Heals On Wheels Mobile Treatment

Please help me get a van that helps me help others better than ever by early 2017!

My name is Janet Kēvan but that's not really important, what I do and who I am is the important part.  I am the woman who stands, sits, holds and comforts another human being as they go through the process of dying.  I am the woman who drives to another state for a client; to advocate for their patient rights, to speak for those who have lost their voice, to bring calm and help reduce stress and anxiety to those faced with bad news.  The woman who shows up at a disaster albeit earthquake, fires, stand-offs or floods to administer a healing hand.  I am the woman that still makes house-calls and lugs her 60 pound table from the back of her mini-van to a room in someone's home or to the many, many veteran stand downs I attend.  Sometimes I spend days with a family or person, up to 18 hours at a time and then retire to my mini-van to eat, pray and sleep only to get up in the morning or in the middle of the night to do it again or hold someone as they take their final breath of life on earth. I am the woman who travels and holds ceremonies for unborn babies or for dead children no one claims.  I do this work without asking for anything in return and pay for it all with my limited personal income  because I am suppose to. It is sacred work and I am grateful for all I am and all the ways I am called (and able) to serve.

This movement is bigger than me. People need this support. That's why I've created the Heals-On-Wheels Mobile Treatment Center®. It's a nationwide endeavor  bringing healthcare/healing to the people:  Disaster response, group settings, folks unable to travel to an office.  It's the old fashioned house call.  Many people have started employing Alternative health care and even opting to give birth or die at home. Although we often see the dying, provided with hospice workers, we, at Heals On Wheels Mobile Treatment Center®, are different. We're supporting a person and their family through the entire dying process, dispelling fear by teaching things such as what the death rattle is.  We can spend up to 18 hours a day, sometimes for four or five days with a dying person; sitting, standing and holding someone until they expire.  It is imperative for a Practitioner to have a safe place to eat, sleep and pray, outside the home of the client.  Other times our Practitioner Specialists® get a call for help and proceed to someone's home only to find it might not be in their best interest to step inside; therefore they use their own, secure, space to treat the client. Often we group together with various healthcare practitioners, Doctors, EMT's, Physician Assistants, etc. and all travel together to veteran Stand-Downs, earthquake sites, forest fires where we set up a triage and treatment tents. 

Now let me tell you about my little mini-van - don't get me wrong - 'Clarabelle', my first 'Heals On Wheels Mobile Treatment Center® has served me very well indeed!  She's crossed the United States nine times, Canada twice and traveled to 34 states out of 50, from top to bottom, to do healing work and well - 'Clarabelle' is plum worn out and her owner, (me) has reached an age where I REALLY need to stand up to pull my pants down, change clothes or most of all stretch after sleeping in the chill.  It's getting harder and harder to sleep on the floor and eat food I try and keep fresh for days.  You see, 'Clarabelle' must be kept running for heat and power and we all know she just can't sit idle with the engine on for eight hours at a time, it makes her a little hot under the hood.  'Clarabelle' must retire.  I thought she might go a couple more times but she's just plain tuckered out and to make matters worse, while I was caring for someone, 'Clarabelle' was injured.  Someone smashed her windows and stole everything I had in my little mini-van home.  They even found the safe I had welded in, you know the one that housed my passport, cash and other valuables, such scoundrels, ergo my reason to reach out for help.

I would like to have funds by the end of this year/beginning of 2017 to purchase a: 

·  Sprinter van equipped with a living conversion (bed, bathroom, kitchen, table, etc.)
·  Hydraulic massage table that can easily go up and down for elderly (and for me too as my back gets older!)
·  Trailer to pull behind equipped with healing space
·  Hitch
·  Generator
·  Security system (I’m a woman possibly traveling alone after all!)
·  Cabinetry for storage

Yes, I'm asking for help and leaning so far over the edge of my comfort zone I feel another bout of vertigo coming on. I'd like to start the new year out with this new van! I want to put 'Clarabelle' out to pasture and in her place secure a van I can sleep, eat and pray safely in, with heat and air, a van that is better on fuel, one that has greater security, one I can stand up in and one with an adjustable table so I can practice inside of her. This new 'Heals-On-Wheels™ vehicle will become my Mobile Treatment Center™, making even more house-calls, responding to disasters, continuing my energy medicine work, my doula/advocacy work and will act as a place for instruction as I am mentoring a new generation of women practitioners to carry on this sacred work.
As you donate, please make certain I have your contact information as I am going to draw a donors’ name for a special blessing and just to make it really fun... as you donate, please vote by writing in the comment section, for the name and  color of our 1st Heals-On-Wheels Mobile Treatment Center™. The choices are:

Red         Orange           Yellow         Green        Blue             Indigo            Purple          White              Black

Please oh please, share your email so we can let you know when we raise enough funds to build our Heals-On-Wheels Mobile Treatment Center™ app so you will be able to follow her. You can read more about this and more projects my non-profit is raising money for at akindhumanco.com. Stay tuned and thank you, thank you so much.

Blessings of Enough; Love, Light and Peace,

Your humble servant,
Janet M. Kēvan
"My every inspiration is God's exhalation" ©


Jan Kevan
Columbus, OH

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