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Creative Fundraising Ideas

Bring your creative fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute!

Looking for creative fundraising ideas? Bring your creative fundraising ideas to life in less than a minute using GoFundMe. Sign up for free and start fundraising today!
Every day we see thousands of creative fundraising ideas come to life. The GoFundMe community has experienced major success raising money for travel costs, school tuition, medical expenses, creative projects like music albums, film production, and more.
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$3 Billion Raised!
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We've put together this list of creative fundraising ideas to show some of the ways people use our personal fundraising campaigns to achieve their dreams and get help paying for unexpected life expenses. Our simple, easy-to-use fundraising campaigns have helped regular people raise over 600 million dollars for the things that matter to them most.

Take one quick look at our Travel & Adventure category, and you'll find hundreds of people raising money for travels abroad. Thinking of testing your limits and hiking the Appalachian trail? Climbing Half-Dome in California? Eating authentic pad thai in Thailand? Some GoFundMe users even request mailing addresses from donors so they can send unique and personal gifts from their travels as thanks! Nothing says "Thank you for your support" like a postcard from the plains of Africa!

Making a difference can be expensive! With a personal donation fundraising campaign, you can easily raise money to volunteer abroad, take part in a medical mission, or help people in your local community. To get inspired, take a look at the most recent Volunteer and Service campaigns and see the amazing ways people are using personal fundraisers to make a huge impact in communities all around the world.

Whether you're trying to grow your family through adoption or IVF, or simply bring your family together for the holidays, a personal donation fundraising campaign is one of the most effective creative fundraising ideas. Find out how this family raised over $10,000 to grow their family with a personal donation fundraising campaign.

Creative Arts, Music, and Film
There are dozens of creative fundraising ideas for musicians, filmmakers and performing artists here on GoFundMe. Pay for studio time with the help of your biggest fans - you can even collect mailing addresses to send them an early release of the album! Producing a play or dance performance? Use GoFundMe to help raise the money you need to make it a hit! To get inspired and see real campaigns raising money for creative projects, head over here.

Animals & Pets
Raise money to adopt a furry friend, get help with vet bills and vaccinations, or spaying and neutering costs for a rescue. Thousands of amazing, heartwarming animals and pets are now receiving the care they need as a result of successful fundraising campaigns on GoFundMe. We recently watched a community in Illinois come together to save Cache Creek Animal Rescue, with thousands of donors raising almost $80,000!

Whether your team needs help to enter the big competition, or you need an easy way to collect this season's signup fees, our easy-to-use fundraising websites make it simple for one athlete or the whole team.

A great creative fundraising idea is to make each team member a "Wishlist" item, and supporters can choose to contribute to a specific team member. This allows each player to get credit for their donations but all of the funds are collected into one account. See what we mean here.

Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, Olympics Tryouts - we've seen successful fundraising campaigns for all of the above. Get a personal online donation website started for your sports team today, it's free to sign up!

We're always amazed at what the GoFundMe community is able to accomplish with the help of friends and family. Signing up is always free, and takes less than a minute. Get started putting your own creative fundraising ideas into action - you'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to get going!

Start a campaign for yourself or a loved one in under a minute, and get the word out by sharing on social media, or inviting email contacts to support your campaign using our built-in sharing tools.
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