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JOIN US in creating another first in history.
RADICAL TRANSPARENCY 100% of first $9,000 raised by 7/30/2019 will support EQUAL PAY for women competing @PuertoEscondidoCup 2019. Be part of the BIG WAVE for EQUITY that started at Mavericks.
CURRENTLY female competitors stand to earn $0.36 on the dollar compared to men, when there’s a women’s division at all. In others words, a winner in the women’s division earns $2,500 while a winner in the men’s division earns $7,000. Our BIG WAVE for EQUITY goal is for a bigger win for all!
PuertoEscondidoCup2019 will be the 1st international big wave surf competition to offer a women’s division with equal pay - outside the U.S., voluntarily, not mandated by law, creating a bigger win for all.

My personal FEELINGS about 36 cents on the dollar?
When things get hard, what reenergizes me is imagining the positive impact we will create for kids. Possibilities I imagined when I was 7 turned into tough realities in my teens. It has never been ok with me that girls working their hearts out and achieving the same wins earn less than boys. My dream for kids now is to be able to focus strictly on performance and not have to worry about equal pay and inclusion. With your support we grow stronger and more becomes possible. Thank you, every little bit helps in support of equal pay and opportunity for everyone. #viva! - Bianca Valenti

Beyond meeting our goal, money will support female and male athletes equally.


“Equal pay in a sporting event here in Mexico?! I feel loss at words because it blows my mind and gives me goosebumps at the same time. It’s outstanding, unheard of, hopeful, a milestone for our society.
I want every woman and man, every boy and girl in this country to be a witness to this.  To be aware of it, because it will initiate a change of thinking in their minds: an eye opener to what is possible.
This shall be a spark plug to a chain reaction we really need in our society. It will encourage women to appreciate the value of their daily efforts and strengthen their self esteem.
It will open young girls minds to pursue their dreams, work hard and invest in their future, because they can believe that they WILL be rewarded; according to achievements not gender.” 
              ~ Isa Leonhardt ~ Mexico

“Big Wave events for male and female are super important.  To me is a pathway of motivation for the athletes and can open opportunity for everyone.  Competing is also a way how many surfers make a living. Surfing competition is a motivational for the new generations.  In short words also brings good economics for the communities.”
~ Coco Nogales ~ Mexico

"In most events men get more prize money than women, it's funny (sarcasm) because we both surf the same place and spend the same money."
~ Maya Larripa ~ Mexico

"We fought so hard for equal pay and we are trying to make this the standard. I would love to go to Puerto and compete, I love that wave but I don’t want to have to go backwards on the equal pay initiative and have to compromise my integrity.  Also want to set an awesome precedent in Mexico where women on average make so much less than men. I think it would be so rad to have an equal pay event, especially in South America, so let's do this!"
~Keala Kennelley ~ Hawaii

All funds will be initially deposited to the Super Sessions trust account for competition prize money.

We’re looking for individual contributions and relationships with potential sponsors.

Donate any amount and #viva! to be a part of this movement!

Social channels? #viva!

APPRECIATION for the organizers and local community.  
The 2019 Puerto Escondido Cup is the only big wave competition this summer with a women's division! Thank you for including us and being supportive and open to exploring crowdfunding. 


NYTIMES Magazine 



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Bianca Valenti
San Francisco, CA

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