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This is the medical assistance funding page for Colleen Duffy, the musician also known as Devil Doll.

The Devil Doll Medical Expense Fundraiser is officially relocating from the YouCaring website, here, to the GoFundMe website starting July 31st 2018. This medical expense fundraiser started on Jan 1st 2015 on GiveForward, which turned into YouCaring in April 2017, and now all fundraisers are being forwarded to GoFundMe.

This page is in transition of being updated throughout August 2018.  You can also read MY STORY on the Devil-Doll.com website. Thank You.
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** July 29th, 2018 **

Hey Everyone...

I wanted to let you all know that this medical assistance fundraiser is officially being moved over to GoFundMe, since YouCaring is closing. *** The new link is https://www.gofundme.com/DevilDollMedical ***

A lot has happened. I came here to LA April 7th to make a record and thought I would be returning to Cleveland in May. I am still here. I return Mid August. I got sick 3 times since I have been here and needed medical attention. It has postponed the scheduling severely. I have had repeated upper respiratory tract infections. I think I might be allergic to LA, I don't know. Just kidding. Not really.

We finally handed the rough mixes over to the mixer, so the ball is rolling. For more updates, check out the Indie GoGo campaign site or the Devil Doll FB page. For those of you on FB, I will be doing a LIVE FB feed this Tuesday July 31st at 6pm PST, 9pm EST on the Devil Doll FB page - Facebook.com/DevilDollBand. I will be answering questions about health and music and playing snippets of the new songs.

Being in Los Angeles has been really hard on my health. One of the upsides is that I have been able to see Dr Gundry twice now. As most of you know, his book, The Plant Paradox, turned my health around and I haven't used a cane since. He changed my protocol when I saw him the other day, because I am not making a full recovery and my health has been backsliding since I have been in LA. My intestinal wall is so compromised that it simply is not healing, so I am to start fasting 3 days out of every week for the next several months. There are 4 things I will be taking on the fasting days, powdered MCT, prebiothrive, his reds formula and his greens formula. He oversaw a book being written by a friend of his about fasting, and he told me I needed to read it, since there is so MUCH incorrect info out there about fasting. I have a strict protocol.

He said my health should significantly turn around with this protocol, and that this is the protocol they use for serious cases of advanced staged cancer. He swears I will be totally turned around. I believe him. He is a genius and a miracle worker. He is also incredibly kind. I am pre-diabetic and have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and I feel like crap and am too exhausted to do many things. At least, he got rid of all the joint pain, connective tissue pain, and my need to use a cane. I still have horrible hormonal imbalances and endometriosis which nearly puts me in the ER every single month. He said is related to my processing of insulin and my pancreas issues and that we have to go one step at a time.

He also feels this will really give my brain a fighting chance since it is not in good shape, although I still need to do hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments. I trust him every step of the way and I just really need to get back to my house and rest and get on a regular sleep cycle and life pattern. I also need to focus on these song mixes and then getting the record mastered and manufactured with the artwork. Damn, I started putting the songs together and the idea of doing this record last September. WHAT an undertaking it all has been. Many ups and downs and very stressful. But it sounds amazing. You won't see me doing this again any time soon. No wonder it has been 11 years. I am not sure if I will ever be able to handle touring and I know that will be disappointing for some folks, but when I'm better, I plan on doing a huge show in the LA area and focus more on videos, since I never did - since I was so busy handling touring minutia.

There is so much more I could say, but I am just so tired and exhausted and stressed and sick of being sick. I need all of my energy to get better and to get this record released. Thank you for all of your prayers.

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*** Posted on May 18, 2018 ***

Hey Everyone! I wanted to give you an update about my health. This month is EDS Awareness Month, (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and I am happy to announce that I have been cane-free since October 2017! Thanks to Dr Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox, I removed lectins from my diet, which changed my life!

Many of you know how much I credit Dr Gundry for my recovery, and with the help of some folks, I was put in touch with him and he agreed to take me on as a patient! I met with him a few weeks ago, and I was blown away. He is so kind, so smart, compassionate and SO SMART. He changed my protocol of what I was doing based on test results, and told me I have Lupus. He told me we could manage it through diet without a problem and I believe him. But, yea… I have Lupus too. Great. I am just going to do whatever he says, because he is a genius and has figured out things about me that no one else could.

He is also the world expert on the nutritional treatment of Alzheimers, and I have the APOe4 gene. After my last NeuroQuant brain scan it was discovered that I have brain atrophy and the gray matter volume of someone with Alzheimers. Two months ago, I had a conference call with two other doctors to decide if I had inhalation-based Alzheimers worsened by head trauma. It was decided that I have areas of severe atrophy which have not yet turned into Alzheimers. They believe the gray matter volume can be increased by hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, because they have seen it happen. So, there is hope for my brain and my memory improving, but I have to do a bunch, (25-75), of hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, which of course, is not free. Yay!!!!! So far, I have done two treatments. One in a canvas unit, one in a steel unit.

One of the brain doctors wanted me to get checked for scoptic sensitivity syndrome, also known as Irlen Syndrome, and of course I have that too. Of course I do. You can read more at Irlen.com. The cool thing is, is that I had no idea how much my reading was screwed up because of it, as well as my depth perception and agitation levels. I was exhausted all the time because so many of my internal resources were being used just trying to decipher information. Through testing, it is discovered which exact colors in the spectrum are offensive to your brain, and they use special glasses catered to your preferred tint to filter those colors out and calm your nervous system. They are even able to reverse dyslexia through the use of color filters and overlays since color affects the way the brain stem interprets information. Your nervous system starts to heal and your tint changes. It is really cool, and it really works. Wearing these lenses is GREAT FOR PTSD.

I am currently in Los Angeles working on the record, but I got pretty sick from stress, so I am waiting to record my vocals. My sinuses are done and I am super congested. I am a walking auto-immune condition and the toxicity of the Los Angeles air is not helping me. I had to replace the producer of the record myself, and the stress was a bit too much. He had not successfully managed the budget properly as well as other things and now we are back to fundraising to make up the difference. We are looking for a few folks who can fill the financial contribution role of Executive Producer to help finish off the record. Respond here if interested. The record sounds AMAZING and everyone I play the rough mixes for freaks out!

That is the long and the short of it. My apologies for not doing more updates, but it is exhausting talking about myself. My whole life revolves around just trying to feel better. I work so hard on myself all the time and I am tired of it. I have made serious breakthroughs but it is not over yet. I really cannot wait for that day when I wake up and say, “Hey, I feel pretty good.”

Thank you everyone for your support and contributions, for I would not have made it this far without you! *and special thanks to all the new fans who just discovered Devil Doll...

Love, Colleen xo
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*** Posted on November 3, 2017 ***

Hey everyone! Thank you to all of you who have been supporting my medical fund. I could not do this without you! I do have good news to start recording a new Devil Doll record in February! We will be launching the crowdfunding campaign in a few weeks so watch for that! It will announced on the website www.devil-doll.com as well as the FB page www.facebook.com/DevilDollBand. If you are on Instagram, please join us at... @DevilDoll_Official.

I was not sure when I would be able to record a new record, but everything just kinda fell into place and the stars aligned. I unexpectedly had to fly out to Los Angeles to close out my place that had just been sitting there. When I woke up partially paralyzed one day, my mom threw me on a plane and I had no idea I would be gone for 3 years yet alone suddenly become handicapped. Everything I owned was at my house as well as all my equipment and instruments, costuming, props etc. I thought all my stuff would be safe until I got well enough to return. One of my best friends started to stay at the house and noticed that the finished garage area where a ton of my stuff was smelled like mold. I freaked out on a galactic level since I have mold illness that has gone into my brain. We brought out an inspector and sure enough everything was contaminated and he found black mold in the house in the kitchen and the bathroom. (the entire subfloor was soaked) I had only lived there for about 3 weeks before I woke up partially paralyzed and had to leave. To make a very LONG story as short as possible, I lost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of possessions and belongings. California had suffered record breaking rains last year and it destroyed my storage. Rage does not even begin to explain it. There are some things that are irreplaceable. Yet they are only things and just a few years ago I almost died. I would rather have my health and my life.

I told very few people I was in town because I had so much work to do and was still feeling quite sick. I just didn't want people to see me like that. However, I did see a few people and they wanted to hear the stuff I had been working on and that was when I realized I had more than enough for an album. My sax player introduced me to his friend who is acting as musical director for a touring David Bowie project and we clicked. I now have a competent producer to help take pressure off of me during the recording process. Hence... now we are making a record and launching a crowdfunding campaign. It's gonna be killer.

Also during this time, I made a breakthrough with my health. My art therapist told me about a book called, The Plant Paradox by Dr Steven Gundry where loads of research is laid out explaining the toxic effect of lectins on the body due to their poisonous nature and molecular mimicking properties. I was skeptical because I have done just about every single medical/anti-inflammatory diet that was ever created. However, this book just came out in 2017. The evidence has blown my head off and he answers every single one of my weird symptoms that I have been having throughout my entire life. I have been fighting constant illness since I was 6 years old, and was in the hospital constantly for 2 years before I had to be flown back home to Cleveland. Other than that, I would have to have a random surgery or procedure every 1-2 years throughout my entire adult life. Although I tried to hide it from friends and the public, it would also become a strain on any intimate relationship I had, so I finally just stopped dating.

Going lectin-free has CHANGED MY LIFE. They are reversing cancer and auto-immune diseases, as well as Alzheimers with this approach. (see the book, 'The End of Alzheimers.' The pain in my joints and muscles from my EDS went down 90% within 24 hours and I had more energy than I could remember and it just kept getting better. I could NOT believe it was the lectins, so I went back and forth adding lectins then taking them away about 4 different times til I was convinced. Everything he said in the book is true and science backs it up completely.

Now, from all the medications (which I am now 100% off of), the procedures, surgeries, toxicity, (lead, mercury, arsenic and black mold poisonings) and pain during mobility from EDS and fibromyalgia... caused weight gain. I was also dealing with inhumane amounts of stress from my father dying (with his whole side of the family sticking me with the funeral bill after promising to cover it), having constant misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, having to wait 3-6 months for the next doctor appt, not knowing if I could ever get on stage again, being behind on my taxes, having weird new symptoms manifest without reason, randomly coming in and out of motion sickness, and the list goes on and on and on... All of this stress brought up childhood abuse and trauma issues and it threw me straight into art therapy. Time does NOT heal all wounds and complex PTSD evolves into a darker animal over time if not properly addressed.

Art therapy has helped me to connect dots and heal parts of myself that I had locked away for their own protection. needless to say, many times the body is the last to heal. The book, 'The Body Keeps the Score' has also changed my life. A must-have when dealing with trauma and it proves how the body stores everything and records it all. The art therapy and techniques I have learned, help me to "stay current" with my experiences so that they get processed in real time instead of getting stored somewhere and locked away. However, my digestive, endocrine, vascular and nervous system have taken a huge hit. I was on antibiotics constantly as a kid from recurring ear infections and it destroyed my microbiome. In the past I have never had remarkable experiences on probiotics or even noticed a change, but now that I have removed lectins as well as adding PREbiotics to my probiotics...WOW. I have now added a product called ALMASED, which I must say is giving me a new lease on life as well as hope for a healthy future. It is transforming my life and balancing my hormones and thyroid while allowing me to heal my digestive tract, (which is at the root of all disease.) And... oh yea, I am FINALLY dropping the weight. What Almased is capable of accomplishing is nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful that this product exists, and if YOU have a problem with inflammation and weight gain please try this product. (start off mixing it with water only not almond milk). I feel SO STRONGLY about this product, that I am going to contact them and see if they will sponsor me and perhaps give me a discount code I can pass along to all of you.

Well.... that is the update everyone. Thank you for your continued financial support to afford me art therapy, physical therapy and health supplements. I am still not fully recovered by any means, but at least my real recovery has FINALLY begun. You have carried me through this and I promise to deliver a killer new record!
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*** Posted on July 2, 2017 ***

I wanted to post an update because I feel inspired from seeing U2 and One Republic play last night. I have not been to a concert in a few years due to my physical condition, but scream-singing Sunday Bloody Sunday with thousands of other people propelled my memories through all the times in my life that music was my only friend. Being so sick for so long has made me fairly immune to fun or caring about many things. Being in chronic pain has established detox protocols, pain mngt techniques, appointments and online research as my full time job. There is very little time for much else. Every once in a while a new song will pour out of me and going to the movies seems to be my only outlet for entertainment. All that being said, the U2 concert was awesome and the singer for One Republic blew my head off, so it's a great feeling.

I am currently working on clearing my sinus staff infection which comes along with mold illness. Very soon I will begin to re-introduce the actual mold detox protocol. (It is pretty painful and I couldn't handle it last time.) I feel that my detox pathways are a bit stronger than they were previously, so fingers crossed. I am really doing well with my art therapy which has been a Godsend and allowed me to process a lot of things that have happened in my life. As many of you know, who have been following my story, I am an abuse and incest survivor, and with that comes some pretty dark stuff. I really believe that my history has played a role in my illness and I need to clear all this stuff out and give it a voice through art for all the times I was preverbal and couldn't actually talk about it. Even as a child, you are taught not to talk about it. So where does all the trauma go? Deep into the body. "Issues in the tissues." It is no wonder I had a mohawk at 14 and got kicked out of schools multiple times for beating up bullies. Punk rock saved my life. Music saved my life. There have been some people sprinkled throughout this timeline who have saved my life. And now, I am still fighting. Trauma is such a bitch. Some of my closest friends are combat vets. We sit and laugh and laugh about how "crazy" we are and the insane stuff we've done. Then, we all feel better.

I really needed to take a break from music because touring was killing me. My health could not support the non-stop stress of all the stupid shit that would happen, like... promoters refusing to give me all our money and pulling a gun out on me, substandard hotel conditions at times with bugs or dangerous neighborhoods (while we had thousands of dollars in gear), our van spinning off the highway hanging sideways off a hill, our shit getting stolen, cracked windshields, flat tires, musicians running off with random chicks and disappearing at the worst possible times, no food available for me for after-gig dinner (since I had to sing and couldn't eat right before we played, like everyone else could, and was always starving after each gig), many times not having enough time to calmly do my hair and makeup which takes 75 mins, packing and unpacking all hair/makeup/wardrobe twice a day, getting re-routed in construction, forgetting about time zone changes, having to set up all the merch and tear down, all while wearing the hat of front person/tour mngr/ band mngr/ therapist and sometimes booking agent. It all became too much. I needed a break.

I love the fans. Touring is the best way to meet all the fans everywhere. It is so amazing. The fans are what makes it all worthwhile. I am just not sure how much actual touring I will be able to do in the future. I know we will be able to do festival shows and big venue shows in southern CA, and I have a ton of music prepared for recording the new record, I just need to be healthier to take it all on. I cannot leave Cleveland and return to Los Angeles to record, unless I am in good health. I am doing everything that I can to recover and then some. I just want to thank all of you for supporting me through this journey. It's amazing how many donors write me notes saying how much my music has helped them through hard times so that they feel it is rewarding to be able to support me in return. Now that's pretty cool.

Right now I have $600 in mold tests to pay for which is a big hit, and I am continuing with physical therapy and art therapy which is a monthly expense. Thank you everyone for supporting me, and feel free to order a new Devil Doll canvas bag in red or black! (See the previous Facebook post for pics of bags.)

Thank You Everyone!!!!!!!!
Colleen xo
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$20,917 of $15,000 goal

Raised by 71 people in 51 months
Created December 7, 2014
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Darren Robinson
8 days ago

Because. I also by chance listened to your singing today & it helped.

Donald Miretsky
13 days ago

I donated because I am just now discovering Ms. Duffy's music, really like it, and the was touched when I heard about her health difficulties; knowing very personally how difficult it can be when one has children and the impact on a loving parent. Our children are everything. I will also watch with interest how her fasting program goes and if it is helpful.

Indra Lowenstein
2 months ago

Love you sweetie! xoxo

John R
5 months ago

Hi Colleen! Sorry to hear of your condition. I have listened to your CDs so many times and love your voice. I had to contribute. Please take care and get well!

Cary Mueller
6 months ago

Praying for your full recovery, Colleen. Love your music and amazing voice. Can't wait to see you pioneer the Devil Doll Live Unplugged with friends.....

Richard Lamb
6 months ago (Offline Donation)

Colleen, Each song you have sung has brought joy to lives in many different ways. Your bravery in sharing your medical issues with us allows us to return to you the love you shared with us.

Cary Mueller
6 months ago (Offline Donation)

** July 5, 2018 Bring back the Cathartic Artist and Devil-Doll with the pretty green eyes....

Phil Coons
6 months ago (Offline Donation)

** June 25, 2018 Looking forward to hearing more music from you and keep being amazing!

Dean LaCoe
6 months ago (Offline Donation)

** June 23, 2018 Thank you for your music and am sending prayers.

Anthony Rice
6 months ago (Offline Donation)

** May 18, 2018

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