Help us buy our Forever Home

This is my family.

We are a big group of weirdos.

A gaggle of goofy goobers.

We're blended, and for a while, we were broken, but we're healing now.

I met my husband 21 years ago when we were both in high school. We formed a strong friendship and remained close through the years.
What he didn't know about was the torch I carried for him.

I loved Tim Klink from the moment he opened his mouth and started quoting Monty Python to me. I never told him, and eventually, we both moved on and got married.

Flash forward to 2020, and I made my way back to California to visit my mother. While there, Tim and I reconnected and spent as much time as we could together during the next two weeks.
On Halloween, he kissed me for the first time, on Thanksgiving, I moved him and the boys in with me, and on the 3rd of December, Tim proposed.

The more time we spent together, the more we knew: we were soulmates.
I spent 20 years in love with my soul mate and never told him. You can't help but wonder if we were always perfect for each other. Could we have spent these last 20 years together, happy and whole? Could my speaking up and telling him the truth about my feelings have spared us from the pain of our first marriages?

We'll never know.

But we're together now, raising three wonderful boys and doing everything we can to undo the issues and trauma created by their birth mother. One of the ways we do that is by Homesteading. We want that back the basics living that comes with owning and working our own land, drawing power from the sun and wind, and reducing our footprint to as minimal as possible.

A way we can achieve both of these things is by finding our forever home.

We've all had to move so many times over the years, the boys have had to change schools and abandon friends, only to have to do it again in a year when the lease expired.

To that end, we've been looking into buying some land out in Alaska. It's always been a dream of mine and Tim's to live there and know that now we're together, we can make the dream a reality.

And now we've found the perfect house.

A home on 180 acres with a house for us and the boys and a small cabin for Tim's parents when they retire. It's land that we could build on, raise our family on, and pass down to the boys. Space to farm and get our business of farming and beekeeping really going. And then space to build homes for our boys and their families when they are grown.  

Generational land.

It is our dream.

The seller is even willing to do owner financing, which would allow us to purchase the home despite our less than ideal credit.
Which brings us to why we're here.
We need $65,000 for the down payment.

I am a 911 operator and my husband drives a forklift at local wearhouse, this amount is close to what we make in a year. And because the main house itself is in need of repair, we can't get a standard loan for the property.

So we are reaching out for help.

This house is more than just beams and foundation, its a chance for our family to start over somewhere fresh, to give our boys a home, not just a place that we're renting, but a home where they can spend the rest of their childhoods and always come back too, no matter where their futures take them. 

We want to be the home where our family gathers for holidays and major events.

Personally I want to be able to stand on the steps to my porch and watch my kids, and then my grandkids and maybe even my great grand kids playing in the yard or helping with the bees or the garden.  

I wasn't even sure I would get kids. 

When I was first married we found out that I have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. In some cases, its really benign. Maybe your period is a little wonky, or your flow is hard to predict. In extreme cases, cases like mine, it causes weight gain, excessive body hair, issues with your pancreas, and infertility.

I N F E R T I L I T Y. 

I have never, in my 36 years of life, been able to conceive. 

Not ever even once. 

By the time I went back to see my mom in 2020 I had give up on ever having children. I assumed I would find a few acres for me to put a tiny house and I would fill it with the barks and yaps of dozens of dogs in the hope that their sounds would drown out the empty echoing sounds of my empty life and my empty womb. 

It sounds dramatic, and it was. It really was. 

I remember sitting in a doctors office and completely breaking down because of a poster advertising plasma donation by saying that this man on the add now had the ability to see his grandson and watch him grow. And I lost it. I sobbed and cried because I would never be able to see my grandchildren. I would never have any. 

Adoption is hard and expensive, and they really don't like the look of single adult. Most people want to give their child to a family. Two parents who will be there and be able to take care of the baby. Single parents struggle, and it's harder when you don't have that other person to rely on for help. 

So adoption was out. 

Which brings me back to the having dogs bit. 

To sit here and write that I will be able to see my grandchildren and their children is a gift I cannot express in words. I know I shouldn't ask for more, but being Tim's wife, and being a mother to these three wonderful children all I want is to give them everything they want. 

And we all want this.

So, please, anything you can donate helps. The closer we get, the better we look to the seller.

We want this dream so much we can taste it.

Please, if you can help, help.

We are homesteaders we are a family and we are looking for our  forever home.

Check out our site if you want to get to know us better


Jenn Klink
Salt Lake City, UT

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