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Unique Fundraising Ideas

GoFundMe is home to thousands of unique fundraising ideas

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Whether you're looking to raise money for medical bills, adoption, a local sports team, or school tuition, GoFundMe is home to thousands of the most unique fundraising ideas on the web. Every day we see amazing campaigns raise real money to help local communities, schools, families and individuals.

Traditional fundraising methods like car washes, bake sales, and magazine subscriptions are quickly giving way to new unique fundraising ideas. With the ability to set up a personal fundraising campaign in minutes, our simple, easy-to-use website has helped regular people raise more than half a billion dollars to date.

Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, setting up an account is a breeze. Simply enter your goal amount, upload a photo, tell your story and start raising money in no time. Once your campaign is live, GoFundMe has made getting the word out easy too! In just a few clicks, you're able to share your campaign to Facebook, Twitter, and your email contacts.

To help you think of your own unique fundraising ideas, we've put together a list of some of our all-time favorite campaigns. Here are some examples that we hope will inspire you.
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Fund a life-saving surgery for a furry friend
Kay, a military working dog who toured overseas needed an emergency surgery. With the support of the community, almost $10,000 was raised to cover the cost. Kay is back on four feet and on the road to recovery.

Help someone you love get through school
Chris Cognac did just that - while serving as a police officer in Hawthorne, California, he met a passionate young girl who needed some help. Chris set up a fundraiser for Yanet's education, and she's now attending Berkeley.

Build an amazing invention
11-year-old cancer survivor Kylie Simmonds invented a wearable IV backpack. Sick of the constraints of traditional IV machines, Kylie's invention gives children more mobility during their treatment. Her incredible story was picked up by national media outlets, and Kylie is now building her first prototype!

Honor someone special in your community
Ollie, a beloved 72-year-old custodian at Parkway West High School, needed some help with medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer. Students and teachers alike came together and started a campaign to raise money for Ollie and his wife's medical bills.

Fund an independent student newspaper
A group of students from Boston came to GoFundMe to save their 44-year-old independent student newspaper, The Daily Free Press, and raised over $80,000 to keep their operation running (Nov 2014). See their campaign here.

Do something special for a veteran
When Sherwin Callender was contacted to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day at Normandy but didn't have the funds to fly, friends and family came to his rescue and made sure he was able to attend. See Sherwin's campaign here.

Help people in your local community
In 2011, Kasonja Holley started a project called Love In Motion. During lunch one day per week, she spends her time passing out 20 meals. With an amazing network of friends, and family, Kasonja raised over $10,000 to feed the homeless in Park Forest, Illinois.

Holiday dinners for the less fortunate
Non-profit organization 'SHARE the Project, Inc' hosts a longstanding Thanksgiving dinner for over 600 homeless residents of the five boroughs of New York City. Run by student volunteers, they cook, set up, decorate, serve, and clean up for their guests. This year they raised over $18,000.

Above we've listed a handful of unique fundraising ideas that we think might inspire you. Whatever your cause may be, creating a personal online fundraiser has never been easier. Whether it's for yourself, a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger, GoFundMe is proud to be the home of so many amazing, unique fundraising campaigns.

Inspired? What's your unique fundraising idea?

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