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Raised by 387 people in 4 months
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ReVote ReVote  DENVER, CO

“Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted.”    
~Barack Obama

We are raising funds here to support the lawsuit that we have filed, which is now at the Supreme Court, so that the U.S. Government nullifies the 2016 election and schedules a revote in 2017. We have asked the court to do the Russian investigation, as the other two branches appear both incapable of it and complicit in alleged crimes.

We all have heard that 17 Intelligence Agencies of our government have reported that the Russians interfered with the 2016 vote. A democracy cannot stand without a free and fair election. If the Russians interfered with our election, as we have now heard, the 2016 election was clearly not free and fair. If the American people can no longer believe in the voting system, our democracy will collapse. We all understand this but we need a mechanism with at least one of the three branches of the government that is still accountable to Americans to demand that these bad actions be undone.

We have prevailed many times when told by experts that we would not.

We were told that we would not be able to formulate a plan and get the writ to court . . . .
We did.

We were told the Federal Courts would not hear our Writ. . . .
They did.

We were told we could not get it to Supreme Court. . . . We did.

We were told we could not get it heard by a Justice. . . . We did.


But we need your support!

Our Writ and other motions are now on the SCOTUS docket! Our group is growing. The cries to nullify and void the election and call for a REVOTE later in 2017 are growing. Please join us!

About our Go Fund Me campaign

We are collecting funds for the following items:

Covering the costs and the personal debt that we incurred in the preparation and prosecution of district and appeals court filings in three states, where we conferred with attorneys, experts and a multitude of advisors and plaintiffs. These preparations and filings took many months laid the foundation for getting our case to the Supreme Court.

Covering the costs of bringing on an attorney to help us with our federal legal strategy, including reviewing our lower court filings, doing research (as this is a precedent-setting case) drafting support documents and filing new motions for our Supreme Court docket.

Covering the necessary out-of-pocket costs of building our “movement,” creating our website and identity so we can reach out to members of the public and putting together our legal case and required SCOTUS documents, which include utilizing special SCOTUS printers, some minimal travel for the plaintiffs, organizers and experts to collaborate and confer, so that we can do the best job possible. All monies raised go to support the out-of-pocket costs of this case and pay our attorneys and experts, and not to compensate any individual organizer or plaintiff.

Here are the answers to some questions you might want to know: 

1. Who we are?
We are a group of concerned citizens who were aghast and dismayed at the obvious and reported theft of our election. We are busy doctors, business managers, marketers, homemakers, mothers, grandmothers and retirees who barely have the time or resources to do much besides our jobs but came together in the belief that when 17 governmental agencies state that the Russian government, with Putin guiding them, purposefully attacked our country by successfully attacking our election, think that that is good enough to warrant throwing out the results of the election and starting again.

2. Where is your information coming from?
We have no special sources of information other than the same news, which everyone is getting. We just can’t understand how everyone else can hear these reports and still not think there is anything that can be done to remedy and rectify an election outcome that is so clearly fraudulent. Here is a sample of the evidence that moved us to action and which continues to motivate us:

A. The removal of hundreds of thousands of names from voter rolls in specific precincts, resulting in many fewer votes being counted in critical swing states, especially where “Crosscheck” was used, and those voters delisted were ten times greater than the margin of victory for Trump.

B. Evidence of Russian hacking going on even prior to the primaries, which caused states like Arizona, Alaska and Alabama to take evasive actions to try to prevent future problems, yet being precluded from actually knowing what the software in the voting machine is doing by restrictions by the vendor.

C. Failure of the states to satisfactorily allow independent affirmation of the accuracy of the vote counts, prolific problems in the functioning of voting machines and the refusal to allow investigation of broken voting machines in the aftermath of the election, especially with malfunctioning machines.

D. Evidence that there has been a history of similar or same attacks on other countries where citizens rose up and demanded a new vote, including in Russia and the Ukraine, where the U.S. condemned these elections as being conducted illegally resulting in illegitimate outcomes.

E. Massive and accumulating evidence of Russian communications with members of the Trump campaign and now administration and increasing evidence of them lying about those communications (Flynn had to resign, Sessions had to recuse himself) with the increasing likelihood of there being treasonous collusion between Trump, his campaign staff, as well as members of the current administration and other senior ranking members of Congress with Russian actors.

F. Inexplicable refusals by members of Congress to the demands for an independent investigation—as if they already “know” what went on and are obstructing justice. We hope that our Intelligence organizations are collecting the evidence of criminal activity but this follows the patterns we saw early on that neither the Executive nor Legislative branches of government appear willing to do their jobs to ensure that we have a fair election, so we felt we needed to bring the case to the Judicial branch of government.

G. Efforts to oppose exposure by the Russians which include the deaths of 12 prominent Russian figures related to this election debacle killed in Russia, presumably by the Russian government, since the election. Christopher Steele, the author of an explosive dossier detailing the Trump Russia conspiracy has had to go into hiding in fear for his life. Connections exist between Trump and a number of suspected mafia figures, which makes prosecution of the case harder, even for our national security experts.

H. Horrific evidence that Trump, Putin, Tillerson and their supporters plan to personally profit from this coup on U.S. leadership, including lifting Russian sanctions to allow a $500 billion dollar oil deal between Exxon and Putin to go forward, after having been put on hold by Obama as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and much more.

3. What is the relationship between the various individuals who are managing and organizing this case?
Many of us did not even know each other before but came together because we responded with the same degree of anger and determination to do something. We reached out to friends, colleagues and connected in new ways with people we knew on Twitter and through social media, so that we brought on dozens of people who contributed in various ways to our efforts. We have become much closer friends in the past few months, working long hours on this case. Most all of us have contributed a considerable amount of our own personal funds to support this case. One of us, Dr. Kelly Sennholz, provided the early funding for most of the legal actions that others, including the plaintiffs on the case, could not personally afford. She has done most of the initial work and incurred a large amount of personal debt and guaranteed outstanding obligations, with the hope that we could raise the funds to cover these costs. Thus, if there are sufficient funds, we hope to reimburse Dr. Sennholz for having risked her own financial well-being to cover so much of the initial costs to bring the cases and get this action up to the Supreme Court.

4. Are any of the parties who are supporting the case being paid from the funds raised? Were expenses incurred that benefitted any individuals?
No. We are all unpaid volunteers and we’ve worked for months on a shoe-string budget, with the exception of Mark Small, our relatively new Supreme Court attorney. Mr. Small was hired in February when our case was finally put on the Supreme Court docket. He is charging us but he is giving us a good rate, so our dollars will go further. Furthermore, most of us incurred some costs to provide our support for the case and many of those costs are donated. Dr. Sennholz, who spent large amounts of money to fund aspects of the case including legal fees, printing fees, administrative services fees, accounting fees, and other significant ongoing costs, will be reimbursed only for those costs.

5. How will the funds raised here be spent and used in the future?
Funds raised will be used first to pay our attorney to continue to prosecute the case. We also need to reserve a portion of what is raised to pay the taxes on the “revenue” of the non-deductible funds we receive. There is now a conference for the justices to decide what to do about our case and there are two scenarios that we are preparing for: 1) The case is terminated by the Supreme Court, because it does not have four votes to take it up. If that happens, then we will be sure to covere our court and attorney costs to that point. Then any additional amounts will be used to reimburse Dr. Sennholz for her fronting of early costs. 2) If the case continues, then we will need to raise even more funds. Supreme Court attorney James Bopp states that costs for a case in front of the Supreme Court can run anywhere from $250,000 to many millions in legal fees. In anticipation of that, we are spending a small amount on accounting fees to form a 501(c)3, so that future donations can be tax-deductible. That new entity is being formed regardless of the outcome. If excess funds are raised, these will be used to continue the mission of the 501(c)3, which is to continue to educate people about the election abuses and press for reforms to our election processes.

We are heartened by the thousands of people who are standing up for our country, sending us encouraging messages, offering to help us and making personal donations of $5, $10 and $25. We can’t respond to everyone but we know you are people who love our country and are willing to stand up for democracy, even if you can scarcely afford it. Please know how much this means to us all.

If nothing else, keep educating people that a revote is "Legally Possible, Morally Mandated." 

We can solve this problem in a legal, moral, and peaceful manner. 

Thank you from our hearts, to yours!

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Update 2
Posted by ReVote ReVote
23 days ago
A heartfelt and sincere thank you to all the patriotic souls who helped us in various ways during this campaign, including your donations here. We were able to pay for approximately half of the amount of expenses with these monies and it was a true lifeline. We can't tell you what it meant for folks to spread the word that we do not have to take this fake candidacy lying down. We do not, per the constitution, have to accept a coup, a fake election or electoral manipulation. We do NOT have to accept any of these things.

As of this day, the citizens of another country, South Korea, have stood up and demanded a new leader, ultimately jailing their last right wing leader for corruption - taking $10M for political favors, among many other dark incidents. She sits in jail as I write this. It can be done. Another country, Paraguay, has been taken over just this week by a very similar, right wing, legislative coup (by a soft drink and tobacco oligarch). They struggled for years to create a democracy and they are back at square one.

We are still questioning why American citizens are so tolerant of this obvious Russian/Oil Oligarchy coup and destruction of our election system. That is a real problem. A very concerning problem.

We remain hopeful that Trump and all the Russian colluders will be removed from office soon. Keep up the great work educating people that this can be done. And again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! A small portion of the team is moving forward with another attempt and I will tweet you when I know anything.

We love you all for your commitment, your courage and your strength.

Stay strong and #Resist.
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Update 1
Posted by ReVote ReVote
1 month ago
Update: This was removed in our last update on the about us page, just to let folks know: Any funds raised in excess of required funds, which could run from a quarter of a million to millions of dollars if the case is accepted, will be used for or given to projects or organizations which promote and protect the rights of citizens to vote, to have their vote counted, to have a free and fair election system so that our democracy lives on for generations to come. Examples of organizations which do these activities are the Brennen Center for Justice and ACLU. Examples of projects may be a chair at a University to teach these principles for to generations to come.
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$29,283 of $50k goal

Raised by 387 people in 4 months
No Longer Accepting Donations
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Created December 17, 2016
Ron Fisher
1 month ago

Let's get it done!

Lydia Theys
1 month ago
Chris Chandler
1 month ago
1 month ago
1 month ago
Kim B
1 month ago

Thank you for the work that you are doing.

Gina Stefanini
1 month ago
Gilberto Armendariz
1 month ago
Marcia Ungar
1 month ago
Laura Button
1 month ago

Eternally grateful for your effort—either way, it has brought a glimmer of hope!

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