Rev. Bev's Mobile Ministry 2016-20

Hello Dear Friends! Well we're into April 2020 and it's been quite A journey with this crazy virus! Help us Jesus! Preparing to head out into the streets as soon as they release the stay-at-home order will be doing social distancing and taking precautions with gloves and masks as the Lord leads. Please be in prayer for the precious precious People we minister to out on the streets of St Paul Eastside. Costs still continue whether we're on the street or not. Pray about helping! thank you for the continued support over all the years may God continue to bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and may you have His Shalom Peace✝ to God be the Glory! Rev Bev

 2020! Another Glorious Year for our Jesus!! So excited to be heading out onto the Streets of St Paul Starting  Sunday April 26th 2020! Being the Heart, hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and hurting World.  We will be heading out Last Sunday of each month for the following months: April, June, July,  August, September , October and November. GOD WILLING! To share His love with Beautiful Garments of Praise to those in need! To Declare the Love of Jesus for all and Minister to any that desire! All monies gifted go to keeping us on the Streets!  Not a 501C3.  Monies gifted through snail mail have been deducted from budget already! It's all for JESUS. Taking care of the Storage Unit, the Glory Van, Insurance, Bibles,  tracts, ink, hand outs, bags, water , fuel,  two new canopies and t-shirts  etc. I am so THANKFUL to be heading into our 5th Season of Sharing His love to the People! Pray and come along as the Lord Leads you!  ALL FOR HIS GLORY! Rev Bev ! 

Thank you Alll! My Name is Rev Bev Jackson from St Paul MN and all monies gifted here go to keep FOR HIS GLORY MOBILE MINISTRIES on the Streets for Jesus!  We have a storage unit to keep the clothes in and A Glory Van! The budget is included in previous posts. We we expanded this year to Friday Night Fire Also!
TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Thank you all so much for your gifts! The Glory Van has a new battery! Storage rent is covered through the end of the year! We have finished exceedingly above what was asked for!! Going to get some much needed work on the van with the overflow! Thank you Jesus and thank you all so very very much! The Fruit of this ministry is to your account also. Every life touched by the Beautiful Hand of Jesus ! Every Salvation! Every Baptism of the Holy Spirit! Every Healing! Every Prayer prayed! Every hug given through us from Jesus. We are His heart and hands and feet to a lost and dying world. We give them HIS HOPE. The Love of Jesus poured out /The River of God flowing into the People that come. HalleluYah. For eternity! We continue to pray His Presence on the clothing. Garments of Praise for the spirit of heaviness! God is able and willing! Thank you all again so very much for standing with me and this ministry. ITS ALL FOR GOD'S GLORY! Love you. Rev Bev

What a Glorious and  Mighty season this has been for Jesus!! We've seen people Accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Receive new Hunger for the things of God!! We saw the heavens explode with the glory and fire of God I've never seen anything like it. Thank you Jesus! What an honor it is to partner with The Ministers God brings alongside and with you. We are the Heart,  hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and dying world. We bring His love. His hope. His power . We clothe them with garments of His beauty that you have all given! Garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  Thank you. Please consider helping as the Lord leads



Here we are in the Middle of July 2019 Already! Wow~ It has been such a great Year for Jesus and the Ministry! Thank you again for all your help over the years! We have been out for the Clothing Outreach (Monthly) Since April! Some of the same families that are so poor come, New People Come and New Immigrants from Burma come. They are the Karen People. We are so blessed to be the Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus to a hurting world.  We have been going out on Friday Nights also ministering to those that would come! Praying, Worshiping , Jesus IS LORD over St Paul. At times you can see the Heavens Open and We get a glimpse of His Glory! Lives are being changed for Him. Please pray and see what the Lord would have you do! Your continued support keeps the Storage unit covered, van going, insurance needs covered etc.  I am so excited for July's Outreach!  How blessed are we that we can say HERE I AM SEND ME!!  IT's ALL FOR JESUS! Love you! Rev Bev XXXXOOO


Praise God! Lives are being changed for God's Glory! Such an exciting time ! Will you pray about helping? Thank you for your past support and prayers! God has expanded our borders. We are meeting every Friday Night now and continue with Once a Month Clothing outreach the Last Sunday of each month through November! We are changing Lives for the Kingdom of our God! I AM SO EXCITED! Love you all ! Please remember that I am not a 5013c. It is Jesus and me and those He brings alongside! If you would like to send a gift via mail please make checks out to Rev Bev Jackson 2755 Rice Street #512 Roseville, MN 55113. All gifts go to cover the expenses of the Ministry! ALL FOR HIS GLORY!




Glory to God! April 2019 Street Outreach was so wonderful! A young man named Ken received Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Please keep him and all in prayer! Through your helping we have ministered to hundreds of People with the Love of Jesus! I need your help to continue. This ministry is supported 100% by the Lord through each of you! So very excited to be back on the Streets for Jesus! We are also doing Friday Night Fire thru the end of July along with The Last Sunday of each month giving out the LOVE OF JESUS with Preaching, Clothing and prayer. If you would like to send a gift by mail make check out to Reverend Beverly Jackson 2755 Rice Street #512 Roseville, MN  55113  > We are not a 501c3. Here are some pictures from April 2019 Outreach! Please keep us in prayer also for Holy Spirit filled love, physical strength and protection. Thanks so much! Love you all! Rev Bev11272531_1557927411258461_r.jpeg11272531_1557927441213329_r.jpeg11272531_1557927467444760_r.jpeg11272531_1557927521548732_r.jpeg

Getting ready to hit the streets for Jesus for the 2019 Season! Halleluyah! Thank you all for  your continued gifts of support. It's all for Jesus! Pictures to follow soon. Keep us in prayer! Pray for all Beautiful People the Lord will draw. Thank you!

Glory to God! Through the Lord and through your help we were able to go and Minister the Love of Jesus out at the Union Gospel Mission! The Word of God was preached and the men were ministered to with the Love of Jesus. We had brand new gloves/hats/hand warmers and fresh fruit. Also all the gently used Winter Coats /hats/gloves and socks that were given. One man's shoulder was healed from all pain. THANK YOU JESUS! I need your help /gifts to cover expenses for upcoming March. February is good. THANK YOU JESUS! and thank you all again! . Some of the gifts received are designated for certain items, like gloves, hand warmers etc and do not go to expenses. We will be out on the streets again starting monthly in April thru November. Need to continue covering the storage unit for the clothing, van insurance and fuel. I am out taking care of the Glory Van daily! It is ALL FOR HIS GLORY! Thank you People . I love you all. Jesus loves you more! XXXXOOOO Rev Bev
PS.Your gifts (not a 501c3) can also be mailed made out to REV BEV JACKSON 2755 Rice Street #512  Roseville, MN  55113  

Happy and Blessed New Year!! I am getting ready to go and minister to the Homeless at Union Gospel Mission on Sunday January 27, 2019. God is faithful! I need your help/gifts to continue! Rev Bev's FOR HIS GLORY has expenses year round. My last update includes them. Pray and see if you are to help. Thank you for standing with me and this Ministry over the years! IT IS ALL FOR HIS GLORY! Love you! Rev Bev

11272531_1548355452383736_r.jpeg11272531_1548355469315773_r.jpeg11272531_1548355485157575_r.jpegHere I am... Send me............

So Excited to see what God does in 2019! What a wonderful Year for Him in 2018. We are still going strong for Jesus. Thank you ALL for keeping us on the Streets to Minister the love of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. Jesus is the Answer to ALL.  Here is the 2019 Budget, I have just added to the current campaign. GOD IS FAITHFUL. IT'S ALL FOR HIS GLORY !!Rev Bev
FOR HIS GLORY 2019 Needs! Thank you JESUS!
Storage unit 12 months $165.00 monthly   $       1,980.00
Van Insurance 12 months $43.00                     $          516.00
AAA Yearly                                                                     $             90.00
Van Tabs Yearly                                                            $             53.00
Fuel 40 x12                                                                     $          480.00
Yearly Van Maintenance                                         $          200.00
Misc costs, bags for people, water, etc           $          100.00
     TOTAL NEEDS FOR 2019                                 $       3,419.00

Just a reminder- Not a 501c3.  IT'S ALL FOR HIS GLORY! 

GLORY TO GOD! We have reached the Financial needs for 2018!! Thank you JESUS and THANK YOU ALL for helping us stay on the Streets ministering the Love of Jesus to those less fortunate! !  Jesus loves them so!  Father God has met the needs exceedingly , abundantly over ALL That we could have asked for! Through you all.  Looking at a new battery for the van. We will be going out to Minister on the Streets again on the Last Sunday in  November. Please Pray for all the Families we minister to on a continuous basis. pray for the New People coming in. ALSO PRAY NO  SNOW!   :)  This year is the year of Firsts! First largest group of  Salvations ever! First time going out so late in the Season! In December we will be going out to the Mission.  Will be posting the  financial needs  for 2019 soon.  Please keep praying. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH> JESUS LOVES YOU MORE! Rev Bev Rev Bev's FOR HIS GLORY is almost there!!!! Thanks to God and to you! We need $259 a month and  $1,295 to keep us going thru December 2018.  We have ministered to so many Families and individuals already this year with the love of JESUS. Will  you help put your hand to the plow?  We need your help!! This ministry is sustained by what God puts on your hearts. All gifts/monies go directly to expenses.  THANK YOU FOR ALL  YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS. GOD IS FAITHFUL! 


Glory to GOD! June 2018 was the most Glorious Time on the Streets For Jesus! We ministered to over 137 People/total family count! God brought the Nations! One young woman accepted Jesus as her Savior. We prayed with all who needed/wanted prayer. We loved them all with His Love. What we do matters to God! He loves the poor! Rev Bev needs your help to continue covering the Expenses ! You are joining  in Spreading the Love of Jesus Christ to the hurting, the broken, the Poor. IT MATTERS!  Thank you! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!11272531_1530725737533564_r.jpeg11272531_1530725750477420_r.jpeg11272531_1530725767916715_r.jpeg

Halleluyah! God is so FAITHFUL! Our First Outreach was so wonderful! One young man received Jesus as His Saviour and Lord! and went away with prayer and beautiful clothing!! We ministered to about 75 Wonderful People yesterday! total family count.Thank you all for all your support and prayers! $258 is needed every month to support this ministry! $165 for Storage for the clothing, $53.00 for Van insurance and $40 for fuel! This is bare bones! God always makes a way thru you! SO THANK YOU. Looking forward to the next outreach in May!!

Dear Friends, Family and Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Rev Bev needs your help! This is our 3rd year going out into the streets! Thank you so much for all your previous help! It takes prayers, hard work and money to do ministry! The yearly costs for Rev Bev are $2802.25 This is the original GoFundMe so I have added the yearly cost. Halleluyah! I am not supported by any group only you! God is able!
Heading back onto the streets next month and there are costs to running this ministry! I rely solely on the Lord putting it on your precious hearts to help Minister the Love of Jesus out on the streets of St Paul East Side! We minister to about 300 or so each year. Please pray and Help as the Lord Leads. I have included the costs monthly/yearly for the ministry. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE! IT'S ALL FOR HIS GLORY!
The costs of the Ministry are as follows:
Storage Rental (where the donations of clothing are stored and the sorting is done) $165.00
Van Insurance $53.00
WINTER TOTAL Monthly Costs $ 218.00

April- October:
Storage Unit $165.00
Ministry outreach refreshments for Workers $20.00
Fuel $40.00
OUTREACH SEASON: Total Monthly Costs $225.00

Yearly Costs:
Tabs for Van $52.25
AAA $35.00
Van maintenance $ 50.00 (Just oil change) does not count any unexpected repairs.

Please Pray regardless if you are able to give! The Ministry is not a 5013c so there is not tax deduction. You are helping to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world. We minister to the working poor, the homeless and to those in need. Rev Bev needs your help! This ministry is solely funded by your love for Jesus, the lost and hurting and your Financial Support!

I am looking for any amount of help to continue the Ministry. Please pray! Any amount is welcome! You can give by Snail Mail: Checks made out to Reverend Beverly Jackson 2755 Rice Street #512, Roseville MN 55113

Or You can give via GoFundme:

Thank you so much for your Prayers! Your Love! And Your Support as we take the LOVE OF JESUS into the Streets of St Paul, MN

Halleluyah! We have purchased the Van, Insurance, tables, 30 bins, dolley, clothes racks, signage and a canopy! We also took the van in for repairs to be winterized! Thank you!

We have ministered to the Eastside of St Paul 7 months straight! Helping many with the Love of Jesus! Giving out Food and clothing and prayer! Check out pictures on my facebook page: Album Rev Bev

Rev Bev is in need of monthly support! It is  $200 a month for insurance, storage, fuel .

Please help as the Lord leads. You may also donate by snail mail. Reverend Bev Jackson 2755 Rice Street Apt. 512, Roseville, MN 55113

We are not a 501c3. :) 

Thank you SO MUCH as you partner again with Rev Bev For His Glory Mobile Ministry! To GOD BE THE GLORY!


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