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Hello everyone!  Any Donation amount will make a difference and be very appreciated.


By: Chris Anthony Haletsky

Note: Some of this Summary may seem redundant, however the purpose is more toward reconfirming unique important ideas and concepts.

                “Build it, and they will come”

I do know 100s of details needed for this National project. Although, I will attempt to keep this Summary as brief as possible.

This project is dedicated to "One Vision and One Mission ... To Serve and Benefit All Beings who cannot Self-Determine their own Current or Future lives."

I for one, cannot stand still knowing so many, especially Families, Children and Veterans are in despair, sick and suffering, even as I write this Summary. I know many believe there is nothing they can do to Solve this problem, so they avoid feeling or understanding the magnitude of millions of Homeless situations as a reality. And, one that’s happening continuously every minute of every day! The Problem is just too big! However, it is real! And, constant around our planet!

 The Problem:

For only the small state of Virginia for 1-year, 151 temporary overnight Emergency Shelters and Programs were funded. This is how scattered and costly these approaches are …and still the Problem persists! How can that be?


The main limitation today regarding efforts to Solve Homelessness is the typically scattered Emergency Shelters and Programs that are not Centralized with one Full-Service Holistic set of services at one Facility for one Region.

Instead, during the day, the Homeless go out and sleep in the streets and panhandle for money. This short video pretty much says it. The all too common Perception and Reaction to the Homeless including our Vets! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rsc-2oMB0s

Regarding Caged Wild and Domestic Animals, please go here: https://truththeory.com/2016/06/23/the-harsh-reality-about-zoos-circuses-and animal-in-captivity/                                                 

Here is a 2017 HUD list of 7-states with Grant Funding’s for “Ending Homelessness” which border Virginia, including Virginia: Total = $181,352,402 for one-year. This 7-State region is about the size of Iowa. https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/homeless/budget/2017 

The data shows, Funding for only Virginia with 8,000 Homeless without counting the unknown Homeless ‘not’ in Shelters, is around $30,000,000 for One-Year and decreases each following year.  

Amazingly! An "estimated two-million youth run away from or are forced out of their homes each year" in the United States. Statistics at Wikipedia regarding Children in the Streets: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_children#United_States

There was a temporary decline in arrest rates of street youth, dropping 30,000 arrests from 1998 to 2007. Instead, now the authorities are referring homeless youth to state-run Social Service Agencies. I do not know what actually happens to them once in the System. My idea is to keep them out of the System in the first place. Additionally, the Homeless College Youth account for over one-million of the Young Homeless population.

Only a small fraction of the Incoming Homeless to Shelters improve their health through diet and exercise. Even less acquire a Home and a Job so they can re-enter society for the Long-Term New Job and New Life. Keep in mind, this is a Globally Growing Epidemic and why I want the first Facility as a Prototype Business Model to be Replicated! The needed level of responsibility and integrity is extreme when ‘knowing’ we are dealing with the lives and futures of real living people! They are not just statistics! OK, moving on …

 The Solution:

A Non-Profit 501c3 Foundation: New Earth-Gaia Advocates will be formed (New Earth)

A For-Profit On-line Retailer: Whole Being Wellness will be formed   (Whole Being)

Being born as a Protector type, I researched the subject of the Homeless in depth and realized there needs to be a qualified Centralized, Comprehensive, Simultaneous, Holistic approach that can quickly, affordably, efficiently and permanently ‘Resolve’ the Homelessness problem.


This Vision is multifaceted and targets various groups of Homeless within the same effort. The initial primary and urgent focus is in the U.S. serving the Homeless Families with Children and Homeless Children without Families.

This Summary Plan ‘assumes’ Vets are always included in the plan. They are not being forgotten here! And, like the Homeless, they will also have access to the same Holistic Wellness Clinic and on-site Housing to meet their needs.

Much of the time, Veterans are mixed in with the civilian Homeless population, hence many Vets will automatically be included. We will also work with some of the Veteran Associations who can use a helping hand. 

On a separate note, I am very moved by the plight of the Native American Indians. I will not go into the details, but they will always be on my plate until a plan is devised to serve them also.

I have done my best to Summarize this Vision for you. I want you to know how many millions of Homeless this project could serve and benefit, by perfecting a Centralized, Simultaneous, Full-Service, Replicable Business Model providing 6-months to over 1-year Free Housing and Health Care for the Homeless. It’s  Built-In Design will be easily Replicated around the U.S. with 50+ Zones outside of Towns, Cities, and States.

It is imperative that we apply a Full-Service, Centralized, Multifaceted, Simultaneous Method if we are to ‘halt’ the Growing Homeless Problem. When including the Homeless who are ‘not’ in Emergency Overnight Shelters, there is well over 4.5 million Homeless in the U.S. Throwing Billions of dollars at the problem every year in a Linear way will never succeed, in my opinion. Also, in my opinion, that is one reason WHY we have not solved the Homeless Problem in the last 100-years and spent 100s of billions of Tax Payer dollars. It is not for me to blame or point fingers at anyone, because everyone has taken part one way or the other. My focus is Solution Oriented only.

The Set-Up process:

Along with the Founding Executive Core Team being formed, also in the First Set-Up Steps includes immediately forming New Earth. All assets financial, proprietary, physical and otherwise may be owned and/or managed by the New Earth Foundation. It is the Founding Team as Director/Trustees who will Direct and Manage this project. These initial Funds are to Set-Up all Legal, Tax, New Earth as a 501c3 Foundation, hire the first necessary Team Members and finalize the 5-year Strategic Business Plan to be followed. And then begin the Start-Up Phase.

Duplicatable Business Model: Healing Clinic

Whole Being as a For-Profit retailer will provide Natural Healing Supplements at no charge to the Inpatient Homeless and Sell at Retail to the Global Market advanced cutting-edge Wellness, Anti-Aging and Life-Extension Products and Technologies.

There will be a sizable 10,000 sq. ft. Wellness and Healing Clinic, Whole Being which will be Employing fully qualified Credentialed and Licensed Homeopathic Practitioners and Allopathic MDs; RN Nurses; Nutritionists; Physical Therapists and Herbalists. The Clinic will also be utilizing Homeopathic Remedies; Flotation Tanks; Tachyon Chambers, Vibrational Frequencies; Laser, Light, Sound, Color and Aroma therapies.

On-site, will be a Hair Salon for both women and men, Yoga Classes, Ti Chi, Guided Meditations and Exercise Gym, etc. All the above will be working together as a Full-Service Coordinated Holistic Wellness and Healing Center. Each Clinic will be Staffing approximately
250 New Jobs.

When ready, Placement Counselors will prepare the Outpatient for re-entering Society with improved Health, improved Self Esteem, a New Job and New Residence near the New Job beginning their New Life.

We anticipate at least 25% of the 50,500 Homeless at the 7-State Facility with Virginia, will successfully take on a New Job. This Data is only for the ‘first’ Facility with the HQ in West Virginia.
Outpatient new Jobs and new Residence: 12,625.

You will also read further down, additional references regarding many more thousands of New Jobs.

There exist many advanced Health and Healing related technologies that will come out soon, but as always with unpredictable delays. The existing Homeless cannot and will not wait! Hence, the urgency for this project.

 Handbook Manual:

Below is a brief run-down of the tasks and sequences needed to be applied to all Replicated New Earth Facilities. I do know the nuts and bolts in greater detail of the connected and overlapping Systems that will be in the Handbook Manual.

All Team Members must be trained at the National HQ for around a month and then receive their Handbook Manual which will give exact step-by-step processes, tasks, contacts, and timelines to Set-Up, Start-Up, and Operate their New Facility. Of course, the National HQ in West Virginia will give ongoing support as needed. What I am writing here, is a small part of the Training and  Operations Manual.

I feel, Training with Consistency is the foundational Key to Replicating any Business Model. Teams following the steps accurately in the Manual will automatically Replicate the New Earth/Whole Being Business Model at any location.


Vetting and Choosing the ‘Founding’ Executive Core Team of experts is the very first step and the Heart of the ongoing project.

The Founding Team will hire locally their Executive Core Team to help implement the Compliance Requirements of the project, working with Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, acquiring Zoning and Building Permits, working with General and Sub-Contractors, and the Founding Team completing the 5-year Strategic Business Plan within the first 90-days.

The initial ‘Founding’ Executive Core Team’ which are much like a Think Tank and acting as Trustee/Directors in New Earth and on the Board of Directors at Whole Being will also sit on the Steering and Ethics Committees  which will always be located at the National HQ in West Virginia.

Additionally, there will be ‘Away Teams’ in their assigned Zones Nationally which will immediately, after their Training at the National HQ, begin to hire their own local Teams, Staff and other Experts from the local Work Force.  Similar to the initial New Earth/Whole Being project creating over 250 new 'Local' Jobs.


In this Business Model, a Zone is a geographic group of Towns, Cities and/or States depending on Population. Each state or state(s) will have several Zones. Eventually, each Away Team will be launching several Facilities in each of their assigned Zones and at the same time. Each Zone will draw from the local Work Force creating a significant number of New Jobs and new Contracts for Contractors.

The Long-Term Goal applying this method is to evolve beyond 100 Teams Simultaneously. It is anticipated, many thousands of New Jobs Nationwide.

Confirming Identified Viable Properties:

Whatever it takes to do this is my job function, not job description. I am Self Managing and will continue to research new innovations, refine the evolving Business Model and help create the Handbook Manual by incorporating more new methods and systems.

Going on the road to confirm the identified viable properties will require three Assistants to travel with me. Each with a different expertise. Much like a Mobile Office. While on the road, we will also be creating the project Handbook Manual and stay in constant contact with the West Virginia HQ Team.

I feel, a dedicated 3-months of traveling will be needed to firm up the 2-properties in Virginia and the 3rd property in West Virginia to be the National HQ. Also determining the land for Facilities (identified) in the greater South East Coast and Northern regions. It will require around 9 to 15 multi-state Facilities to service the East Coast. (to be confirmed)

The result, is the remaining properties for the Facilities of the East Coast should be in negotiations with relevant Team Member Experts within a 4-month period. Depending on additional Capital, the Properties may also be finalized purchases during the same 3-months. At least in Escrow and only with the direction, advice and involvement by our New Earth Team of Experts.

During the 4-months I am on the road, as explained in this Summary, the Teams at the National HQ will be Staffing and Implementing the Set-up and Start-up Phases of the first Facility.


I have picked during my research, up-scale properties. There are several reasons. The existing buildings after the Homeless are successfully placed in their New Home with a New Job, can easily be re-purposed/upgraded. Some need no upgrades at all being active farms with equipment typically included. Retaining the existing Farm Hands that are operating the farm will be expanded to include In-Patients as paid farm workers who choose to work. Facility locations I have identified are private and miles outside of Communities.

 The Facilities, Homeless Data and Local New Jobs:

The Facilities will be Hiring from the ‘Local Job Force’ to replace the New Earth Start-Up Away Teams with Executive Core Teams and other positions which will continue Project Leadership and Management.

Since ‘Local Jobs for all Facilities' will be for 3-shifts per day, 365-days per year every year, it is expected  many thousands of Inpatient New Jobs Nationwide will be created with these Facilities and keep increasing eventually Internationally.

Virginia, being likely, is one of several current options on the table. Timing, Capitalization, Compliance Implementation and further Research directed by the initial Founding Executive Core Team will re-determine more clearly, the wisest and most viable permanent location for the National HQ, and the purchase of an Active Farm with 500+ acres. The land must be large enough for constructing the 5-Building Facility along with an active farm for growing Whole Live Foods along with additional land for Solar Power. We will also be incorporating Enclosed Vertical Bio-dynamic Hydroponic Systems producing veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and tubers.               

The Virginia Facility may include the surrounding 6-small States since they have also been in Crisis for many years. This will make the total of 7-small states being served at one Virginia Central Facility.

Virginia has a moderate Homeless population of around 8,000 Overnight Sheltered Homeless and still growing. Those who are not sheltered were not counted. As a comparison, in 2016 Los Angeles City had 28,000 Homeless and New York City in 2017 at 61,000. Again, these were only in Shelters.

These numbers are determined by Teams that do a census of ‘only’ Emergency Overnight Shelters. There are many Homeless they cannot find because they are un-sheltered! That said, there are many more Homeless, possibly in the Millions nationwide, ‘not’ accounted for.

Of Virginia's sheltered, approximately 30% are families with children. It is very sad that most (not all) have no means to get out of their situation.

Enclosed Year-Round Vertical Bio-dynamic Hydroponic Gardens:

Hydroponics will also include Bio-Dynamic methods. Bio-Dynamic farmers were chased out of Europe because they were so productive. Many landed on the East Coast of the U.S. They keep a very low profile, and even today still produce 18-foot tall corn, 10-pound heads of lettuce and cabbage, and over 16-inch carrots as big around as your wrist. With the above in mind, we could easily feed the Homeless with some of the most nutritional food that exists … especially if it incorporates Bio-dynamic Methods.

Being veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, tubers, herbs and fruits, the Inpatient will automatically detox naturally by maintaining a diet from the above sources, along with Whole Being Wellness Supplements and Healing technologies will radically benefit the Inpatient long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

Again, another New Job expertise is Operating the Bio-dynamic Hydroponic Gardens who may also be trained for interested Inpatients, creating 1000s more ‘New Jobs’ Nationwide. What a healthy way to start a New Life.

Acreage is also needed for Solar, Hydro, Wind Power and other technologies. I am aware more advanced and efficient technologies are coming soon. We will be prepared to incorporate them as they come online and available. Of course, the aim is to be 100% Off-Grid, Completely Green, and Self-Sustaining.

Real Estate, Financial, Fundraising:

All physical assets, including upgrades that increase value may act as Collateral Assets held in Trust and Managed by New Earth. It is my belief that a Funding Entity should have at least one Director/Trustee, preferably a Wealth Manager representing the Funding Entity and who will oversee and insure proper ‘use of funds’ and periodically advise the Founding Executive Core Team on matters that are relevant.

Full Capitalization will require Capital for a 5-year period of Operations for each Facility. (2-years past the 3-year Sustainability goal) Along with Income Revenue created by Whole Being Wellness there will also be 3-additional Income Streams to further Insure Sustainability on/or before the 5-year period.

1)    Whole Being Wellness: A portion of Net-Profits from Retail Sales.

2)    Full Service Management and Marketing firm: Aggressive Continuous Fundraising through both websites to the Public.

3)    New Earth: Internal Fund-Raising Campaigns to Private Benefactors by the Team ‘Director of Operations Working Capital.’

4)    New Earth: Team Director Expert dedicated to several Continuous and Simultaneous ‘Crowd’ Funding Campaigns.

All properties I have identified include several factors: They are in groups near each other with independent sources of water from Springs, Lakes, Rivers and/or Wells. Support solar/wind power, and in some cases hydro-power. Along with growing produce, each Facility is to be Self-Sustaining within its 3 to 5-year period.

When the Simultaneous Method is applied, the required amounts of Capital needed for many additional Facilities Nationwide will increase quite rapidly!     

As a reminder, no future Facilities will require a ‘National’ HQ. These Facilities will have Admin and Management Offices at the Central Building-1 on the 3rd Floor.

 7-State approach, first Facility & National HQ:

As mentioned, the Virginia Facility may serve 6-additional small States bordering Virginia, making the Regional Total, serving 50,500 Homeless.

With this 7-State approach, each State will have Satellite Offices to organize their State’s Homeless in Emergency Shelters who will be transported by our Facility Buses with visible Banners on the sides, explaining at a glance to the Homeless what we do at the New Earth Virginia Facility. The word will spread!

This approach using buses will also increase the currently projected Jobs per Facility with Bus Drivers, Bus Counselors and Security. New Local Jobs-84

Time-frames for construction with the added states, may still be similar when applying the Simultaneous Methods.

The increase in cost to the 7-State Plan is for constructing added floors to the Apartment Buildings and/or other infrastructure to process and serve the 50,500 Homeless. It will require less time, far more efficient, and more cost effective than the Linear Sequential approach of one State at a time.

Facility re-purposing:

One scenario is, if and when the Facility has served all Homeless in the Region/Zone and are back into society healthier with New Jobs and New Homes, the Facility will be designed knowing ahead of time the potential future of re-purposing, including the Mini Mall.

The Facility may become a Retirement Village or, being nearby Virginia State University, Student Housing or, the one and two-bedroom Apartment units could be sold as Condos. The additional value-benefits are the existing Mini Mall which will already be in place and can include relevant stores for various scenarios as needed. And, the benefit of landscaped land with underground parking. Lastly, is the entire Facility will already be 100% Off-Grid.

I believe, after 5-years, there will always be a degree of Homeless, but in comparison by the 5th year there may only be as few as 100-per month. This low amount can easily be served with a small satellite Facility instead of a full blown full-service 5-building Facility. Hence, the Re-purposing of the Properties in the future.

 Apartment Buildings Design and Construction:

The Plan is to be Prefab Modular. The buildings may be constructed by employing 3D Printing technology for all walls, ceilings, floors, doors, closets, cabinets, etc. There will be only 2-designs; one and two-bedroom units.

3D Printing is cutting edge and could be an exciting future career for the interested. It may be that we lease or purchase a large 3D Printer to fabricate the modular panels for constructing Facility Buildings, and all future Facilities, which means more New Jobs at each Facility nationwide. (more research is needed)

I anticipate along with Farming Jobs at competitive wages, some of the Outpatients may choose to be trained in 3D Printing Technology and could help construct the future modular apartments. Once Certified, they may be Paid to operate a 3D Printer onsite. Additional Trained Job Crews would be required to also install all 3D printed panels etc. After the Out-Patients leave for their New Life, they may also continue to apply this new Expertise as their Future Job Career.

Farm Wages:

Labor at the working Farm is by Free Choice. At the Farm, the Out-Patients will be paid a Competitive Wage and possibly involved with the 3D Printing process. Upon Certification, also being a Competitive Wage. All wages will be placed into Individual Savings Accounts for the Out-Patients until they are ready to begin their New Life.

Full-Service Online Ecommerce firm:

I have researched several turn-key full-service firms, all of who claim a 1st page Google position and Marketing through all Social Media within 30 to 90 days and eventually a position ‘above’ the fold on Page One. The firm will be retained monthly and responsible for designing, building and maintaining all websites, marketing Whole Being products and additional Fund-Raising campaigns for New Earth. Generally, all E-commerce. Monthly cost: $5000 per month.

 Whole Being Wellness/International:

Whole Being Retail Sales of products to the International Consumer is an innate and automatic health benefit for 100s of thousands beyond the U.S. Homeless. There ‘still’ exists a huge global market seeking Health Products that actually ‘do’ work as advertised! Ours do and always will!

I anticipate, the majority of our Public Customer’s will be on a Monthly Auto-Ship. These Supplements and Technologies will also benefit the Homeless at no charge to them ‘while at the Facility.’

 Whole Being as a Donor:

Whole Being will also be an ongoing Donor providing a Percentage of Net-Profits from Retail Sales to New Earth. Using an innovative Proprietary Shopping Cart that will be developed, the Customer during Check-Out will be Rebated a percentage of Whole Being’s Net-Profits. (acting as a large Discount) The Customer will then Donate their Rebated Funds to their ‘choice’ from a list of vetted Non-Profit Charities and Causes, including New Earth.

All Rebated Funds donated by the Customer ‘must’ be placed before the Shopping Cart will finalize their Retail Transaction. The remaining Whole Being Net-Profit funds that are not Rebated will be Ongoing Donor Funds directly into New Earth. This way, ‘all’ Whole Being Net Profits become Donor Funds.

The Proprietary Shopping Cart:

The above refers to a Proprietary Shopping Cart at Whole Being as an Automated Donor System. I have developed new products and received Patents in the past and know the Product Development Process fairly well.

The Shopping Cart will be only Patent Pending, meaning not available to the Public for review or use, which protects it for 2-years, giving time to perfect the software through the Product Development Phase. This deters many who could use and/or sell the Shopping Cart … even before its perfected! Assuming we will be Self Sustaining, we may ‘not need’ to Sell the Cart for Income. My feeling is for it to become Public Domain, Available and Usable by ALL for Free.

However, the Cart will ‘only’ be useful for Non-Profit processing since it channels Customer Donor Funds to only Non-Profit organizations, which    is the point!

 The Whole Being Wellness and Healing Clinic:

Unfortunately, many of the Homeless are also addicts of some kind, and one reason why the Whole Being Wellness Clinics are a serious part of the system. The Holistic term, Whole Being, addresses Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Biology together as One System.

The Wellness Clinic will specialize in Crisis Management, natural cutting-edge Supplements; Tachyon Chambers, Flotation Tanks, Gene Therapies, Color, Vibration, Sound, and Laser therapies; a powerful Organic Diet from the working Farm including Vertical Bio-dynamic Organic Hydroponics.

And, expanded Choices of Whole Foods from the Local Farmers who may have Booths at our periodic Promenade Farmers Market events, Self-Development speakers and Music Groups. I feel, the Events, may be Monthly. Also, a good way to meet the neighbors.

In the future:

As mentioned, this is a Simultaneous Non-Profit and For-Profit effort which will address Additional Categories, such as Non-Profit/For-Profit Nursing Homes; the nightmare regarding Domestic and Wildlife Animal Abuse, and Veterans who have Served for us and now deserve to be Served By Us!

Last, but not least, the plight of Native Americans.

The ideal approach for directing additional funds to these added categories  is extensive, requiring due-diligence and research to identify formative and ethical ‘already Existing and Successful’ efforts which we then can act as a Direct Donor. It is my hope, we can acquire the additional Dedicated Funds for this purpose.

 The Rehab Factor:

Since Out-Patients and new In-Patients have experienced a Common Situation and Trauma of being Homeless, they may readily develop a mutual comradery and common fellowships with each other.

Many of the able Patients in the Housing project may compassionately want to help others. The psychological and emotional rewards for both giving and receiving, will be gratifying while again reinforcing the In-Patients and Out-Patients Positive Self-Esteem and Usefulness.

 Incoming/Outgoing Homeless:

This first example is for Virginia ‘only’. We must monitor the rate of incoming to match our ability to expand as needed. In Virginia, the goal is to initially accommodate 300+ to perfect the system. And steadily increase processing the Incoming and Outgoing until the 8,000+ are processed through the system.

The 6-states bordering Virginia being included, will mean 50,500 will be served, dramatically increasing the need for adding Buildings, expanding the Clinic and Hydroponic Gardens and increasing Farm Production. Additional Land may be required, all adding even more New Jobs. 

After processing the 50,500 and the Facility is not Re-purposed as mentioned, after the point of fully processing the Inpatients (around 3-years), the Facility may be downsized to match and maintain service to the ongoing trickle of Monthly Homeless.

If downsized, the surplus of prefab modular materials for Housing and the Clinic Equipment etc. may be forwarded to another new Facility being established. From that point on, this first Facility will continue providing its services as long as needed.

Grounds and Landscaping:

The In-Patients must feel safe ... most have been through a lot! There will be park like landscaping to all surrounding areas including within the inner grounds, with trees, birds, hedges, flowers, ideally a small pond/stream/waterfalls, walkways and seating areas.

Our approach is to support patients Holistically in every way possible. When adding each of the many subtle methods, which will also include therapeutic methods and modalities mentioned for the exterior areas of the buildings and apartments, the accumulated positive affects will be quite substantial.

The Promenade:

The Promenade will be around the Central Building and between the outer buildings. The Center Building’s 1st floor will seamlessly be open with large sliding pocket doors which will open the inside to the outside of the landscaped grounds.

The inside will also have an abundance of hedges, trees, flowers, waterways, fish ponds and waterfalls. It may be, many of the birds outside will inhabit the inside, considering the large size of the Promenade with high 25-foot ceilings. Flowers, Trees, and Bird Seed will help.

This design and grounds will also allow for quick stage set-ups for well-known Self-Improvement Speakers, Seminars, Music Groups, local Farmers Market events, etc. Since the flow-through of Patients may be 6 to 12-months, I feel some of the Promenade activities to be weekly, since some Speakers may require a Series of discussions, especially Self Improvement Seminars.

The Promenade walkways:

All walkways around the inner landscaped grounds will be wide enough for first responder vehicles which may have emergency incidences requiring immediate attention at the Clinic. And the tunnel walkways wide enough for the vehicles to easily and quickly travel to each buildings Parking areas which have elevators to all floors of each building. There will be 2-First Responder vehicles and 4-Medics per Shift-365 days per year. Medics etc. also means more New Jobs.

Their purpose like an ER is to stabilize the patient at the Clinic. If necessary, an on site First Responder will be summoned for transport to a hospital. The walkways will also be wide enough for electric powered Property Maintenance and Transport vehicles.

National HQ:

Along with the Facility HQ offices on the 3rd floor of the central building, the ‘National’ HQ will be located well away from the Facility, but easily commutable for the Founding Core Executive Team and Administrative Staff.

There is no rush hour traffic in country areas like the Wintergreen Resort, Warm Springs Valley, Hot Springs, Healing Springs and most of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

 Milestones to be accomplished by month-4:

Appropriate Founding Core Team Experts will be selected and dedicated to the task of completing a 5-year Strategic Business Plan which will be used to further strengthen the Business Model and justify the larger Phase-2 and Phase-3 funding. And, the Ongoing Funding for each future Zone Facility planned around the U.S.

Simultaneously, the Founding Core Team, Tax and Legal consultants will finalize my Spread-Sheet showing 4-Income Streams and formatted for future Legal and Tax valuations and Funding Interests.

We will continue meetings with certain Private Organizations and Individuals to discuss further Capitalization, preferably as Donations into New Earth for the 2nd and ongoing phases of the 5-year Projections.

At all times, decisions regarding movement and use of funds will always be evaluated, confirmed and approve by a Wealth Manager Trustee representing Financial Interests along with Legal, Banking, Tax and others who specialize in various Funding Protocols.

The final Business Model will have no gray areas with fancy formulas to avoid paying every possible penny of taxable funds. A simple straight forward and correct use of funds in black and white with no needless grey areas is a must! If we can follow this plan, the volume of Homeless served can be unlimited and the final solution for Homelessness will finally become history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy Summary. However, it is written as a Sequential To-Do-Map of Descriptions and Simultaneous Tasks for the Teams to follow, expand and improved upon.

Chris Anthony Haletsky

Copyright © NewEarth-GaiaAdvocates 2018
All rights reserved

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Howdy all,
I have been working on a much more comprehensive Proposal to help the Homeless. During that time, let the Project funding campaign sit inactive. Now, I have finished the new far more advanced Proposal Summary. I think you will agree to my changes and refinements. Hope all is well with you, and are ready for some positive changes in our world. Good days are coming! Chris
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Hello every One

I have updated a section titled "Housing Construction" having to do with bio-degradable bricks that are efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. It's short ... please read it. Thanks All
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Another reminder. Please read ... a donation is not required to read the info. Have a wonder filled week All in/as the ONE!!!
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Seeing what's what and who's who! In the background, progress continues to help others.
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Gena Bobek Shappa
27 months ago


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