Fundraiser to Support the Mulherin/Paquette Family

Many of you will have heard the tragic news of the passing of pioneering Toronto gallerist Katharine Mulherin on Sunday, July 14th.  Katharine was a force of vibrant life, a loving and proud mother to her two sons Jasper and Satchel, and a friend and inspiration to many.

Her boundless passion for art, her support of artists, and her considerable contributions to the Toronto art world are remarkable and indisputable.  Queen Street West would undeniably look very different today without Katharine's 20-year commitment through her numerous galleries, to say nothing of her many international projects.

A recent undiagnosed mental illness robbed her of her fighting spirit.

While Katharine’s death marks the end of her journey, it is only the beginning of a very long, painful, and challenging road ahead for her family.  They will need help with all the associated costs of losing a loved one and to ensure a more secure future for Jasper and Satchel.  They will need a new home and ongoing therapy to help them cope with and process this loss in a healthy manner.   Above all, as we struggle to heal in the aftermath of this devastating mental health tragedy, there is the heartbreaking reality that Katharine is no longer here to provide for her children.

The family is grateful to everyone who has reached out thus far and asked how they can help.  This GoFundMe campaign has been created to offer concrete financial support to her family.  Please share widely.  With the love, strength, and generosity of family, friends, and the extended art community, please contribute and support this effort as you are able.

About the organizer:  For those of you who don’t know me, I am one of Paco’s best friends and have known him for nearly 35 years.  I have known Jasper and Katharine since they came into Paco’s life in 2002 and Satchel since before he was born.  I have organized this campaign on their behalf with input from Katharine’s close friends Erin Stump and Roberta McNaughton.  This Gofundme is for the family's sole benefit and the family alone will have access to the proceeds.  The funds will be used at their discretion; in conversations with the family in recent days, foreseeable expenses specifically identified have included cremation, grief counselling, new housing, and education and vocational training for Jasper and Satchel.

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