I am self a employed spiritual educator, award winning pod cast host and author Awo Faleyewa , I wrote the book "Gathering Bones: A Journey Through Ancestral Healing". This story is a call to courage. I share with you my story of pain, loss, betrayal, and triumph. Finding your power is gathering your bones, it is gathering your spiritual strength. In this life we will be met with obstacles. Through the obstacles we discover who we are. Traversing through trauma and pain caused me to turn into the person who abuses the power. I had to unlearn patterns that I created to survive.

This book is my sacred text. You will experience my birth, death, inner and outer transformation, and multiple rebirths that lead to the fulfillment of my potential. How I managed to get through it all is where the mystery lies. The answers lie in my bones.

We can overcome anything by finding power and reclaiming our power. There are many ways to fulfill your destiny and find happiness. There is no right or wrong. There is only what is effective and this way was effective. This book is meant to inspire and give hope to those who have lost direction. This is my legacy. We all deserve a great life, an abundant life, even when faced with adversity. We are warriors, we persevere. Let’s gather the bones and go on a journey of ancestral healing with me.

Thank you for supporting my dreams and my legacy. May the blessings come back to you 10-fold!
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Gathering Bones : A Journey Through Ancestral Healing
Excerpt from Chapter 1 Part 2

My family lived in a railroad-era apartment. It was infested with roaches, as was the entire neighborhood. In order to keep my brother and me healthy, my mother was always cleaning. Having friends around was exciting, but I was embarrassed when the roaches would crawl on them. One morning, my Barbie collection and dream house had all been infested. I was always embarrassed when I hosted a sleepover. The ceiling in the kitchen would be covered with roaches when my mother cooked breakfast for us. My mother would spray roach spray and slap her house shoes against the floor and walls to prevent the roaches from getting to the food on the stove as I ushered my friends into the living room. It was a constant battle. Since they had roaches in their home, my friends understood and never judged me. This is the root cause of my cockroach phobia. There was no turning back from that point on. I wanted everything to be better than it was before because I didn't ever want to go back to the time when I lived among roaches, where they lived with me. It was common for me to lie awake late at night thinking about how I wanted my life to be. It was not uncommon for me to cry in my bed, wishing that things were different and that we had more . One night there was a violent thunderstorm. It was a hot summer night. We didn't have air conditioning. We had small plastic fans with loud motors and thin cotton sheets, it was too hot to have a heavier soft blanket that brought me comfort. In my room, while watching the storm, I kept my eyes glued to this mirror on the wall. It was one of those ugly mirrors with a clown painted on it that were popular in the 1980s. There were gold butterflies fluttering away from the clown's sad face. Some of the wings of the butterflies were missing from the gold decals. I began to see the clown moving in the lightning strikes. I stared into the clown mirror waiting to see if it moved again. Initially, I thought it was just my imagination, but I was wrong. A strawberry shortcake canopy loomed above me. Just staring at the strawberries in the pretty flowers would make me feel better, and safer. As I continued to stare into the canopy, I began to see a face emerge. A man's face with a long beard but made of a clear plasma-like substance. Despite the fact that the face was being covered in flowers and strawberries, I can still make out their shapes. After a while, my body began to feel light, as if I were floating in the air. In fact, I was intrigued! The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a long gold table, surrounded by a group of people. Large fruits and golden chalices adorned the table. On the other side of the table, the man was incredibly tall. This is the tallest man I've ever seen. His midnight black skin was glistening. Red, black, and gold garments adorned him. They were ornate and extravagant. "Daughter, this will all be yours in this life," he said, gesturing to the luxury on the table. Gold coins, fruit, and vegetables lined my right and left. It was filled to the brim with gold fruits and vegetables, gold candelabras, and glistening jewels, all of which were mine. "Who are you,?" I was curious and simply asked. "I am the one who has opened your roads. I am the one who bestows you with all of this abundance in this lifetime. You won't be depressed, you'll be happy. Give us some time. Your power is greater than you think, daughter. You must learn so that you can enjoy everything."
The scene changed instantly. I opened my eyes and I was levitating. My mother was praying for me gently pressing my abdomen to bring me back down. Upon realizing that I was only a few inches from my bed, I panicked and fell back into my body, and experienced gravity.
My mother did not send me to school the next morning. We made our way to the family spiritualist's house on the other side of Brooklyn. Lucy was her given name. She was a master healer and a Lucumi priestess. I loved going to Lucy's house because I always learned so much about spirits and the Orisha. She taught me spell magic and candle magic. When we arrived at Lucy's house, my mother explained that I had been levitating in my bed the night before. I told Lucy what I saw and who I was with in my dreams. Elegua, the Orisha of the Crossroads, was immediately recognized by her. “You have been blessed with an abundant life, but there will be many obstacles before you can receive Elegua's gifts.” I was only four years old, so I didn't understand much. What I did realize was that I could communicate with spirits and wasn't afraid of them. They responded to me succinctly. Even as a four-year-old, I was aware that I was different from everyone around me.
Gathering Bones: A Journey Through Ancestral Healing Available December 26th, 2021
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