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September 2015, I sustained an injury to my sternalclavicular joint from catching a falling box of approximately 40lbs with a sharp twist and out stretched arm. I also sustained cervical neck instability and mild shoulder injury. For those who aren't familiar what a sternalclavicular joint is, it's located between the sternum and clavicle.
So initially, my pain was very mild but overtime as I continued with my work routine my SC joint became progressively worse which led me to seek medical attention. I was referred to an Orthopedic by my chiropractor as he immediately noticed an obvious defect and even mentioned I would probably require surgery.

I had a CT scan which showed a slightly displaced joint and was told surgery has a 50% success rate, meaning I could come out the same or possibly even worse. This was not an option I was willing to try before seeking all other options available to me. This is when my chiropractor introduced me to prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection treatment that aids the body to heal itself and is an alternative to surgery. For those who know what stem cell therapy is, prolotherapy is same technique but different solutions used.
For more info on prolotherapy, click the link below.

Since my SC joint was so severe, Dr Houser at "Caring Medical" in Illinois, advised I receive a combination of PRP ( platelet Rich plasma taken from my blood) and prolotherapy as I would benefit best and feel results sooner than if I just received prolo.
More info on PRP click the same link below.

I started treatment with Caring Medical in November 2016, and received a total of 3 sessions of prolo and PRP every 6 weeks to all three areas of injury. Dr Houser had me on a strict regimen consisting of my right arm in a sling for 8 weeks and also wore Rocktape to keep the joint mobilized. He also stated avoiding stress would be a huge factor in healing this injury successfully.

Over the course of each treatment I started noticing drastic results in pain reduction and overall my joint was becoming more stable with time. After my third treatment in January 2017, I was approximately 85% improved and deemed done with treatment. My Doctor did warn me I was still healing and to be mindful of my activities and any stress factors but that I could slowly increase my activities as I felt comfortable to do so. Over the next few months I gradually increased my activities and tolerated them well and overall my SC joint was doing exceptionally well. I was now estimating to be at 90% improved and was finally able to enjoy doing activities I had avoided for over a year. I was still being mindful of certain activities though as I knew I was still healing and since ligaments take 12-18 months to heal fully, I wanted to be sure I was careful for at least a good 12 months. I also knew I was still venerable to re-injury as I was still in a critical point of healing.

End of April 2017, I experienced an emotional stressful situation and immediately experienced a flare in my SC joint. Up until this point I had never known how stress can have such a huge impact on our bodies. When we are under stress our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is very damaging and will attack the weakest area in the body. I felt as though I had completely re-injured my SC joint and I hadn't even done anything physically to produce such a flare. This flare lasted about 2 weeks and than gradually subsided. During this time, I took it easy as I felt my SC joint was weaker again but was sure it would heal back to where it had been prior to my stressful episode.
Unfortunately, this has not been the case but instead I have noticed a gradual decline and sadly will need another treatment now as my SC joint has recently started subluxing again.
I can't describe in enough words how discouraged I am. I know these regenerative treatments are successful for people and I have personally benefited myself.

I'm now considering in receiving stem cells in hopes one treatment will be sufficient. At $5,000 it is more expensive than prolo and PRP. It is not determined yet whether I will require stem cells but this will be discussed at my next consultation.

One treatment of PRP and prolo cost $1,200 and this does not include flight tickets for myself and another person who accompanies me. The cheapest flight tickets I have found are roughly $388 to $450 for two people round trip.

I'm a midwifery student and only work part time and therefore not making sufficient funds needed to receive treatment.

Those who donate, please know I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to donate towards my medical expenses. Any extra funds will help pay off unpaid medical bills.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me personally.

Thank you!

P.S. Be sure to check out the website below for further details on the treatment I'll be receiving.
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