Davis Bike Polo to National Championship

$3,140 of $3,235 goal

Raised by 80 people in 39 months
Tony White  DAVIS, CA
Send Davis Bike Polo to the National Championship - August 16th - August 18th!!!
Given that Davis' motto is "Most bicycle friendly town in the world", you would think Davis would have one of the best bicycle polo teams in the country, right? Well we do! Davis Bicycle Polo was just informed that out of a total of 168 teams vying for 48 spots to the national championship we were selected!

How we did it
We were one of the top 6 teams in our region of California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona. We competed in the national qualifier in Fresno, California to determine our seeding

Here's a great highlight video from the North American Championship last year:

Here's a promo video Marc made for our recent tournament in Davis:

What is Bicycle Polo?

Bicycle Polo is essentially hockey on a bicycle. It requires great control over a bicycle, quickness and agility. Three person teams compete to 5 goals. If you are forced to put your foot on the ground you must come to the side of the court, tap the wall with your mallet and re-enter the play. Mallets are normally homemade (but can be purchased) out of ski-poles and plastic piping. It is a high-energy sport that's as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Meet the team:
Marc Ferrè Grabolosa

Ben Pickett

Tony White

What we need
Unfortunately this trip will be in Minneapolis, MN so we will have to fly. Given the late notice, these plane tickets are EXPENSIVE. Our estimated costs are:

Flights = 3x Tickets = $1500
Registration Fee = $120
Hotel = $230
Food = ~$150

The total is around $2000. No matter how much we raise, we will be going. We have put a lot of time and effort to get to the level we are at. Financially this will be very difficult for us though. We are planning on sleeping on floors and eating rice and beans while we're there to reduce costs. The money we raise will be directly going to better sleeping arrangements, better food and registration. Even $5 can go to better food! The names of all donors will be written on our tournament jerseys! If somehow we get more than $2000, we will be using the extra money to fly our coach, Able Kutzleb to the tournament. We wouldn't be where we are without him!

Donate whatever you can, but don't worry if you can't. We know this is a hard time financially for everybody. If you can't donate, please cheer us on! Spread the word! We also will be requesting a big screen at The Davis Graduate to play our games LIVE. So come to The Davis Grad on August 16th-18th to watch us compete for the National Championship! Or watch us at home at http://bikepolo.tv. We can't wait to represent Davis, California and all of California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona!

Follow Davis Bicycle Polo on Facebook!

Per als nostres amics de Catalunya

Envia a Davis Bike Polo als Campionats Nacionals d'Amèrica del Nord "“ del 16 al 18 d'Agost!!!
Donat que el lema de la ciutat de Davis és "la ciutat més acollidora per moure's amb bicicleta de tot el món", podries pensar que Davis deu tenir un dels millors equips de Bike Polo del país, veritat? Doncs així és! Davis Bike Polo, va ser informat fa un parell de dies d'haver estat seleccionats per jugar al Campionat Nacional, això implica haver aconseguit una de les primeres 48 posicions d'un total de 168 equips!

Com ho vàrem fer?
Ens vàrem classificar en una de les 6 primeres posicions del torneig en la regió de Califòrnia, Nevada, Utah i Arizona. Aquest torneig es va celebrar a Fresno, Califòrnia.

Què és el Bike Polo?
El Bike Polo essencialment és hockey sobre una bici. Requereix de bon control de la bicicleta, rapidesa i agilitat. Cada equip està format per tres jugadors, i aquests competeixen per marcar 5 gols a l'equip contrari. La penalització per posar un peu a terra és tocar amb el mallet un dels laterals del camp. Els mallets normalment són fets casolans (tot i que actualment es poden adquirir ja fets) amb pals d'esquí i tuberes de plàstic. És un esport molt energètic i entretingut, tant de veure, com de jugar-hi.

Coneix a l'equip:
Marc Ferré Grabolosa
Ben Pickett
Tony White

Què necessitem
Malauradament aquest viatge és fins a Minneapolis, MN per tant, ens veiem forçats a agafar un avió. A l'haver rebut aquesta noticia uns pocs dies enrere, els tiquets dels vols són MOLT CARS. Els costos estimats són:
- Vols = 3 tiquets = 1500$
- Inscripció al campionat = 120$
- Allotjament = 230$
- Menjar = 150$

El total està rascant els 2000$. No importa quant aconseguim recaptar, hi anirem tant sí com no. Hem entrenat moltes hores i amb molt d'esforç per arribar fins aquí i no podem deixar passar aquesta oportunitat. Dormir al terra i menjar arròs i mongetes no és cap mala idea per reduir costos. Els diners recaptats aniran directament destinats per allotjament, menjar i pagar la inscripció al torneig. Inclús 5$ poden ajudar molt per menjar un xic millor! El nom de tots els donants estaran estampats a la nostra equipació! Si es donés el cas de superar els 2000$, els diners els destinaríem a pagar un vol per al nostre entrenador, Able Kutzleb. No estaríem on estem si no fos per ell!

Dona el que puguis, però no et preocupis si no pots donar res. Tots sabem que estem en una situació econòmicament difícil. Si no pots donar, sisplau, anima'ns! Ajuda'ns a difondre-ho al món! A més a més, instal·larem una televisió a The Davis Graduate on es retransmetrà el campionat en directe. Així que, acosta't a The Davis Grad del 16 al 18 d'Agost per veure'ns competir en el Campionat Nacional! O mira'ns des de casa a través de http://bikepolo.tv. Ens morim de ganes de representar Davis, Califòrnia i la regió de Califòrnia, Nevada, Utah i Arizona.

Para nuestros amigos de España

Envia a Davis Bike Polo al Campeonato Nacional de America del Norte "“ del 16 al 18 de Agosto!!!
Dado que el lema de la ciudad de Davis es "La ciudad más acogedora para ir en bicicleta de todo el mundo", podrías pensar que Davis tiene uno de los mejores equipos del país, verdad? ¡Pues así es! ¡Davis Bicycle Polo se ha clasificado en una de las 48 posiciones del campeonato nacional, de un total de 168 equipos!

¿Cómo lo hicimos?
Nos clasificamos en una de las 6 primeras posiciones del torneo regional que incluía jugadores de California, Nevada, Utah y Arizona. Este torneo se disputó en Fresno, California.

¿Qué es el Bike Polo?
El Bike Polo esencialmente es hockey encima de una bici. Requiere de buen control de la bicicleta, rapidez y agilidad. Los equipos son de 3 jugadores, sin posicionamiento concreto. Se trata de anotar 5 goles. La penalización por poner un pie en el suelo consiste en ir hasta un lateral del campo de juego y tocar la pared con el mallet. Los mallets son normalmente caseros (aunque actualmente pueden adquirirse) hechos con tuberías de plástico y palos de ski viejos. Es un juego muy energético y muy divertido de ver y aún más de jugar.

El equipo:
Marc Ferré Grabolosa
Ben Pickett
Tony White

¿Qué necesitamos?
Desafortunadamente, el viaje es hasta Minneapolis, MN por tanto necesitamos coger un avión. Dada la tardía noticia, los vuelos de avión son MUY CAROS. Los costes estimados son:
- Vuelos = 3x Tickets = $1500
- Inscripción torneo = $120
- Hotel = $230
- Comida = $150

El total se acerca a los $2000. Por poco que recaudemos, iremos de todas formas. Han sido muchas horas y esfuerzo para adquirir este nivel de juego y se trata de una oportunidad que no podemos dejar escapar. No nos importa dormir en el suelo y comer arroz y alubias para así reducir costes. El dinero que recaudemos irá directamente destinado a alojamiento, comida y para pagar la registración al torneo. ¡Incluso $5 serían geniales para comer mejor! Los nombres de todos los donantes estarán estampados en nuestra equipación. Si de alguna forma las donaciones superasen los $2000, usaríamos el dinero extra para financiar el viaje a nuestro entrenador, Able Kutzleb. ¡Nunca hubiéramos llegado hasta donde estamos si no hubiese sido por él!

Dona lo que puedas, sin ningún tipo de preocupación si tu donación se trata de animar al equipo. Todos sabemos que actualmente son tiempos económicamente difíciles. Además vamos a disponer de una televisión en The Davis Graduate donde los juegos serán retransmitidos en directo. Así que, del 16 al 18 de Agosto, acércate a The Davis Grad para vernos competir en el Campeonato Nacional! También puedes seguirnos en http://bikepolo.tv. ¡Estamos ansiosos para representar Davis, California y los estados de California, Nevada, Utah y Arizona!
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Update 5
38 months ago

Davis Bike Polo will be at the Davis Grad tonight at 8pm! Stop by so we can thank you in person for your support and tell you all about our trip to the North American Championship. Hope to see you there!

I'll send out a more complete update soon that tells you all about it as well!
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Update 4
39 months ago

You guys did it again!! Because of all of you, we'll be able to bring our coach Abe! It wouldn't have been the same without him there. We've also given him the job of official photographer and Facebook updater. He'll be keeping everyone updated on our progress throughout the trip!

So this is the final update. I'm adding it primarily because we're above $2,500 and I don't want you to think we're pocketing the extra money we've received. Our actual final projections are:

Original Estimate = $2500
Hotel Actual Cost = +$170
Renting a Vehicle = $250
Jerseys = ~$60
Gofundme costs = 8%

That brings us to a final cost of $3,235. Until we reach that point on gofundme we are still paying out of pocket for the trip. If you would still like to show your support and get on our jersey you can absolutely still donate! The same goes for businesses that would like to have their logo on our jersey. This page will be up through the tournament.

Again, thank you so much to everyone that's helped make this trip possible. It means so much to us and we couldn't have done it without you all!
The team! Looking tough!
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Update 3
39 months ago

Wow, you did it!!! We here at Davis Bike Polo are all really touched by your generosity. Our friends, family and the city of Davis, California really stepped up and showed us support. We hope to do you proud in the tournament. We'll definitely play our hearts out!

You're probably wondering why, if we reached our goal, did we raise it $500. Two things:

1) This is our stretch goal. Our team was started by a great friend named Able Kutzleb. He saw some videos online of this sport and convinced a few of us to give it a try. We all fell in love with it and have been practicing 3 times a week since. But Abe had the unluckiest of accidents in a tournament. He got his foot caught between the front fork and wheel of another bike and tore his ACL. Abe continued to come to EVERY practice to cheer us on, work on bikes and help us out in any way possible. The good news is Abe is back on a bicycle and playing polo again. Will you help us raise money to bring along our coach, bike mechanic and selfless friend?

2) If we fall short of this goal we will use the money to get a motel room. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about the fees from gofundme (8%) when I made the cost projections and we are still short from having enough money for a cheap motel room.

Either way, we can't thank you enough for how much you've already given. Thank you so much everybody!
Abe healing after his injury
Abe back on his bike and looking happy!
Competing hard at our last tournament!
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Update 2
39 months ago

8 days and over 75%!!! We've made huge strides in just a little time. That being said, this last $450 is going to be the hardest to raise. We've already heard back from most businesses, friends and family. We'll have to all work really hard to think of new avenues that we can look into for funding! Let's hope that a few more local businesses step up to support us!

We will be making our jerseys on August 9th. So if you're thinking of donating and want to be on our jerseys you should donate by then! We'll leave the fundraising website up through the tournament though.

I've attached some fun pictures from polo to show you just how hard we'll work to represent Davis!
Exhausted after a tournament!
Did Tony land on his feet?
That's how you land on your feet!
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Kim Pickett
39 months ago

I REALLY hope Abe will be able to go!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Guys! I'm so proud to be a part of this family...Davis Bike Polo.

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$3,140 of $3,235 goal

Raised by 80 people in 39 months
Created July 18, 2013
Kristina Gelardi
38 months ago

Burritos for everyone :)! Good luck!

Ken's Bike & Ski
39 months ago (Offline Donation)
Grandpa & Grandma Dehaan
39 months ago (Offline Donation)
Bridget O'Flaherty
39 months ago
Julie Theule
39 months ago (Offline Donation)
39 months ago
Poppy Purr
39 months ago
Nancy Grimes
39 months ago
Dani olot
39 months ago

Rastafariiiii! Per molts anys!!! Sé que ja aneu sobrats de calers, però millor! així quan acabeu el torneig ho podreu celebrar com cal! Una abraçada molt forta! Good Luck!

39 months ago (Offline Donation)
Kim Pickett
39 months ago

I REALLY hope Abe will be able to go!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Guys! I'm so proud to be a part of this family...Davis Bike Polo.

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