Climbing With Light - Orly's Kilimanjaro Summit


Hi, this is Orly.

My name means “my Light” in Hebrew. That’s how I see myself – I am light, and I am vision.

I'm a chef, mother and future businesswoman.
I am a motivational speaker, and a champion athlete. 
I am also blind, only through the physical eyes.

I leave for Tanzania Africa early March 2022, to climb mount Kilimanjaro, the only visually impaired climber in my group. Very excited in conquering this challenge, and rising to the top.

However my heart is so excited, and has looked forward to volunteering, empowering, and having a positive impact since I was a little girl. For blind/visually impaired children of all ages in various communities around the world. Now  I've reached out, in and around the area of Tanzania. I will be visiting schools and communities as there is so much I’d like to share and to offer, as a blind individual who lives life with no limits.

I am hoping to find and bring with me much needed accessibility supplies, learning tools to give them the ability to learn, to work towards independence, literacy, and a future of no limits. Equality, and accessibility is definitely felt world wide, however in countries such as in Africa, they really struggle and have limited resources. They also struggle with limited understanding, beliefs and not really knowing that there are no limits for themselves, or their blind/visually impaired. I want so much to be part of offering what I can in creating positive lasting change, and have doors opened for all. As we all know having any so called limitations isn’t a death sentence, nor a curse as some believe and through no fault of their own.    

I am looking for any resources, such as Braille supplies, Canes, learning games, and any accessible tools, anything that can have a huge impact in their lives that they so desperately need. Or can you offer a monetary donation and I can purchase items to bring with me? Or direct me in finding support with my vision?

I plan to share with them my stories, my journey, and how I was able to rise above all my personal mountains. Most recently graduating Culinary school. I am joining Mount Kilimanjaro with an incredible program Mountains and Marathons on March 11th, 2022, and a 6 day climb commencing March 13th.  I will be guided by Afrikabisa and doing the Machame route up this big mountain called Kilimanjaro.

I am also in the process of gathering footage of my life stories, the climb, and my experiences in visiting schools and communities in Tanzania. I have a vision of creating a documentary that will empower, break down perceptions, divisions, and be part of creating lasting positive change in our amazing world.

I want to Guide other’s through empowerment and with my recipes for success. Changing the world one step of this climb at a time, and through my culinary aspirations one meal at a time.   

I am hoping that this will help provide educational insight to others regarding vision loss and the ability to overcome its related challenges. 

It takes time and effort to build self-confidence, The strength to believe that you can take back control of your life and change things.

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So excited in hearing back, thank you for stopping by, and reading and any support you can offer.

(for more about my story, see below). Now, I ask you to support me in the grand finale.

In March 2022, my leadership program will graduate with a Retreat in Tanzania where I will get to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, only blind individual on the team.

There is an incredible life we can all achieve with any adversity we face. Mount Kilimanjaro is the perfect platform for me to demonstrate that rising above any challenges is possible.

I am going to create a documentary of my life story, my journey up the mountain, and also  will include my journey when visiting schools and communities empowering visually impaired/blind children, and the communities that support them. In knowing that their are no limits.  .

Your support enables me to take on the biggest adventure of my life so far, and inspire thousands of others to live a life of vision and inspiration.

It is our traumas that blind us, and our truth that lights the way.



For organizations, there are sponsorship opportunities to support my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. When I reach the summit, I will proudly sit inhaling the sweet smell and the 360-degree view of true vision. It will be my greatest joy to plant a flag with your logo at a milestone along the way.



I believe that climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for the journey of life. I myself had to learn the hard way that it’s the journey that matters most, not the destination. Each day on this journey was a step towards my summit of health and wellbeing.

Taking this story to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is my way of showing others around the world that they, too, can face their own mountains. It takes time, effort and a belief in ourselves to take control of our lives, but it’s always worth it.

I have been hearing the call to adventure for as long as I can remember. It was not my physical  limitation that kept me blind, but my upbringing and hardships. Blind people are 40% more likely to develop addictions and struggle with their mental health, and proper nutrition is key to thrive in life in every way. 

The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is my next step in bringing my story to the world and inspiring people of all abilities to live a life of vision. 

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