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We need your support to get Rainbow Quest!, this life-saving -- and FUN -- LGBT resource to all the groups that want one. 


So far we've loaned out our limited prototypes s to groups who've requested the chance to try for themselves the affirming and community-building impact of Rainbow Quest! Now, word of mouth has created a bigger demand than we can meet without raising the money to manufacture the game.  We aren't in a position to fund this ourselves, so we have to humbly ask for your help.  If you can make a donation of any size, please do.  If you can't donate yourself, will you pass this along to a friend who may want to support this important project?

We've been very busy over the past year displaying and testing Rainbow Quest!  to make sure it will match the expectations of the most discerning gamers, educators, and diversity trainers. 

We have also been updating the content to reflect the emerging non-binary community, and also ensuring that all of the prompts are age-appropriate so that this can be a 'power tool' to accompany the 'It Gets Better' media campaign for our most vulnerable LGBTQ youth.

With the thoughtful wisdom offered by the Emerson College Game Testing Lab, the playing board and rules of play will be updated to make the game even more rewarding.  Rainbow Quest! is definitely the most fun, socially engaging, and educational LGBTQ-centric board game.   For many, its their first oportunity to see the LGBT experience so 'normalized' in a high-quality, eye-opening, and mult-modal game.  Some participants in the development admitted they had been feeling so 'invisible' they'd contemplated taking their own lives -- but that after playing the game, they felt validated for the first time.  Those are pretty powerful transformations, and while not every player will find the game so profoundly helpful, they will certainly come away knowing more about LGBT culture, themselves, and their friends.

If you've read this far, then you are sufficiently interested in how you can enjoy Rainbow Quest! for yourself, or how you can make sure that your local library, school, community group, or GSTA can have their own 'Pride Event in a Box.' 

Donate and have a part in improving or saving LGBTQ lives. Help me fulfill this mission to put Rainbow Quest! into the places and hands that need to play this amazing new board game!
  After you donate, please share with others who would feel pride in moving the LGBT community to a safer, happier, and healthier place. 

What?  You're still interested! Good, keep reading.  Get your credit card ready and pick a number you can afford.


We began developing Rainbow Quest! in Maine, where we've worked for many years with GSLEN, Equality Maine, the Safe Schools Coalition, Maine Rural Network, Maine AIDS Alliance, Maine Civil Rights Teams, SAGE Maine, Gay Men Together, GAYLA, Maine Won't Discriminate, and E

We increasingly celebrate advances in legal protections which protect and respect LGBT individuals, but when was the last time you found a really great LGBT game for your local game night?  And if you work with LGBT youth, or conduct  Safe Zone training, you know how impossible it is to find compelling training materials.  Imagine the takeaway from a training that combines education and teambuilding into one fun, effective, and memorable activity.  When was the last time you came away from a training workshop with fond and long-lasting recollections of the material?

Before I continue, some testimonials from real players...

"Outstanding Achievement:
1. The design and presentation top notch including the concept: from the closet to the heart…darkness to light… just magnificent!
2. The introduction letter, the rules, the writing moved me personally because the intention of why you brought this to life was clear.
3. The fact that you have nailed the LGBT journey and your intention to save lives makes this stranger's heart swell with gay pride.
Best of luck to you guys and god bless on bringing your vision to life."   --- Jeff C,  member of the Board Game Club at the William Way LGBT Center, Philadelphia, PA.

"I love that the game is just a little competitive, but just a little.  I mean, everyone is a winner for having played the game and shared the experience. You're going to learn and have fun doing it, so just play without pressure!",
 --- Frank D, former school board member, Asbury Park N.J.

"It's quite evident that many hours of research and planning went into it and I applaud your dedication to this concept....Rainbow Quest is much more focused on targeting the educational market which will utilize the game to educate younger (and older!) people about LGBT history, movies, music, icons and empower gay boys, girls, men and women to embrace their sexuality in a positive manner... I'm sure you'll have no problem promoting and selling this game to your target market. I wish you all the best." --- Richard Gerrits, Los Angeles, CA, creator and producer of CBS game show Celebrity Name Game

"I thought I'd rather lock myself in my room than play a gay game with my Dads, but whoa! Playing Rainbow Quest! with them was better than reality TV!" -- Sean S, Oceanside, NY, High School

"This is a historic breakthrough in fun and educational LGBT games -- no horrid stereotypes, no salacious content, and plenty of substantial content spanning ancient to pop culture." -- Howard S., Bowdoinham, ME, History Professor Emeritus

"I came out pretty late in life so most of this is new to me, but I learned so much and had such a great time in the process!" -- Steve R., Bangor, ME, SAGE member.

"As a Log Cabin Republican I'm often 'closeted' about my political allegiance around other gay people, so I was hesitant to try what I thought might be 'just another LGBT celebration of liberal ideology.' To my surprise and delight, Rainbow Quest! was tons of non-partisan fun, and it didn't tax me. Well done, Rainbow Quest!" -- Aloysius Q., Brick, NJ; Claims Adjuster

Rainbow Quest! --- visit our website to learn so much more!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a really fun game that could teach players about the brave history and rich culture of the LGBT community?  Until now, LGBT games either perpetuated outdated stereotypes, were focused primarily on 'trivia,' or were simply inappropriate for the tweens and teens at your family game night or school Gay Straight Transgender Alliances. 

Rejoice, your wait is over.  Rainbow Quest! is here.  A uniquely fabulous fun, educational, engaging, and empowering board game made especially by and for the LGBT community.

Unlike other LGBT games, this one can be used with Gay Straight Transgender Alliances, your own gay family game night, diversity and Safe Zone training, or anytime you want to have your own "Gay Pride" event ... everything you need is in the box.

Have you seen a vibrant community support group or GSTA lose steam over time, worrying about the expense or logistics of providing engaging programming?  How about those awesome speakers or films you are so excited to introduce, only to find that there have been glitches in transportation or technology, leaving you to scramble for a 'Plan B?'

I have.  With over 40 years experience working in the LGBT community, whether a 'big city' or small rural town, it takes a lot of energy and effort to start any LGBT community group.  Its great when the word gets out and attendance grows, but when attendance tapers off for assorted reasons, group leaders often feel they must be 'doing something wrong,' and put even more energy, time, and money into creating compelling reasons for participation to grow.  Sometimes the programming is as good as it can be, but people are busy, transportation may be difficult in rural areas, and sometimes people just forget.  What happens?  The same people who were energized at the start feel unappreciated, and often just 'give up.' 

A commitment to effectiveness.  We developed, tested, revised, and tested again.  And again.  And again.  We are ready for our close-up!  Help us reach everyone who might benefit from Rainbow Quest!

The game was developed by Dr. Brian Kaufman, an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, and his life partner of 30 years, Martin Swinger, an arts educator and performer.  Industrial Psychologists look for ways to accomplish goals effectively, efficiently, and safely in a satisfying way.  Disheartened to see community leaders feel that they've failed, watching plans come apart for lack of the elusive 'Plan B,' and knowing there has to be an effective solution to all this, we spent the last few years researching, fact-checking, and conducting focus groups to create Rainbow Quest! -- "Plan B" in a box.  Its always there, always available, and always an engaging and uplifting experience. Whether it is your 'Plan B' or your first choice in programming, Rainbow Quest! is entertaining to observe, engaging to play, and contains enough 'challenge cards' to keep it entertaining for years to come.

Rainbow Quest! solves what is wrong with so much of the programming for well-intentioned LGBT groups. 

Frankly,  attending a presentation, viewing a film, or playing 'cards' just doesn't create the opportunity for engaging  or meaningful interaction, which is what most people are seeking in the first place.  There will always be the need and place for speakers, films, and familiar card games, but Rainbow Quest! now offers the social interaction and personal fulfillment that those other activities just can't provide.

With over 25 years experience facilitating LGBT support groups, school civil rights teams, and Gay Straight Transgender Alliances, I know that socializing with others is just one aspect of what participants are seeking.  Many need to find their voice, having never had the chance to talk out loud with about the LGBT issues that affect them.   Rainbow Quest! does it all -- first and foremost, it's just outrageously fun to play.  You may know some, but you won't know all of the information included in the game, but you'll get to find hidden and flaunt other talents as you encounter 9 different kinds of rainbow color-coded challenges.

Rainbow Quest! is uniquely informative, fun, and wholesome -- unlike any other LGBT resource!

Compare Rainbow Quest! to any other LGBT educational 'games' or 'training resources' that you've encountered.  We're always glad that any materials are provided at all -- but they always look as if they were an afterthought.  While traditional, non-gay training materials look like 'the usual' teaching tools, those prepared for 'diversity' or 'Safe Zone' training are usually printed on the cheapest photocopier paper, cut into pieces with scissors, and generally lack the look and feel of the 'legitimate' educational resources students and staff alike have grown to expect.  This can lead to the feeling that LGBT issues just aren't as important or valued, so Rainbow Quest! offers the look and feel of high quality educational resources.

Rainbow Quest! is the product of years of development, listening to the needs of hundreds of LGBT individuals, and addresses the practical matters faced by groups that have to scramble to find funding for quality resources.  For example, now many school GSTAs are allowed to meet in our public schools, but then aren't provided access to supply closets for simple things like scratch pads or writing implements? 

I've seen that happen, so every Rainbow Quest! boxed set contains EVERYTHING you need to play -- just add people!  All of the 'challenges' -- about 500 of them -- are printed on thick, high-quality card stock for years of frequent use.  Scratch pads, a 90-second sand timer, three dice, and even a pencil sharpener are right in the box, along with detailed game instructions, a 'quick start' guide, and colorful game board to lead players along on their quest.

Whether you are an eminent LGBT scholar or totally new to learning about LGBT culture, there are plenty of stimulating, informative, and fun challenges to enjoy. 

Education is a great 'side effect' of playing the game, but the game also empowers players by providing opportunities for honest, open, caring, and supportive conversations about our own LGBT lives. 

Something for everyone! Even non-gay people!

We're' all different, and Rainbow Quest! acknowledges that by offering something for everyone.  (And yes, this game is even enjoyable fun for non-gay people!)

Some people just want to share camaraderie with others, others attend meetings with trepidation --  they may not be accustomed to having a safe space for asking or offering advice for others like themselves.  Still, others come to LGBT groups because they desperately need the kind of support and validation they can't find anywhere else. 

With so many needs, and so much to learn about the LGBT culture and history that we don't learn in school, how do you make the best use of everybody's time?

Rainbow Quest! offers a variety of challenges that will allow each player to remain engaged in the game!

Again, Rainbow Quest! to the rescue!  The beauty of this game and the secret to its effectiveness is that unlike other LGBT games that are just a long series of trivia questions, which can make players feel hopelessly uninformed, Rainbow Quest! features many modes of sharing information. You may be asked to perform boisterous charades (You've Got Talent), draw a picture of LGBT-related topics (Freehand), and sharing stories about your own life experiences.  Identifying the speaker of a well-known LGBT related quote (You Can Quote Me), and "Did 'Ya Know That?" (trivia) are other areas of knowledge that players are exposed to, so by game's end, everyone has learned new things about LGBT history and culture.

Fosters social skill development and confidence!

Factual knowledge is great but doesn't necessarily help people know how to make and keep friends.  With fewer people owning or even knowledgeable of the resources which provide a common core of social etiquette, many LGBT people, especially ones who've faced ostracization or marginalization, usually need extra help learning how to form and keep friendships. To facilitate social competence and comfort, one set of cards, "Just Between Us," features hypothetical situations, such as  'You are on a first date.  You have so much to say, you forget to ask your date any questions that show your interest in them.  Go back five spaces.'' Or, "You get together after work with friends and you are all looking at their phones. You suggest that you all put your phones away and enjoy one another's company.  Move ahead five spaces.''

Players enjoy learning even more about themselves and others when they land on the blue 'Crystal Ball' challenge when players are asked to 'make a prediction' about how they would each respond in a hypothetical situation.  This reminds us that others are forming impressions and drawing conclusions about us, even when we may know very little about one another, and this can help be more self-aware in social contexts.  

All told, Rainbow Quest! is a fast-paced and laughter-filled experience for all.  By the second or third turn, the 'snarkiest' players are fully engaged in the game -- and so are the players that have seldom allowed themselves to have a voice.  The game teaches about LGBT history, culture, and ourselves -- and is one of the most fun and unique way to get to know yourselves and others. 

Rainbow Quest! may be the best new resource for the thousands of Gay Straight Transgender Alliances which continue to pop up around the nation as communities step up to provide ways to diminish the harmful, often deadly results of anti-LGBT bullying.  A one-time investment in Rainbow Quest! would provide hours and hours of effective, engaging, and educational programming.  Just open the box and start to play! 

A uniquely fabulous fun, educational, and engaging board game made especially for the LGBT community. 

The great strides in equality and understanding of human gender and sexual diversity mean more people than ever -- of all ages -- are needing and seeking out the uniquely LGBT experiences that inform and validate their lives.  These unparalleled freedoms haven't erased the stigma that still negatively impacts LGBT lives, and there continue to be too many hate and bias-motivated crimes against LGBT people and the rate of LGBT youth suicide is still three times the non-gay average. 

Shocking tragedies such as the targeted attacks on LGBT individuals, the surprising and brutal assaults on gay men in New York City,  the murders of transgender women of color, and the sorrow of LGBT youth who believe its better to take their own lives rather than live in shame or fear points to the urgency with which new, better, and more effective LGBT resources must be put into the hands that need them.  Following the suicide of Rutgers College student Tyler Clemente, the 'It Gets Better' project offered assurance to LGBT youth that they can indeed look forward to meaningful, happy, productive, and loving lifetimes.  Rainbow Quest! is the 'power tool' that can guarantee that it does, indeed, get better!

Your generous donation will help us to have Rainbow Quest! manufactured in the United States, allowing it to be distributed to all who need it, uplifting many lives and saving others.  

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We are continuing to try our 'new improved' Rainbow Quest! game with assorted community and school groups with wonderful feedback on the revisions. Still needing to raise money so that the game can be available for all of the libraries and schools who have requested their own copies of the game. The prototypes are expensive, and raising the money to manufacture and distribute the game will take a small village of donors. Rather than cut costs, we'd rather 'do it right' and deliver a product that players feel great about. So far, our production values have accomplished that, with our game being among the most affirming LGBT experiences available if you don't live in a big LGBT cultural center. And so it goes...
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The growing number of requests from schools and community groups is so encouraging, but we will soon be unable to meet the demand unless we raise enough money to do a large-scale manufacturing run. Our fundraising goal seems steep, but we've added in the 'hidden costs' of manufacturing and distributing Rainbow Quest! We believe in Rainbow Quest!, but must humble ourselves to ask for your support. Without it, the LGBTQ community will have no comprehensive, sure-bet programming for education, training, community-building, and suicide-prevention all in one convenient pink box. Won't you please donate what you are able, and then pass this along to your own networks of activists, educators, and donors?
Linda Simpson, Queen of NYC gaming!
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Look for us Saturday, September 23rd at the Boston Festival of Indie Games!
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Great feedback from the Emerson College board game play-testing group will make the game even better! So interesting have a mostly straight group play and critique the Rainbow Quest!
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$299 of $75,000 goal

Raised by 11 people in 27 months
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