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Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Bring your unique fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Looking for fundraising ideas for individuals? Bring your fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start fundraising for individuals today!
GoFundMe is perfect for fundraising ideas for individuals! Whether you're raising money for yourself, friend or loved-one, GoFundMe is your one-stop online fundraising shop! Ready in minutes, with no up-front fees or commitments of any kind, your personal fundraising website from GoFundMe will have you raising money faster than ever.
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$3 Billion Raised!
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Most fundraising ideas for individuals involve making and selling things, planning special fundraising events, mailing checks, and investing you precious time and money. GoFundMe takes you beyond car washes, raffles, and benefits and finally demystifies the world of online fundraising...

Customize your personal GoFundMe fundraising website with colors, text, photos, and video and link it to your payment account to begin receiving online donations safely and securely.

Spread the word about your donation website via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more using our built-in sharing tools. And that's it! Your fundraiser is ready to go in a few simple steps without spending a penny! Already implementing traditional fundraising ideas for individuals? No problem - your existing campaign can be even more effective with a personal fundraising website. Keep in touch with supporters using our "Updates" feature.

Change your fundraising goal at any time, withdraw your money whenever you like, and run your fundraising campaign for as long or as little as you need - with a GoFundMe fundraising website, you're in charge!
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