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Gearbox for Trans Rights


This fundraiser was started by the Spark team at Gearbox Software to show support for all of our LGBTQIA+ friends who have a tremendous impact on our company. They inspire us daily to be not only better game developers, but better people as well.

One cause important to all of us right now is Transgender Rights in Texas. Let’s show our friends that they are loved and that they have our full support. Let’s make a difference!

Our CEO, Randy Pitchford, has generously offered to personally match up to $10k of donations!

This fundraiser will run through the end of June, which is Pride Month!

Trans Rights in Texas

The Texas legislature has a history of pursuing measures aimed at harming the lives of transgender individuals throughout the state. Such policies are fueled by discrimination rather than supported by fact. The issues include:

  • Bans on trans youth participation in sports
  • Criminalization of affirming healthcare for trans youth
  • Restricting access to restrooms (“The Bathroom Bill”)
  • Discrimination by healthcare professionals, legal practitioners, and marriage officiants on the basis of religion or beliefs

If you want to learn more about the bills currently before the Texas legislature, you can find a fairly comprehensive list HERE.

All 30+ anti-LGBTQIA+ bills from this legislative session were defeated! But there is still a possibility that a special session could be called for SB 29  (youth sports ban.)

You can also look up bill information HERE.


Want to Do More?

A great way to get involved is to contact your representative! If your rep is an author or supporter of one of these bills, you can politely express your disappointment in their decision. If they opposed these bills, you can thank them for their support and encourage them to continue fighting for equality! You can find letter templates here .

Reach Out: Finding out who represents you at each level of government is easy! Just enter your address in the form on this page: CLICK HERE

Get Old-School: Most representatives also list a fax number in their contact info. If you don’t have a landline, you can send faxes for free with!

Sign Some Petitions: Another easy way to make a difference is by signing petitions to protect trans rights. Here are a few that focus on trans issues in Texas:

About “The National Center for Transgender Equality”

The National Center for Transgender Equality advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. In the nation’s capital and throughout the country, NCTE works to replace disrespect, discrimination, and violence with empathy, opportunity, and justice. For more details on NCTE's racial and social justice journey, see our page on Racial Justice and Social Justice at NCTE .


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  • Randy Pitchford
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  • Mario Rodriguez
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  • Philippe Faucher
    • $20 
    • 3 yrs
  • Christian Pacaud
    • $20 
    • 3 yrs

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