Mahala Mesch Medical Fund

Thank you one and all for your prayers, donations and support, it has really made the difference.  Mahala is not in need of donations at this time!

We are celebrating the fact that Mahala's cancer has shrunk quite a lot and at this time is not what her Oncologist calls "active".  She feels well and her blond hair, which has always been straight as an arrow, is now growing back CURLY! She is so excited to have curly hair.  

Because Mahala's Cancerous Tumor is located in a non-operable location and it is in her lymph-nodes  she will always have Stage-4 cancer.  For the rest of her life she will be taking chemo pharmaceuticals and be under the watchful eye of her doctors in monthly tests. 

Help us celebrate and give thanks for the shrinking of this tumor by sending prayers of thanks to our Heavenly Father.  Please keep her in your prayers and continue to ask that He miraculously remove this cancer 100% to never return. The Lord does intervene and heal and we are seeking His Mercy and total healing.  

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  You all mean so much to Mahala and her family.

With Love,
Mahala and Family

Here she is yesterday in her 55th Birthday celebration at Niagara Falls.. with her new curly hair!


Original post: 

A lifelong public servant who is known for her uncommon strength, she’ll need it now that she’s fighting for her life!  Mahala Mesch has been an Army Soldier, a Police Officer, a driven selfless giver who has always been the picture of health, until now...

“You have Stage-4, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, a type NOT associated with smoking. It's located in the upper lobe of your lung rendering it inoperable!” Those words rocked my seemingly unshakable sister to her very core! But, despite the diagnosis, there is hope! Thanks be to God, she has a rare gene which makes her a candidate for a targeted treatment that could save her life.

Financially this is going to be so hard! The medications are extremely expensive and only a portion is covered.  All the tests, appointments, scans, ER visits and many additional needs have depleted her savings, in just two months. The medical expenses are only going to quickly go up in the coming months which could limit her treatment options and add unhealthy stress and anxiety. This account was created to give Mahala every fighting chance. Here is her story!

Mahala has dedicated her entire adult life in public service selflessly fighting for the safety and rights of her fellow man.  At eighteen years old, 5'5" tall and a whopping 95-pounds, she enlisted for active duty in the U.S. Army.  Her purpose was to serve her country, which she did, for eight years, both in our homeland and on foreign soil. After receiving an honorable discharge, she enlisted in the Army Reserves where, until this very day, she fearlessly stands at the ready to be called up at a moment’s notice.  Mahala stayed strong when telling me about her potentially deadly diagnosis... but she cried so very hard when she told me she may be medically discharged from the Army. Seeing her profound sadness broke my heart!

In 1992, Mahala fought tooth and nail to become a full-time Police Officer in the City of Champaign Illinois. She almost failed the Police Academy, not for the lack of physical or mental ability or aptitude, but because her voice was kind and soft which could give the impression that she was weak to potential aggressors. Nothing could be farther from the truth! But, like every other obstacle she has had to overcome in her life, she put a laser-like focus on the task of retraining her voice and she conquered that too. For six years, she put that uniform on and patrolled the streets to protect and serve. Her impact on the community was honorable. Mahala was the kind of Police Officer that you read about who went above and beyond the call of duty to help a child affected by violence and tragedy, a homeless person that no one else noticed and the battered wife who needed a way out, just to name a few. She performed acts of kindness without any applause or accolades whatsoever because she did it all when no one was looking.

As if military and policing was not enough service, for the past 10 years Mahala worked as an Equal Employment Officer (EEO) where she has steadfastly enforced the law to the letter ensuring that people from all walks of life are treated fairly in the work-place.

It’s been hard for her to work much since receiving her cancer diagnosis and she tells me that her employer and fellow employees have all been very supportive and compassionate. They have been very kind to her and for that, we are ever so grateful and forever in their debt.

In summation, all that Mahala has done in her adult life has been in unyielding service to mankind and it speaks to her generous and selfless heart. She is very special and the world is a better place with Mahala in it! This deadly diagnosis must not be allowed to steal her from the world as she will continue to make a good and positive impact on the lives of many.

So here we are, today, with a diagnosis that threatens Mahala’s very existence. She has now been given a new mission, to kick this cancers butt!! My prayer is that during this most difficult time, friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and strangers alike will seize the opportunity to show Mahala the love, kindness and selfless giving that she has always granted so freely.

In Closing, I am glad to report that while Mahala was willing to give her life in the service to her country, she REFUSES to give her life to cancer! She is ready for the fight but she can’t do it on her own. Will you stand with her? Can you please lift Mahala up in your prayers, in support, and if you can, donations too? Can you help spread the word to your networks? Oh, how I wish you would! These are my most humble requests for a person that many people can’t imagine their life without…Mahala Mesch.

In God, we trust for all of her needs to be met without exception through advances in medical treatments made possible through the kindness and gifts of people just like you!

Even if you cannot donate... please consider sharing Mahala's story on your social media and to your contacts.   And of course please send your prayers and positive uplifting thoughts.

For all of this, we send you our limitless gratitude!

Thank you from Mahala's son Jason Mesch, and family Alan Mesch, Jerri Woolworth (sister), Eddie Couch (brother) and our entire family and multitude of friends!

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