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Raised by 138 people in 7 months
Many will know I live on the road in a internet broadcasting & recording studio converted Camper Van (The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile) which supports the House Concert and listening room scene here in Europe and reports back you our supporters  and broadcasts on the road through social media on a daily basis.

Here is my idea! I wish to do the same in America, to that end we need a Merican Moose Mobile. Hope you feel you can support this idea with hard to come by hard cash. Please read on it should benefit us all

For the last 10 years I have been travelling across Europe cultivating and connecting House Concerts and listening room Acoustic venues, seeking out recording and broadcasting new independently minded musicians. My travels have taken me from Scotland (my home) to Ireland, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece & Germany (so far). In that time and on all these journeys I have introduce our Family Fold of mainly American musicians to Radio, Festivals Promoters & Hosts here in Europe. 

My goal now is to do the same for European Artist in The United States of America, where the music we all love grew up. 

To this end we need a Mobile base, an American Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile! A RV as they are know there.

I say "we" deliberately, as should we achieve it, this will be a group effort and The Merican Moose Mobile will be a Medicine Show Radio community asset, also equipped with a multi camera internet broadcasting & recording studio, with a  PA System and touring instruments to make touring easy, to broadcast the music live back to you and record it for our popular Sunday afternoon Wayward Ellen Boys Sheppey FM Radio Show hosted by Brother Mark Ellen (as is and does The Euro Moose Mobile now) 

Some of the ground work is already in place, Im a regular and well kent face at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City with artists radio presenter, press and promoters and travelled to LA, Kansas City, St Louis, Nashville, Houston Lubbock, Amerilo and Austin including SXSW earlier this year. I organise the European House Concert Hub which greatly aids “again” mostly American Artist tour here but has also connected me with artists House Concerts and Radio Stations across all cities in The US as most of the near 3000 membership are American. 

I wish to go in search of them, and I want to take you on that journey, I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THAT NOW!!

So here’s how you can join me virtually and/or in person.

I figure if we raise £10,000 $13,000 we can buy a comparable vehicle to the Moose and kit it out. 

Here are the advantages of donating.

1 - any donation up to £30 you will receive my gratitude and I will pledge to maintain our friendship on the road, visit you if I can (I'll bring beer) befriend you on social media and answer any questions you may have on touring Europe and the States, the artists, radio stations, press/media, venues, festivals and House concerts we work with, you will be able to discover artists and venues on our travels as I do and I will pledge to generally encourage and help what you are doing as a creative to support your music or that of others as best I can on a daily basis in real time on the road. 

2 Donations above £30 I will paint your name on The Merican Moose and take a spectacular photo of it in place at some American beauty spot or other, tag you in and send it back with my thanks. That way I hope you feel a part of this adventure (if we don’t achieve our goal Ill paint your name on The Euro Moose Mobile and do the same here) but I intend to buy something even if I only get $500 dollars I’ll get something with an engine and go.

3 (Prime package) for £100 or more you will be very welcome to join me on our Looking For America Road Trip in The Medicine Show Radio Merican Moose Mobile at any time we can arrange it, flights now can be had as cheaply as £130 and internal flights are cheap too in The US. IE land in the city The Moose Is and we go together in search for the Music Scene, book your flight out from another city and we go in search of that part of America together and all parts in between for the split cost of some petrol which is 1/4 of the price it is  (depending on availability). 

4 (Commercial package) for £100 or more I will print a logo and display it prominently and distribute any promotional material and free sample you send over at venues and events across the states and talk you and your business up on radio shows, at venues, Conferences and Festivals.

5 last but by no means least in fact most importantly (The Artists Package) 

For £150 (£100 limited Euro House Concert Hub Discount nearly full) I will add one of your tracks to our “Looking For America” Media Compilation (limited number only 12 spots available, 6 discount . book now!!) of which I’ll send 60 to European Media and take 300 to the states for distribution at Folk Alliance, SXSW and as we travel at venues radio stations and house concerts, I will compile a list of folks that will help us travel there, in the future, and at any time you want to join our road trip we will make arraignments to pick you up at the airport and drop you off where you desire while exploring the music scenes of all points in-between (depending on availability but artist hold priority booking). 

The Merican Moose Mobile will be available for discount hire on a very friendly basis when I am here in Europe . It will be your van folks the charge is for wear and tear and upkeep, I have folks there already willing to help with maintenance and sourcing an RV.

Ace publicist Adam Dawson of Broken Jukebox is engaged to help us connect with the media on our travels and will offer any artists from here discount promo rates in any or all states they choose to tour 

If you wish to know more before you commit email me on rob (at) medicinemusic.co.uk 

I will be starting my American adventure again this year at Folk Alliance in Kansas City in February I will use what funds this appeal generates to float the Looking For America Medicine Show Road Trip  if it’s enough to buy a vehicle and put a tank of petrol in it I will and see how far it gets me, I recon £10K will deliver one that will fit for purpose like i have here but I'll go for it with whatever comes in. Im excited (but nervous in equal measure) hope you are to.

Please do give generously thank you in advance. 


Rob Ellen
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Thought for the day! If all my face book friends who follow the Moose put $2 a month to become a Patron can you imaging what we could achieve (I can?)

Here is the May June Mooseing report!
Me and The Min-Moose are currently in The Low Countries, The Merican Moose is in dry dock waiting to receive TLC (when funds become available) after our 14,000 mile Stateside Stravaig.

Meanwhile here in The Low Countries we have formed a firm friendship with Jolanda Haanskof of JoJo concerts - live4fun who has connected us with local Dee Jays and listening room promoters and is looking after Chuck Hawthorn & Libby Koch in October here, thanks to Jolanda we now have 3 great Moose Mobile sessions in the can with Rachel Reese and Jesse LaFave, Zak Perry and Catherine Stroud all on tour here and working out of Texas and are recording another with Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer tonight, I did a local radio show and have met Musicians here all of whom know of the Moose, our travels and have treated me like family thanks you all.

Next its back to The UK to hook up with David Starr on brother Mark Country Councillor Show on Tuesday May 22 on Davids House Concert Hub supported UK tour.

after that I have to prepare for our biggest ever UK Stravaig with Carrington MacDuffie from "Lewes (Surrey England) to Lewis" (Outer Hebrides Scotland). Carrington can trace her roots back to The MacDuffies of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland so we are gonna go and find them, with the help of some radio folks, 2 festivals, house concerts and other Moose Mobile Friends along the way, here is the link

This summer we will be stravaiging around the Highlands working on a really cool idea for 2019 (news coming soon) before on to Belladrum Festival in August and talk of Findhorn Arts Bay Arts Festival again in September before plans to return Stateside for David Starr's Cedaredge Apple Festival in Colorado in the fall and forming thoughts of a West Coast Stateside Stravaig after that. I'm thinking "Findhorn Bay to San Francisco Bay" has a certain ring to it, watch this space.

Gratefully as ever, none of this would be possible without you folks patronage and who knows if it will be possible without it probably not my only means of support is the patronage of the Artists who this whole system is set up to support we all so need your help.

So If you would like to re-donate to the cause and all the ensuing expenses of keeping both Moose on the road, please do here, again a share mean more folks come and take part in the adventure, so please do share again, I've attached the "Lewes To Lewis" poster still a couple of dates available so if you fancy a house concert or a Moose Visit to your show or one near by you we can maybe shuffle that in.

Always great to see folks who are directly supporting our endeavours here at the shows, we again have had Dutch and Belgium friends from here come to see us on the road through the low countries. The Medicine Show Moose Mobile global village is expanding and we are together making a bigger difference for the Music and the independently minded musicians out here that we love (I sincerely believe that or would not be doing it).

Thanks again for the contributions, if you would like "more" to directly support The Moose, The House Concert Hub, Fyinshoes Review and the Radio Shows which are all free for the support of the music and funded entirely by us, please consider being one of the growing band of Parteons at

If everyone here threw in $2 a month it would secure the future of all these endeavours for the foreseeable, and if all my face book friends followed suit (I wish) then can you imagine what we could achieve together (I can!)
Onward! Watch this space, there is a Moose Loose and were all involved.
Undertaking our biggest UK Stravaig yet
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Well what a trip!

I'm very please to report, mission accomplished for The Merican Moose Mobile!

12 States 14,000 miles 2 festival/conferences and countless gigs, sessions and radio sessions even a TV Show in Nashville, all climaxing a Medicine Show-case day at the iconic Threadgills in Austin during SXSW.
The Moose did not miss a beat, though we did give her a service in Texas before it headed back to Calgary with Ruth Purves Smith where is is being readied for use and the next Stateside Stravaig perhaps later in the year.

We have proven the concept, set the president and introduce one very happy none American artist to the US music scene and her support structure (true story).

Here is what Ruth Purves Smith has to say about the Stravaiging Stateside in The Moose.

" The Snow still falls, & the train just keeps rolling past The ' Merican Moose...I am in Post Traumatic Leaving America Disorder. My return to Canada is less than I was hoping for.
Most Folks figured I was crazy to attempt a massive journey across America in an antiquated RV with a Scotsman, Wonder Woman, & a dog in a diaper, but, most Folks would be wrong. Humans SHOULD migrate, but I digress...
To step into The Moose with Rob Ellen, is to step into Joy and Adventure. He is, indeed, The Medicine Man. Everywhere we went, he either found or had arranged for, a musical event. For instance, when we wound our way up the mountain roads to Stanley, Colorado to visit the illustrious Stanley Hotel, left to his own devices for a few moments, Rob was to be found in the Ballroom filming & interviewing a young man from Australia performing at the grand piano...or we would randomly pull off the Hwy in the middle of Tennessee at some little distillery that turned out to be a venue and a treasure. From Hank Williams" grave, to Muscle Shoals, to Breaux Bridge, to Perkins & Guthrie & Tulsa & Oklahoma City, to Lukenbach, to Sun Studio, to Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Longmont & Stanley, Kansas City & Kansas, Lafayette, The Pig Trail of The Ozarks, TEXAS, and TEXAS, to Madison, Minnesota, Rob connected me with people & places that could fill a lifetime of playing music & resisting the agenda. I performed with Legends in Legendary venues. I saw and felt the Beauty that is in America & her People. Sooo much... I certainly can now book an EPIC stateside tour!!
I may just sell everything that I don't need, & go Moosing into The Sunset...
'Life is sudden' is what my father used to say. Now is the BEST time to say YES to Life.
Thank you Medicine Man!

Thank you Ruth, it was the stravaig of a life time and a life time coming.

I'm firmly back in England plotting my home coming Scottish Summer Stravaig as you read. I will be announcing that tomorrow 20th April.

See attached video of Ruth achieving her ambition to play in Texas.

Stay tuned to the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile , if you donated, shared the posts and shared in the adventure on social media with us, thank you all so much.

The Moose is available and fit for purpose, let me know if you fancy going Moosing. If you would like to further help keep the Moose (which ever wherever) on the road please do and/or if your considering as a few of you have, making your support regular you can now at our Patreon site https://www.patreon.com/moosemobile

There are more Moose Mobile Sessions and concerts available at www.youtube.com/robellen

Thanks again enjoy and please if you do share.

Hope to see many of you on the trail this year.
Rob Ellen
Ruth achieves her Texas ambition
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The Moose has now put on 3,000 miles across 10 states and we've found friendly faces and great music at every turn.

None more than Alabama and Muscle Shoals where we attended a Sunday evening jam with the hit makers of county soul last night. Check it out at www.medicineshowontheroad.co.uk

Back to Nashville today for a full day of Moose Sessions and Facebook broadcasts, Ruth has a gig on Music Row tomorrow 2pm at Bobby 's idle hour, then Wednesday we have Stephanie Urbina Jones Album launch. Thursday we head for Texas.
The big Texas news is we have a Medicine show radio moose mobile Revue Day at the iconic Threadgills of Austin March 14 for SXSW headlined by The Titan of the Telecaster Bill Kirchen, and featuring Gurf Morlix, Libby Koch Band Ordinary Elephant and many many more of our friends. See attached poster.

You can still help us keep the wheels on the Medicine Show and bring more folks in by throwing some juice at The Moose and sharing the news.

Texas here we come room in the Moose if you decide to come too.

Rob Ellen
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Well we made it to Oklahoma and we found the heart of America here (true story) and im here to report it is beating healthely (do not believe the media hype they tell lies).

Folk Alliance was so good for both Ruth and I, our friends Ordinary Elephant won the best Folk Artist award and I connected with our tribe agai.

We got held up by an Ice storm leaving Kansas but would not have missed Oklahoma, the music and the love of these people here for the world thank you Ice storm.

It is now a bright spring Sunday and we leave with a light step but a very heavy heart.

So here's where we are at!
Unfortunately all bets are off for New Orleans, we don't have enough money or time now, the moose is thirsty but trusty, donations are just about keeping us going.

We are making a beeline for Memphis, and need to be in Nashville on March 1st for Daddy (Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack) at Music City Roots TV Show, (whoop) we have a hook up for the Moose with Brian Langlinais so will be recording sessions in the Moose from the heart of East Nashville.

We are already missing Oklahoma bad but have 3 days for Memphis to look forward to.

Next big news is The Medicine Show has a SXSW fringe showcase at Threadgills the iconic Austin venue where it all started (mecca for this pilgrim) March 14 Ordinary Ellephant will join a stellar cast of folks including Bill Kirchen, Gurf Morlix, Libby Koch and Chuck Hawthorne (more to follow in the next post) all helping us keep the wheels on the Medicine Show.

Again thanks everyone particularly those who have multi donated, shared and persuaded their friends this is a good cause to be part of.

WE are so very aware it is you folks and the kindness of the people we meet that is keeping this magic carper flying

See you all in Memphis
Rob Ellen
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£2,987 of £10,000 goal

Raised by 138 people in 7 months
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