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MARCH 30, 2015 (5:19)
Quadruplets, power soccer, family
MARCH 23, 2015 (3:25)
Medical bills, sports, family support
MARCH 16, 2015 (3:32)
Class trip, commuter, fire relief
MARCH 2015
50-year resident receives help after fire
Mildred's family had been a resident of her current home for 4 generations, until it suffered a terrible fire on March 26th, 2015. Everything Mildred owned was in the apartment, and it was all destroyed. A family friend set up this GoFundMe campaign to help Mildred make a fresh start.
Support for late firefighter's family
Rafael Garcia, a popular Miami-area firefighter and paramedic, tragically lost his life in March of 2015 to an aggressive brain tumor. His young wife Maeghan was expecting their first child just months later. People from around the globe rallied together to help her out during this difficult time.
Thousands support weight loss journey
Matt has lost over 270 pounds since the age of 16 in the quest for a healthier life. As the result of his weight loss, he was also left with excess skin which he hopes to have surgically removed. Thousands of people were inspired by his story, and pitched in to help get him the surgery.
Friends help replace boy's hearing aids
Koltin, a 6-year-old boy with hearing impairments, was the victim of bullying - on top of which the bully stole Koltin's hearing aids. The community came together quickly on GoFundMe to raise enough money to replace his much-needed hearing aids.
Music fan gets his biggest wish
Ken Powell has been fighting melanoma for 14 years, but doesn't let that damper his spirits. He is also a huge fan of the band 'The Foo Fighters', and it's on his bucket list to meet them at a concert. Luckily, Ken's friends set up a GoFundMe account and got in touch with the band - Ken's wish will be coming true this year.
Medical bill help for bride-to-be
Chelsea, an actress in the Boston area, became extremely ill after receiving a flu shot. She was admitted to the hospital right away and began intensive treatment. Hundreds of friends and family donate to a GoFundMe account set up for Chelsea, hoping she would recover before her wedding in April.
Dance party for bullying victim
When bullies posted a mean-spirited photo of Sean online that shamed him for dancing, the Internet responded in a big way. Krista started a GoFundMe campaign to find Sean and throw him a huge dance party to show him that he has support from thousands of people all over the world.
Young boy gets much-needed wheelchair
Little Crüe was born with spina bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. When his family's insurance company continually denied their request for a wheelchair, they turned to GoFundMe. Friends and family donated thousands of dollars in a matter of days to help Crüe get the wheelchair he needs.
Support for family of Connecticut priest
Matthew Baker was a respected and widely loved priest in Norwich, Connecticut. Tragically, his life was taken too soon as the result of a car accident. Thousands of people rallied together to support Matthew's wife and six children during this difficult time for their family.
Homeless man's good deed returned
Shelby, a homeless man, was selflessly helping motorists push their cars that were stuck in the snow. An onlooker saw Shelby's good deed and decided to return the favor so she started this campaign. The response was overwhelming, and Shelby soon had thousands of dollars in donations, as well as a job offer.
Community rallies for nuns without heat
The sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame, located in Chicago, unfortunately had a boiler break during the coldest point in winter. After hearing they could not afford to replace the boilers, a local news anchor set up a GoFundMe campaign to help collect donations for them. Just a few days later, they had raised enough money for a whole new set of boilers.
Iconic beat maker getting his dues
Richard L Spencer, a vocalist and saxophone player, wrote an arrangement that came to be known as the "amen breakbeat", which went on to become one of the most famous and well-known beat samples of all time. Despite this, he never saw any royalties from it. Thousands of people donate to this GoFundMe campaign to get Richard the compensation he deserves.
Famous cat's medical battle
Fluffy, a cat who has appeared in a movie alongside famous actors, became sick in 2014. His medical team figured out that it was cancerous tumors, and soon it became difficult for Fluffy to breath. Friends and fans alike donated to Fluffy's medical campaign, resulting in thousands being raised to help get Fluffy the proper care he would need to recover.
Medical support for Indian grandfather
Sureshbhai Patel, a 57-year-old Indian man, was left partially paralyzed after a police officer forced him to the ground. Thousands of people came together to help Sureshbhai and his family pay for the many medical costs incurred from the incident.
Help for homeless man and his dog
John lost his job after being hit by a car and left with brain injuries, as well as many medical bills. He is now homeless and living with his beloved dog on the cold streets of Richmond, Virginia. Two women heard John's story and wanted to help, so they turned to GoFundMe to start raising money.
Father fights to keep disabled son
Leo Forrest, a newborn baby born with Down Syndrome, was unwanted by his mother. The baby's father Sam wanted to take Leo and move to New Zealand where he could have a better quality of life. Their story touched countless hearts, and hundreds of thousands were raised in just hours to help baby Leo thrive.
Sensory room for disabled child
Bubby was born with a terminal congenital disease, giving him a life-expectancy of just 15 years. His parents are determined to give him the best life possible, and so for his 9th birthday they're building him a sensory room which would help soothe him when he gets overly stimulated or anxious.
Donors help shorten man's commute
James Robertson walks an exhausting 21 miles to work every single day. Despite his trek, he is never late and has a perfect attendance record. Evan heard about James' story and wanted to help buy him a car. Little did he know that the outpouring of support would be so widespread and life-changing for James.
High school basketball star recovering
Josh Speidel, a senior at Columbus North High School and star basketball player, was in a life-threatening car accident which landed him in the hospital with serious injuries. His classmates and community members came together to raise funds to help cover his medical bills.
Support for family of late animator
Monty Oum, a web-based animator, tragically passed away after complications from an allergic reaction. Thousands of people, including friends, collagues and fans of his work, donated to a campaign to help support his family during their time of need.
Thousands rally for fire victims
On January 28th, a blazing fire ripped through a number of residential units in San Francisco, displacing at least 40 people. A GoFundMe campaign was started to provide some relief, and thousands of people came together to help get the affected families back on their feet.
Wave of support for attack victim
Alan Barnes suffers from a number of disabilities including sight and growth problems. Recently he was attacked outside his home, resulting in a broken collar bone. What started out as a campaign to help him relocate homes turned into a massive outpouring of support from people all over the world.
Talented drummer fighting illness
Eric Bolivar is a talented drummer who has played all over the country, including on The Letterman Show. Recently, Eric was diagnosed with kidney failure which will require dialysis and a possible kidney transplant. Hundreds of friends, family and fans came together on GoFundMe to help Eric out during this trying experience.
Cancer fighter's final wish comes true
Frank, a loving husband and father, is battling stage 4 colon cancer. He's also a long time Patriots fan, and so a family friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help Frank cheer on his favorite team at the Super Bowl in person. Hundreds of people came together to make that dream happen.
Support for quadruplets who lost mother
Shortly after Erica delivered her quadruplets, she tragically passed away. Knowing that Erica's husband Carlos would need as much support as possible during this difficult time, friends and family came together on a GoFundMe campaign. Support poured in from all over the globe and thousands of dollars were raised.
Woman helps man keep his dog
An elderly man had his dog taken away by animal control because he could not afford a special type of insurance required for the dog's breed. Jessica saw how heartbroken the man was and decided to do something about it. With the help of a GoFundMe campaign, Jessica was able to raise enough money to re-adopt the man's dog, and pay for several years of insurance.
Community support for local musician
Nate Gluck, a well-known guitarist in the New Jersey music scene, was recently diagnosed with cancer in his stomach and esophagus. With building medical bills and Nate's wife losing her job, their financial situation became dire. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help them out in their time of need and thousands of people answered the call, donating over $100,000 in just the first week.
Abandoned puppy receives care
Denise discovered a 12-week-old Siberian husky puppy alone in the cold and brought him to a local vet, where they found he had been shot with a BB gun. After finding out how much the puppy's medical care would cost, Denise started a GoFundMe campaign and was able to raise enough money to get her new puppy healed, healthy and back on his feet.
Comedian healing after stage attack
Dylan Avila-Petitt is a stand up comedian and a father of three. During one of the open mic nights he hosts, a man rushed the stage and started bashing Dylan over the head with a baseball bat. Onlookers subdued the man with the bat until the police arrived, and Dylan was rushed to the hospital where he began treatment for extensive head injuries. Thousands were raised overnight for his medical care.
Friends replace special needs chair
Kristi Thomas left the car running for just a few minutes in her driveway while she went inside to get her son, and when she came back it had been stolen. Inside the car was her son Riley's special needs chair that he uses for school every day - Kristi was devastated by its loss. Friends and family came together to help replace Riley's chair so that Kristi would have one less thing to worry about.
Support for Kilimanjaro climber's recovery
Right after completing a lifelong dream of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, Pat Ross experienced a serious medical complication which left him in need of immediate medical treatment. He was taken to a hospital in Kenya where he began intensive surgery. Hundreds of people came together to support Pat and his family through this difficult time.
Hope of research for a rare disease
Liza was diagnosed with a rare cancer, synovial sarcoma, in 2011. After a few years of remission, it returned aggressively. After a surprise wedding thrown for her ended, she received hope in the form of a non-traditional treatment method. This campaign was created to help fund clinical research for many people suffering from this rare disease.
Family of five recovering after fire
A fire broke out in the Sestito family's home just days before Christmas. The family just barely escaped in time, but all of their possessions were lost in the blaze. An outpouring of support from their community warmed their hearts as they began to recover from the loss.
Cardinals fans send kids to a game
Card Chronicle, a Louisville Cardinals fan community, teamed up with a local YMCA location to choose some deserving children to send to an end-of-season game. Hundreds of people came together to make this dream a reality and give these children a memorable holiday gift.
Thousands aid evicted animal shelter
Due to complications with a building inspection, the Cache Creek Animal Rescue was served an eviction notice right before the holidays. One of its employees took to GoFundMe to raise enough money to make sure all of their dogs had a safe place to stay, and to help with other costs associated with moving locations.
Help for family after tragic accident
On December 8th, 2014, a small plane crashed into a residential house, killing those on board, as well as a mother and her two children who were home at the time. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help the grieving family in their time of need - thousands of people donated to show their support.
Family left homeless before Christmas
After a very difficult year, the McDermott family lost their entire home to an electrical fire just weeks before the holidays. Luckily, everyone made it out safely, but they were left without a roof or any possessions. This campaign was started to help the McDermotts as they begin to start over.
Police officer injured during protest
John Adsit was escorting high school students during a protest when a car plowed into their group, leaving John seriously injured. He was taken to the Denver Health Medical Center where he began receiving treatment for his wounds.
Photographer recovering after accident
Bryan, a freelance photographer, was on break between assignments and decided to swim in the ocean. He dove into a wave and accidentally hit a sand bar, resulting in a serious spinal cord injury. Perfect strangers saw the incident and helped get Bryan to the hospital where he began treatment.
Community rallies for house fire victims
The Edwards-Cyrus family were the victims of an unfortunate house fire in early December, and lost their home and most of their possessions. Wanting to help, a community member started this GoFundMe campaign. Hundreds of people pitched in to help this small family recover after the tragedy.
Donations flood in for Ferguson cake shop
Natalie Dubose, a single mother, owns a cake shop that was damaged during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. After seeing a photo of her crying on the news, thousands of people donated to a GoFundMe campaign to help her repair the shop's damages.
Wrongly convicted man freed from prison
Ricky Jackson was sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit in 1975. 39 years later, the person who testified against him said that their statement was not true. Ricky was exonerated from prison, a free man, but with nothing to his name. Thousands were raised to help him get back on his feet.
Support for victim of catcaller stabbing
While Miyoko and Ben were out together on a Saturday morning, a man started catcalling at Miyoko. Ben asked the man to stop, and instead of engaging in a conversation, the catcaller stabbed Ben 9 times. He was then rushed to the hospital to be treated for the multiple wounds. Over 1,000 people showed support by donating to his GoFundMe campaign.
Hundreds help replace hearing aids
Daniel White was a victim of assault, and during the attack his hearing aids were knocked out of his ears and never found. A police officer was moved by his positive attitude and started this GoFundMe campaign to help raise enough money to buy Daniel brand new, top of the line hearing aids.
Young girls give back to others
Rylee and Infinity, two cousins, saved up their allowances to buy necessities for homeless individuals in their community. When they saw how much the recipients appreciated their selfless work, the girls started a GoFundMe campaign to raise even more money for the cause.
Animal lovers save 98 puppies
A group that rescues Cavalier King Charles Spaniels came across a puppy mill that was keeping nearly 100 of the dogs in dismal conditions. The group wanted to raise enough money to obtain all of the dogs and find homes for them, so they created this GoFundMe campaign to ask for donations.
Arson victims receive help starting over
Erica and Mark are a married couple who were living in a New Orleans apartment. On November 6th, an arson set fire to the building. Luckily they escaped alive, but the fire claimed all of their belongings and their beloved pet cat. A friend started this GoFundMe campaign to help cover some of their losses.
Student paper saved by donors
The Daily Free Press is Boston University's long-running student newspaper, and is a staple in the campus culture. When they started getting into too much debt to handle, the paper's staff turned to GoFundMe to ask for help from students and alumni alike.
Comic book fans lend a helping hand
Jeremy Dale, a celebrated and accomplished comic book author and illustrator, passed away suddenly at the young age of 34 in early November of 2014. Friends and fans alike came together on a GoFundMe campaign to help out his wife Kelly during this difficult time.
Students rally for beloved custodian
72-year-old Ollie has been a custodian at Parkway West High School for many years and always brings a smile to everyone's face. Unfortunately he is now battling cancer, and his wife is in the hospital. Students and teachers alike came together to raise money for Ollie and his wife's medical bills.
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