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Hi Everyone, this is Mary’s sister. Many of you know Mary and Secret from all of their videos on Instagram and TikTok (as @my_aussie_gal), doing Irish dance, painting flowers, playing Jenga, sledding, gardening, cooking, doing yoga and more.

On Wednesday of last week we took Secret to the vet. She had been breathing a little funny and we wanted to check it out. The vet agreed that something was wrong, and had blood work done. The next day we got the results, showing that Secret had a very high white blood cell count that likely meant cancer. On Friday we took her to a cancer center to get a more specific diagnosis. They determined it was either Acute Leukemia or stage 5 Lymphoma. She was immediately started on chemotherapy.

With luck she will go into remission, but that would just be temporary. Her only chance for long term survival would be with new cancer treatments like adoptive T-cell therapy or a bone marrow transplant. There are only two places in the country that do this for dogs, and amazingly, one of them is here in our little hometown of Bellingham, Washington.

Unfortunately, these are not inexpensive procedures. Just the chemotherapy alone is a significant expense. We're hoping you can give what you can to help us give Secret another day, another week, another year, as much time as we can give her.

Any extra donations will be used to further research in helping dogs survive cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in dogs.

If you can't give, please share, post to your story, show your friends, family. Anything helps. Mary will be posting a video to Tik Tok today to ask for support on that app (she can’t put it on Instagram or Youtube due to music copyright). It is a video she made last summer that she planned to post on the 7th anniversary of her meeting Secret. Out of all the videos she and Secret have made, this is her personal favorite, and truly shows what Secret means to Mary. If you have Tik Tok, please support that video as well, it will help us so much. Her account is @my_aussie_gal.

I want to thank you all again for supporting the two of them over the years. It has meant the world to Mary. Secret saved my sister's life in a literal sense, she is Mary’s service dog, her lifeline. And I know from reading the comments under every post for the past seven years, how much Secret means to all of you.


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Izzy Peters
Bellingham, WA

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