening of August 2nd from a horse related accident. She has a fractured pelvis and two fractures in her right arm.

While Dr Hannah does have health  insurance, she is also self-employed and a single mom. She will be unable to work for a minimum of six weeks and on top of lost wages, she will have medical and other expenses that insurance does not cover.

This is our time to help Dr Hannah. We all know that she would never ask for help, however this is one way that we can support the woman who does so much for human and animal kind.

All funds will go directly to support Hannah and her medical expenses. I know what a wonderful network of friends and clients she has. I also know that there have been countless times that me, and others, wish that we could have done something very special for the vet, mother, and friend that has done so very much for us - whether it be during our saddest and most heartwrenching of times, to the best of times.

Thank you in advance for your support, care, and concern. Let's show her just how much she means to us all.
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An exciting update from Hannah!!

Let the exercise begin!

This update is too exciting to wait for the 6 week mark and it comes with a request for help. I had my orthopedic recheck appointment on Friday and the news was great! They reviewed the follow up CT of my pelvis as well as a few more x-rays and found that the fractures have knitted together and stabilized! They are estimating there is 80% healing already which is way ahead of schedule and frees me to start carefully loading my right leg, walking a few steps at a time, and working up from there. I feel so tall standing up after sitting down continually for a month! Weird! My pelvis is not healed enough for running or jumping or any other high impact activity, but I can start working out and rebuilding my poor flabby atrophied muscles! They even said I could drive! Doing the happy dance!!

My arm has also healed at an accelerated rate and based on the recheck x-rays, the bones have knitted together and stabilized! Fantastic! They removed my cast and fitted me to a splint and I am to take the splint off as much as possible and start light range of motion exercises with my wrist. That all sounds great, however now that I am home doing my range of motion exercises I am realizing how stiff my wrist actually is. My palm is contracted and the base of my thumb is folded under. I can hardly bend my hand up and down at all, yikes! There is quite a bit of swelling over and under my carpal joint and any rotational movement is quite painful. It’s a bit concerning to see how misshaped it looks and how atrophied all of my muscles are, but on the bright side, I finally was able to get rid of a months’ worth of dead skin that had built up under my cast- yuck! I will be getting in to see the hand/wrist specialist sooner than later- I need my wrist to be fully functional in order to get back to work!

I talked to the doc about the DVT complication and his bad advice that led to it and at first he was defensive then quickly changed his tone and owned it, apologized and said he would make sure to communicate better in future cases. He read me well; that was exactly what I needed to hear and what I would do if I made a mistake with a medical case. Feels good to get that off my chest and to feel heard.

I truly believe that love heals and I have all of you to thank for my accelerated healing! Between the wonderful Healing Touch sessions that Diane has been doing with me and the outpouring of love from all of you, my body has been filled with love and surrounded by love every day. I also think that my excellent health going into this has helped. My bone density is great and I had just graduated from a few months of PT to strengthen my pelvic floor prior to the injury so I know my core strength was good. Throughout my healing you all have been bringing me the best healthy vegan food which has filled me with much needed protein, vitamins, and minerals for healing. The only bad thing about all of the great food has been that it has all been so darn tasty I have eaten a lot! And, well, I’ve just been sitting and sitting you know… so… you get the picture. I paid a visit to my naturopath a few days after the injury and she loaded me up with a number of important vitamins, homeopathics, and supplements. I’ve also been using all of my favorite veterinary rehab tools on myself and in particular I have used my SCENAR and T-relief arnica cream extensively on my pelvis and DVT. Interestingly my pelvis no longer is painful and my arm has continued to be a problem. Well, I haven’t been able to treat my arm this whole time because of the cast so now that the cast is off, bring on the SCENAR! If you didn’t know already, I am a bit type A when it comes to my own health as well as the health of my patients. I am an over achiever and want only the best care. I am here to say today that other than a few hiccups along the way (that believe me, I’ve learned a lot from!), it has paid off!

So, here’s where I need the help from some of you! Since Friday, I have progressed quickly. My wrist is slowly gaining range of motion and this morning I walked (slowly) all the way from the house to the barn! (But I did drive the scooter back to the house, not quite ready for round trip yet;). I have been working out (lightly) and doing yoga type stretch exercises off and on throughout the days and am getting into a twice a day workout routine. This part of the recovery is going to take some time and I’m counting on being in even better shape after this than I was before. Right now I am feeling super motivated and energized. But, I know myself and as the novelty of actually standing and walking wears off I am going to need help to stay motivated to keep up this rehab routine. So, this is my shout-out to all of you out there who already work out regularly and want a work out buddy or to those of you who have been wanting to get into a routine but haven’t found the motivation to start. Come and join me and let’s keep each other motivated! Bring your favorite workout DVD or music playlist and let’s see where it leads us! I’m starting from ground zero here so no worries if you are too, and it could take me 6-8 weeks to get back to my baseline. Come and help keep me on the fast track to recovery!

My goal is for a twice a day free form exercise time where we all do our own thing or copy each other’s cool moves or a DVD program when something looks beneficial. So far I have been dancing with 3# weights, doing core strength exercises, yoga moves, mindful walking and whatever else feels good. We have wonderful trail loops in the woods here that you can walk or jog around and plenty of space for you to bring your hand weights and yoga mats! Here is the link to the Sign Up Genius if you want to come and exercise with me! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4ca9a628a5fa7-athletic

Hope you can join me and don’t forget your water bottle! (No dogs please) Thank you again for all your love and support!
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Update from Hannah:

The 4 week milestone is here and it’s time for an update! Unfortunately, this update is not a great one, but based on how I’m doing today, I’m counting on the 6 week update being much better!!

I am eagerly moving into the second phase of this journey and welcome it with open arms…please let phase one be over! Phase one was more challenging than I was emotionally prepared for and the love and support of all of you around me got me through the dark times. Once again, I thank you all, I am eternally grateful! When I wrote my last message, I was gaining strength every day, the pain was improving dramatically and I was convinced I would beat the odds and there was no way that my recovery could actually take 12 weeks!

But shortly after the 2 week mark I had a major setback. My legs started hurting and the top of my calf muscle felt like I had a charlie horse or muscle spasm every time I went to stand up for a chair transfer or straighten my legs. It progressed over two days to continually aching behind my knees and I could no longer stand up to transfer from chair to chair as my legs wouldn’t straighten beyond 50% range of motion. The risk of blood clots was in the back of my mind but no doctors had mentioned this risk during any of my multiple visits and I hadn’t been told the signs to watch for. Thankfully my medical knowledge and body awareness paid off. On the second day of the new leg pain, it was getting worse as the rest of my body was getting better, so I started to search for answers online. As soon as I started reading about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) I knew I had a clot. I didn’t have all of the common signs- my legs weren’t overly swollen, they weren’t discolored, but I am pretty in tune with my body and enough of the signs fit that I was convinced. Thankfully, both of my parents were here at the time. Also, Rick the farm owner here, happens to be a Home Health Physical Therapist, so he checked my legs and agreed that a DVT was possible and explained to me that an ultrasound was needed to diagnose the condition. So off I went to the ER with my dad leaving my mom at home with my daughter who thankfully slept through the whole ordeal.

We arrived and checked in at the hospital and awaited the diagnostic ultrasound. When the time came, it was quite painful as they have to apply deep pressure to find the vein and watch blood flow in order to visualize the clot and make the diagnosis. Usually I would have found an ultrasound interesting and would have wanted to watch it and see what was going on. But in this case, the deep pressure on an already tender area, in addition to having torque on my pelvic fracture leg was too much. By the time it was over I didn’t really care anymore what they had found, I was just glad it was done and I wanted to go home. It was quite late in the evening when we arrived at the hospital and by the time the ultrasound was done, multiple DVT’s diagnosed, and we made it back home it was 4am. We learned that the biggest risk with DVT is a clot breaking loose and becoming a pulmonary embolism. Depending on the size of the embolism and where it lodges, it can quickly be fatal. On average it takes 3 months for the clots to be absorbed and there is risk of pulmonary embolism at any point during that time. Scary stuff! When I got home I had hit my wall and was both physically and emotionally exhausted to say the least.

It took over a week for me to catch up on my sleep and bounce back emotionally. I remained exhausted, sad, scared and angry for days. I had used up all of my emotional reserves between the initial injury and then the blow the following week when the CT showed two additional fractures that were missed on the initial x-ray, so I was tapping into uncharted emotional territory. And mostly, I was angry at the orthopedic specialist, who I had called one week in to specifically discuss moving my legs to improve blood flow when my knees started to get puffy and sore, and he had told me not to move my legs at all even if it didn’t hurt to move them, only to find out later that he was wrong and should have been moving my legs from the start. This complication was entirely preventable and now I have condition that can be life threatening for weeks. My confidence in the human medical system was completely gone, I stopped wanting to see people, and I felt like crying at the drop of a hat.

To treat the DVTs I was started on warfarin and had to give myself injections twice a day as a bridge until the warfarin reached a protective level. This meant multiple visits to the coagulation clinic and bloodwork to test my levels. It was apparent within a few days that multiple car trips to the coagulation clinic would be unreasonable given my pelvic fractures and about a week into it I was given approval to switch to Xarelto- a more expensive medication, but one that thankfully doesn’t require repeated blood tests.

I was turning the corner and starting to feel better but then had another setback and two doses into the new medication I started to have side effects. The side effects included reflux and chest pain and I was told that I needed an additional CT to evaluate my lungs for a pulmonary embolism just in case. Thankfully the CT revealed good news and no problems were found. I was also able to have the doctor add on a recheck CT of my pelvis to save me another trip the following week and was given great news that everything is lined up as it should be and healing well. A bit of good news goes along way and slowly I turned the corner!

As of now, the darkness has subsided, my body is adjusting to the medication, my legs no longer hurt, and emotionally I am back to where I was when I wrote you an update two weeks ago. Phew! I am hopeful and feeling stronger every day, but what a roller coaster it has been and now you see why I am ready to be moving on to the next phase of my recovery!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and brought food these past few weeks, you have kept me and my family well fed and supported! Now that I’m feeling better, I’m ready for phase 2, the phase where my bones are healed enough that the real rehab can begin! I have started in-home physical therapy and while I’m not allowed to weight my right leg just yet, I can do simple exercises to start rebuilding my strength.

I will be seeing the orthopedic specialist on Friday for a recheck and hopefully to transition from a cast to a splint on my arm and to have a serious discussion about the lack of information I received about the potential DVT complications. Enduring an injury of this magnitude was tough enough, but knowing that the complications I have experienced could have been prevented is a tough pill to swallow!

Thank you again for all your support, donations, love and encouraging words!


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Note from Lisa:
It has been a busy week - the ramp is installed and Hannah has the freedom to get outside now and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air! That was a huge hurdle and we are so grateful it is done.

Having the Meal Train set up has helped tremendously. I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the emails and schedules and this has made it so much easier, allowing me more time to focus on other things to help Hannah. I have extended the Meal Train through the middle of September, so if you are interested in signing up for a date, the link is https://mealtrain.com/4d733m

Each day I continue to be in awe of the amazing generosity of this community. Last week I was chatting with a friend that was there to visit and we were discussing the outpouring of love and support from everyone and the old saying about "it takes a village....." and she said well Hannah has created that village! I hadn't thought about it that way, but is so true - Hannah has devoted her life to helping others (animals and humans) and creating this wonderful village of like minded people and she deserves every ounce of the love she is feeling right now.

Thank you all for being a part of Hannah's village!!

Hannah and Heron heading outside!
Outside for some fresh air!
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There has been a Meal Train account established for Hannah to help keep track of meals. If you are interested in signing up for a date - please click the link and choose the date that is most convenient for you. https://mealtrain.com/4d733m
We appreciate everyone's continued desire to help - this recovery would be really overwhelming without the support of so many wonderful people!!
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$36,675 of $35,000 goal

Raised by 279 people in 6 months
Created August 3, 2017
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