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Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Need some fresh fundraising ideas for sports teams? Tired of car washes and bake sales? Try the winning strategy of raising money online with a sports fundraising website from GoFundMe! Get started now: Signing Up is Free!

Thousands of teams, athletes, parents, coaches, and sports clubs have run successful fundraising campaigns with GoFundMe that are free to set-up, easy to create, and ready to go in minutes!

Let’s face it, lots of traditional fundraising ideas for sports teams aren’t exactly a home run - you might spend hours baking cookies, washing cars, and selling products door-to-door, with little to show for it.

With GoFundMe, you can customize your own sports fundraising website and quickly send it out to friends, family, and fans using our built-in sharing tools. It’s easy to spread the word via email, post your fundraising link to Facebook and Twitter, and even embed your fundraiser on your team’s website or blog!

Stay in contact with your team’s supporters using the ‘Update’ feature and watch your team’s donations grow on the Goal Thermometer. You can even list specific items for your supporters to donate towards (new helmets, transportation to the tournament, uniforms, etc). Stop searching for old fundraising ideas for sports teams... Whether you are raising money for you or your child’s team or event, GoFundMe is the winning combination - simple, fast and effective!

Get started now: Signing Up is Free!

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