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Success Stories

GoFundMe crowdfunding websites have raised millions of dollars for personal causes & life events.

“GoFundMe provided me with a simple way to create a fundraising vehicle for my friend Heidi’s daughter Farrah, who was injured in the Colorado Theater Shooting. I would recommend GoFundMe to anyone wishing to raise money. Thank you, GoFundMe!”
“I put together a music video and a GoFundMe, not sure if anything would really come of it, but in less than a week I raised almost $8,000. GoFundMe showed me that any dream can become a reality if you tap into the kindness and generosity of other people.”
“GoFundMe is amazing! Who would have thought that so many of my friends and family would be so supportive in helping me to achieve my dreams - not me! I was reluctant to do the page but I’m so glad I did.”
“Thank you so much @gofundme for everything you did for me. Only because of @gofundme and my friends, was I able to raise money for shoes.”
“My experience with GoFundMe and the amazing people associated, are going to make Lucky’s surgery possible. GoFundMe is truly amazing.”
“I am thrilled with the way GoFundMe allowed the community to come together. The day after the fire, I put the page up and within seven days we had far surpassed our goal. GoFundMe is like the Facebook of social fundraising.”
“GoFundMe is awesome! Using a web site to fundraise made it easy for distant family and friends to help me out. I raised almost twice as much as planned!”
“GoFundMe was the perfect option for my fundraising needs. I created a user friendly site that expressed my story and need and then seamlessly invited people to participate through email and social media.”
“I chose because it’s easy to setup and use. I build websites for a living and can tell you without hesitation is an outstanding value when you factor in all the costs, skills and time required to do this on your own. Thanks for the great service!”
by Joel Wright Lung Transplant Fund
“It spread like wildfire!!! We are less than $4000 away from our goal, with the original goal set at $15,000. To say we were thrilled, overwhelmed by the generosity by so many, is not enough. People we don’t even know donated large amounts. Our experience has been so positive, and the use of the website so easy. We’ve recommended it to others... Thank you GoFundMe!”
by Tyler Hamby Wounded Warrior Project
“Setting up my personal site as well as connecting to my Facebook and email account was incredibly easy.”
by Sandra Rizkallah Plugged In Live
“Raising that much money in such a short amount of time is amazing, but what makes GoFundMe even more incredible is how easy it is, how much fun it is, how it brings an organization’s community together and how it lets you tell your story with people all around the world.”
by Jennifer Haron 30th Birthday Surprise
“Wow! I had 3 months to raise $1,000 in order to surprise my husband with a trip to NYC for his birthday. We are 3 weeks away from our deadline, and we have raised 92% of our goal! There is no way on EARTH I could have done this without! Thank you so much for making it possible! I’m telling everyone to use this site!”
by Jason Schmitt Schmitt Family Fund
“GoFundMe was the perfect fit in all aspects. It was great having the freedom of setting up our site the way we liked it and being able to share it with whoever we wanted. Your site was so simple that we literally had our site up and running with our first donations within 30 minutes or less. Simply amazing!”
by Alyssa Davis Help a Teacher
“We were completely blown away when we raised over $1,000 in less than 24 hours! I honestly didn’t expect to raise more than $500, so I thought our $5000 goal was wishful thinking. As the donations kept coming in over the next couple days, I was shocked at the success of it all!”

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