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OCTOBER 5, 2015 (3:06)
Cancer, officer, vet bills
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 (3:23)
Veteran, tuition, 'success kid'
SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 (3:23)
Hearing loss, wheelchair, rugby
Memorial fund for Paris attack victim
Nick Alexander was a well-known merchandise manager who had worked with dozens of musicians on tour. Sadly, his life was cut short during the terrorist attacks on Friday as he was working at Paris' Bataclan concert hall. In the wake of this tragedy, his friend set up a campaign to support Nick's family and donations have poured in from across the world.
WWII vet searching for long lost love
70 years after first falling in with love Joyce Morris, Norwood Thomas still can't stop thinking about her. The war separated them, but thanks to technology and help from his son, Norwood was finally able to re-connect with his long lost love. Now, the two are trying to raise enough money to reunite in person.
Support for home invasion victim
Semantha, a wife, mother, and solider, was injured during a violent home invasion. Bravely, she fought back and survived the attack, but is in the hospital recovering from injuries. Donations poured in to help Semantha and her family as she continues to heal.
Flood of support for single father
James moved from New York to Colorado with hopes of creating a better life for his young son. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they are now homeless and struggling. James has a job as a barber, but no vehicle, and the temperatures are only getting colder. A friend created this campaign to give James a boost, and the response has been amazing.
Young parents tragically killed in crash
On Halloween, two young parents went on a trip to the store while their four children remained at home. Tragically, they got into a fatal car wreck and never made it home. State trooper Nathan Bradley responded to the scene, and later went to the couple's home to take care of the children until their grandmother arrived. Deeply saddened by the situation, he created a campaign to help support the family during this incredibly difficult time.
Massive support for 80s musician
Adam Roth spent the 1980s as a member of The Del Fuegos, a popular garage-style rock band. He continued working in music long after the band broke up, and lent his talent to many reputable projects. Now, Adam is battling stage 4 cancer. Friends and fans from around the world rallied together to help raise enough money to cover Adam's medical treatments.
Treatment for veteran's young daughter
Christina was just about to re-enlist in the Navy for another four years of service when her life turned upside down. Her four-year-old daughter, Blair, was diagnosed with a rare disease that would require a kidney transplant in order to live. Within weeks, Christina gave up her career to fight the next big battle: the one to save her daughter's life.
Gift of sight for exchange student
Joseph is an exchange student from Sierra Leone who was born with congenital cataracts. His host father was concerned about Joseph's lack of medical attention, so he took him to see a specialist. The doctors agreed to remove the cataracts at a reduced price, but several thousand dollars were still required to cover associated costs. The community came together on GoFundMe to help Joseph regain his sight.
Thousands rally for 90-year-old veteran
Johnnie Hodges is a war veteran living on social security. He fell behind on his mortgage when his wife became ill with Alzheimer's disease, and now faces eviction. Thousands of people came together on GoFundMe to help Johnnie stay in his beloved home.
Allergy alert dog for Aeverie
5-year-old Aeverie suffers from anaphylaxis, a severe allergy to 65% of foods. Even the slightest trace of certain foods can send her to the hospital. Aeverie's parents want to get her an allergy alert dog to make sure she's as safe as possible at all times.
Flood of donations for shooting survivor
Chris Mintz, a father and a veteran, was at Umpqua Community College when the shooter opened fire. When Chris stood up to the gunman, he was shot 7 times. Thankfully, he survived, and is now being hailed as a national hero. Well-wishers from all over the world came together to show Chris their support.
Support for family dog rescue
The Bostick family has been rescuing stray dogs for years by taking them into their home, and sometimes even paying for their veterinary needs. A local admirer of the Bosticks created this GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for their efforts.
New wheelchair for young boy
Avery was diagnosed with a degenerative disease which has taken his ability to walk. His current wheelchair isn't at the standard it needs to be, so his friends, family, and community have all chipped in to purchase the new power chair he needs.
New vehicle for beloved local man
John Joyce, 83, has been mowing lawns in his community for over 20 years. A few months ago, his truck broke down and he has been walking over 5 miles a day to continue his work. Locals have come together on GoFundMe to help buy John a new vehicle.
Life-changing surgery for young girl
Little Darcey was born with a form of cerebral palsy, which limits her ability to move. She has been approved for a special surgery which would increase her mobility, and possibly improve her speech and concentration. The surgery is not covered by the UK's National Health Service, so her parents created this GoFundMe campaign to help raise the funds.
High schoolers help fellow student
Ibra was born with a condition that left him without the use of his legs. His current wheelchair is breaking down, so his fellow students stepped in to help. Thanks to the community's generosity, he will soon be getting a brand new power wheelchair.
Cyclist struck during charity ride
Jake Brewer, a White House advisor, was participating in a charity cycling event when he lost control of his bike and hit an oncoming car. Tragically, he passed away, leaving behind a pregnant wife and a daughter. Thousands of donors flocked to the GoFundMe campaign set up for the Brewer family, to show support during this incredibly difficult time.
Camels displaced by California fires
The recent fires in Northern California have brought much destruction, including the home of a herd of beloved camels. This GoFundMe campaign was created to support the camels' relocation, as well as to support the group of dedicated people working to keep the camels safe.
Young skier injured in accident
Sam Jackenthal is a young and talented skier. While training in Australia, he was in a devastating accident which put him in the ICU. A friend created this GoFundMe campaign to help offset the mounting medical expenses for Sam's family.
Inspiring yogi's teacher training
Valerie is a dedicated yoga student, and now has dreams of teaching. Her focus is on spreading body positivity and acceptance to others. Friends came together on GoFundMe to support Valerie on her path toward becoming a yoga teacher.
Dog lost in Yellowstone is found
Jade was missing in Yellowstone National Park for 42 days, after bolting from her owner's car when it crashed. A park employee organized a search effort, and eventually Jade was found and returned to her loving owners.
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