Supporting Brian Schroeder

Not Going Down Without a Fight!

Update 8/29/19

It has been over 2 years since we first learned about Brian’s brain cancer. At that time, we were told that he would be lucky to make it two years, even with chemo or radiation. For those of you who do not know, these conventional treatments are not options and/or effective for his rare brain tumor. His decision was to fight as hard as he could with a holistic approach, drastically changing his diet and lifestyle.

We have found that this has been financially draining, though. Insurance does not cover his numerous supplements or therapies. The cost alone for the supplements & therapies will be over $4,500 a month. In addition, the therapies Brian would receive are at a clinic in Arizona, which includes additional costs for lodging and travel.

We cannot express our gratitude for any help you can provide. When we first started this gofundme, we were so fortunate for the donations which were used over the past two years on medical bills, treatments, lost wages, vitamins and supplements to help Brian.

Thank you!

In the blink of an eye, everything can change.  Most of us already know this, but Brian is sick in the head.  We just never knew how sick, until now.  Brian has a tumor in his brain called a glioma.  It cannot be removed and there is not a cure.  It’s impossibly hard to even write the words that he has an incurable tumor.  Our hearts are broken!  Brian is married to Mandy (our sister) and a dad to his 3 boys (whom he adores!), Benett and Jaxson (age 11) and Mason (age 8).  All who know Brian know that he is a kid trapped in an adult’s body.  He’s what the kids would call the “fun dad”, teaching them to skateboard, rock climb, snowboard and anything else dangerously fun.  Brian’s other ‘baby’ is Green Bay Action Sports Organization (GBASO).  He literally built the organization with his own two hands.  He had a vision that went beyond a skate park; he set out to change kid’s lives; mission accomplished.  One quick look at his Facebook page and you can see all the lives he has touched.  Brian is the heart and soul of GBASO and he is nothing short of amazing.  We love you Brian!

The Schroeder family is SO grateful for all the love and outpouring of support.  Brian is clear that he will not allow pity, so let’s show him we care in other ways.  The next several months are going to be a journey for the family that none of us ever want to experience.  The reality is however, none of us can take away the pain.  We all want to, but we can’t.  We CAN do other things!  We can keep praying, sending love and offering support.  We can help them not have to worry about finances.  On top of the soul crushing news, the last thing their family needs is to worry about finances.  If you can donate, please do.  Your donation will help with non-covered medical costs, lost wages and ongoing support for Mandy and the boys. 
Love and hugs.

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