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Raised by 5 people in 6 months
Safe Harbor Sancturay (Tax ID 81-2667594) is a Agency that works with Homeless Girls & Women to come off of the streets out of Homelessness. Many are victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking.  We are working hard to become the first PLANT BASED SHELTER IN THE NATION. Feeding the Body, Mind and Soul to become whole again and re enter society to take their place feeling whole.  We are in the middle of a crunch to raise funding to open a Emergency Crisis  & Year Around Shelter for Girls & Women in South Central Los Angeles. Last year there were 10 Shelters in this area that housed Men and Women, no Teens. I worked the graveyard personally in one of the Co-Ed Shelters. This year 2017/18 Winter Period there will be 4 less shelters open for Emergency Winter Housing as well as year round shelters. We can not allow this to happen. NO girls ages 12-17 or Women 18 up should ever be on the street!!!! We have a potential building promised for use as a Shelter which can be hard to find because of the demographics of our clientle. This building is perfection for all we need it to be. Please DONATE TODAY!!! WE need everyone who has a passion for helping others to help us!!!
are doing all we can to help women come off the street and when we have a commitment from them to come off the street we call to find them a bed and none can be found. Enough is enough!! We can do this and I need your help. I have over 35 years of working in Homeless Outreach as well as work as a Social Worker for Foster Care. I am a Clinical Personality Psychologist with a passion and drive to end homelessness for Girls and Women Nationwide but have to start first in my own back yard. Mental health is my work and many of our clients are batteling Mental Health diease from Mild to acture disorders and some even dual disorders.  I am a Ordained Minister's and a Registered Nurses daughter. I was raised to give back and take care of those who cannot care for themselves. They will have their basic crisis needs met the moment they walk through our doors with LOVE and Compassion. A Warm smile and loving staff will greet them, their immediat needs will be accessed at intake. A warm meal,  warm beverage, water or Ice Cold Fresh Lemonade will await them. A warm shower,  clean clothes and a warm clean bed will await them. Each Girl or Woman will be assigned a Case Mananger who is Kind, Loving and Compassionate. Depending on their needs, we will pair them with a experts that can address Mental Health, Sobritety, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking. No Girl or Women will be turned away, if we can help we will take them in and first help them feel safe and have their basic needs accessed and met. Compassion and Kindness are mandatory by all staff or Volunteer regardless of their position or job description.

My Grandparents started a business when I was born that was located on Western Ave & 54th Street in South Central Los Angeles over 50 years ago.  My sons father's side of the family also has a business  on the same street feet away from where my grandparents had our family business. The goal is  to stay in the  community where I grew up and give back and later open more shelters and transitional housing around the Nation. Sadly there are to many homeless to count literally feet from where I played and worked in the family business as a child and teen.

Now we have been given a oppertunity to lease a building  for this purpose but that is only the beginning. We need Food, Beds, Blankets, Pillows, Womens New and Gently used clothing, Undergarments,  Stove, Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishes, Pots and Pans, Paper Goods, A Portable Showers Unit, Washers and Dryers,  Tables, Chairs, and other supplies needed in order to open the doors. We have to be open a certain period of time in order to qualify for funding from the City, County and State as well as to apply for federal funding. Mean while in order to open the doors we have to fundraise and seek Sponsors and Private doners to get the ball rolling and open the doors. I can not take another moment of Girls and Women vulnerable on the streets of Los Angeles.

Meet Ms. Joyce, In September of 2015 I met her on the street near my own home. She was a sweet soft spoken little lady age of 65 or 70 so I thought. The life can age you so she was 56, 4 years my Senior. I befriended her because I saw she was alone and suffering from sever Schizophrenia. There were other homeless near my home where Joyce was but she was different. No substance abuse issues or any other ovious signs of why she might be on the street alone.  As a Mental Health Professional I saw she was sick and began to help her on my own, out of my own pocket I began feeding and clothing her. When I cooked I made a plate and took it to her. We sat and people watched and had girl chit chat. She was just different and spoke to my heart. One late night my son brought me some food as I was up working late. I could not eat it because I am a strict Vegan now from being a Vegetarian. The food had Pork on it which is forbidden to me. It was to late to take it back so he said I will take it outside to the homeless person on the sidewalk. I said great that is perfect. Still hot he took the food out. When he came back I asked did they eat it. He says I dont know they were just laying there. I asked did he think they were alive. He said yes they made noise when I touched them to alert I was placing food next to them.

Suddenly I felt God telling me to go check to see if it was Ms. Joyce. I was obedient and went to check, it was and she was in horrible shape. She was dying right before my eyes.  What I did not know at the time she had passed out from her blood sugar diabetes going haywire and she had not eaten or had any water in a couple of days. I rushed to my car and got a couple of bottles of water. She was to weak to open them. So I sat down next to her and opened them and pulled out the food so she could begin to eat.

I could tell she was very sick and I called 911 to get her to the hospital. Well she was not having that, I convinced her to let them come at least check her out....she said ok. I called the police too at that moment to see if with all my background and knowledge I could back door her into a shelter. I found out that night there is not one, NOT one 24 hour Womens shelter that will take women after 10 pm unless Domestic Violence Victims in all of Los Angeles County.  Yes you see rignt NOT ONE!!! That was absolutley shocking to me!!! I vowed at that moment if any women needed shelter under my watch they would have it and I would open a 24 hour shelter for Girls and Women to take in any and all Girls or Women who need shelter regardless of the hour. It is the midnight hour when people need help sometimes when in crisis. Crisis do not always fall between 9-5 or only up to 10 pm. We will be open 24 hours to recieve any Female who is in need of help even if to offer a kind smile,  Hot Chocolate or Ice Cold Glass of Lemonade, a meal and  and shelter till we can make other arrangements if we are full. NO woman will ever be turned away ever. We can always offer Safety and Shelter!!!!
Ms. Joyce ate while I waited, and waited and waited for the Paramedics and Police. 45 minutes passed neither came. Paramedics called when they got lost 10 miles away from our location. I was so frustrated I just looked up and began to pray Lord show me how to help my sister, she is alone and like a child and I can not leave her. Lord please tell me what to do.  By then I stablized her and got her blood sugar up and she was able to walk with her to the Bus bench.  I said Lord I hear you and I will stay with her. She laid down and went to sleep where all of the fumes from the Cars and Busses blew in her face. I looked down the street at my home and called my son to tell him I would be at the Bus Stop all night while Ms. Joyce got some sleep.

You see I could not leave her, literally could not leave her she was alone, sick and had no one to look after her.  A friend called late as she was driving back from an out of town meeting. She was surprised I was wide awake at this point it was 2:30 am. I let her in on what I was doing. Her response was your telling me you are sitting outside at a bus stop watching a homeless woman sleeping the middle of the night in South LA. I said Yes mame, God said stay there and I am obedient. Once the sun rose I got home and cooked her breakfast and then came back and stated to make calls, she was going to come off the street that morning. Well it was not that easy, long story short, I called Los Angeles Deptment of Mental Health and had a outreach team come out and assess her they came with in 2 hours. The ball was rolling, they went and did their work and I stayed with her and feed her and looked after her. For 5 days I did not sleep and that was ok. I worked with her to gain information about her personal life to try and track down someone who knew her. All of that good Vegetarian Health Food was aiding in her becoming more lucid and regain her health. Her mind was becoming un- clouded and she was able to form clear thoughts and speak with clariety here and there.  We took her obtain a TB Test as a bed had been found for her in a transitional house for women. 
On a Friday 6 months after our first encounter March 2016 A BREAK.....I asked her again as I had many times if she had a phone number for a family member, she gave me a phone number and it was her daughter in Virginia. For the first time a real phone number that worked.  All that good Plant Based Vegetarian/Vegan nutritian helped her become lucid more often. The Number was good!!! It was her dauthter indeed who never changed her number in case she called. Her daughter after the shock wore off, told me in her mothers Schizophrenia she awoled from a psych facility in Baltimore and got on a bus and moved to Hollywood 6 years prior an they did not know if she was dead or alive.  6 Days later her oldest sister and yongest sister would fly in to come pick up their sister after missing for 6 years from Baltimore Maryland. Oh the reunion was beyond my wildest imagination, tears. She was a valued missing member of their puzzle, the family of 6 siblings 5 girls and 1 boy, her children and a host of Neices and Nephews.  Joy overflowed when I made that call and spoke to her daughter early that following Sunday Morning. I heard from many other family members a niece called and said my auntie made me the best Pancakes.  I even took the phone to her so she could speak to her little sister. She was embarressed and ashamed and would not even talk long but I was determined to keep close to her till her family could arrive. 
The Joy that came from Baltimore, NY, Virginia I could feel 2500 miles away. When her sisters arrived the next morning I met them at the shelter we have found for her of which she spent only one night.  We took Joyce to the ER after one stop that she insisted on. She and I had been having Breakfast at a little diner we found right in the hood. She loved it called Madea's on Western Ave, she called it her Happy Days Diner. She wanted her sisters to eat at our spot.  Then off to the ER because she was struggeling to breath,  the ER physician said she might have had 3 days left to live before she died. Turns out she had Congestive Heart Faliure, Diabeties, High Blood Pressure  and Water around her lungs and heart. We got her to the hospital just in time. If we had tried to fly her home in that condition she would have died inflight. When I spoke to the Doctor personally and explained the situration he said OK I know what to do!! Thanks Dr. Ricky!!! He saved her life that day!!! I never left her side. She had become my Angel. You see I am a beliver and belive God calls and ordains us all for a purpose. Mine that night was to care for and watch over Ms. Joyce. I became MY SISTERS KEEPER!!! There are three Holy Scripture text that I have been taught since childhood that I hold dear and live by. Hebrews 13:2, Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. She was my Angel and I was called by GOD to care for her. She was my sister!! My other text is Luke 6:31 (KJV) And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise, and the third is, 
Luke 3:11  John answered, "Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same. No one EVER goes hungry on my watch if I have food they have food!!! Even if just Beans and Rice....we will add water to the Beans to stretch them if need be. 
I live my life trying to follow these instructions from our Lord.
Homemade Plate from my own Kitchen for Ms. Joyce her request.....all 100% Vegetarian, she loved it!!!!

The Day Joyces sisters arrived, having her vitals taken before we decided to take her to the ER. A Village saved her life. God, The Clinic, Dept of Mental Health Out Reach, Her Sisters, Her family and God used me to be his vessel

Ms. Joyce is thriving and home with her 4 Sisters, A Brothers, Daughter, Son and 3 Grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter born while she was on her adventure here in Hollywood. I speak to her often and I also speak with her sisters as well weekly  by text and by phone. We have become family. I am furiously protective of Ms. Joyce!!! My goal is to build a family of Women, a Sisterhood that give homeless women back their dignity, hope,  self worth and a sense of purpose.
Ms Joyce, Son, Daughter, 3 Grand children and 1 great granddaughter few days after she returned home
No Women or Girls should be on the street period no matter the circumstances we will do all we can to meet their immdediate needs and work with them to help facilitate  their return as productive citizens. They will have a customized case plan to set goals to reach their ideals and return to the community wheather it is returning to school or reenter the work force.  And for those who are sick we will find services to stablize them so they too can be as healthy as possible and find a community to support their recovery and needs. Please Help us raise the money we need to Open the doors and give safety and secruity of a Hot Shower, Clean , Clean Clothing, Shoes, Dry Bed, Warm Meal
and Shelter. No belly is empty on our watch!!!
We aim to provide the Maximun to them not the bare minimum. If I eat Steak everyone eats steak which is funny since I am Vegan so we all eat VEGETABLE STEAKS. Yes there is such a thing and they are Vegan and my favorite by La Loma Foods.  Please help us raise the funds we need to open these doors ASAP. Money is standing in the way us from completeing this task.
We will pay to lease the building, purchase Beds, Blankets, Pillows, Clothing, Toiletries, Stove, Portable Showers, Stove, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washers, Dryers, Food, Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pan, Office Supplies, Et.  Fundning again is avalible but not right away and the doors have to be open from private funding in order to qualify so please I am begging you to help us help them. That is our goal to offer 50-75 Beds and expand as funding and additional room becomes avaliable. Please make a donation and share our Fundraiser often and to all you knowWe are in a Homeless Crisis that has been well documented on National news here in Los Angeles. Ms. Joyce actually told her sister many homeless migrate to California because our weather is so mild. I get that it is beautiful here...even the homeless have a view of Sunny California when not raining. But we do not want anyone sleeping on the street especially Girls and Women.PLEASE AGAIN HELP US HELP THEM!!! Soon you will meet Ms. Dannel a 50 year old Homeless Veteran on the street right now outside my own home. Yes she is a Veteren who lost one husband to suicide an the 1st one passed away from diease. After that she said I just gave up and checked out of life. We will not give up on her. I have not seen her in a few  weeks, I have a Shower Care bag ready for her with clean clothes, towel, wash cloth and toiletries just sitting here waiting for her. She moves around the neighboorhood so I will see her again soon.  The Los Angeles Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool allows the Homeless to come and take a shower if they want for $1.00.  Help me help her and other Girls and Women come off the streets!!! $10.00 is all we ask each per person. That is less than Starbucks 5 times a week.  Let this be the $10.00 Shelter!!! Of course you may give what your heart desires but if we all give $10.00 we all can have a part in seeing this happen. Donating does not have to break the bank. I know we all have things to care for but $10.00 each we can make this happen in no time. Thank You so much for even reading this long story but I want you to understand my hearts passion and our calling.
Help us help them!!!!! There are not words I can express to thank you all for even considering. Our doors will be open to all who need the help as well as Volunteers are always welcome!! Women helping Women!!! A 24 hour/ 7 Days a week Shelter.  We need all help but Ladies this is about a Sisterhood of us helping each other come off the streets. Men we need you too, donations and when the time comes to move and set up the shelter so all can help. Goal is to open shelters across the nation in the Large Cities and rural communities as well. Victims of Human Trafficking are in such need of special care especially girls who have been sexually exploited and have not been treated with dignity and respect.  Transitional Housing, Sober Living Homes, Domestic Violence Homes for Girls/ Women  and Educational/Vocational Centers. We will not stop with our long term clients till they leave us with a education at least a AA Degree and or Vocation as in LVN, EMT, Dental Assistant,  Chef, Radiology Technition or some skill or trade. We will teach each client to FISH!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!Thank You again for your help in advance and consideration. $10.00 is all it will cost you but any amount will help and the rewards will be great. Won't you please help us help them!!!! Be part of our Village!!!! Donate $10.00 today, Thank You in advance for your Kindness!!!!
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Girls and Women are literally living on the street, some are mentally ill and put out on the street by the very Mental health facilities that were suppose to treat them. Others are survivors of Domestic Violence running and hiding from their abuser, others are SICK from ADDICTION, others are Foster Girls who have aged out of Foster Care with no skills or plan set by the greedy foster parents who only saw them as a check. Whatever the reason, we will do all we can to pluck every girl and woman off the streets of Los Angeles till we literally are bursting at the seems and need more homes and space. Please help us by making a donation. WE will take it from there unless you too wish to become part of our Volunteer team and help build the bridge of trust for our work in the streets. WE have a building that is promised us for this use but we need the money to lease, furnish and put the infrastructure in place to open these doors. Our goal is 2018 if to the last moment at 11:59 pm December 31, our goal is to open these doors for intake of our first clients. Please help us help them!! DONATE TODAY, no donation is to small we accept all donations!!! Thank You so much for your consideration and DONATION!!! Please share will all you know. WE as a Village can make a difference!!!
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HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!!That is the cry of someone who is living on the streets who needs OUR help!!!! When you are lost in despair, hopelessness, hunger, loneliness, mental illness, addiction and have been a victim of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence you feel HELPLESS add being HOMELESS to it all and you are luck to be alive!!!

WE are here to HELP those suffering on the streets find new life and heal from the scars of street living trauma. How can we turn a blind eye when OUR SISTERS, Girls and Women just like us are living literally on the filthy street, breathing in exhaust fumes from Autos and digging in the trash to EAT...Literally eating others garbage they threw out. Imagine being 13, Kidnapped and turned out to men for their use as a sex worker and having her insides abused as if she was garbage and means nothing to anyone all for another's financial gain. She is not benefiting from the proceeds of Prostitution!!!!!!

Help us give them SAFE HARBOR from those who seek to devour. WOMEN HELPING WOMEN!!! We are our SISTERS KEEPER!!! Help us help save them Mind, Body and Soul with the first PLANT BASED Shelter for Woman and Girls who are on the streets of Los Angeles. Thank God we have tropical weather but my heart breaks for ANYONE who is on the street but if a Girl or Woman is on the streets what does that say about us as a society????? This must end now....AS a Clinician and Social Worker I am acutely aware of just how deep social issues run that force one out on the street. It is not just about a job loss or addiction. NO one says in their right mind I am happy to be living on the streets. No one ever!!!

YOU!! ME!!! ALL of us can make a difference!!! I am living proof one person alone a private citizen can make a difference to SAVE ONE LIFE, and if I can save one, I, YOU, WE Can SAVE MANY LIVES!!! So if you can please find it in your heart to make a DONATION, SHARE OUR WORK AND became a champion of our cause and help us get the word out.....the reward of the gift of helps is PRICELESS. Read our story and about Ms. Joyce. It is because of her I dive in the deep end to help others.

Danell is a Female Veteran, Mentally Ill, Alcoholic, who served TWO tours of duty for our Nation, who lost two husbands one to terminal illness and the 2nd committed suicide....after that she said she checked out of life. She is alone, cold, hungry and mentally ill with sever memory loss. Help me help her. She has been MIA for a few weeks from her usual area near a recycling center near my home. I have fed her, prayed over her, talked to her, and just treated her as a sister in this life.

I pray she has been liberated from the streets and is safe, warm and not hungry. If not and she resurfaces I have a shower bag with clean clothing ready for her sitting here with her name on it.

We are in need of toiletries small HOTEL SIZES because if you give them large ones it gets stolen by others and is used to barter for Drugs or Alcohol. So small soaps, deodorants, lotions, baby oil as it is harsh on the skin living on the streets, etc. Small works best and are usually used for the purpose it was designed for. Here in Los Angeles, the Olympic Pool at Expo Park at the Los Angeles Coliseum allows the Homeless to come and shower for $1.00.

WE aim to fund this and have shower days they can come and get a blessing shower bag and take a warm, hot shower and feel human again. WE all know what it feels like when we feel un-fresh and unclean, to take a warm hot shower or bath and feel human again. Imagine living on the streets and still have your monthly visitor.......and have no way to take care of your sanitary needs!!!! YES!!

We must step in and be our Sisters Keeper when they can not care for themselves. Safe Harbor needs your HELP!!! Please Share this with everyone you know and help us open our doors in 2018!!!! The NEED IS TO GREAT TO IGNORE!!! Thank you for your time and efforts!!! EVERYONE CAN HELP!!!! Plant Based living saves lives, help us help them learn a new way of living and healing from the streets!!!!!Please help our campaign go viral!!! This is the difference between a life lost and a life saved!!!! One person is to many to be lost because of no shelter, no food and no compassion!!!! PLEASE DONATE NOW AND SHARE!!!!! DO NOT put off what you can do now till tomorrow. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!
Living on the streets is killing Women
We must do better, WE CAN, Please Help!!
This does not have to be, DONATE TODAY
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Girls who are emancipated out of Foster Care or Runaways from Abuse, Women who are victims of Domestic Violence, Girls who have been raped, Women who are addicted to Crystal Meth, Girls and Women who suffer from Severe Mental Illness all are on the streets and need your help. Help us give them a safe and protected environment. Imagine not having a bath for 2-3 or more months at a time, or no clean clothes and still having your monthly visitor come regardless and no way to take care of ones personal hygiene. Imagine being scared with no one to talk to and no where to turn and being hungry to the point of starvation and eating out of the trash or so exhausted you can not see straight from lack of proper rest and nutrition. Every day I encounter Girls and Women just as this who are lost and cant find their way to help. Imagine being sick, cold, hungry and sleepy and living on the streets. I do not care how or why they are there, I just want to open a SAFE HARBOR for them. A warm smile, a warm meal, clean clothing, Hot Shower, Soap and Lotion that makes you feel fresh and clean, Clean warm bed, and Peace of Mind. We aim to show Love, Kindness and Compassion to each and every soul who encounters each one of us at SAFE HARBOR, for the first phone call, in person contact through Outreach and upon entering our doors. Every Soul is valued and will be treated as such. We hope to become the first Plant Based Shelter that will not only aid in the most basic of human immediate needs but also aid in lifestyle changes with diet as part of the addiction detox and add to ones life as they work to become Clean and Sober. Diet and Proper rest are all part of this process. WE will feed the Body, Mind and Soul. All Girls and Women are welcome regardless of Faith, Gender preference or Race. Do to working with Domestic Violence victims, we are truly a Safe Harbor for all who seek safety and shelter. WE aim to open with 50-75 Beds. Education and Trade Skill will be available from gaining a High School Diploma, AA /BA, CNA, EMT, Culinary Training and Job Services. When our ladies walk back into the world they will have a renewed since of self worth and pride and know they can do all God has planned for them with confidence and pride. This is my greatest Christmas wish to open these doors in 2018 and be ready for next Christmas to be a Christmas they will never forget. WE will aid with Parenting Classes and work with all who are seeking to regain custody of their children and keep them on track to never relapse and fall into the pitfalls they gained them a spot on the streets of Los Angeles. Please take time to read about our work and make a donation that moves your heart. We thank you in advance for any and all aid you can give. Thank You for taking time to read about our work. Have a most amazing Blessed Holiday Season to date.......GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!
Outreach might be their only meal
A shelter I have worked in need is great
Portable Shower Trailer A DREAM goal.
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Tis the season of giving!! Please join us as we work to raise our funding to buy Beds, Food and Supplies to open the Nations first Plant Based Homeless Girls and Women's Shelter in the Nation. Our goal is to meet all of the most basic of needs for all who walk through our doors even through diet. We want to feed the Body, Mind and Soul as we work with Girls and Women gain their lives back from street life. Many women sadly are on the streets and this is not ok with my soul. It is a must for me to work to bring as many women as I can personally off of the streets. My background is in Psychology and Social Work, I am the daughter of a Ordained Minister and Registered Nurse, helping others was the core of my upbringing. Do Unto others, as you would have them do unto you literally is my credo. Everyone one of us could be in that dark space if circumstances change. So please find it in your hearts to support our mission and goals and help us open the first PLANT BASED SHELTER IN THE NATION!! My goal is to open Shelters and Transitional housing all 100% Plant based all over the Nation and then branch out across the seas. France first as I was a exchange student there and they eat way to much meat with 2 carrots and a sprig of parsley....LOL Little Humor they need more Veggies in their lives.... I thank you in advance as I am working hard to see this happen in early 2018. I have a building that we are being allowed to lease for this purpose. Many believe in our cause but do not wish Homeless on their property. This owner is 1000% behind our work so I do not want to loose this building as it is down the street from another family owned business and on the same street 3 blocks down from where my family had a business for 50 years. Our name is established in the community and I am coming home to give back in honor of my Grandparents, father, Uncle and Aunt all who worked in the family business and taught me to give back!!! The building is perfect for all we are trying to do. But we cannot do with without YOU!!!! Join our cause, please make a donation and share our fundraiser with all you know. Thank You in advance for all of your help!!!
No one ever goes broke helping others
Our Dream is a 50-75 bed shelter
Sexual Abuse STOPS HERE!!! Help us!!!
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$170 of $55,000 goal

Raised by 5 people in 6 months
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