Together Puerto Rico

$12,001 of $15,000 goal

Raised by 129 people in 57 months
UPDATE: 6/23/2018

Together Puerto Rico is now a 501(c)(3) charity, which means your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

To date, Together Puerto Rico has purchased and distributed 345 solar lights and 456 water filters, along with other much needed supplies. Thank you, everyone, for keeping people healthy and safe!!!

We are working to get another 100 water filters and 100 more solar lights in the hands of people who need them the most. We need your help to do it!

This campaign is focused on purchasing water filters and solar lights for families in Puerto Rico where there is an island-wide "boil water advisory" and 10,000 people are still without power. For those that DO have power, the electricity goes out frequently. When there is no electricity, many of the water supply plants do not have the power to adequately clean the water. 

Our goal with this campaign is to keep people safe and healthy and to let these U.S. Citizens know they are not forgotten. We have partnered with Sawyer Products water filter company to buy the high-quality water filters at cost, reducing our expenditures and making your donation go even further. We have also partnered with MPOWERD to buy the Luci Lights at wholesale price.

Water filters and solar lights also help protect the environment by eliminating costly plastic water bottles and disposable batteries.

I live in Puerto Rico and personally act as a volunteer, distributing the supplies on the weekends and getting the word out in my spare time. Your donation means so much! When we distribute the supplies we explain to people how the water filters work, we talk with people and we learn about their lives - how they cope with no water and electricity or how they fear the next hurricane season. I can tell you first-hand how much people appreciate this gift - it really means so much to them, to be able to keep their families healthy and safe and not have to worry so much and to know others care. There is no greater gift than letting people know you care.

I do a happy dance every time a GoFundMe donation comes through!! Your donation to Together Puerto Rico helps a LOT and makes a BIG IMPACT. 

To combat not having clean water to drink, eliminate bacterial infections and save lives, I am asking everyone to join and help contribute to this campaign - every bit helps - $5, $10, $25, $100, whatever you can afford. Every amount makes a huge difference!

Or please simply SHARE this information with others! Sharing alone brings in an average of $40! 

This statement came from a volunteer who delivered our supplies in October 2017: 

"Thanks to your generosity we have been able to give food, clean water, and toiletries to people in need. One woman has a baby and lost her 14 year old to leptospirosis; that water filter was immensely appreciated."

Also visit for information about our organization.


Jami Broom & Together Puerto Rico


Because of Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans, especially in the mountainous areas, do not have running water or access to clean drinking water. Several deaths and nearly a hundred cases of leptospirosis, a water-born bacterial disease, have been confirmed.
We are ensuring that people who need it most are receiving water filters which reduce death, illness and bacterial disease, like salmonella and parasites. 

UPDATE 12/7/2017

Together Puerto Rico is now on the ground in Puerto Rico and working with Water for Puerto Rico to deliver water filters and other supplies.

I wanted to share with you some photos of my trips over the weekend to Canónovas and Arecibo/Florida, PR.

We took 20 water filters and buckets to a pastor in Canónovas and other supplies that Water for Puerto Rico had received from Oregon for Puerto Rico.

We gave a demonstration on how to use the water filters and the pastor and his family helped us put them together. The next day, the pastor distributed the filters and buckets to people in his community. They were so grateful for the supplies!! They said that no one had been to their street yet - not FEMA, not the electric company and not even the mayor. They had severe damage to their homes, which had a beautiful view of El Yunque, the National rainforest. They showed us video of their two story home being flooded. They had to escape out the back window and up a hill with snakes and centipedes and children on their backs. A true nightmare and they still are without electricity nearly 80 days later. The very next day they sent us photos of the people to whom they distributed the water filters and buckets and other supplies.

The next day (Sunday) we drove out to Florida, a mountainous town outside of Arecibo. People have not had electric there for a very long time! We distributed 35 of the water filters and buckets and gave everyone a demonstration on how to use them. Everyone was grateful for the supplies!

This week we are trying to decide the best place to take the buckets but we are speaking to a woman who knows of 50 cancer patients in need.

Just to let you know, I am not drinking the water in Puerto Rico unless it is filtered and have begun to wash my face only with filtered water, as a strange rash was on my eyes. I thought it was an allergy but other people have reported similar problems. There is still an island wide boil advisory and only half if people have electric. These water filters are really helping people so much and your contribution is saving lives and helping people stay healthy. Please continue to spread the word!! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to purchase these filters and get them to the people who need them the most!!


UPDATE: 10/29/2017
Just an update to let you know what has been happening! Thank you all for the continued support - together we are helping to keep people safe, healthy and alive. Every time one of you shares this campaign with your Facebook contacts, I have at least one donation come in! I am so appreciative that we have crossed over the $4,000 mark!

Together, we have been able to accomplish the following:
After Irma:
- Purchased personal hygiene items and clothing/shoes for evacuees of neighboring islands in Ashford Hospital ($235)
- Purchased and dropped off $700 worth of food, drinks, baby items, and personal hygiene items for evacuees of neighboring islands in Puerto Rico.

After Maria:
- Purchased and distributed 3 multi-gas stoves to families in need ($260)
- Distributed 25 solar lights and other solar supplies and 4 water filters to AIDS patients and health workers in Puerto Rico ($1,250)
- Shipped and distributed 200 Luci solar lights to families in need in a mountainous part of Puerto Rico, via the nonprofit organization Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, PR. ($1,265)
- Shipped and distributed 200 Sawyer personal water filters to families in mountainous regions of Puerto Rico - Aibonito and Aguas Buenas. ($1,920)
- Shipped needed medical supplies to a Doctor's office in PR - gloves, masks, alcohol swabs and water, plus two water filters and two solar panels for charging cell phones. ($160)

Thank you so much for keeping Puerto Rico in your thoughts. Clean water is and will continue to be a problem for the island for a long time to come. Because of so much flooding and devastation of dead animal bodies and the sewage system, the water supply was ruined, dams broken and it is very dangerous to drink the water without boiling it or using a quality, specialized water filter that gets rid of bacteria. People can not boil water since about 90% still do not have power, and even those who do have it, only have it on and off where it goes out for hours or a full day at a time.

Please watch this video from NBC news for more information on the dire situation -

Help spread the word!

UPDATE: 10/18/2017

The priority now is WATER.  Half of 3.4 million people do not have ANY water, and there is NO DRINKABLE WATER anywhere on the island. At least 4 people have died from leptospirosis and many more became ill, which is a dangerous bacteria. There are water filters that can get rid of 99.99999% of bacteria, including bacteria that causes leptospirosis. 

Watch the video -- this reporter has become a hero for Puerto Ricans. 

As heavy rains and poor drainage from the last hurricane are causing additional flooding in Puerto Rico, not much has changed in a month. People are still without power (90% of the island) and half are still without water. People are still seeking missing relatives, have not been able to contact relatives and many people in the mountainous areas have not received any help from mayors or local government or FEMA or anyone. Many private Puerto Rican citizens volunteering on their own are reporting that often when they take food/water/diapers to people in isolated areas that they are the first help those people have received. After nearly a month!! 

The only good news is that now that roads are cleared, the United States Post Office, UPS and FedEx are running and at least can deliver to post offices of the major cities and towns. 

We have almost met the original goal of $5,000 but I am changing it to $15,000. This is a crucial step and means I WILL NEED YOUR HELP. THIS IS YOUR CAMPAIGN, TOO! PLEASE SHARE MY POSTS AND LET OTHERS KNOW HOW DIRE THE SITUATION IS. If you know me at all, I don't cry wolf unless there is a wolf. I am so grateful to everyone who has donated; you know have no idea how excited I get when I hear my GoFundMe ding because I know what a difference you are making in someone's life.

The local and federal governments are failing its citizens, big time. I could get into the politics of it, but we all pay taxes for a reason and being left to die during a disaster, is not one of those reasons. Private U.S. citizens (like you!) and Puerto Ricans are stepping up to the plate in a major way and providing much needed help.

My plan is to raise money only for the water filters (1,000 of them!) and send them to Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas  or another organization called Water for Puerto Rico , which has people on the ground to distribute. I spoke to a company in Tampa - Sawyer - who will sell the water filters at cost to anyone working with disaster stricken populations, that means they will sell them for $9 for a personal water filter and $12 for a filter that attaches to a bucket. They are normally $22. 

Here is the info on the filters ... 
High performance filter fits in the palm of your hand; weighs just 2 ounces; 0.1 Micron absolute hollow fiber membrane inline filter
Attaches to included drinking pouch, standard disposable water bottles, hydration packs, or use the straw to drink directly from your water source
Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; removes 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium
Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons; includes 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and cleaning plunger

I am also talking with my doctor who is in Puerto Rico and needs several items for his patients: 
- Large gloves
- masks
- IV fluids
- ringers lactate
- alcohol swabs
- solar chargers
- water
If you want to help further please keep donating to the campaign, share the campaign on Facebook/Twitter and tell your family/coworkers/friends. Please. This is the link:

And just so you know TOGETHER, we were able to send 200 solar lights to Puerto Rico via a Houston to Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, PR. who distributed them to some of the hardest hit areas of PR. 


UPDATE: 10/2/2017
This Go Fund Me page was created to bring solar light and other survival tools (gas stoves, water filtration systems) to people in Puerto Rico without water or electricity in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

One $40 donation buys a 4-pack of solar lights!

Monster Maria completely decimated the island of 3.4 million people. This GoFundMe was created by Jami Broom, who has called San Juan, Puerto Rico home for the past few years. 

Because of YOU, 100 new solar lights are on their way to Puerto Rico!! I found a great partner to work with who is going to fly supplies to a trusted grassroots nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico called Casa Pueblo ( They will then be able to distribute the solar lights that you helped purchase! The lights are on their way as we speak to Houston, TX and will fly out October 9th!

LET'S KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! Now that we have a trusted partner, let's try to reach that $5,000 goal in the next few days so that we can get even more solar lights in the hands of the people.

I received this message from Angel today ... "People are so grateful for the donations at my work. Thanks so much."

Unfortunately, the problem in Puerto Rico is going to persist for a long time. This hurricane was worse than Katrina, Harvey and Irma combined. There are 3.4 million people in Puerto Rico and the majority have absolutely no lights and will be without lights for months. Let's try to keep people safe and secure by giving them light!

<3 Thank you all so much!!

UPDATE: 9/30/2017
Thank you everyone! I want to let you know that the supplies I took to San Juan have reached the people! I have returned to Tennessee for now ... though I feel an obligation to stay and help physically, given all the circumstances in my life, I will be able to help more from here for now with an internet connection and not in the chaos of trying to find food every day.

The great news is that I was able to distribute two solar panels and solar lights to two people who are out helping others and need to stay in communication. I will explain how the other supplies were distributed below.

First I want to tell you how dire the situation is in Puerto Rico. The island was obliterated. The vegetation is gone ... the rain forest ... it will grow back(?) but for now it is gone. It is extremely depressing to see nothing but brown on such a big island that was once so lush. But worse than this utter destruction of homes and nature, is the worry on the faces of everyone in the street - how will they get their next meal? how will they get gas? will there be enough water? The entire island of 3.5 million people are in "survival mode". Although Puerto Ricans, or Boricuas as they are known by their Taino Indian name, are out helping one another and making the most of a very bad situation, there is a lot of tension and stress and worry of what is to come. People are waiting 4-8 hours in line for gasoline. The grocery stores, if you can find one open also have very long lines. Many people still do not have water. No one has electric. The heat is stifling.

The first person I gave a solar panel to was out rescuing his friend's family from their home with his paddle board - they were stuck - TEN DAYS after Hurricane Maria. He went in and got the family and then went back for a couple suitcases. Many people are still stuck in their homes and have not been able to be reached by their family - by phone or car. Parts of Puerto Rico are very remote and hilly and the relief efforts have been slow and disorganized. People have not been able to communicate. We have not begun to uncover the devastation or the deaths this massacre has caused - and it's possible we never will. We are not hearing much about this on the news, but NBC did a story on a rescue mission here -

The second person I gave a solar panel to - in addition to contributing to this campaign - is also helping people and is the person who distributed the supplies. Angel Rivera, who lives up to his name, works for the Health Department of Puerto Rico, providing services and resources for mainly low-income HIV patients. Because my time in Puerto Rico was so limited (I either had to get out now or who knows when - all other flights were booked) and because communication was so difficult and gasoline so difficult to come by, I would not have been able to get the supplies into the hands of the people most in need without Angel's help.

Even though he was back to work full time at the Health Department, Angel made an effort to drive to my location and collect the supplies, help me sort through them and think about the best way to deliver them and to whom. He had several coworkers who lost everything in the hurricane - one only had a partial roof on her home, one they are still trying to reach. These are people who provide health services to many of the island's lowest income people and need to be able to function and get to work. They were given the gas stoves and other solar lights/panels as well as the water filtration systems. There were several "packs" that were given to people. The rest of the solar lights - about 15 of them - were distributed to the clients that come to the health center - most of whom are HIV patients.

These items are already helping people - I used my Luci Light - the solar blow up light - for the four days I was in Puerto Rico and it was such a blessing. It is very dark on the island and people need light to be safe.

Please see the pictures below Angel sent me from his work where the supplies were mostly distributed. He sent more pictures but this GoFundMe platform only allows me to post three pictures at a time.

Also, with checks in the mail and PayPal donations, we have also reached the halfway point in my original request! I will have another update soon on what I plan to do with the rest of the donations. There are so many options, but I want to make the most of our money.

Thank you all so much - your donation and these supplies have already helped quite a few people.

UPDATE: 9/24/2017
Thank you to everyone who has been asking how they can help and what they can donate to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria!

My name is Jami Broom and for the last several years I have called Puerto Rico "home". 

Wow. What a crazy month. TWO hurricanes! This has been a very stressing time. Fortunately/Unfortunately I was in the United States when Maria struck Puerto Rico. When I left Puerto Rico for a scheduled trip, I had no idea another hurricane was coming. For several reasons and obligations to other people (and my cat), I have to go back, although I do not plan on staying very long if there is no water or electric, as I realize that I may do more good from here than there.

That said, since I am going, I will be taking supplies down with me. I have spent the last two days gathering supplies - since FEMA and other government agencies already are good at distributing water and food, I thought I would focus on other needed items that help people be safe and in communication, like solar energy and rechargeable batteries. Since I am only one person, I can not take much with me, but have contacted Delta who says they will wave my baggage fees. I bought all the portable solar panels I could find in this region (TN/VA/NC) and also went to Diamond Brand Outdoors, who gave me a 20% discount(!) once I mentioned that I was gathering supplies for Puerto Rico. What a big help that was!

Anyway, I added it up and with the discount, and not including tax and not including supplies I bought for myself, I spent $920.

When I get to Puerto Rico (should be Tuesday!) I will distribute the solar lights, solar battery chargers and panels to people in need.

If anyone wants to help me recover these costs, please and thank you for donating to this page.

ONCE I GET TO PUERTO RICO I will be looking for other opportunities to help the island and distribute solar lights, solar security lights, solar panels and solar battery charges. Small solar panels can help people charge their phones and other USB devices, like flashlights and small fans. Rechargeable batteries by solar energy can be used for battery operated fans, flashlights and radios.

People need to feel safe in their homes and on the streets and be able to communicate. Here is a good opportunity for you to help!

If anyone has any ideas about getting solar panels, solar lights distributed at a discount or getting a shipping container together or other transportation (airplanes?) to get these items to people, please contact me.

Please let's help work Together for Puerto Rico!

A couple hospitals in Puerto Rico are taking in people whose lives were devastasted by neighboring islands. These people, children and babies are in need of clothing, blankets, and basic necessities. 

One of these hospitals is right down the street from me here in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I plan on purchasing some of these items myself but thought it would be a great opportunity for anyone glued to their tv set watching IRMA about to batter Florida, to feel like they can do something to help. Thank you so much for caring!! 

I plan on making the purchases now and delivering the items today, but it would be awesome if others would chip in. Below is a list of items the hospital is saying they need:

Presby Hospital in Condado has received several patients from our neighboring islands affected by hurricane Irma and they need our help. If you would like to help, they are collecting these basic necessity items:

- Men's Clothing 3XL
- Women's Clothing Size S, M y L
- Pijamas
- Toothpaste
- Mouth Wash
- Shower Gel
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Underwear
- Deodorant
- Towels
- Body Lotion
- Hair Accessories (hair brush, comb, headbands, hair clips, etc.)
- Book bags or suitcase

For Babies:
- Diapers
- Baby Bottles
- Wipes
- Desitin o A&D
- Baby Shower Products 
- Clothing
- Blankets
- Baby Cloths
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Hola Friends and Campaign Supporters!

I just wanted to give you an update on what we have been up to and share with you some photos of the work we have been doing and the wonderful people we met along the way.

In May we went to Aguas Buenas to deliver 35 water filters and 70 solar lights to families who who still had no power (and had not had power since Maria). A giant THANKS to Danny Erazo who runs a kids program with 125 families in an abandoned school and helped get us organized. These kids were great and so were their parents, who we distributed supplies to when they came to collect their children. Danny also distributed 5 of the water filters and 10 solar lights to people in his community who are bedridden. Thanks to our partner agency Water for Puerto Rico and Krista Noland for finding donated buckets for the water filters and our volunteer Camilla for providing instruction on the water filters to the families.

Earlier in May we made two trips to Maunabo in the Southeastern corner of Puerto Rico. On our first visit there we met a man with an eye infection who told us his water was discolored in his neighborhood ... so the next weekend we went to his neighborhood in the same town of Maunabo. The entire neighborhood had lost power at 7am. This happens a lot in Puerto Rico! And when the power supply goes, so does the ability of the water supply facility to properly clean and treat the water supply. The water systems in Puerto Rico are severely outdated, even when there is electricity to run them. Everyone in these neighborhoods were happy to get the water filters and solar lights! We were able to distribute 65 Sawyer Point One water filters and 30 solar lights in Maunabo. Special thank to volunteer Angel Rivera for explaining to every household how to use their filter and what it does for them. (He could barely speak by the end of the day he had worn out his voice so much!)

The reason we went to Maunabo to begin with was to help our friend and volunteer extraordinaire, Krista Noland, to clean the house of a man with diabetes in a wheelchair. We also took him supplies, of which the one item that brought a giant grin to his face was a solar powered radio! He had no electricity or running water and he was ecstatic to get a radio - he had been so bored! He was dancing in his wheelchair he was so happy!

Some other projects we have been working on is helping volunteers find projects that need their help. Our website lists opportunities that are ongoing around the island and we try to find supplies and help for anyone who puts in a request on our website.

Thank you so much for your support and contributions! Your donations have touched so many lives and people we meet are so very grateful for the water filters and solar sights. There is a huge fear of another storm happening (many people are suffering from “hurricane PTSD”) and to know that other people care about them and are sending love from far away places gives everyone some peace of mind.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to allow us to continue our work. We have received a few sizable donations and will soon be able to purchase and distribute more supplies. Yay!

Oh! I almost forgot! Together Puerto Rico is now a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so your donations are now tax deductible! :-D

Jami Broom
Together Puerto Rico
Kids in Aguas Buenas
Attaching water filters in Aguas Buenas
Happy people in Maunabo!
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To date, Together Puerto Rico has purchased and distributed 345 solar lights and 356 water filters, along with other much needed supplies. Thank you, everyone, for keeping people healthy and safe!!! You are making a huge impact.

We are working on getting another 100 water filters and another 100 solar lights in the hands of Puerto Ricans who need them. <3

If you can donate or share, it would help so much!! Thank you!!! <3
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TODAY is World Water Day. ‍♀️‍♀️ ‍♀️‍♀️
Everyone needs it but many don’t have access to it or have clean water to drink. Many get sick from drinking water laden with bacteria, especially children, seniors and people with weakened immune systems.

Please help me keep people healthy by getting 100 MORE WATER FILTERS to Puerto Rico!! We need $1,000 more. ANY AMOUNT HELPS SO MUCH!! Thank you!


Please like or share our page on Facebook!

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Hey Supporters!

I hope you all are well! I just wanted to give you an update on what is happening here in Puerto Rico and with this campaign.

I am so thankful for all the support you all have given! This is your campaign too and we could not do it without you. Please know how much you are helping people who really really need it. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family and let them know about our efforts!!

The first thing is that there is still dire need here on the island. People do not have electricity. People do not have water. Or, if they do have water, they are boiling it on gas stoves.

Yes, the island is improving everyday, but it is a LONG haul. No one can imagine the destruction unless you see it first-hand. There are many volunteers here working with different NGOs - to rebuild homes, provide medical care, donate supplies, etc. When FEMA announced earlier this week it was discontinuing aid here in Puerto Rico, there was a panic from NGOs and the PR government, because we know how much FEMA is helping people right now at their distribution centers. Thankfully, they reversed their decision (or walked it back) and they are going to continue with supplies for the time being.

The aid from FEMA and NGOs is mostly going to people who own their own homes, working people and business owners who do not have job to go to because there is no power, etc. And senior citizens and U.S. war veterans, who seem to be forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten, last night I drove an hour over the mountains (windy, windy curvy bumpy mountain) to Jaguas with Alejandro from Water for Puerto Rico to a woman's home who was in need of help. This is a "rural" area in the sense that it is up in the mountains and there are no nearby stores, health centers in walking distance, etc. I had taken this woman a water filter and solar light a few weeks ago, but she is caring for her Dad who has Alzheimer's disease and emphysema and needs more support. She has also rescued 7 or 8 dogs, all left by people who are leaving the island and could not take their pets. And she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and has not been able to take her medicine for months, because she can not keep it refrigerated. And both primary care physicians for her and her Dad have left the island. Alejandro was able to connect her with a volunteer nurse and another group - (Boondocks K-9 Search and Rescue). These people brought a bunch of supplies and dog food. The volunteer nurse will go back today to take a more thorough health assessment to see what else they need. They still have no electric after more than 4 months. Her father uses an oxygen machine. There was a lot of water damage to their home (which was her grandmother's house). The mosquitos are everywhere and the screens to her home are mostly broken.

I am so grateful that with your support, I was able to help this woman a little bit and connect her to additional help and support she and her father need.

It is a sad situation, but the saddest part is that there are thousands more stories just like it.

As for this campaign - our team has decided to keep focusing on getting water filters and solar lights into people's hands. Another hurricane season is only 4 months away. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles (and need for FEMA) by raising awareness of the filters around the island. The filters we purchase are good for up to 100,000 gallons of water. That is a lot of clean drinking water! And people will have them for a long time to come.

I am waiting until we have more donations coming in before making another purchase of the water filters. The last time I made the purchase of 150 community water filters, the total came to $3,000 - which included the buckets I purchased from a local home store for $6/each, plus tax. That comes out to about $20/filter and bucket. And we buy the filters at cost from Sawyer -
otherwise we would be paying three times that amount.

Once we pass over the $11,000 mark, I will be able to make another purchase.

A few weeks ago, we made a small purchase of Luci solar lights (at $7.50/ea to help our friend Francesca Biundo make a bulk order for the discount rate) and were able to distribute them to people in another mountain town, Comerio. Here we also helped Water for Puerto Rico pump and distribute water from a river using a Divvy water filter system. The lines were long with people waiting for aid at the FEMA distribution site that day.

So - thank you all so much and remember - this is your campaign too! Please share this post and get the word out about Puerto Rico - the island of enchantment!

Now is a great time to visit by the way - and the island needs tourists!! Come and enjoy the beautiful beaches, take a surf lesson, rappel down a waterfall, walk the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan or visit an ancient fort alongside the ocean! My 2nd bedroom is now accepting visitors :-D

If you need some ideas on what to do while you're here --

Together Puerto Rico is also working with the volunteer coordinator at El Yunque U.S. National Rainforest to organize volunteer clean-ups. We can't wait until the rainforest is back in business!

And ... our team is also working on getting our 501c3 tax status which means your dollars will be tax deductible :-)

Thank you so much! This page only lets me post three pictures at a time, but below is the pastor in Canovanas we gave water filters to - he distributed them in his neighborhood and sent us this picture. The second is the day we spent in Comerio - a volunteer contacted us - Gloria Robles - and wanted to join in our efforts while she was in town visiting family. We were so happy to have more help to pump water for Water for Puerto Rico / Agua para Puerto Rico and the people of Comerio! The last picture is of the full moon last night in Jaguas. The situation here is very humbling and I don't always feel right taking pictures of the aid and people receiving it. At the same time - I want you to know that we are getting a lot done with your support!

Thank you!
Jami and Together Puerto Rico

Our water filters in Canovanas
Volunteer pumping clean water in Comerio
Last night's moon from Jaguas
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Tosh Giles
3 months ago

I’ll be there 5/5-13. Any volunteer work needed?

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$12,001 of $15,000 goal

Raised by 129 people in 57 months
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8 days ago
Stapleton Elementary School
14 days ago

Students at the Stapleton Elementary School raised $100 for Hurricane Maria Relief in the spring of 2018. Thank you for helping them to make a difference.

Tosh Giles
3 months ago

I’ll be there 5/5-13. Any volunteer work needed?

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