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Created January 31, 2019

In response to the propaganda film #LeavingNeverland, I decided to come up with the idea of  having adverts placed on the sides of British buses, showing support for Michael Jackson, both in London and around the country.

Firstly, it's important to know this. I do not believe that Michael Jackson was ever guilty of the allegations against him because I like his music or appreciate his artistry. I do not believe he wasn't capable of the crimes alleged, because after a few beers I think I can master the Moonwalk. Like countless others within the MJ Community and society in general, we would not think twice in turning our backs on his legacy if we for one second felt that there were any truth at all in these heinous events, especially being a father myself.

The truth is, I am genuinely more interested in principles and the moral wrong that has overcome media outlets recently, in their attempt to vilify a dead black man and drag his life's work and reputation through the mud - based on seriously questionable declarations from people who stand to gain a lot financially from their untruths.

So, in relation to the London buses - they are iconic and instantly recognisable across the world. Having our messages captured in this way offers the public an opportunity to discover another side of the story, one that's been conveniently omitted from the Channel 4 film. 

The buses will provide passers by with the chance to take pictures and share on social media, promoting the genuine belief that there is a huge group in society that believe and know Michael Jackson is INNOCENT.  

Please see the 'Updates' section above to discover where we are up to with the campaign. 

To ensure complete transparency,  all questions you may have throughout the process can be  directed below:

Twitter: @SeanyOkane
IG: Seanyokane

I am so proud of everyone's continued support so far, and blessed to be part of this magical and diverse community. If you're feeling extra generous, please consider making a donation to Taj Jacksons proposed rebuttal film to the Leaving Neverland fiasco here. 

Like us, Taj need's all the help he can get in ensuring his campaign gets off the ground. 


Seány and the #MJINNOCENT Team:  Anika - Advisor,  Alba, Greg and Steve - Website and content creators and Hayden who put together the dazzling bus designs.


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Dear all, in just under ten days time, it will mark the 10 year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson.

Naturally, it’s a date that many of us from within the International community are all dreading. At a time when the world should be celebrating the life and legacy of MJ’s artistry and humanitarianism, there are fears that all of the great things associated with MJ will be eclipsed and instead the date will be used as an opportunity for trolls to revel in the fact that he’s no longer with us. Don’t feed them. Their hate only becomes louder if they know we are listening. Report. Block. Enjoy Michaels music, and be grateful for the fact that we all got to be alive on this Earth at the same time as he did; to breathe the same air and to show him that he was loved. We had him in life and we will continue to have him in death. Knowing that we had his back is even as important today than ever before. It reminds me of a quote about Michael from 2009, by Maya Angelou, the American poet and civil rights activist:

“No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure. Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone. Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him”.

It’s important to remain vigilant during these times and never to forget how important it is to reach out to and to be part of the MJ Family. We are all here for one another, from social media events and discussions to WhatsApp groups and YouTube. We are everywhere.

There are some great things that you can do in the run up to June 25th to show your love for Michael, such as:

In continued solidarity, please donate and/or promote Taj Jackson's GFM campaign here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/untitled-michael-jackson-documentary-series

#HonorMJ "7512 Roses of Love & Innocence
Tuesday June 4th 2:08 pm EST
PayPal. onerose4mjj@ gmail.com
$3.00 per long stem Rose
Love & Innocence is our message this year with Freedom Red & White Dove Roses In honor of Michael on June 25th. Rose's are donated to various charities afterwards."

Post your favourite images of MJ on social media, publicise his music and videos to celebrate his magic and to inspire a new generation of fans.

We at MJINNOCENT have seen various hashtags considered in the run up to June 25th including #HonorMJ #RememberingMJ #MJ4EVER #MJFOREVER #AmplifyMJ

Of course the haters will have concontoced their own ones to sabotage all the good that we are hoping to achieve, but they will never win.

Additionally, MJINNOCENT also has funds left from the donations and for the past few months, MJI had considered the idea for billboards in the UK, however, we have been cautious with our decisions, purely because we don't know what the machine behind Leaving Neverland has up their sleeves, and we feel that they might be working on other ways to continue to slander Michael as the show continues to be broadcast around the world.

Although we continue to not get complacent and are steadily on guard to rebut more negative press that will inevitably be coming our way, we also hope that the International MJFAM prepares to place emphasis on celebrating Michael in their own unique way.

Right now, planning is going ahead in London to put together some MJ flash mobs on June 25th. We will have further updates about this in the coming days and will let you all know all the relevant details.

The team behind MJI have always enjoyed the many statues and places of interest associated with Michael Jackson all over the world. It broke our hearts to hear that the MJ statue in the Netherlands (currently in storage by MJ fans) was recently removed, as was the controversial one taken from the display at the Football museum in Manchester, England.

Instead of erasing him, MJINNOCENT feels that there should be more MJ art around us, such as the Moonwalking Michael' mural that has recently appeared in Liverpool (pictured), UK by artist Paul Curtis. We feel it would be great to have a mural of Michael Jackson painted in a location in big cities all across the world. Therefore as from today, MJI can confirm we are launching the 'Michael Jackson Global Mural Campaign' and encouraging local artists to get in touch with us so we can help assist them with this mighty venture.

One of our favourites is that of the celebrated graffiti artist Felix “Flex” Maldanado whose Jackson 5 mural adorns a vacant building at 561 Broadway Ave in Gary Indiana (pictured), and this has been our inspiration in getting this campaign off the ground.

We intend to begin in London and will cover costs to artists who design and create MJ murals that aim to inspire new fans and to highlight the never ending love for him. There are currently two recently installed murals of David Bowie and Michelle Obama in Brixton, SW London and have both been well received by the public.

This project requires lots of planning and negotiating with building owners etc, but we have done a lot of ground work and considering our track record thus far, we are convinced we can make this happen. Let's aim for June 25th for now and hope that the other Global murals follow suit. In the meantime, perhaps uploading some of your favourite existing ones on June 25th with the hashtag #MichaelJacksonMural with its location, whilst tagging the artists details to show them some much needed love and gratitude.

Kindly let me know your thoughts and whether you can help out in any way possible. MJINNOCENT will also have some great news in the coming days for you all, via the Jackson Family. Watch This Space.

Seány, MJINNOCENT co. founder
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Dear all,

It’s been a number of weeks since the last update, and I wanted to let you know what has been happening in the world of MJINNOCENT and of course what the future looks like in terms of taking the campaign forward.

For a few months, at the height of ‘Leaving Neverland,’ it certainly felt as though MJI was at the front line of a battlefield; doing everything we could to spread the facts, counter attacking against the falsehoods, all whilst promoting the website and expanding the campaign globally. It has been an exhausting and unexpected start to 2019, something that none of us could foresee happening.

With your help, we have managed to become this universal blanket of truth, smothering the lies, following the initial broadcast of LN and which continues to be broadcast every single day into the homes of the public, via Apple, Amazon and now Netflix in North Africa and the UAE. There is no escaping it. Every morning when I wake up, it saddens me to think that it is another day whereby someone will watch LN and heartbreakingly, that someone will fall into the trap of assuming Michael’s guilt. It is like a poison that has no signs of running out.

Luckily, our campaign has been able to change the narrative, and start new discussions around ‘the other side of the story,’ as proven on numerous occasions via our interviews, promotion of the website and the social media powerhouse that is well and truly alive in promoting the countless discrepancies and inconsistencies in the wake of the shows broadcast.

MJINNOCENT now operates around the planet, with new umbrella versions cropping up in cities, showcasing their own tailored events, which has been brilliant to witness. From advertising trucks outside the McDonalds headquarters in The Netherlands (in response to the removal of the MJ statue of their branch) to MJI demonstrations at the MJ Star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Not only have we made HIStory by having MJ featured on the sides of UK buses, but also we were advertised on the front page of a UK weekly newspaper - ‘The Voice,’ which was a big deal as we had experienced many knock backs from other media companies following the furor over the buses.

For weeks and weeks we contacted TfL and the advertising company, requesting that they not only acknowledge that the decision to cut short our promotion was wrong and unethical, but that they should fully refund us for what had occurred, which we were not at fault with.

Sadly, after many disagreements, we were only partially refunded, much less than what we had paid and to date TfL have not taken any responsibility for their actions and we have not heard any responses from the London Mayor's office.

It would be unfair to say that we didn’t acquire the attention that we had hoped to make because we did so, massively! The campaign was promoted across the world because of the fiasco; however, we really hoped that we could have the campaign featured for the full duration and for what we had all paid for.

Since the developments with TfL, we have struggled in securing billboards, with many of our requests being knocked back from companies. In fact, we would go as far as saying that as a campaign, we were almost blacklisted across the country. No one wanted to promote us. As you can imagine, this has been a very frustrating time for all involved.

Currently, we are negotiating with a company who is exploring the idea of having the campaign promoted in and around Central London and on digital billboards. Sadly, there is still some trepidation from companies running our campaign, due to the response of the bus adverts. It is still being considered by the company, although it is very expensive.

We are also exploring online advertising as a means to progress. Keep the faith that soon, we will pull this off and, that once again, Michaels face will be back in the public domain, causing more headlines and ruffling new feathers when the haters and critics least expect it, causing the same kind of drama that he thrived upon.

We are not done yet.

Seány, MJINNOCENT co. founder
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Dear all,

Several weeks ago, MJINNOCENT.com attempted to respond to the hundreds of requests for official merchandise. We had some initial problems when we began, and the demands became overwhelming.

Being such a small team, we had no choice but to put the clothing project on hold, whilst we focused on promoting the campaign in other ways and extending it all across the globe.

It saddens us to learn that fake MJI clothing bearing our campaign details have been sold to fans, misleading them and providing poor quality clothing and designs.

The requests to MJI for t-shirts has not dwindled; in fact, it’s our number one daily request.

As MJI continues on expanding our international message of truth, we have found the best offering out there that is close the design and branding as possible, is one we found on Etsy. The shop owner has agreed to give the profitable proceeds directly to the MJI campaign, therefore we recommend this store over the many other MJI imitations out there.

We can now officially confirm that via Etsy, fans will receive the best quality apparel and all profitable proceeds will go directly to the MJI campaign, therefore we recommend this store over the many other MJI imitations out there, none of which have been given authorization by the Jackson Estate.

Our GoFundMe page has started to slow down a little, which means we are limited in what kind of publicity we can guarantee in taking MJI further. With t-shirt sales and ongoing donations to GFM, we hope that the world continues to see that we are not going anywhere. For as long as the hate exists, we will help to be the blanket of truth that smoothers the darkness.

It’s MJI’s aim to get the whole world wearing MJ INNOCENT t-shirts. The best place to start is with you!

Spread the word far and wide.

Happy shopping.


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Dear #MJFAM, Donors and Global Supporters of the #MJINNOCENT campaign,

I come to you all with some extremely exciting news.

The past month has seen not only the birth of the campaign, but it’s extension to all corners of the planet. Countries have been busy promoting the truth via billboards, banners, fliers, news coverage and bus adverts.

Only weeks ago, we suffered what had felt like our first major set back at the time. We discovered that the free national daily newspaper in the U.K decided to not run our campaign at the last minute, for fear of not appearing “impartial.” The Metro newspaper had no problems slandering Michael Jackson on numerous occasions with the most outlandish and obscene write-ups; therefore in hindsight we were relieved to not be associated with them.

In the midst of our London bus campaign being halted by TfL (Transport for London), the dedicated #MJINNOCENT team have worked tirelessly around the clock, participating in interviews, managing website correspondences via the website, fighting for a refund and dropped an open letter to TfL and the Mayor of London. In that letter, we made it clear that we will not accept their decision to pull our adverts, which totally compromised our right to free speech not to mention disregarding the presumption of innocence in relation to Michael Jackson. The latter two of these matters are still on going and we hope to have further updates very soon.

The furor within the #MJINNOCENT team even prompted our legal expert Anika to set up her own Twitter page. She can be followed via @Anika_Kotecha

We have been exploring new ways to expand on the message we had vowed to do from day one, and that was to ensure the other side of the story is easily accessible to the public.

I can now officially reveal, that from Thursday 21st March, a national multi-award winning newspaper in the U.K will feature the #MJINNOCENT campaign on the FRONT PAGE of their paper!

‘The Voice News’ has always led the way in championing diversity and being a voice for those without one. They are an established media giant who are proud to report on news to the community for the community. We applaud The Voice for joining us in fighting for the world's greatest black luminary, Michael Jackson.

We are extremely proud of this fitting partnership; especially as the newspaper will work to ensure the person no longer here to defend himself is given a ‘voice’ across all of their media platforms.

Just as Leaving Neverland continues to be broadcast around the world, we are ensuring that our campaign shows no signs of slowing down.

Please do purchase your copy of ‘The Voice’ newspaper in the U.K tomorrow where it will feature #MJINNOCENT on it’s front pages and will be available for a week in stores.

Website: https://www.voice-online.co.uk

Twitter: @TheVoiceNews

Facebook: www.facebook.com/voicenews/

Instagram: thevoicenewspaper

In continued solidarity,

Seány and the MJINNOCENT Team
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£21,670 of £30,000 goal

Raised by 521 people in 4 months
Created January 31, 2019
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