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My wife, Tove Gillbring, has been a champion for Swedish roleplaying games during the three last decades. Together we have published and developed games, gaming magazines and hosted gaming events at gaming conventions all over Sweden. Tove has always encouraged and supported other gamers and game creators. In our view, the entire gaming hobby benefits when a game is successful, be it our own or somebody elses. Now I want your help to show Tove how appreciated she is, and to make it easier for her to accomplish the creative fireworks she wants to set off in the midst of the bad news she is coping with. Her old breast cancer is back, and has spread beyond the possibility to cure her completely. Her lungs, skeleton and lymphatic system is affected, but she is a fighter. We got help to battle the medical issues, thanks to great doctors and medical teams in combination with the best treatment available for her kind of cancer. But Tove wants the rest of her life to be about more than merely surviving. She wants to focus on the things she loves to do. To develop and publish gaming titles, working with some of the people she loves most.

In the midst of the horrible news, Tove has been an inspiration. She considers herself lucky to have lived a good and full life, even if she had hoped it would be longer. Tove is not afraid to die and takes on all treatments her doctor suggests, to battle the cancer. She wants to get as many days as she possibly can to working on her favorite projects. Tove looked me straight in the eye on the very day she was told that there is no cure and said:

“I want to spend as much of the time I got Ieft with you, and keep doing the things we love. I want to see all of the projects we have planned in print before I go, I look forward to each and every one of them and will enjoy working on them to see them completed. That’s a lot of titles, so we need to step on the gas to make it happen. I want you to take time off from your regular work to make it happen, and hopefully our friends and freelancers will help us out too. I will not pass silently into the night, I prefer going out in a crescendo of creative fireworks”.

Since Tove can no longer walk, she needs my help to get around. I have been able to cut down my time at work in half in order to be home with Tove. While I work, Tove is stuck in her bed. It gives her time to rest, but if I could be with her all the time both Tove and I would be able to work more and plan our days better.

It might sound crazy to want to work on the creative fireworks at such a harsh time in our life, but it is what Tove wants to do and a testament as good as any on how much she has enjoyed her life. And we have been down this road before. When Tove got cancer the last time around, we had just started our Swedish gaming magazine Fenix. We could easily have cancelled the magazine right away, but instead Tove insisted that we should keep it up. Thirteen years later we have just published our 84th issue on a bimonthly schedule. We work well under pressure, especially when doing things we love (and with a little help from our friends).

Tove and I have worked together in the gaming hobby since back in the eighties, at the dawn of Swedish roleplaying games. Right from the start, our pet project was Western – a wild west roleplaying game. Our fourth edition will be released in English next summer, followed by a multitude of scenarios, source books and even choose your own adventure books. Many of the titles will be available in both Swedish and English.

Joe Dever contacted us in 2013, and asked us to be his Swedish publishers. Our Lone Wolf production line is mainly in Swedish (with a few exceptions soon to come), while Freeway Warrior will be released in both English and Swedish. There are quite a few titles coming up to both these production lines, where we are happy to have material left to publish based on our close co-operation with Joe Dever while he was still among us.

Our Swedish gaming magazine Fenix is also at the core of our production, and Tove is adamant about wanting to be there for at least the 100th issue. Most of the magazine is printed in Swedish, but thanks to great contributions from esteemed game writers such as Kenneth Hite, Graeme Davis, Pete Nash and Will Hindmarch, there are a couple of articles in English each time as well. We have already published three “Best of Fenix” volumes, and Tove wants to make more of the magazine available to gamers all over the world. For a while we were contemplating a twin magazine in English, but now it is more likely to make pdf-files of issues or articles available – or to release some more volumes of Best of Fenix.

Other projects on our drawing board? The German choose your own adventure success Rider of the Black Sun by Swen Harder, a second comic strip album of Åke Rosenius’ Birger Barbaren (possibly followed by an all English Bernard the Barbarian album), a Collector’s Album of an award winning comic made by some talented Swedish gamers and Åsa Roos’ cool Keyring RPG, in an English edition. This was one of the very first successfully crowdfunded Swedish games. This game is small enough to carry on a Keyring, yet packed with gaming material and fully functional. Easy and fun to play and the coolest gift ever! We could stop there, but … we actually have some other dreams too. So keep your eyes open!

We hope to be able to finish as much of the fireworks together as we possibly can, but please know this. I will honor my wife’s legacy by keeping her dreams alive, even when she is not. I will not abandon her dreams or her projects, instead I will take it upon myself to see them through.

Do you want to help us and get something in return for your kind support? Since we are gaming publishers, there are lots of titles from Åskfågeln you can buy for yourself or others. We always want our titles to be played and read, so spreading them to new gamers is just an added bonus. There are lots of places you can get hold of our games and books. You can always look for Åskfågeln at your local gaming store (even outside Sweden, since we are part of Modiphius’ distribution network). Or you can find us online at:

Our company web store and the only place where you can buy Gift Cards from Åskfågeln, if you already got all of the titles we already published and want to be sure to get hold of upcoming books as well. Please note that many of our titles are only available in Swedish.

To begin with, you can find the spectacular photo book on dice at

Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness

or Freeway Warrior – Highway Holocaust at

but as we add new titles in English to our production line, you will find them at Modiphius to.

Indiepress Revolution
The International home for our Best of Fenix volumes in hardback (as well as in pdf)

Here you will find an increasing amount of pdf-files of gaming titles from us at Åskfågeln. Please note that some titles are in Swedish only, while others are in English. When we add issues of the gaming magazine Fenix, they will consist of material in both Swedish and English.

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Creative Fireworks #4 – Pieces of the Past

The prints are now running for Pieces from the Past, a scenario for Ensamma Vargen (Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf) that we developed for GothCon this Easter – and that is now ready for demo play all over Sweden. The heroes stumble upon the effects of a certain red gem and how it affects the young bloke who picked it up – and others! It will give the players an introduction to Sommerlund’s history from a different perspective, while at the same time putting them to the test. The stakes are high, but hope should be the last thing they lose in this tale of Light vs Darkness.

August Hahn wrote the story and Joe Dever had time to enhance it. Lukas Thelin has filled it with illustrations and Francesco Mattioli has provided more of his wonderful maps for us. Apart from the softcover, you will also get inserts with maps and cards to cut yourself, as well as pre generated Action Charts for 6 different Kai Lords. To play, we still highly recommend that you use the Ensamma Vargen Rollspelsbox or Ensamma Vargen Regelbok, to get the easy rules engine. Soon it will be available from www.åskfågeln.se and all well sorted gaming stores in Sweden.

For Sommerlund & the Kai!

Tove & Anders
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Thank you all for your kind and generous support,
We have appreciated the way you helped us make a hard situation better, and you should all know that it has made a difference in our lives. We have been able to focus more on the fun and good in life, which has been a giant sigh of relief. We have had, and will continue to have, more time together than would have been possible without you. And it is time that we will focus on our Creative Fireworks.

On the overall scope of things, we are fortunate. The treatments actually keep the cancer at bay. It is still there, but seems to be halted at the moment. That is cause for celebration. Still, we have just had a few weeks of constant follow ups, treatments and check ups after attending the Easter convention. The last fortnight have come with double sets of intravenous treatments, daily chemo tablets, a minor surgery and radiation. To be honest, it has not been our most productive fortnight in a while. At the same time, the prognosis for the upcoming month is promising, where the treatments endured now will make it possible to do more than in a long while. Visiting Anders’ parents is high on our list, but also lunch with a close friend allergic to our cats.

A lot of titles are now underway. Just today we sent a scenario to print – and even more will follow. We will try to keep you all posted every now and then. It is good to have people that care in your support system, and we hope you will feel like celebrating for each and every time a new release is coming. We sure will!

Thank you all,

Tove & Anders
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Time to end Love Tove

Thank you all for the kind and generous support you have shown us through the crowdfunding campaign Love Tove at


It has been a weird and intense time in our lives. Tough and hard to handle in many ways, but at the same time we have felt so much love and support coming our way from both friends and strangers. That has made a difference to us, in more ways than one. Time together means a lot to us. Together, we are able to handle anything from the rather huge boulders that showed up in our path, to the minor hassles that could easily trip you up if you are not prepared for them. Time to handle the medical treatments and all of the side effects, but honestly, the time we appreciate the most? The time we can spend on everything else! The time we can use to leave all of that medical gloom behind and concentrate on more fun stuff, such as weird and wonderful gaming titles longing to become a reality. That time – that is what Love Tove has helped us accomplish!

Thank you for supporting us in this. When Anders is able to take time off from other things, it means that we both can work more. Together. Anders can help Tove with all transitions to and from the work station, and all the other minor challenges that are so much easier to handle when you are together. All who supported us has made our everyday life easier, left lots of room for joy and allowed the calm relief of not having to bother about life’s everyday little challenges. Still. No crowdfunding should last forever or keep bugging you for support, not even this one. It is time to close down Love Tove. We have decided to let April 14 be the last day of www.gofundme.com/lovetove - since that is exactly 28 years since we first met. Tove was living in Gothenburg, and Anders had travelled there for GothCon – Sweden’s oldest gaming convention.

Looking forward, we are mildly optimistic. Despite all of the challenges we are facing and with no cure in sight for Tove’s cancer, there are silver linings. In our view, the winter has been good to us overall. Tove is a little stronger and a little bit more able today than just a few months ago. She even managed to be at GothCon this past week, a feat nobody really believes was possible the first time she said it would happen. But somehow it worked out, with a little help from our friends. Sure, things take a little bit longer than we anticipate at times (Such as how much time you need to set aside to not only create a convention scenario and make it playable at the convention – but for that very last step of getting it printed in time …), and Tove can occasionally literally run out of air and energy. At the same time, we are accomplishing so many fun things, with lots of new gaming titles just around the corner. The Creative Fireworks have only just begun. We are more optimistic than ever for 2018. This will be the year to celebrate and wow you all!

All thing will be easier and more fun to accomplish, the more we can work together on them. You can either support our efforts by keeping an eye open for the titles we release, and purchase the ones that might interest you. We dare say that they are good enough to take under consideration. And you will of course get one last chance to Love Tove at


before we close it down on April 14.

Thank you for everything,

Tove & Anders
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Love Tove går mot sitt slut

Tack för allt fint stöd vi har fått genom Love Tove-kampanjen på


Det har varit en konstig och intensiv tid i våra liv. Tuff på många sätt. Samtidigt har vi känt en enorm värme och ett stöd från både vänner och främlingar. Det vi behöver mest för att fungera är tid tillsammans. Tid att hantera vilka stenar som än kastas i vår väg, men också den där värdefulla tiden som gör att vi kan koncentrera oss på annat än den senaste undersökningen vi måste åka på, eller att analysera utfallet av den senaste behandlingen eller medicinen. Förstå oss rätt, vi är tacksamma över att leva i ett land där vi har tillgång till denna lyx. Samtidigt är det skönt att kunna göra något helt annat ibland också. Som att utveckla spel och spelprodukter av olika slag! Det är just det som Love Tove hjälpt oss att göra.

Genom att Anders kunnat arbeta mindre än vanligt på sitt jobb, så har vi båda kunna lägga mer tid på spel. Det kräver lite tankar kring förflyttningar och annat, men det mesta går att lösa. Tillsammans. Så tack alla ni som valt att vara en del av våra ansträngningar. Det uppskattas! Det har gett oss mycket glädje och ett lugn inför vardagens utmaningar. Men alla goda ting har ett slut, och ingen crowdfunding bör vara för evigt. Därför kommer vi att stänga ner Love Tove på www.gofundme.com/lovetove den 14:e april - då det är 28 år sedan första gången vi träffades. Tove bodde i Göteborg, Anders hade åkt ner för att gå på GothCon – Sveriges äldsta spelkonvent.

Inför framtiden är vi försiktigt positiva. Även om ingen bot för Toves cancer finns i sikte upplever vi att vintern varit bra ändå. Tove har orkat arbeta en del, hon är sig lik som människa och har till och med lyckats delta på GothCon nu i helgen. En del saker tar längre tid än tidigare och ibland kan orken försvinna snabbt. Samtidigt så händer väldigt mycket roligt, och vi ser hur flera olika spelprodukter som bara väntat på lite kärlek nu blir av. Det Kreativa Fyrverkeriet har bara börjat och mer kommer inom kort!

Självfallet blir allting lättare ju mer tid vi har tillsammans. Du kan antingen stödja oss genom att följa vår utgivning och skaffa de speltitlar av olika slag som just du gillar. Vi törs sticka ut hakan och säga att det finns en hel del bra grejer där, både bland redan utgivet material och kommande titlar! Eller också kan du ta allra sista chansen att vara med i Love Tove på


Stort tack och på återhörande,

Tove & Anders
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kr196,137 of kr240,000 goal

Raised by 332 people in 4 months
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