Donate to Hurricane Delta Relief Fundraisers

Another devastating hurricane has left parts of the Gulf Coast ravaged by strong winds and flooding. This time, Hurricane Delta has left hundreds of thousands without power and scrambling to pick up the pieces in Louisiana. In response, people across the country have launched fundraisers to help those affected by the devastation., the company’s charitable and advocacy arm, has the ongoing Hurricane Relief Fund to offer support to those in need. When donors contribute to the Fund, GoFundMe.Org selects and distributes donations to verified fundraisers and organizations. Donate to Hurricane Delta fundraisers today to help those in Louisiana recover and rebuild.


How you can support victims of Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta’s strong winds and heavy rains have damaged thousands of homes and businesses, forcing residents to flee their homes once again—many of whom are still recovering from previous hurricanes. In response, people have launched fundraisers to help those affected by the devastation. 

To make it easier for people to find and support those in need, GoFundMe has launched a centralized hub for verified fundraisers providing help to those affected by Hurricane Delta. The hub will be regularly updated with new fundraisers that have been verified by our Trust & Safety team. All fundraisers are backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which ensures that all funds go to the right place.

Up-to-date information on Hurricane Delta

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