€16,450 of €100,000 goal

Raised by 256 people in 15 months
Please help me to raise money for a unique and ground-breaking 3-day scientific event designed to empower cancer sufferers throughout the world with non-invasive treatments to complement existing therapies...

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to its highly innovative nature, this extraordinary campaign is not funded by any government or pharmaceutical company. The treatment concerned is based on a patient-centred approach designed to give cancer victims and their families the tools with which to take control of this destructive disease. These tools will effectively apply the latest findings from top researchers and doctors worldwide.

In September 2017, this pioneering team will be uniting for the very first time to exchange their results and propose a practical way forward for the good of all patients.

We also have a facebook page. Please check out:


Merci de m'aider à réaliser une levée de fonds afin de mettre en place un événement scientifique unique au monde de 3 jours contre le cancer, dans le but de débuter une addition non invasive efficace aux traitements existants pour tous les patients, en France et dans le monde.

INFORMATION IMPORTANTE: A cause de sa nature hautement innovatrice, cette campagne extraordinaire n'est pas financée par un gouvernement ou une compagnie  pharmaceutique. Le traitement en question est basé sur une approche recentrée du patient destiné à donner aux victimes du cancer et leurs familles les outils nécessaires afin de combattre cette maladie destructive. Ces outils consisteront à utiliser avec précision les derniers résultats de chercheurs et médecins de renommée internationale.

En Septembre 2017, cette équipe de précurseurs se rassembleront pour la première fois afin d'échanger leurs résultats et proposer une démarche à court terme pour le bien de tous les patients.

Nous avons aussi une page Facebook:

Hi all, 

Bonjour à tous
(version francaise adaptée à la fin du texte anglais...)

My name is Jean-Jacques. My friends call me JJ.

I am an airline pilot who had aggressive kidney cancer in 2003, was somehow clear for a few years, before the disease became metastatic and spread to my lungs. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2012. A total of 26 cancer nodules were counted in my lungs between 2012 and 2014. I had 4 surgical procedures in all, but opted not to have additional treatments - such as chemo or the new targeted therapies.

I have been under the medical care of Pr. Bernard ESCUDIER , one of the world leaders in kidney cancer research, at Institut Gustave Roussy in the south of Paris - the largest cancer centre in Europe. Pr. Escudier has been amazed with my results. He and his team wish to further test me, to find out more.

Since 2003, I have been doing my own intensive research on what is out there to help me fight my cancer. In 2012, I came across natural anti-angiogenesis from the amazing ANGIOGENESIS FOUNDATION in Boston, with its President Dr. William LI.

I also followed the advances on KETOGENESIS being made by Dr. Dominic D'AGOSTINO , Dr. Thomas SEYFRIED and Dr. Adrienne SCHECK , but also Dr. Colin CHAMP and MATTHEWSFRIENDS foundation, which has treated over 50 brain tumour patients with the ketogenic diet in their clinic.

I then took advice from world leading biologist Pr. Valter LONGO , with his latest research on FASTING based on a number of clinical trials at Norris hospital, CA, USA, conducted by Dr. Tanya DORFF . The whole process of which is overlooked by the medical director, oncologist David QUINN .

In Berlin, Germany, at Charité hospital, Dr. Andreas MICHALSEN is conducting a very large clinical trial on fasting.

But in France things have also been going forward... Doctors such as Guido KROEMER and Laurent SCHWARTZ have been conducting valuable research into cancer as a metabolic disease.

I have also come across Dr. Jean-Louis VIDALO and his pioneering work on spirulina with a high concentration of phycocyanin, which is about to be tested on cancer.

Having my back against the wall, I decided to use all of these different therapies in synergy, every day of my life. I still do so today. The results have been fantastic! I've had a clean bill of health since 2014, after initially receiving a very poor and alarming prognosis. 

The medical establishment as a whole has been so impressed that I was given the all clear to fly again.

So here I am, having regained my command back on the Boeing 777, on which I have flying been for a few years now.

But the real deal is THIS:

I managed to get in touch and have become friendly with all the top scientists and doctors who have been conducting these tests and clinical trials worldwide. 

I even went to see some of them so that they could show me what they are doing.

I decided to present this fantastic idea to them all... 

Since I have intensely been using their powerful research in synergy, and it looks like it is initiating a super powerful response from the body, I have invited them all to get together in Paris, to share their information and results, to come out with a super therapy, which can be used in conjunction with our known protocols.

The collective response has been incredible. Everyone thinks it is an amazing and pioneering idea, since it has never been done before. No doubt, mixing each different approach together will bring a much stronger medical response. This is what the participating scientists and doctors all think.

It has impressed our official medical authorities:

The Institut Gustave Roussy has asked to host the event;

The medical director of the institute, a Dutch physician, Pr. Alexander EGGERMONT, is very excited to fully participate. 

It is unreal... it all started with a crazy idea in the corner of my mind, and we now have a date set... September 21st 2017...and every scientist and doctor has responded positively. So far, they will be coming from the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, France and the UK.

But the interest is growing fast!

It is going to be bigger than I could ever have imagined.

It looks like everyone wants to hop on the train... or perhaps I should say on the plane! 

It has impressed Air France, which has also come on board. The company has accepted to help us in flying our 'dream team' of scientists and doctors in and out, but also wishes to get more actively involved in organizing the event.

In addition to having the participation of top international media, our idea is to invite great French chefs to promote the anti-angiogenic and ketogenic concepts.

We are also looking at having celebrities who support the concept, some having been personally involved already.

This means using one or two famous venues in Paris, which will complement the 'purely scientific day' to be held at Institut Gustave Roussy.

So what does this mean in concrete terms?

This means having between 15 - 20 world researchers spending 3 nights in a hotel.

This means organizing a WORLD EVENT to the immediate and rapid benefit of all other words, those of us who have been, who are currently or who are likely to be in the future.

The latest cancer figures are frightening: In the next 10 years, ONE in TWO people will get cancer in the US - but the rest of our modern world is catching up fast. 

The ANGIOGENESIS FOUNDATION is very clear on this - they have more than 40,000 medical experts working on the subject.

So what do I propose?


Everyone can help. Everyone can be part of our team for the benefit of ALL OF US, for our children and for future generations. It is a response to illness, but it is also an amazing preventative measure.

Everyone can learn from the findings. They are easily accessible to all and with great results. We need help to shift the minds of certain people. We need a mass of enthusiastic supporters for the benefit of all of us.

So what do we need to make this pioneering event a reality? 

Perhaps 100,000 € on top of what we will possibly get from initial sponsors.

We need to make this BIG!

We need to have the BEST media coverage

We need to be able to produce results... results coming from the different researchers and doctors, and results originating directly from the event itself, which can immediately provide a way forward for patients...

And perhaps we will raise even more... a lot more. It will depend upon your attitude, the sharing attitude. 

Share this page multiple times: on your social media, among your friends and families, and have them share it too.

I will have a single fundraising account, which will be looked after by my trusted bank manager - a person of absolute integrity who has helped me during my cancer journey.

Should we get more than what we need, the full excess amount will go to Valter LONGO's work on the effects of fasting used along with cancer protocols, and William LI's ANGIOGENESIS FOUNDATION, among possible others.

These pioneers are creating a revolution in the way in which cancer is treated, and they need OUR help.

Thank you for reading my story. Ultimately, I think it is everyone's story. I strongly believe that TOGETHER we can be a gigantic force in creating a revolution in the way in which we approach illness: before, during and after.

These are not my words... they are the words of our 'dream team' of scientists and doctors.

As the project takes shape, I will provide regular updates on our scientific progress.

Watch this space...!


We also have a facebook page. Please check out

P.S. For those who are interested, a book outlining my journey back to good health is currently being written. It is my wish to share my experiences with as many of you as possible.

Une version francaise adaptée...

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Ce résumé en français de mon incroyable aventure, qui est entrain de devenir NOTRE événement scientifique unique.

J'ai été touché par un cancer agressif du rein en 2003.
Stabilisé durant quelques années, j'ai rechuté en 2012, devenant très métastatique (compté jusqu'à 26 nodules cancéreux dans les poumons) avec un pronostique vital très défavorable.
Ayant été traité uniquement par la chirurgie, le Pr. Bernard ESCUDIER a pris le temps de m'écouter, même s'il était logiquement favorable à un traitement de fond.

Je suis guéri au jour d'aujourd'hui.

Ayant commencé mes propres recherches concernant les nombreuses avancées des traitements 'naturels' dès 2003, je me suis profondément intéressé à 3 approches particulières.

- L'anti-angiogénèse naturelle de la FONDATION ANGIOGÉNÈSE, mise en place il y a 24 ans par le Pr. William LI à Boston,
- l'approche CÉTOGÈNE, étudiée dans plusieurs centres de cancérologie mondiaux, testée avec succès sur plusieurs patients.
- les études du JEÛNE et ses résultats sur de nombreux patients dans certains centres de cancérologie dans certaines parties du monde.
Etudes lancées par Valter LONGO , le biologiste le plus avancé au monde sur la question.

À cela, j'ai ajouté l'utilisation d'une certaine forme de spiruline unique, sous forme liquide, à fort taux de phycocyanine, ce pigment unique aux bien-faits pour le moins surprenant.
Cette spiruline a été lancé par le Dr. Jean-Louis VIDALO, responsable des programmes au niveau mondial, au sein de l'ONU.

Tout ce que j'ai entrepris, est basé sur des recherches multiples, de longue durée, et concentré sur des essais cliniques.
Étant le dos au mur, ayant subi les pires operations et peu d'espoir de survie, je ne pouvais faire autrement que de m'appuyer sur des essais scientifiques uniquement.
Nous trouvons de nos jours, beaucoup de choses vantées ici et là, sans aucun résultats cliniques, et cela est clairement dangereux.

J'ai donc choisi, après de longs mois d'études, d'utiliser ces concepts en synergie, afin d'essayer d'augmenter leur efficacité générale.
Cela a interpellé beaucoup de monde, et surtout les scientifiques et médecins responsables de chacun de ces concepts dans ces différents endroits du monde.

J'ai décidé un matin, de me lancer dans une aventure folle, avec mes connaissances multiples de l'ensemble de ces approches.
L'aventure consistant à rapprocher chacun de ces chercheurs, et de les inviter à se rencontrer à Paris, afin que chacun présente ses avancées et résultats cliniques, et étudient les résultats d'une utilisation synergique, utilisation seule ou ajoutée à nos protocoles actuels, afin de les rendre plus efficace et protéger dans un même temps nos cellules saines.
Oui, il s'agit là d'une véritable révolution.

L'idée à tellement impressionné, que le principal centre de cancérologie en Europe, l'INSTITUT GUSTAVE ROUSSY à Villejuif, dont le directeur est un hollandais, le Pr. Alexander EGGERMONT , a demandé à organiser partiellement cet événement hors norme.
Le Pr. Bernard ESCUDIER de l'IGR également, responsable en France, des nouveaux protocoles de thérapies ciblées en particulier, sera le responsable de l'organisation dite scientifique de l'événement.
Je serai le co-organisateur, pour plusieurs raisons.

Certains sponsors ont émis la volonté de nous aider.
Le principal partenaire, sans aucun doute et pour des raisons de cœur, est la compagnie AIR FRANCE, qui nous aidera dans le transport des personnalités et l'organisation propre de l'événement.

J'ai lancé cette levée de fonds pour 3 raisons;

1/ nous aurons sûrement besoin d'un montant supérieur à ce à quoi nous avions pensé au tout début, car ma vision est celle de plusieurs de ces scientifiques; nous faisons cela pourquoi?
La réponse à tout de suite été évidente pour moi; il faut mettre en œuvre à court terme, une forme de protocole adaptable aux patients partout dans le monde. Cela ne pourra pas se faire sans prendre le temps d'échanger les donnés scientifiques de chacun.

2/ au-delà du montant global, nous aurons besoin de l'humain, je veux dire une marrée humaine élevant notre événement. C'est donc formidable qu'une personne puisse donner une montant important, mais 10€ est aussi très important. Cela représente 1 personne; chacune, chacun compte, cela est vraiment la clé.

3/ les résultats cliniques de chacun de ces concepts sont déjà remarquables, avec quelques fois peu de moyens. Il faudra poursuivre, tous auront besoin d'aide.
C'est aussi le but de ma levée de fonds.

Nous pourrons alors aider beaucoup de familles, et éviter beaucoup de drames humains, pour les patients eux-mêmes, mais aussi au sein de chaque cellule familiale trop souvent laissées à l'abandon, car le système actuel n'est pas construit pour cela.

Merci de m'avoir lu, il vous est aussi possible de cliquer sur les liens du text que j'ai présenté en langue anglaise. Dans tous les cas, allez voir qui sont tous ces chercheurs.

Merci de votre aide, quelle qu'elle soit, merci de votre soutien. Partagez et re-partagez.

Bien à vous

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Tanking up on positive energy for Thursday's conference...
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The countdown has begun...what began as the grain of an idea has now become reality and is taking place in Paris on 21 Sept. The money raised so far will go towards the global organisation of this pioneering event, but it is only the start. My goal, along with leading scientists, is to form an international team of patients who will work directly with the scientists for the benefit of millions of cancer sufferers. I thank you wholeheartedly for all contributions made to-date. Your money is being put to good use. Please keep donating... we are at the beginning of something BIG!

Photos and videos will be available on the Facebook page:
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A big thank you to journalist Marion Meiners for her incredible support of Rethinking Cancer 2017. Our story features in FOCUS, one of Germany's most influential magazines... we appear just behind Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin... It's not too late to join the campaign! All donations count...
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Very excited to announce the official programme for the 1st Rethinking Cancer scientific conference. Your support is helping to change lives and offer hope in the battle against this terrible disease... Thank you.
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Yane Alvarez Coer
14 months ago

bravo, et beaucoup d'espoirs pour tous ceux atteints

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Catherine Peterman
14 months ago

Bravo Jean Jacques...bons vols et des voeux très sincères pour ton projet

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Saskia Klijn
9 months ago

Bravo JJ, quelle force et détermination. Serai ravi de voler avec toi prochainement. Amicalement Saskia

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Nicolas Peigné
10 months ago
Marie-Agnes Horst
14 months ago

bravo JJ quelle superbe volonté ! je vous souhaite tout le succès que vous méritez ! amitiés à Heather

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Yves Ducommun
15 months ago

Well done JJ, we're behind you and you have our full support! Keep it up and all the best to you and Heather.

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€16,450 of €100,000 goal

Raised by 256 people in 15 months
Created March 2, 2017
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Yane Alvarez Coer
14 months ago

bravo, et beaucoup d'espoirs pour tous ceux atteints

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Catherine Peterman
14 months ago

Bravo Jean Jacques...bons vols et des voeux très sincères pour ton projet

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Saskia Klijn
9 months ago

Bravo JJ, quelle force et détermination. Serai ravi de voler avec toi prochainement. Amicalement Saskia

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Nicolas Peigné
10 months ago
Marie-Agnes Horst
14 months ago

bravo JJ quelle superbe volonté ! je vous souhaite tout le succès que vous méritez ! amitiés à Heather

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Yves Ducommun
15 months ago

Well done JJ, we're behind you and you have our full support! Keep it up and all the best to you and Heather.

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