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Im British Indian Catholic mother who became a Police Officer at 18 years. Having spent 10 years in the job I i received 6 bravery commendations and exemplary character of service medal. But I lost my financial security when I was told I couldn't be a Police Officer anymore after I was brutally assaulted and in car crash on duty. What's worse I am also diagnosed with life threatening heart condition where my heart can stop from Autonomic Dysreflexia and severe stages of EDS affecting my heart. I am 35 years old and my daughter is 11years. Without the funds needed my heart won't cope past 48 years because of the equipment needed to aid better quality of life. Doctors have told there is no cure and I’ve taken the treatments but it's hard to hear the truth that my life expectancy is only 48.Unfortunatly uaing the robotic legs worsened My condition. My story started from my childhood. I was a VICTIM of sexual abuse at 9 years of age. To stop this abuse i committed suicide at 12 years of age. I died, for a short moment was on life support machine. I knew then GOD wanted me to survive and become better person with the adversities he gave me...it as learn from my failures and not give up. I learnt I had to rely on myself to be the role model to others and be voice to live again for all the young women. My mother never wanted me she repeatedly told me I was a mistake and should never have been born. My childhood was spent locked in bedroom where i was never taken to family day outs because i was branded as a burden. I know My family loved me in their own way which was this way. My family saw me as weak human being for wanting to end my life. My father beat me black and blue all because i wanted to have a voice to live. I didn’t want to be controlled & as Asian girl it wasn't allowed to have your own freewill. My family disowned me for falling in love at 18. My parents found out i was pregnant& physically pinned me down ,punched me in my belly causing my unborn baby to stop breathing and being hospital. My daughter survived. She was born early due to the distress at 4lbs but we both survived. Then on my daughter's 1st bday my husband left me which tore my world apart.But I carried on for my daughter.i didn't give up. I joined the Police Force because it was my dream as a 9 year old wanting to protect victims and help those who like me were the voiceless. I wanted to protect my community my city Birmingham. So now to 2018 ....Why I need the public's help and why I've come forward? In 2009 2 seperate injuries: i was brutally injured on police duty as Police Officer that changed the rest of my life and my daughter was 3 years old at this time. You see I didn't know how hard it was going to be to protect my community and serve because I was a victim of repeat assaults and the offenders just got away with it. The criminal courts wouldn't take Police Officers injuries seriously because we weren't accepted in the eyes of the courts as VICTIMS.. You can find out more about my injuries on www.nickidonnelly.co.uk It is important for me to keep raising awareness campaigning for ##ProtecttheProtectors so courts push for Sentences. When I was beaten unconscious with broken bones i still refused to give up my job as Police Officer. I was single crewed arrested a male for stabbing a victim in the neck with a machete. The offender had headbutted me then kicked me out of a public order van throwing me out of the van where I went flying out and landed on the road onto moving traffic. The offender then went in full rage while I was on the wet road surfaces who carried on kicking stamping me . I knew then this offender was going to kill me he was not going to stop, his eyes was just fixated on my little body who he saw as vulnerable officer left on her own in the van with him. I was momentarily knocked out unaware of my injuries. (I had lost count the amount of times my head was beaten and knocked unconscious over the years in police duty from being headbutted,kicked, thrown bricks,being violently shaken, thrown heavy objects on my head and body in public order offences from breaking up gangs of violence and threats of being raped.) Fortunately there were dozens of officers ran at the scene because of the violent nature of the incident that occurred earlier on the victim. It took handful of male officers to restrain the offender and where I was free . As my adrenaline kicked in unaware of my injuries and bleeding I helped restrain the offender because I knew automatically I still had to do my job and protect the public around me from the offender. Worried about my case files and the victims i was already doing my best to help their cases get the results they deserved and offenders put away because i knew being officer in hospital recovering meant none of my cases would be taken over. I would even contact the victims apologising why there cases up dates weren't being dealt with because there weren't enough officers able to manage my cases with police budget cuts and government changes. Officers were overwhelmed and exhausted. I started suffering from depression and had to take anti depressants . I felt awful because i knew i was letting all my cases down being off from the injuries. So i made sure i pushed past my pain to get better for my daughter also who was missing her mum and to get back to helping the victims be heard in court which often got me in trouble by supervisors because i just couldn’t keep going in to work seeing people suffering in silence. So I stayed quiet mentally. I underwent intensive rehabilitation which was emotionally and physically painful to recover in half the time than medically stated. Going back to duty when the West Midlands Police Doctors were eager to want me to return back to police duties as staffing levels were low. They signed me off early to go back to operational duties. I returned back to work in half the time than recommended. But the worst possible warning sign happened in Sept 2009-car crash that ruin my life. I went to work reassuring my 3 year old daughter she would see her supermum and pick her up from nursery. But I couldn't even pick my 3 yr old up my whole life changed . I was travelling in my car on police duty on a ( residential 30mph )road when a speeding car failed to stop at stop junction which was clearly marked and signposted and the male offending driver drove straight into me at speed. This Car Crash where the offending speeding car took my freedom to live the life I wanted away was my worst nightmare come true. My independant powerful life was snatched away. He took everything away from. He took my police career away. At that time he ruined my life to the point the next 2 years 2009-2011 I went into spiralling into depression, PTSD and not able to live past knowing there was no life for me if I couldn't be a Police officer anymore.What's worse as my spinal cord injury was in 2009 past the statue of limitations the offender can't be sentenced now that the courts have put in motion for offenders to now be sentenced for crimes against police officers. I also missed my daughter first days in her primary school. The Police force was my safety net family I gained after escaping my childhood family where I was a VICTIM for many years. I believed I was a failure to my daughter and my daughter deserved a better mum. I was ready to give it all up because I did get to the point where I wasn't coping and freely admit talking about my 5 stages of grief . My scary part of my life literally ending from a career that rescued me and turned me into a fighter for the victims in the community to help where I couldn't help myself from years of abuse but I know I had the chance to help others. This was torture. I wasn't paralysed straightaway. I spent 2 years reliving the ordeal suffering and feeling my body crumble away literally.. In the crash I remember the slow motion and feeling the car bonnet caved into me.i knew then something had happen to my back. Ambulanced and given morphine . The nhs failed to do any x-ray failed to treat the area that was broken.The brain and spinal injuries unit apologized for their teams mistakes and delay and blamed it on different teams miscommunication and lost paper work . I was stereotyped of being a strong police officer and reassured the broken bits were repairable and stated because I was stabilised with the medication and able to walk albeit in pain and limp, dislocation of hip shoulder and pelvic was popped back I was told to go back into the rehabilitation team I was under from the assault for the Injuries this time sustained from the crash to start intensive treatments to recover. I was diagnosed with delayed paralysed T4-Spinal cord injury complete from Chest down. I also suffered degenerative bone&Joint disease which progressed rapidly affecting my upper body function and had brain damage. What is worse is the car crash is what led to 2 years of hell in my deteriating body because I was not paralysed straight away at the crash site. I could still feel my legs. The nhs failed to scan my spine on the crash day when I was hospitalised. Instead they sent me to same treatments because I was still under the rehabilitation recovery team for my previous assault injuries. During these 2 years my body was failing slowly in horrendous pain where I could feel my bones crippling and crashing... My back was torture. It felt like I as reliving my assault and crash over and over again because I could feel every part of my body. Little did I know by Dec 2011 Chritmas with my daughter was in hospital this time I was given the scan and x rays.;I was permanently paralysed! I then spent the year 2012 in hospital this was when my daughter started primary school . I could see my body failing right before my eyes from walking independently reducing to limping, using walking Sticks,then walking frames my body was crumbling right before my eyes and no one could fix, then still fighting the paralysis and my joint and bone disease from spreading further I was then forced bedbound paralysis. I remember when I lost all feeling of my lower half of my body and stabbing my legs with needles and knives to wake then up. I remember another time falling down my stairs because I stopped feeling my legs. I had no choice but to start using wheelchair. Hospitalised and at that time i was treated like a prisoner where I was once ordered if I attempted to leave the intensive unit I would be arrested for my safety because my health was deemed catastrophic and life threatening with brain damage. To be away from my daughter was torture which the hospital realised seeing my daughter would help me move forward and accept my new paralysed life and speed up my rehabilitation. At the time i understood I was beyond recognition and would’ve have been emotionally scarring for a young child to see their mother broken and lifeless. I no longer hate myself and love myself to be a proud mum and be with my daughter more and more. I do not regret being a officer. I joined the police to help and not to go to work to be abused for so many years .it was mentally suicidal but I never wanted to give up because I always thought about the people I was protecting and serving. It was not about me. I remember clearly I spent 2 years fighting for my life in hospitals nearly died but now I got the courage to KEEP helping and raising disabilities awareness, fighting wheelchair accessibility rights and inclusion by modelling and campaigning with charitys to use models of colour and disability, campaigning with local government, local fashion stores, ,being worldwide recognised Motivation Speaker, Police Forces campaigner and being a Religious Studies Teacher in my church showing my daughter that i never gave up on following my dreams and working hard for them to come true. My Daughter is my inspiration and strength. I wanted to show the world that people like me in a wheelchair need to be included in the world and not dehumanized. Out of everything I have gone through being in wheelchair is the hardest life of all becuase society has made it a barrier as soon as I leave My home. I don't want to be ostracized yet My own daughter has to fight for My rights in 2018 which is why I am doing public work in every way to show we are human beings woth a power to influence for good and help show we the disabled community are not nobody not nothing. My daughters own health battles of genetic joints disease is invisible disability yet my daughter always puts me 1st giving up her dreams and birthday wishes saving her birthday money's to help me. She is my unsung hero. Both myself and my daughter put our drive and passion into everything we do aswell as raising monies previously donated to different charities for my daughter's and mine , Acorns Hospice ,Spinal Injuries Association and Genetic Diseases where we complete charity races. I was overwhelmed with my gratitude in receiving Inspirational Role Model Award in 2016 by Lord Mayor part of Brummie Awards and 2017 Birmingham Awards. I also made history in UK beauty pagents winning Miss British Empire 2017 making it possible for all young Models with Abilities to believe they can achieve to and continue to raise awareness for body positivity and women empowerment. In 2016 iI was given cure to walk again with a miricale technology that was donated to me in recognition to my Police Service by Singer Mark Robins Uncle who enabled me to attempt to walk again with the Robotic Suit. I was named Real Life Robocop in 2016. I became the UK Police Officer to walk in under 6 weeks ..a record never done by a paralysed woman. I was accepted in the world when I spoke live in Munich on stage alongside KEVIN Spacey , my Story became a platform to do more good . I became a #motivation speaker. Just when i thought my daughter's wish came true on her 10th birthday (waiting since was 5 years old)for me to walk again the heart-breaking news mentally broke me when I was told all over again i will never be able to walk again using the exoskeleton because of the contraindications of my heart can stop! More bad news;police Insurance of£115 which was rightly mine to help my quality of Life and support my daughter was taken off me because I was working to raise awareness for the rewalk robotic technology and-using the robotic legs voids&affected the life changing injury claim even though im still paralyzed and robotic legs are not a replacement to my wheelchair. I could no longer use the robotic suit due to my heart stopping. My brave decision to no longer use legs was not by choice but heart-breaking to accept my life nearly ended cos my robotic legs. I have lost my financial security of £115,000 but in this struggle i was able to donate my Robotic legs to help change the life of other paralysed person who would not be able to afford the device and helped changed their families. To me , my daughter reminds me that we did our best at following gods work by giving the legs to someone who needed them . That is why I decided to go public and share my police story to help everyone see what police officers go through everyday when they go to work to protect the public. I campaign for #ProtecttheProtectors on all my social media sites as I’m now recognised as Positive social media influencer aswell as in schools talking about DisAbility Inclusion and how to respect and learn from #ProtecttheProtectors campaign in the hope that no police officer becomes paralysed like me and worse death. I have accepted I will never get the justice for mine but I know I can do my part to help get justice for other police officers by ensuring the campaign is working. I share my #Metoo story to help young girls not go through what i went through and to no longer hide and speak out . I am now turning another chapter of my story by completing my book to educate and inspire. A true adversity battle of survival since being a survivor at 9 years of age. . I need YOUR support to raise the funds i was entitled to help my quality of life , complete my book (with a story that truly tells my life's testing limits to survival) , buy new wheelchair, finish adaptions so I can have access to all my home with my daughter, get the medical aids and treatments I need ,pay my mortgage(because i didn’t put protection on my house thinking i would be a police officer for 30 years, you see the government doesn’t give me any benefits or hand outs. I am led to fend for myself.) ,accessible lifestyle without struggles to live out my life with her daughter.( As a motivational speaker I make no profit and donations of money are given directly to the charities on booking.) I now need your help to support my road to recovery to live out the rest of life with the financial security from each and everyone one you in a country I served . As many know you join the police force not for the money but to make a difference by putting others first. . Everyone needs support and help every now and again no matter how little..... it will make a difference. Read more about me and my progress on all my social media sites and my new 2018 you tube site where I will keep sharing my real life to motivate and change minds to be better so disabilities are normalised because we matter too while i still can with the help of any donations made . This funds will also help me CAMPAIGN for me to set up DISABILITY INCLUSION WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS, ALL COMPAINES/EMPLOYEE TRAINING to help expand our young people's minds & employment so our young generation grow accepting and being welcoming towards disability. I also am campaigning to make Birmingham wheelchair accessible. It is dehumanizing to be told I can't come into theor stores because they don't have wheelxhair acceas. As a paying customer should and all wheelxhair users have the same rights as able bodies but we are still in 2018 discriminated and ostracized. It is degrading. I go around all the store eduxate managers and highlight the disability discrimination act and wheelchair rights access this includes hotels, restuarants.,school, business...everthing and everywhere from public road speaking to residents and passer by to get everyobe to accept wheelxhair users by making their part wheelchair accessible and changing their behaviour and actions to include wheelxhair users and abode by the law. This is very hard for me to do alone but I remain strong and face so much abuse everyday where store sand passer by have no care but I won't give up. I want to make my Birmingham better and I all the people that means disabled community too. . I want to make my community better so wheelchair users can live a accessible free life and we can see more of us whoch is normalizing disability. I hope my story give you a reason to donate no matter how little. I also do take pictures and videos and share them on all my social media to show everyone what I do really do through when ppl and compaines pit a barrier up by obstructing my wheelchair access rights. I am doing this so every wheelchair user can live a free quality of life to enjoy their live outside of their homes and be independant. I have shared this video to show the parts that people don't necessarily notice as my spinal cord injury is not just being paralysed from the chest down For me my voice is a blessing from god to share my story becauase when I was beaten up on duty and in the car crash on police duty my vocal chords were damaged when I was hospitalised I lost the ability to talk and was unable to communicate or comphrened with with my daughter as we found out I l Also had brain damage in my brain . I then had to get speech and language therapy for year to lead how to speak and eat and train my damage muscles . My brain will always jave the damage and it processes slowly hence the pauses and repeat words but for me to now became a Motivational speaker is powerful for me to share to toehr s that they can be anyrhing they want to be. My speech that left everyone in tears I had to hold my tears to finally be myself and tell everyone it is ok if things don't your way you can vary on a different course of your life journey. For my daughter to say her words on stand is very special for me to hear and know my daught e tis a strong girl and she can be anyrhing she want to be bexuase she has watched and go e through so much me with me to know we don't give up and keep fighting for our rights in this cruel world to make it better by working together and sharing our stories.
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£40 of £115,000 goal

Raised by 1 person in 1 month
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