Sam Waymon's Housing Fund

Dr. Samuel Waymon is an Award-winning composer, musician, singer, pianist, arranger/producer and brother of the legendary Nina Simone.  Sam Waymon was the manager, confidante, organist and best friend to his sister Nina Simone.  

Sam has been contributing to the arts and community in Nyack for decades.  His performances are always electric and supportive for Nyack and it's people.  He has given his time and music to our town with unmatched generosity.  If there is a cause that needs supporting, Sam has been there.  At 74 years old, Sam continues to write, record, and perform for Nyack, NYC, and beyond.  

On Friday the 26th Sam was removed from his residence in Nyack with little warning.  Sam was told by his lawyer that he was not going to have any issues with his home, but found out rather abruptly that he did have a major issue.  A major miscommunication.  

He and his belongings were removed from his apartment and he was faced with no where to go. 

I am his friend and collaborator Dylan Kelehan.  I put him up for in hotel for a few nights, and a few other friends have stepped up to the plate and offered a few more nights. 

This is temporary and we need to find a more suitable, long term, place for Sam to live.   We have found a place but need first months rent, last months rent, and a security deposit to get him in.  From there, we are going to look for a more affordable permanent place for him to reside and to continue serving the community, making beautiful music, and contributing to and enriching all of our lives.


Dylan Kelehan
Valley Cottage, NY

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