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$1,830 of $7,450 goal

Raised by 24 people in 23 months
A year ago Nicole smiled again- joyfully reunited with family! This was originally for my wife who suffered a brain aneurysm and mostly recovered. She and I rely on a business income that sold exclusively through Amazon.
Now we sell via

Since Nov. 21, we have been unable to earn anything on this, the most profitable month f he year, as Amazon suddenly deleted our listings by some error. They have not fixed it, and it seems they will not. Any little bit helps. Thanks!

Long story: Edit in italics
Originally planned the fundraiser for research for FDA approval in regular typeset.

I was finishing up preparing a fundraising campaign to get Rayminder research going with University Hospitals Dept. of Dermatology, and to expand production before Nicole collapsed. I stayed up all last night working on this since I decided to do fundraiser acknowledging profound impact of Nicole and new focus on her recovery.  

I put a new goal number down to proceed with the gofundme page. It is good for coordinating the many requests help and latest updates in one place. I'm NOT sure we will get by, but if we do, any additional funds will be used to advertise business growth, seek additional regulatory approvals, and to provide jobs with LOTT Industries. More funding means research for FDA approval this year, and peer review  clinical trial results for publication as we continued after the aneurysm (speaking with Volunteer Researchers willingly donating time). The setback with Amazon was even more devastating than the aneurysm.

It happened right before Black Friday too. What could we have we done to prevent these calamities, I do not know.

A little over a year ago:

I can share this now, on day 10. I  didn't want to be overconfident or scare those who don't know  it was a sub arachnoid hemorrhage rupture with sudden onset and a high severity level. Qualitatively I saw in the faces of the Hospital staff how serious it was. I would likely never see my wife the way she was before the morning jog on Black Friday. We just celebrated our 21st Wedding anniversary, and yes we got married young,  yes I was still in college, no she wasn't pregnant, we just loved each other. I wasn't old enough to buy alcohol 21 years ago as we honeymooned among millions of Christmas lights adorning Gatlinburg Tennessee. But now our marriage was "of age" this shocking event didn't change how much I loved her. It was already epic, having grown over the years from love at first sight on up.

How shocking to be kissing her farewell as she was in a coma and being prepared for surgery.  I spoke to her and had to let go of her hand as I watched a tear roll down her face,  on some level in coma plus sedation, she fought through it and squeezed my hand when the tear was falling. Maybe she heard the ER chatter that she may never again see me or our boys, just 14 and 9. This type of thing had disabled her father when she was just old enough to form lasting memories.  

I am capable of optimism to the point of being willfully delusional in some circumstances, and this was the time. She had to come back to us intact. And she is making it! As I write this she is in ICU on Day 10 texting me. She may not feel lucky at the moment but I do. Yes I had faith she'd recover, yes I had moments when I faltered, when my faith wavered. It was too awful to bear so I decided that unwavering faith is the only path forward for me especially as I had two boys totally in shock. We would keep calm and carry on. 

As grave as it began, just how much more fantastic her recovery has become, given over 70% of L4 SAH patients expire in the first 24 hours. Most are lost before reaching the hospital. Of the 20% surviving the first few days, many never wake up from the coma. Many who manage to wake begin to thrive before worsening with complications and expire completely or succumb to a vegetative state at an average peak period 5-8 days into recovery, even after a successful surgery. I was informed she could die from secondary latent consequences of trauma from bleeding or surgery, and we wouldn't be "out of the woods" Until Dec. 10, and that hopefully she could improve enough to return home in 30 days, on Christmas Eve.

I had to ask, assuming the best, then what? Well, let's get through each day first. I pressed for more info, and found almost every case has moderate to severe deficits from damage to the brain already. Then it is worsened with complication risks from surgery. I had to chose between two surgeries- the high risk now for best permanent recovery later option was my decision even though it would be more invasive. Danger period now would be even more dangerous, until December 10. Best case, they said after a long period of rehab over one year of PT and hard work, as much as 90% of the previous function could be returned if she were in the top few % through things like talking, and walking, how to do simple tasks or remember people may be reconstituted again in new ways. But only if she is of the few who clear all the other gates. It has been 10 days.

She is pretty close to full recovery when awake, which is more each day! I imagine it will improve as it has but faster when she is off some of these medicines and out of the ICU. So yes, she is seriously amazing and we are very fortunate and thankful for a true Christmas miracle that could not have happened without all the love for an amazing lady. We have risks and obstacles ahead, some things may be different, it is still difficult in the road ahead but there is a road ahead, and we are making good time together.

Nicole did a lot for our family Business. 

Rayminder is a producer of products that I invented and have patents in progress. We have them assembled at LOTT Industries which employs disabled people who otherwise have difficulty finding jobs but do a wonderful job for us, assembling Lamps.

I have to supply parts and orders to them, something Nicole was doing.
  These lamps are helping people who have afflictions in addition to the ones I found it fixed for me. Mostly Psoriasis, I didn't know so many people find no relief besides the product I am producing.

I cannot seem to meet demand and have been working hard to increase production and keep affordable pricing in place. There are  other more serious conditions that some people desperately seek relief of and message me frantically when they broke theirs and needed to find another lamp. I believe in trusting that patients know what they want because they take the time to find what works for them specifically.

 With Nicole in a recovery indefinitely, being already overwhelmed before she collapsed with the aneurysm  on Black Friday,  our absolute peak busiest critical time of the year we are facing some big financial obstacles and interruptions that will affect purchasing, economies of scale, and responsiveness to customers.  

I've avoided equity deals for fear of future compromise of ethics or vision. This Independence is rare among companies even among industries ostensibly committed to helping people.

I planned to find an IRB to oversee RCT clinical in-Vivo research trials in 2017.  

The FDA registration for new indications of approved devices need this for use in Health-care settings and export approval. The effects of this device are evident in the unsolicited Amazon reviews, but I am certain a blinded placebo-controlled trial will result in profound implications for many people suffering right now. Many people have a brighter future ahead once this clinical trial is published in a peer-reviewed journal.

I have quite a few other ideas for products that have impacts of saving lives in preventing suffering. As I am working on my second patent, want to complete the successful FDA approval required for this device to be used as such in clinical settings. FDA registration has annual fees that act as a barrier of entry to micro-enterprises like me, especially now with my CFO and wife in the hospital.

 I've been able to do what no one else has done so far by operating independently and never compromising on our my mission vision to design advanced technology that fixes the worst unforeseen consequences where technology harms life with unforeseen solutions  developed by the creativity of customers  doing their own research about the things that concern them.

Your financial contributions will help me continue being where I need to be as a husband, father, inventor, and entrepreneur. As my product probably helped Nicole, I am even more determined to see this vision continue.

Rayminder is creating a community of people helping each other who are seeking treatments, cures, and options for untold suffering I could not have predicted.  

The unforeseen event with Nicole has interrupted the relief sought by psoriasis sufferers, for example, as I cannot produce the patent-pending invention fast enough even with her help beforehand.

More discoveries are happening consistently continually as I had hoped early on.  Quitting my comfortable job as an engineer to spend retirement savings was pretty insane except that it is working out, and will work out. 

I'm feeling a bit crazy now asking for help, but crazy awesome if it means a difference in Nicole's miraculous survival and recovery. Add to that the patent products seem to mean the world to untold Customers according to old and new reviews and feedback. I'm not sure about putting my thoughts out like this, but it's not about me.

I expected to see unforseeable results as I finished R&D. Optimism paid off when Customers reported that it had helped their conditions that I wasn't knowledgeable about, consistent with the vision of repairing unforeseen, latent, insidious, and pervasive health consequences of lack of UV exposure.

I couldn't have predicted Rayminder would allow me to see this miracle of Nicole's recovery along the way.

My current invention is the tip of the iceberg, my other developing inventions wait in the wings.

Most importantly this vision must continue to grow if we are to improve or restore equilibrium of life despite technological age.

Being leveraged to purchase bulk stock,  we didn't have stockpiles of emergency funds or Insurance payoffs lined up in the case of something rare and extreme like this taking place. Even so we will be ok, but I'm doing this  raising of funds because I've learned I can't be too proud to ask for help as enlisting friends' help at home means for the boys to continue having lunches and things that Nicole used to do and I  cannot personally cover for. Also because  without additional finances there is no way to cover for the workmen pool dead and the money needed for purchasing stock to replace out of stock items that many many clients are asking me about. They are suffering too until I pick up the pace as Nicole was helping me do on a shoestring budget and  almost to zero overhead compared to most design, manufacturing, retailing, researching companies. Thank you for being supportive and being a part of her miraculous survival and recovery!
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Hello, we’re raising money again as, we find that we need to open new sales channels as Amazon shut down our listings without a reasonable cause, other than an internal change of policy as it relates, somehow, to businesses in the category we sell.

It happened a few days short of a year since the Aneurysm, which is Black Friday, so being a retailer it his double as hard... again.

Now to get some advertising for our website, as Christmas is coming, there are no presents under the tree until our new sales channels are established. We didn’t really have a normal christmas last year. This year, we have Nicole so we are happy. We worked hard to dig ourselves out and then some, and wouldn’t be raising money if not for the horrible timing of an inexplicable action by Amazon, for which evidence, response, recourse, or any recovery path is allowed by Amazon so far.
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Hello, a year later and we were ready to celebrate her amazing full recovery from a severe SAH. It is unprecedented in history. All the prayers made a miracle happen!

Well, days before celebrating her miracle, we were put in a new crisis. Our business was exclusive on Amazon, who decided to shut down our popular, profitable products.

We’ve earned nothing the past three weeks, when we were positioned to have the best sales of the year, any year. We are suffering even worse than last year, as worry and stress caused by Amazon’s harsh choice have destroyed our holidays, our business, and plans. Last year was trying, but Nicole fought like a champ and recovered day by day. We saw progress, and in two weeks she was home again. Amazon, in here weeks, has refused to consider the evidence I gave to show why we should never have had our listings removed in the first place. I never thought we’d be asking for help, and a year ago we didn’t ask for much. We worked all year to be ready for a triumphant Black Friday, and sales were picking up to dig us out of the hole. We just broke even, back where we were before the aneurysm, and had Amazon warehouses across America stocked. I saw more pending orders than ever, and suddenly Amazon caused us a most unnecessary and untimely nightmare. It’s been 3 weeks, we need to move on. Goodbye, Amazon.

Friends, We have built something beautiful. We’ve had a miracle last year, it looks like we need another. Help us survive by donating a little money we can use for advertising and setting up new sales channels. We are working with no income until our new sales channels are producing at least 50% of Amazon., so we can celebrate Nicole’s return to health, and have a Merry Christmas!
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HELLO, one year later and she’s doing terrific. Can you believe it, she was waking up from the coma at this time. Every little thing was a big victory, She did so much better than the odds could lead one to imagine, if you let them. So her health is really great.

I wish I could say the same for our business, as we were doing 90% or more of sales on Amazon, they shut us down completely and without warning for a perceived violation, it’s crazy. I have proof but they won’t see it, hey are judge jury and executioner. And the timing could not be worse. we were set to earn enough to pay debts incurred from the traum a year ago, and our plans were wiped out by Amazon. So our business is being destroyed by the day. We even have to pay shipping to send all our product banks we built back to us that we aren’t allowed to sell. I am 100% livid, and financially destroyed just exactly before we got ahead. I’ve been in shock and in a rage for over a week. I’m beside myself with anger and disbelief of what Amazon did, after 4 years building my business they cost me 30k ths Summer, and I was just about to recover when inexplicably they accused me of something I’m not doing, I provided proof but they won’t see it, they just lead me on an endless paper chase. I

’m just as devastated as last year, because all of the sudden what my heart and soul is into is cut down suddenly. I don’t expect to raise money I’m not asking for any, I just want you to pray for us again. We need another miracle.
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Hey there, Nicole is doing so well, some of you're nearby we're inviting you all who helped this month to stop by and say "Hey"! So we can say "Thanks!"

Until now, she was very tired and feeling ill. She is done taking the medication that did that, and would be happy to have you visit briefly (15 -20 minutes) here at our home on 2425 Bexford PL. She gets tired as she is still healing, but handled recent Christmas gatherings well!

When? At your convenience, around 6 or 7 PM on any given day. Give us a shout first, or just stop in!
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Douglas DeWalt
23 months ago

Just two weeks and she is coming home, we are blessed!

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$1,830 of $7,450 goal

Raised by 24 people in 23 months
Created December 7, 2016
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Margaret Berkhousen
23 months ago

Research shows that people who are being prayed for improve, even when they don't know they are being prayed for. God bless you both.

23 months ago
Shelley Demko
23 months ago

You are in my thoughts and prayers! Please let us know if we at Ottawa Hills Elementary can do anything

Dee & Brian Dolsey
23 months ago

Speedy Recovery Nicole!! Prayers, Hugs and Love!

Jennifer Muse
23 months ago

Best of luck... continued prayers.

Douglas DeWalt
23 months ago

Just two weeks and she is coming home, we are blessed!

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