National Song / Chanson nationale

$11,570 of $15k goal

Raised by 192 people in 2 months
Jeanette Arsenault  Belleville, ON
(photo by Imagine Photography Belleville ©2017)

(Pour texte français, SVP voir ci-dessous)

So many people have told me that they think "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" should be our 2nd national anthem.  Well, we have a great national anthem so why not make it our national song!  

Here is a link to the original version:  
This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada

With "Your Help," it could easily happen and what better way to launch it nationally then in 2017 for Canada 150! 

(Logo by Barb Neri ™2016)


Re-record "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” with Canadian singers who have a combined 6 Grammy & 13 Juno Awards
4 musicians with combined projects including Great Big Sea, Corey Hart, Rita McNeil, Holly Cole, Alan Frew, Seals & Crofts, etc
Dynamic youth choir
Indigenous dancer

New music video directed by Canadian Randall Dark” (Willy Nelson, Lyle Lovett, etc)
Proceeds from the project will be donated to registered Canadian charities

"This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" represents everything Canadian and reflects our great sense of pride and the intensity of all that makes our nation great!  My performances of this song for the Canadian Olympic Team in Salt Lake City (2002) and Athens, Greece (2004), as VIA Rail's Artist on Board from Toronto to Vancouver and at multiple venues nationally, were inspiring and were passionately embraced by all of the audiences.

(Nia Vardalos, emcee/animatrice & I sang/J'ai chanté "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" for/pour Canadian Olympic Team,/Equipe olympique canadienne,  Athens /Athènes 2004)

A team of multiple award-winning music industry professionals and session musicians have lined up to participate in a world-class recording of the song and to create a professional music video production, that will make this song all that it should be.  Including a soon-to-be-announced multi-Juno Award winner who will sing lead.

(Sir John A MacDonald statue unveiling/Dévoilement de la statue de L'Hon. John A. MacDonald, Picton, ON photo: ©2015 )

I am fortunate to have two key people come on board.  One is music industry consultant Don Coleman of  A/R Group International.  He is endorsed by Gordon Lightfoot, acknowledged by the Jeff Healey estate and recognized by AC/DC and will be coordinating many aspects of the project, including utilizing the expertise of his team on the production of the sound recording, as well as publicity and charitable elements of the campaign.

Also on board is Randall P. Dark — writer, director, producer, documentary filmmaker & pioneer of HDTV whose credits include “Fast From The Past", “Angels Sing” starring Harry Connick Jr. and “Makarios: A Rising Tide” documentary about a school in The Dominican Republic to name a few. He has also worked on music videos with Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett & many others.

Any contribution, big or small, is welcomed and will help this project take flight. Everyone who contributes will receive a specially packaged limited-edition personally autographed CD single of the brand new version of "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" that includes all four versions of the song:  English, French, Bilingual and the bonus "instrumental performance track" version for you and your family and friends to sing along with.

(Canada Day/Jour du Canada à Picton ON
photo: Norma Langrish ©2010)

Please "Go Fund Me" and contribute to this project, so that all of us can be Dream Team Canada to make this dream become a reality and help the song shine, like it deserves.

(cartoon/bande dessinée:  Ray Stone ©1999)

Many of you have embraced my passion throughout this musical journey by sharing the song, singing the song and even sending me videos of your children performing the song!

(Olympic Torch Relay/Relais de la flamme olympique,  Picton ON  photo: Jessica Mulholland ©2009)

Now is the time to take the song to the next level!

Let's all share this patriotic energy with our friends, family and colleagues to create Canada's second anthem, in conjunction with the 2017 Canada 150 celebrations, throughout the year.

(HMCS Preserver:  adopted "This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" as their official ship's song when overseas/adopté  la chanson comme leur chanson officielle à l'étranger, 1992)

This song was written from the center of my heart for all Canadians.  Please join our team and let us each proudly proclaim “This Is My Canada”! 
(Whistler, BC/C.-B. Photo:   P. Chorney @2014)

In the spirit of Canada, proceeds from this song will be donated to multiple accredited local, regional and national charities.

Jeanette Arsenault


(photo by Imagine Photography Belleville ©2017)

Une chanson nationale pour célébrer le Canada 150 — Une initiative dont les recettes seront remises à des organismes de charité

À plusieurs reprises, beaucoup de gens m'ont dit que " This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" pourrait facilement devenir un second hymne du Canada.  Nous avons un bel hymne national alors pourquoi pas une chanson nationale!  Et quel meilleur moment que pour le lancer à l'échelle nationale en 2017 pour le Canada 150.

La toute nouvelle version va inclure des artistes canadiens qui ont gagné 6 prix Grammy & 13 prix Juno entre eux.

Les musiciens sur ce projet ont travaillé pour des artistes emblématiques canadiens comme Big Sugar, Ian Tyson, Great Big Sea, Corey Hart, Seals & Crofts, Holly Cole, Rita McNeil, Alan Frew & Billy Newton-Davis pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns.

"This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" évoque  tout ce qui est canadien et reflète la fierté intense que nous éprouvons pour notre grand pays. J’ai interprété cette chanson sur plusieurs scènes au pays, de même que dans le cadre d’événements internationaux, par exemple lors de spectacles pour les athlètes olympiques canadiens, aux Jeux de Salt Lake City (2002) et aux Jeux d’Athènes (2004). J’ai aussi fait connaître cette chanson en tant qu’invitée de VIA Rail’s Artist on Board, de Toronto à Vancouver. Chaque fois, "This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" a reçu un accueil vibrant et chaleureux.

(photo collage Salt Lake City, UT ©2002)

Mon projet est de produire un enregistrement de qualité professionnelle de cette chanson et , dans un esprit communautaire typiquement canadien,  toutes les recettes issues de cette initiative seront remises à des organismes de charité de niveau national.

Pour mener ce projet, j’ai la chance de compter sur la collaboration de deux personnes clés talentueuses :

L'un est un consultant de l'industrie de la musique, Don Coleman, d'A / R Group International. Il est approuvé par Gordon Lightfoot, reconnu par la succession de Jeff Healey et reconnu par AC / DC et coordonnera de nombreux aspects du projet, y compris l'utilisation de l'expertise de son équipe sur la production de l'enregistrement sonore, ainsi que la publicité.

Il est également à bord de Randall P. Dark - scénariste, réalisateur, producteur, documentariste et pionnier de la TVHD, dont les titres incluent "Fast From The Past", "Angels Sing" avec Harry Connick Jr. et "Makarios: A Rising Tide" (une école en République Dominicaine) pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Il a également travaillé sur des vidéos de musique avec Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett et beaucoup d'autres. Http://

Toute contribution, grande ou petite, est la bienvenue. Chaque contributeur recevra un CD autographié de l’auteure comprenant quatre versions de la chanson : anglaise, française, anglaise et française, et instrumentale.

(photo Imagine Photography Belleville ©2017)

J’ai écrit "This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" avec mon cœur pour tous les Canadiens et les Canadiennes.  Plusieurs d’entre vous avez déjà ressenti la passion qui m’anime et qui émane de cette chanson.  Vous avez contribué à faire connaître la chanson, vous l’avez chantée, vous m’avez même transmis des vidéos de vos enfants interprétant "This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada"! 

Joignez-vous maintenant à notre « Équipe de rêve Canada » pour que cette chanson puisse rayonner comme elle le mérite!

Partageons cette énergie patriotique avec nos familles et nos amis afin de permettre à "This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada" de devenir un second hymne du Canada, à l’occasion des célébrations de Canada 150.

S’il-vous-plaît, donnez pour que ce projet prenne vie!

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Update 19
Posted by Jeanette Arsenault
8 days ago
Phase 1:  Go Fund Me Goal:  $10,000
Record This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada with Lead Singers who have a combined 6 Grammy and 13 Juno Awards

COMPLETED — Go Fund Me TOTAL:  $11,170 (15-03-2017)

Phase 2:  Go Fund Me Goal:  $5000
Edit 20 hours of video footage to create a music video.
I will be travelling to New Brunswick at the end of this week to meet with the video editor and the producer/project manager to create the video.

Our Director, Randall Dark (HDTV pioneer) has just informed us that Oscar-winning Director, James Cameron, a Canadian born in Kapuskasing, ON (The Terminator, 1984; Aliens, 1986; True Lies, 1994; Titanic, 1997; Avatar 2009) has indicated an interest in reviewing our music video.

Furthermore, Randall just informed us that a team member of Star Wars’ own George Lucas has also expressed an interest in viewing our video.  Yes you read it right .....THE George Lucas of Star Wars and also of Indiana Jones and American Graffiti fame.

No promises of course but just getting them to see/hear the video/song is almost surreal.

$3,830 takes us to our Phase 2 Goal — JOIN Dream Team Canada today!  We are 200 strong and there is always room for more. Be a part of this Great Canadian Musical Adventure with a special 2017 keepsake for Canada 150

And remember, being the Canadians that we are, proceeds from This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada will be donated to accredited Canadian charities/non-profit organizations.
Rose Room Recording Studio Console
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Update 18
Posted by Jeanette Arsenault
9 days ago
Dream Team Canada: thank you for your continued support!

We achieved our goal in Phase 1: we now have a brand new version of This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada and it's "epic" as everyone keeps saying.

Only the producer, engineer and me have heard the final version. ....... just wait till you hear it....! Can't wait to share but still sworn to secrecy....shhhhhh........

Phase 2 - currently looking for new members to help us create a music video and documentary.

I leave on Thursday to head Moncton NB way -- as long as this weather pattern breaks of course! Oh My. We will be editing the music video -- 20 hours of footage to go through and create a 4 minute video. Easy-peasy right?...! Sure is when you are working with such great people like we have on our Dream Team Canada (over 200 strong)

Here are some links to some early media coverage I thought might interest you:


Belleville Intelligencer



Stay connected here on GoFundMe, on Facebook & Twitter (This Is My Canada), LinkedIn & Google Plus (Jeanette Arsenault) & Instagram (jeanette_arsenault)

I won't let you down! XO

Photo: Imagine Photography Belleville
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Update 17
Posted by Jeanette Arsenault
12 days ago

Thank you Dream Team Canada — WE DID IT. And we are now 200 strong.

We have created a brand new version of “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada.

You came through BIG time and just in time - right up to the 11th hour while we were in studio on Tuesday!

What a TEAM. Merci beaucoup Équipe de rêve Canada. Nous avons réaliser notre objectif.

Our Producer/Project Manager brought together a group of artists & crew that far exceeded all our expectations in studio.

You can view updates & photos from the studio on You can also follow This Is My Canada’s Great Canadian Musical Journey on Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All I can say is wait till you hear the final version. Just YOU WAIT!

Thank You ALL for a job well done.


Dream Team Canada is looking for new members to continue through to the next phase of the project — creating a music video and a feature documentary.

We came together to create a brand new version of my song, “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” with Lead Singers who, combined, have 6 Grammy Awards & 13 Juno Awards. The musicians combined played on projects for Great Big Sea, Big Sugar, Holly Cole, Corey Hart, Rita McNeil, to name a few.

And what a spectacular version created this past week — 40 hours in studio over 4 consecutive days. Epic. That’s the word everyone has been using. Who else has ALL of their star power record on the same day, one singer after the other passing through the recording booth?
US. That’s who.

Join this Canada 150 celebration. Take home a souvenir of our nation’s anniversary - have your name included in the rolling credits.

And being the Canadians that we are, proceeds from This Is My Canada/mon cher Canada will be donated to accredited Canadian charities/non-profit organizations.

Je continue à faire mon possible de tout traduire aussi vite que possible - j’ai des personnes qui ont offert de les traduire gratuitement mais je ne veux pas les inonder car j’écrit pas mal souvent comme vous le voyer. J’ai tant de choses à partager & ce projet bouge rapidement! SVP patientez.
The power chair they said ... my turn!
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Update 16
Posted by Jeanette Arsenault
13 days ago
Nous avons atteint notre but …. et encore plus!
Nous avons ramassé 10 455,00 $.
Notre Équipe de Rêve Canada compte maintenant (9 mars 2017) 163 membres.

Votre soutien dès le début du projet “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” m’émeut, mon appréciation vient du fond de mon coeur, ceux et celles parmi vous qui me connaissent savent que je suis sincère.

Merci de m’avoir rejointe dès le début, sans connaitre l’identité des artistes canadiens qui chantent la chanson (d’autres artistes vont se joindre à nous, ces artistes ont accumulé 6 prix Grammy et 13 prix Juno en plus d’autres prix que nous allons annoncer sous peu)

Vous avez tous une place spéciale dans mon coeur pour votre appui et vos dons!

Lundi passé, le réalisateur du projet est parti du Nouveau-Brunswick; le directeur est parti du Texas (un Canadian de Moose Jaw, Sask); le gérant/réalisateur a quitté la région de Trenton et moi je suis partie de Hamilton, pour tous nous retrouver à Toronto.

Nous sommes rentrés en studio pour deux jours, mardi 7 et mercredi 8 mars.

Mardi, les musiciens ont joué les partitions musicales et on m’a demandé de chanter la chanson comme guide.

L’après-midi, un autobus a amèné la chorale de jeunes qui a chanté comme des anges descendus du ciel - au point de nous donner des frissons.

Nos chanteurs sont venus de différentes villes incluant Montréal et la région de Toronto,
il y en a même qui reviennent tout juste d’une tournée en Europe.
Il ne faut surtout pas oublier l’équipe de techniciens vidéo et audio qui a réalisé le projet.
En plus, il ne faut pas oublier l’équipe de techniciens de vidéo, audio qui ont réaliser le projet.

On était nombreux - il y avait une énergie magnifique et tout l’monde se sentait comme en “famille” en studio.

Nous voici une équipe canadienne convaincue qui se rassemble pour célébrer le Canada 150 avec une chanson nationale et VOUS êtes invités à nous rejoindre pour cette aventure canadienne extraordinaire.

Cette chanson n’est plus ma chanson - c’est notre chanson maintenant. Et nous voulons tous la faire envoler.
Mitaines acadiennes en studio!
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Help spread the word!
 465 shares on Facebook
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$11,570 of $15k goal

Raised by 192 people in 2 months
Created January 21, 2017
Marilyn Holland
1 day ago

All the best Jeannette, I was there at the start of your journey in Newfoundland and will be there for you to celebrate at the finish line!

2 days ago
3 days ago(Offline Donation)
Linda Middleton
7 days ago

They say it takes a whole community to raise a child. It takes a remarkable artist to raise that whole community. Very proud of you Jeanette.

7 days ago
7 days ago
Greg Geeves
8 days ago(Offline Donation)

Happy to see this song take flight. Was a pleasure working on the original version with you.

A Cappella Quinte
8 days ago(Offline Donation)


Theresa Taylor
8 days ago

Am following the process and catching all the excitement! Way to go!

Nancy Lockyer
8 days ago

What wonderful memories you are going to have from this adventure, Jeanette. It's exciting just sharing it vicariously, imagining what it must be like and "who" is sharing it with you.

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