Meeko's Surgery & Future ER Care

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Meeko's Surgery & Future ER Care

As many of you know, over the past month, my partner and I have been taking care of an emergency situation with our cat (aka fur baby), Meeko. Before I ask you to make any donation, I want to provide a backstory and full disclosure of why am asking for this help. Please also know that I did not come to this decision lightly. Having to reach out to my friends and family like this is difficult and I am only doing it as a last resort. Please also know that there is absolutely no expectations on my end regarding the outcome of this campaign. I hope you will not judge me for asking because I will not judge you for not donating. All of that said, let me tell you the long story of how we got here. (WARNING: this story is gross at times and very long/possibly rambling but fully transparent and factual.)

Starting last November 2015, we noticed that Meeko was having trouble defecating. He was getting constipated more and more often. My stepfather, a retired veterinarian, gave us some suggestions on what to do. We started giving him wet food on a daily basis that included pumpkin puree (to bulk it up with fiber). I also was able to administer warm water enemas by myself, due to a previous history with a cat that battled constipation and megacolon. Our fear was that Meeko was developing megacolon but we were hopeful a change in diet was all he would need.

Flash forward to January 29, 2016. That Friday morning, I noticed that Meeko was behaving like he was constipated again. It had been a few days since he'd acted this way and I had been hopeful that we had finally gotten him regulated. It was not the case. After watching him strain to defecate for 24 hours, even after I administered a few warm water enemas, and realizing that he was not eating or drinking, we decided we needed to take him in to see our local veterinarian. On January 30, 2016, our month-long ordeal truly began.

Upon examination by the veterinarian, it was determined that Meeko had an impacted bowel. The doctor felt that Meeko should be able to pass this on his own, with the addition of a laxative, lactulose, and some subcutaneous fluids. He was sent home with us that evening, so that we could watch and see if this treatment was going to work. By Monday (February 1st) afternoon (the vet had told us to give it 48 hours), Meeko was not eating, not drinking, and had not passed any feces. We took him back to the vet Tuesday morning. During the day Tuesday, the veterinarian took x-rays to confirm that he was, in fact, dealing with an impaction only. It was determined, from the x-ray films, to most likely only be feces that was blocking his colon. However, these x-rays also showed that Meeko had a deformed narrowing of his colon at an important juncture that was making passing of this fecal ball even more difficult. It was also determined, at this point, that he did, in fact, have megacolon. The veterinarian administered three large enemas, and also attempted to manually extract some of the feces. They were only able to get a very small amount of feces out. They were hopeful, because he was not releasing any of the enema fluid, that nerves were keeping his sphincter muscles tight and, if he came home, the "floodgates" would open. Meeko came home with us that Tuesday evening and we were told to watch him for 24 hours.

By Wednesday evening, Meeko was still not eating or drinking and had still not defecated. He had released all of the enema fluids but nothing came out with them. The veterinarian told us by phone that we needed to bring him in and let him stay there all day and all night on IV therapy to hopefully soften up the impaction and give them something to work with. We dropped Meeko off at the veterinarian Thursday morning and he stayed there, being worked on and getting IV therapy, through Saturday morning. They were able to extract a small amount of feces but not nearly enough. They also started him on painkillers, as well as an appetite stimulant. They were hoping, if they got some food in him and killed the pain, he would be able to pass this fecal ball. They sent him home Saturday afternoon with the warning that we were at the place of "better or dead." If Meeko did not pass a significant amount of feces by Monday, we were to take him to the emergency room at MedVet.

All weekend long, we gave Meeko high doses of lactulose, access only to prescription, high-fiber GI cat food, painkillers, warm water enemas, and appetite stimulants. Over the course of those days, Meeko only went to the bathroom three times and produced very small amounts of feces. We felt the time had come to take him to the emergency room at MedVet. By this time, we had already spent over $1200 of our emergency vet budget. We had less than $1000 left on our CareCredit card, because we had used it for another pet emergency a little bit over a year ago. We decided to take out a second CareCredit card in my name, so that Meeko would have the best chance at living. MedVet does not offer any type of payment plan and they expect all payment upfront before they will help your pet. Because of this, CareCredit was our only option, even though they charge a staggering 26.99% interest. What else were we to do? So, Monday morning, we prepared to take him to MedVet. However, after speaking to our veterinarian Monday morning, he seemed actually happy that Meeko had passed some fecal balls and he asked us to wait until Tuesday before taking him to MedVet. He knew how MedVet operated and he knew how broke we were, but he also didn't want to risk Meeko's life. So, after nothing else happened with Meeko's bowels all day on Monday, we bit the bullet and took Meeko to MedVet Tuesday morning.

Upon initial examination by an ER doctor, it was determined that Meeko needed to see an internal medicine doctor. They made an appointment for later that day. They took Meeko into the back and the internal medicine doctor did his exam. We were told that, based on Meeko's medical records and all that our veterinarians had already done and all that we had been doing, the internal medicine doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure that he was, in fact, dealing with nothing but a fecal ball and that there was no tumor or any other type of obstruction in his colon. He then wanted, based on the ultrasound results, to try one more enema and to give Meeko IV therapy because he was dehydrated. They wanted to keep him overnight and the doctor would call us on Wednesday morning with the results. The estimate for these procedures was $1500-$3000. It all depended on what they found/did. We agreed with the treatment plan and left a $3000 deposit on our account using my new CareCredit card. I left the high-end of the estimate as a deposit because it enabled me to get a payment plan with a bit lower interest, 14.99%, and gave me a longer time to pay it back. But this also took over half of the available money we had for all of the treatment he might need. We were in shock.

On Wednesday (February 10th), the doctor called us with news. The ultrasound came back as good as it could. It showed that Meeko did, in fact, have only a very large fecal mass that now encompassed his entire colon, but no tumors or other obstructions. However, his colon was so stretched out above the congenital narrowing that the internal medicine doctor did not feel that, even if they got Meeko cleaned out, it would be a permanent fix. He told me he wasn't even sure they could get him cleaned out for a fresh start regardless. He felt that Meeko's megacolon was so severe and had come on so fast, mixed with Meeko's deformity in his colon, that he would just re-impact immediately after being cleared out. We were informed that Meeko's only chance at survival was to have a subtotal colectomy and he needed to have it immediately. We were heartbroken.

At this point, Meeko had already lost a pound of weight and had been sick for two full weeks. We were terrified and we didn't know if we could afford the surgery or not. We had gotten a new CareCredit card with a $5000 limit on it and our old CreditCard card also had a $5000 limit on it, but it was pretty much maxed out. We had $5000 with which to get Meeko better and that was it. Everything up to this point at MedVet had already cost us over $1800. After two weeks of trying to get our big boy Meeko well, we had spent $3000 and only had about $3000 left to play with. If the surgery estimate came in above what we could afford, we didn't know what we would be able to do. We were absolutely beside ourselves. But I told the internal medicine doctor that we did want to speak with the surgeon and hear all of our options.

The surgeon called us later that Wednesday. The surgeon seemed to think that Meeko was a very good candidate for the surgery and that he would do very well. He explained all of the risks to us, as well as the entire procedure of the surgery and what to expect afterwards. It was a very invasive surgery. Meeko would basically be losing 90% of his colon and they would attach his large intestines directly to the remaining 10% of his colon. He would keep his sphincter muscles intact. The MedVet surgeon had done many of these surgeries and had never had one go wrong. He said that Meeko, while 10 years old, had the health of a much younger cat and that he felt this surgery would give him a completely normal lifespan. We were on pins and needles waiting for the surgical estimate.

Later on Wednesday evening, we received a call from MedVet with the estimate for the surgery. The high end of the estimate was $2700. We had $3000 to play with, so we knew, if anything went wrong, we would go over budget. But we didn't care! We were determined to save our fur baby's life. We authorized the additional charges to my CareCredit card and scheduled the surgery for the next day, Thursday (February 11th).

After a sleepless night and high anxiety day, we got the call late Thursday afternoon that the surgery was a success! Meeko had done remarkably well and the surgeon was very optimistic about a full recovery. I burst into tears at this news. I had not been sleeping well and my anxiety levels had been through the roof for the past two weeks. But now, came the hard part. Healing. There was a 15% chance that Meeko could have an intestinal leak inside his body after the surgery. If this happened, he could die. They could try opening him up and fixing the leak, but there would be additional costs and a low probability of survival. He had to heal perfectly without complications, or it could be over. Both of our CareCredit cards were nearly completely maxed out. We had seven days of fretting ahead of us. The surgeon said, after those seven days, the risk for any type of infection or internal issues was basically over. After 10-14 days, and suture removal, he would be able to go back to his normal life. The countdown began!

We brought Meeko home on that Friday, February 12. We had to set him up in a room all by himself with nothing but a bed and a cat box, along with food and water. He also had to wear the "Cone of Shame" unless we were with him. He was limited to 15 minutes of activity a few times a day, so most of the time he was in solitary confinement. It was so very hard on all of us, but especially him. He didn't understand what was going on with his body and, to be honest, we didn't either. He was incontinent, had severe gas, and his bowel movements were very, very runny. He only made it to the cat box about half of the time and was constantly stinking. Every time we went to visit him, we had to clean the floor and him. He was happy and he was doing well emotionally but he was lonely and confused and sometimes in pain. He was on pain medication but luckily no longer on any other type of medication. His incision was almost 6 inches long but healing nicely.

This process went on for 10 days. He was such a trooper and he did so well. Yesterday, February 22, we took him to the surgeon for his follow-up and suture removal. We couldn't have gotten a better report! The surgeon said that Meeko was perfect. His incision was he healed well enough to remove his sutures and also well enough for him to no longer have to wear the "Cone of Shame." He doesn't have to stay on his prescription diet for megacolon and he can go back to eating the prescription urinary food he was eating before this situation and that his sisters eat. Yes, he has two sisters! Their names are Oats and Piggy. He is now 12 days post surgery and doing fantastic. He lost over 3 pounds during the past month and almost all of his colon, but we couldn't be happier with the outcome and we would do it all again, if we had to. Unless something absolutely crazy happens in the next couple of days, this ordeal is over. Aside from continued healing and bowel adjustments, we can just sit back and enjoy the rest of his life with him.

The only thing that makes this moment of joy a bit dampened is the amount of debt we have gone into to save his life. We 100% feel he is worth it and would do everything exactly the same, if we had to do it over. He is worth it! Please understand that! That said, I am a homemaker, both by choice and mental necessity. My partner works full-time and he gets paid well but, after we pay our bills, we don't have a lot of extra money. We don't have a savings account. Any "extra" money is tied up in an inaccessible retirement plan and 401k, and those are funded by Company contributions. The only thing we had for emergencies like this was my partner's CareCredit card. Now we have his CareCredit card and my CareCredit card, with almost $9,000 of debt between the two. The majority of that debt is from this one emergency for Meeko. My biggest fear now is, if something were to happen to either Oats or Piggy, or again with Meeko, we have nothing to save them with. We would have no way of paying for any type of treatment they may need. This is very scary to me. All three of our fur babies are siblings and they're all 10 years old, so that in itself is worrisome. They're senior cats and that tends to be when physical issues start to show themselves, like Meeko's megacolon.

I am not on here telling you that we are destitute because we are not. We can pay this bill off, eventually. It would take years and we would have to give up doing anything social for the most part from here on out. Right now, we have just enough money, after bills, to do a few small social things a month and pay for our necessities like groceries, gasoline, etc. But, with these new CareCredit bills, we will need to come up with another $300 a month above what we were already paying. That will put us into a very dire financial situation.

I fully realize that there are a lot of you reading this that are worse off than I am. I am not expecting donations from anybody that can't afford it or that makes less than I do or is in a worse situation than I am. To be honest, the only reason I'm asking for these donations and for this help is because I am afraid that we will have an emergency situation with our cats before we have a chance to pay a significant portion of these credit card bills off. These CareCredit cards are used exclusively at our veterinarian. They can't be used anywhere else. We aren't using this money to go out on the town. If you know us at all, you know we are not wasters of money. We have fun once in a while and I enter to win giveaways, so that we can afford things we otherwise couldn't. But, on a day-to-day basis, we live very frugally. With $300 extra in bills a month, if anything goes wrong at all with our house or our car or the cats or ourselves, we are not going to be able to pay for it. That's where, hopefully, you come in.

If I am able to raise $6000, we can pay for all of Meeko's treatment plus the interest we are already accruing (daily accrual) and the fees from GoFundMe/WePay. That would give us our CareCredit cards' available credit partially back (I am not asking for enough to pay them off completely) to use in case of future emergencies and would keep our monthly payments where they were before this emergency with Meeko happened.

I can't tell you how much I fretted, worried, researched, discussed with friends, and discussed with my partner about posting this GoFundMe campaign. I worried so much about what people would think because I'm a homemaker. Those of you who know me intimately know that my being a homemaker was partially choice and partially mental need but a lot of people, I know, have biases against homemakers and would be asking why I don't just go get a job. If you are one of those people, that is fine. Don't feel like you need to donate. I only want people that truly want to help and understand my personal situation to actually donate. I am not going into great detail about my personal reasons for being a homemaker but I am willing to disclose that to anyone who reaches out and asks me. I am all about full transparency, as I feel that is the least I can do, if I am asking you to donate money to me while you are getting nothing in return but a massively heartfelt thank you from me! Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and even consider donating. And, if you can't afford to donate but wish that you could, please feel free to share my story anywhere you can. Post it everywhere! That could help just as much as a donation from you!

Thank you so much to anybody that donates. Even if I don't make all the money that I need to make to get Meeko's treatments paid off, every single cent donated will go directly to our CareCredit cards, which will help us to stick to our already tight monthly budget and to be prepared, should an emergency happen with one of our cats in the future. I hope everybody can understand that and know that posting this page is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Asking for help does not come easy to me. I love you all! If you have any questions or want more details about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I have included pictures here of Meeko taken during the whole process he went through, as well as screen shots of our CareCredit statements, so that you can see exactly what you will be helping to pay off. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help us!

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I don’t really know how to start this final update. It is so hard to write it at all, which is why it has taken me so many days to do it. I guess, I just need to get straight to the point. Meeko, my Big Boy, my FAT-FAT, moved on to his next life phase this past Friday evening. His death was completely unexpected and devastating to my partner and me. We thought he had been doing very well, all things considered, but a series of strokes hit him that evening back to back until he was unable to walk and we knew that it was time to let him go. I am just so thankful that my partner was off work for the following three days, so that we could be there for each other and for Meeko’s two sisters, Oats and Piggy.

All of you know that Meeko had a very rough year. He was diagnosed with incurable mega-colon in January, had a subtotal colectomy in February, was diagnosed with Short Gut Syndrome and Diabetes in April, and thru it all, lost ½ his body weight. We struggled for many months to get his Short Gut Syndrome and Diabetes regulated after that, going thru two different kinds of insulin, multiple dosing changes, home blood glucose monitoring and curve tests, etc. Finally, in late October/early November, we were told that he was as good as he was going to get and we just needed to keep doing what we were doing for him (probiotics in his food, a feeding schedule, and two insulin injections a day). We thought we had crossed a bridge and it would be semi-smooth/new normal sailing from here on out for many years. Things were so good and I had planned to write a cheery update for the New Year and shut down this campaign at that point.

This was not to be. In hindsight, the signs were there. He had stopped eating as well as usual a couple of days before his strokes. His hind legs were having more neuropathy than usual. He was looking sickly in the face, more gaunt/sick eyes. And, the day before he died, he and I had one of our best days together yet. I got nose nibbles and kisses on the mouth, things I had not gotten for almost a year. We snuggled in the sun, cheek to cheek, for hours that day. I thought, at the time, it was a sign of things improving, but it was actually what I have come to find out is called a “Death Rally.” It is common in terminally ill patients to suddenly seem like they are getting better right before they actually die. I knew about this in people but did not know it could happen in non-human animals. Meeko is proof that it can. I am so thankful that he and I had those moments the day before. Even the day of, he stuck close to me and snuggled a lot before the strokes started.

The past three days have been very difficult. My partner and I have basically layed in bed snuggling with our two remaining fur babies, Meeko’s sisters, Oats and Piggy and used Netflix and movies as an escape. We’ve had moments of sobbing uncontrollably and feeling numb mixed with laughter and good memories, the usual grieving process. Today is another hard day, as Piggy is realizing that her brother is not coming home and has begun pacing the hallway caterwauling for him. But I am better able to deal with it and I can be there for her, like she has been a lap guardian all weekend for me. This is because, last night, I had a dream visitation from Meeko. Yes, I am one who believes in spiritual energy visitation via dreams or while awake.

In my dream message from Meeko, he was running thru the house and all of the rooms were filled with sunbeams. He was running like a kitten, like he used to do with his brother Gus a few short years ago. He was playing and chasing dust motes. I called to him and he stopped and looked at me, his eyes huge, like they always were when he was happy. He ran up onto the middle of our bed, his favorite place to sleep, and flopped on his back purring, laying in the sun. I rubbed my hands in his thick belly fur and felt the vibrations of his purring. I knew he was so happy. I woke up crying but they were happy tears. I felt a sort of peace and knew that we did right by him, the best we could.

This picture is the last macro photo I took of Meeko. I took it about a month ago, right around Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, I was most thankful for the fact that Meeko had made it thru the hardest part and survived. I am still so thankful for that but, now, I am also thankful that he is free of so much misery: no more needles, no more Short Gut issues, no more feeding schedule, no more neuropathy, no more cramping, no more pain. Meeko is free of his broken body. He is with his brother, Gus, chasing the sun.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this campaign over the past almost year. Your donations enabled us to pay down part of the over $8000 we have spent on Meeko since January and that was the only way we were able to pay for the over $200 a month supply bills he had starting in April. I wish I had better news to share with this update but all I can offer you is my gratitude and love.

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Hello! It has been a long time since I gave everyone an update on Meeko, so I thought I would do that now. So much has happened and yet nothing has changed. We are still trying to get his diabetes under control and have seen no signs of improvement in his glucose levels since this whole fiasco started at the end of April. That said, here is what has happened over the past month since my last update.

On 5-21-16, we had an appointment with our vet for another spot glucose test. The results: 371. We increased his insulin dose from 7 to 9 units 2x a day. We did another spot test at the vet's on 5-28-16. The results: 391 AND he had lost 1lb of weight in a week. He was down to 13.09lbs from his highest weight (before ALL of this stuff started at the end of January) of 21.7lbs. We were told to increase insulin to 10 units 2x a day and start measuring how much food he was eating at each meal. We were also instructed to buy our own glucose monitor, so that we could start monitoring him at home to see if his issue is White Coat Syndrome or if he was actually insulin resistant.

We monitored his eating for a few days and figured out that he was eating about 3/4 cup of food a day. To keep from losing weight, he needed to be eating at least 1 cup a day. They instructed us to give him a bit of wet food in with the dry to see if he would eat better and to watch for signs that this wet food was irritating his Short Gut Syndrome. We had previously taken him off of his wet food because it made him sick after his surgery. We were happy to report that he ate like a horse with the addition of the wet food to the bowl. At first, he did show some signs of cramping, even with his nausea/pain medication (He is still on the nausea/pain medication at this point, as well as probiotics added to his food. We did a 36hr test of giving him no nausea/pain meds, but he started to show signs of discomfort, so we are not to the point of being able to stop giving him the meds. We are down to 6mg a day instead of 8mg a day though, so that is good.), but we adjusted the amount of wet food we were giving him down and he is now eating fine with no outward signs of discomfort and no diarrhea.

On 6-4-16, we did a spot glucose test at home with our own glucose monitor. The results: 448. Not White Coat Syndrome. On 6-5-16, we did a glucose curve test at home. The results: 8:15 AM 667, 10:15 AM 552, 12:15 PM 403, and 2:15 PM 581. As you can see, his readings were not good. These were the highest numbers we had ever seen for him, with the exception of, perhaps, one of the glucose curve test results taken by the vet. We were also seeing a return to his obsession with water, lethargy, not bathing as much, not playing anymore, etc. He had been doing very well prior to the most recent increase in his insulin dosage (went from 9 x2 units a day to 10 x2 units a day as of Saturday, May 28 evening dose). I contacted the vet on 6-6-16 and was told that we needed to set up an appointment to come in and see the vet to discuss all of our issues for the past month.

On 6-7-16, we went to see the vet. Meeko got a full examination, weighed, blood pressure check, and some sub Q fluids. He had gained 3/10 of a pound, which isn't much, but it's better than losing (for his body type, he should be between 15-17lbs as a normal weight)! His blood pressure was great and everything looked really good in his examination. After discussing all of our findings through the blood glucose testing that we did, the past month's history, and how things had been going, our vet thought we were dealing with insulin resistance but felt that it may just be the type of insulin we had been giving him. Because of our budget, he started us on the cheapest generic insulin he could find locally. That was obviously not working for Meeko, so we had to go up a step in the price range. The vet said that it is the mid-range price wise and that it works in a different way than the generic one we had been using. He said that what we'd been giving him was human insulin and this new one was specifically for cats. He was very optimistic, because of how good the examination went and his history using this new insulin, that this new insulin may do the trick. We continued to give Meeko the human insulin at 1/2 the dose for a day and then he went a day without any insulin.

On 6-9-16, we started him on the cat specific insulin at 4 units 2x a day. So far, Meeko is doing VERY well outwardly with this new insulin. His negative symptoms associated with the diabetes have pretty much gone away again; he is eating well, drinking normally, and behaving nearly normal again. He was even allowed, per the vet, to have two treats on his birthday, yesterday. We are planning to give him a spot glucose test this coming Saturday, 6-18-16, and a glucose curve test on Sunday. We are hopeful for improvement but trying to also be realisitc and prepared for no change. We shall see.

All of this has been tremendously stressful and I have found myself weeping more than once over the past month. I try to stay positive and keep my hopes in check but it is very hard. I worry so that our now 11 year old baby may never be "fixed" again. After spending close to $7000.00, I am frustrated, sad, angry, and just plain exhausted by the whole situation. I just want my Meeko back and our lives back to some semblance of normal, but I do believe that this IS our new normal. It is a life of strict schedules 7 days a week, my partner poking my baby with needles every day while I hold him down, forcing pills down Meeko's throat every night, etc. I hate it. But then Meeko will crawl into my lap and settle down on my chest, putting his cheek against mine and purring, and it is all worth is. Every bit of it.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. So many of you have asked how he is doing over the past month and sent us prayers and good energies, etc. More of you have donated to our campaign and shared it with your friends and families across social media. Thank you. Thank you so much! If you can keep doing all of that, it would mean the world to us. I promise to let you know how things are, when I have any news again. I just figured you would rather read a novel a month than a novella a week. Thanks again! I love you! XOXO
The carnage that is Meeko's life now :-(
Meeko hunting birds under the door! :-D
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Well, I was waiting to give you guys an update with the hopes that, after the glucose curve test of yesterday, I would have more good news to share. While I do have good news in general, I am not happy overall. Anyway, here is how it has gone, since the last time I updated you guys on the morning of May 5th.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 5th, we got the results of Meeko's urinalysis and fecal analysis. The fecal analysis came back 100% normal, which is great, and the urinalysis came back as expected and hoped for, he had diabetes with no other negative aspects, which is awesome. We caught his diabetes before it had caused any damage to anything else in his body. On Saturday, May 7th, we went in for our training appointment with Meeko and were told all about how to administer his insulin injections and all of the rules/regs that go along with that. We both did a practice shot on him, using saline. Scott did great. I had to poke Meeko twice and cried afterward, but I was able to do it. We went home with instructions to give him 3 units of insulin once a day and start weaning him off of his grazing diet, eventually getting him down to two meals a day.

On Wednesday, May 11th, we took Meeko in for his first spot glucose test. It did not go well. His glucose, after four days of insulin, had only dropped from 400 to 364. They instructed us to raise him to 5 units of insulin once a day and we scheduled our glucose curve test for the following Monday. That brings us up to yesterday.

Yesterday, May 16th, Meeko went in for his glucose curve test. They kept him all day and tested his glucose four times throughout the day. Here was Meeko's blood glucose levels throughout the day:
365mg/dl @ 8:30 am
371mg/dl @ 10:30
361mg/dl @ 12:30 pm
471mg/dl @ 2:30
As you can see, the change, even with the nearly doubled dose of insulin, was minimal and, by the last test, his glucose was HIGHER than it has ever been! After this test, the vet told us to up his dose to 7 units TWICE a day. We started that this morning. Meeko has another spot glucose test this coming Saturday afternoon.

To say I am frustrated and worried is an understatement. I am a wreck. Poking my cat with needles every day (thankfully, my partner does the actual poking but I hold Meeko down and it is just heartbreaking to be a part of ) and having to completely change the way he has eaten his entire nearly 11 year life has just been very hard on all of us, especially Meeko. But Meeko is being SUCH a champ! And here is the good news I promised you!

Meeko is doing so good! He is purring thru his injections, not begging TOO much for food (we have him and his sisters down to two meals a day now), and he is doing great, so far as his Short Gut Syndrome, too. He is acting like himself most of the time, with just some slowness here and there in-between doses of his anti-nausea/pain meds at the end of the day. He has not been on walk-about for a long time and, in general, is doing very well at home. I was honestly shocked by his glucose curve results because of this. I thought the fact that he was acting well meant he was well but I guess it just means he is feeling better and we are on the right track at least.

All of that said, this is costing a small fortune again. We have spent almost $1000 so far this time around. 2/3 of all of the donations we have received on this campaign are gone. We had used the money we already received to pay down one of our CareCredit cards but are having to use that CareCredit card to pay for all of this new stuff, so...yeah. That sucks. Plus, with the higher dose of insulin, our monthly costs for maintenance just tripled, and that doesn't even include to cost of the probiotic powder and his anti-nausea/pain medication for the Short Gut Syndrome. Right now, we are looking at over $150 a month just in maintenance, plus the additional costs of more spot tests and at least one more glucose curve test, which will run us another $200 or so combined.

Because of all of this, I am again asking you to please share and/or donate to our campaign. So many of you have donated multiple times and shared multiple times already and I feel bad even asking for help again but I am at a loss as to what else to do at this point. Your generosity has been amazing and I simply can't thank you enough. Please fee free to share my campaign ANYWHERE! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email it to friends/family, etc. Feel free to use any photos of Meeko I have posted to this campaign as well. No share/donation is too small! Thanks in advance, again, to you all. I will update again once I have any news. XOXO
Sleeping Meeko
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We took Meeko to the vet Tuesday. While the examination went well, he has lost 2 1/2 pounds since his last examination at the end of March. After a lengthy discussion with our veterinarian regarding all of the symptoms that we have witnessed, as well as his history, all three of us agreed it was time to do a battery of blood tests, urinalysis, and a fecal analysis. It could have been a number of things but we were leaning towards believing that he most likely had Short Gut Syndrome caused by his subtotal colectomy. We were to get the bloodwork back the following day and the urinalysis and fecal analysis as soon as we could do a collection and drop them off. In the meantime, he was given several different injections to help with vitamin deficiency, healthy gut, and pain management. He was also sent home with some anti-nausea/pain medication, probiotic powder to be added to his food, and the fun collection kits that I got to take care of for feces and urine.

Well, we got the bloodwork back on yesterday, Wednesday, and the news on Meeko is not good news. Keeping in mind that we are still waiting on the results of the urinalysis and fecal analysis (dropped off the collections this morning, Thursday), we do know two things: Meeko is diabetic and he has Short Gut Syndrome. Both are treatable but unfortunate, to say the least. We have an appointment this coming Saturday to be trained on what we need to do and how to do it, so far as taking care of a diabetic cat. We have zero experience with this. As for the Short Gut Syndrome, I am assuming that we will keep up with the probiotic food additive, as well as occasional B-shots and anti-nausea/pain medication. So far, concerning the Short Gut, he is doing much better. He has not gone on "walkabout" at all since being given the B-shot and anti-nausea/pain medication and, in general, he seems to be feeling better. The probiotics may take a while longer to help but I know they will. Some good news is that the rest of the blood work came back normal or only slightly elevated, due to the diabetes. His kidney and liver function was great, etc. I hope to find out about the results on the final two tests sometime today or tomorrow. I will keep you guys updated! In the meantime, if you can continue to help us out by sharing and/or donating to our campaign, I would appreciate it so very much! This week's addition to our existing debt is almost $400 and Saturday will add to that. Then we have the cost of the maintenance from here on out and we don't yet know how much that will be per month. The insulin itself will be $24 but we also have to pay for needles, probiotics, and anti-nausea/pain medication indefinitely. It's truly never ending. All of that said, our fur baby is worth it! We will do what we must to take care of Meeko and give him the longest and most pleasant life possible. Thanks so much to everyone for all you have already done! XO XO
He has lost SO much weight thru it all!
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Paula Henke
8 months ago

With love.

Kelly McQueen
9 months ago


15 months ago
15 months ago
Patricia Mccaskill
16 months ago

For dear Meeko, who is very, very lucky to have a Mom like Ann.

Melanie Zenor-Kelleher
26 months ago

What a beautiful dream! I'm so happy that Meeko let you know that he's OK (OK? He's GREAT!). No one could have tried harder to give Meeko a good quality of life for as long as you could. Blessings and hugs to Piggy and Oats.

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