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“The Ari Fuld Memorial Fund”

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Ari Fuld, tireless fighter for Israel was killed by an Arab terrorist this morning.  

Ari selflessly raised money to improve the lives of the soldiers he served with, He gave his time to fight for Israel on the ground and in the cyber world. His loss is keenly felt in the pro Israel community. Ari did so much for Israel, we would like to do something for him.  He leaves behind 4 children.   They need the support of our community.

All funds will go directly to the family. 

The outpouring of love for Ari is extraordinary.  The Fuld family is still in mourning,   Thank you everyone for donating, and let us get to One Million for our Fallen Lion, Ari.

Shoshana, sister of Miriam Fuld , has been given control of this page on behalf of Miriam and the family.    If this generosity continues, the goal will be raised to one million, which is closer to what's required to sustain Miriam and her four children.

Edit: Hi, Im Miriam's sister, Shoshana Im taking care of the Campaign. We would like to thank everyone for their generous support and love. 

Sitting here day 4 since Ari was murdered. 
I watched tens of thousands at his funeral in the middle of the night come pay their respects and I have orchestrated thousands as they have waited in the smoldering sun for two hours to come to the Shiva house. 
I have been contacted by hundreds of people who have a story about how Ari effected them. 
I ask myself HOW? WHY? How could one person touch so many? 
I think the answer is that Ari just CARED. He cared enough to stop and offer the guy a ride, he cared about the person standing at the busstop. 
He cared about every jew and everyone. 
Most of us, just let the world pass us by, busy with our own problems, busy with our own stuff. We all have stuff, Ari had stuff. It didnt stop him from talking to people. 
Ari loved to talk/ argue/ debate. It didnt matter. He respected you for who you were . He then would debate the world with you. 
Ari cared enough to drive each and every one of the nieces and nephews crazy, what did you learn in school? Hows the baseball/ basketball? 
Yesterday, on the day of atonement (Yom Kippur) my husband and I sat there and said- really, we dont do enough, we dont care enough. Really, we need to up our game. Look at all the people Ari touched, not because he paid for something or bought something, but just because he cared. 
He reached out and tried to make this world a better place. And what are we doing??
And thats why the thousands mourn him now. Because really, none of us give that much to our fellow, none of us CARE as much as Ari did. 
Yes, he was real live human, he left his socks lying around, forgot his keys and his wallet and had to call Miriam to come bail him out, never cleaned up after himself and drove people crazy with his debates and beliefs. 
But at the end of the day- Ill take it anytime over the nonchalant, non caring aloof who doesnt even give me the time of day, unless it benefits them.

Really, we all need to up our game...

Thanks Ari for caring about ALL of us..

To share stories of Ari and condolences to the family please visit


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