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Over $370M raised for inspiring campaigns by incredible people.

JULY 2014
Student’s academic future saved
Just three weeks before Cassie was supposed to start college, her mother passed away. Due to complications, Cassie no longer qualified for financial aid and her academic future looked bleak. Thousands were touched by her story, and donated enough money to help keep Cassie in school.
Mom healing, thanks to help
Early in the morning on July 4th, wife and mother of two, Heidi Crouch, unexpectedly collapsed to the ground after an aneurysm. She was rushed to the hospital where she began treatment, and started the recovery process. Hundreds of people pitched in to help with the costs of medical bills.
Boy’s service dog wish granted
Everett was born with Spina Bifida, a condition which makes it difficult for him to do everyday tasks on his own. His parents started a GoFundMe campaign to help get Everett a service dog to aid him in these activities. Thanks to many peoples’ generosity, Everett will be able to get his furry friend.
JUNE 2014
Home makeover dream comes true
24-year-old Michael is wheelchair-bound due to a rare disease, and his home is not handicap accessible. Thousands of people were inspired by his amazing attitude, and with the help of The Chive community, he was able to raise enough money to make the necessary renovations to his home.
Woman feeds local homeless
Once a week, Kasonja spends her entire lunch break handing out food and care packages to the homeless people in her community. She started this GoFundMe campaign to try and raise enough money to hand out food for an entire year.
Thousands thank school shooting hero
On June 5th 2014, Jon Meis saved countless lives by disarming a shooter at Seattle Pacific University. This GoFundMe campaign was set up as a wedding gift for Jon and his fiancée to thank him for his bravery.
Community support for shark victim
While on a boating tube in the ocean, a shark bit Jessica Vaughn's leg. Her friends were able to get her to the hospital safely where she began the recovery process. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help cover medical costs.
College fund for homeless valedictorian
Despite the fact that Griffin Furlong was homeless for much of his life, he overcame those obstacles and graduated as the valedictorian of his high school. This GoFundMe campaign was started to help collect enough funds to send Griffin to college.
MAY 2014
Actor receives support after attack
After a late-night performance, a Maryland stage actor was violently attacked outside of the theater while trying to hail a cab. Family, friends, and the Maryland acting community came together on GoFundMe to help cover his medical bills.
Family's home saved by Yahoo readers
When Charles' mother became sick with cancer, the family's medical bills rose. After she passed away, the banks began to threaten foreclosure. Charles took to GoFundMe to help save his family's most precious heirloom.
Donations pour in for heroic mom
Christina Simoes and her 18-month-old son were trapped in a burning building, waiting for firefighters to reach them. After the smoke started to build up, Christina made an executive decision and leaped from the building, her son in her arms.
Community supports parents of lost child
3-year-old Ryan was accidentally struck and killed by a truck while playing in the street. An enormous outpouring of support appeared for his parents on GoFundMe to aid them in their time of grief.
Thousands raised for grieving family
In December, Ronan was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, and it was determined that it was terminal. A family friend set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations for the family during this difficult time.
APRIL 2014
Injured paramedic healing thanks to help
Billy Wynne, a flight paramedic, was severely injured in a medical helicopter crash that killed both the pilot and nurse on board. His family is staying close by his side while he recovers from multiple breaks and burns.
Community remembers fire victims
A blazing fire ripped through a home, damaging several others. A mother and daughter new to the neighborhood perished in the blaze. Community members donated to help offset the family's costs during this difficult time.
Donations flood in for fallen father
Frank and his brother were training for a half marathon when they were rear-ended by a motorist. Frank leaves behind 7-year-old triplet daughters and a wife. This GoFundMe campaign was set up to help them through the trying times ahead.
Officer's retirement saved by friends
Officer Willingham was months away from retirement when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Doctors would not let her return to work, jeopardizing her medical benefits. Her supporters took to GoFundMe to make sure that didn't happen.
Donations help locate missing student
Jiwon Lee was a student of dental medicine at Columbia University before she went missing in April of 2014. Her brother set up a GoFundMe campaign to hire a private detective to help locate her.
Thousands support beaten father
When Steven Utash got out of his car to check the condition of a boy that he accidentally hit with his truck, a large gang of men attacked him. The resulting injuries left him in a severe coma, so his daughter turned to GoFundMe for help.
Parents use social media to save daughter
4-year-old Eliza was diagnosed with a terminal disease that will eventually make her lose all motor functioning. Determined to get her to a potentially life-saving therapy trial, her parents created a GoFundMe campaign, a viral video, and a hashtag, #savingeliza.
Hundreds aid newly widowed mom
Just weeks before the birth of his first child, Nathan Trapuzzano was mugged and shot to death on his way to work. This GoFundMe campaign was set up to support his widowed wife and their newborn baby girl.
MARCH 2014
Friends replace cabin lost to mudslide
Gail and Ron had lived through a mudslide once before, but they still weren't prepared for the second one. Their entire home was swept away, and many of their neighbors perished. Their daughter started this campaign to help them recover.
Community supports grieving family
Jaime Rowley, a 31-year-old mother of two, was out for her daily run when a vehicle struck and killed her. Her GoFundMe campaign was set up to collect donations for funeral costs, as well as to support her two children moving forward.
Support for mom's cancer recovery
Shortly after Jenna gave birth prematurely to twin daughters, she began having difficulty breathing. It was discovered that she had developed a rare pregnancy-related cancer and needed immediate treatment.
Waffle shop saved by loyal customers
Anya decided to open a second location for her waffle shop in Portland, Oregon, but unfortunately it failed miserably. So many of her resources had been put into the new location, that her original shop was put in danger of closing as well.
Gamer turns to Internet for cancer costs
Brandon Boyer is well-known in the gaming world. When he was denied insurance coverage for $100K in cancer treatment bills, his many friends and fans rushed to his aid and he surpassed his goal in just a few days.
Peers support fellow student in coma
Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa was driving with friends when their vehicle hit a deer. Muhammad suffered a heart attack and subsequent brain damage as a result. Friends started this campaign to transfer him to a nursing home while he heals.
One million pennies to feed homeless
Chandra and her mother were once homeless, but have since found stability, housing, and steady work. Now Chandra, 13, is trying to collect one million pennies in order to feed the homeless population in her community.
Friends cover teen's cancer bills
After experiencing severe migraines, Kelly went to the doctor but never expected the news she received. She was diagnosed with advanced anaplastic astrocytoma. Funds are being raised to send her to a possibly life-saving clinical trial.
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