Jost Van Dyke Humanitarian Aid

$100,375 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 648 people in 5 months
Created September 7, 2017
We are friends of Jost Van Dyke helping to raise money for basic life saving needs and the community's recovery in the wake of hurricane Irma.

We are working with the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society (which is a certified BVI non-profit organization and maintains 501c3 status in the US) as well as friends on neighboring islands including St. Croix & Puerto Rico that are working with governmet agencies to coordinate relief efforts.  All donations will go directly to the Preservation Society.

It's going to be a long road to recovery and we encourage you to keep the people of Jost in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to work through this.

Donations may be made through this campaign page or directly on the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society website. http://jvdps.org/

The #JVDstrong initiaitive is another way to show your support. Purchase a t-shirt and 100% of funds raised will go directly to help the people and the island of Jost Van Dyke through the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society.  http://jvdstrong.com/
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December 14, 2017 update:
Thank you for donating to this GOFUNDME.

➢ 0% of monies donated through this project will be used for administrative overhead to recipient organisation JVD Preservation Society. Funds donated to JVD Preservation Society following Hurricanes Irma and Maria marked “Hurricane Relief” are also going 100% to relief efforts with 0% taken for overhead

➢ 8% or $7,800+ will be kept by Gofundme.com.

Expenditure from fund: $4500

Immediately following Hurricane Irma, fund recipients worked in Puerto Rico to purchase basic relief supplies to send to JVD. In the earliest day, we loaded up personal cars and trucks with bags from CostCo and HomeDepot. We have spent a total of about $3500. Our efforts were quickly outpaced by the massive outpouring of support from Many Americans and Puerto Ricans, who helped to meet the needs of JVD via delivery on private vessels including the now renowned “PR NAVY”

Expenditure from fund to date: $5300

Through this GoFund me, a total of 18 generators have been distributed to Jost Van Dyke. This includes 1 generator for the clinic that came within one week of the storm, and 7 larger units that serviced multi family dwellings. In total, the dollar value of these generators (pre-shipping ) amounts to $20,800 with this go fund me spending only $5300 out of pocket. In addition, Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City donated approximately 50 personal generators to Jost Van Dyke and the BVI Government’s Department of Trade donated 5 large generators to small businesses on the island. We are not responsible for leveraging the donations of the other generators listed—we mention mainly so that people know the status of generators on JVD Island.

As of early December, BVI Electricity has restored electricity to parts of Great Harbour. For some residents with very comprised structures, their homes cannot be hooked up to power. Beginning on December 11, we are looking at using funds to help install construction ‘black boxes’ so that comprised homes that are in areas with restored power can acess the power grid.

Expenditure from this fund $5,000 (approximate)
Marching amount secured: $26,000

Thanks to the combined support of Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City and Foxy’s, a community standpipe providing water from reverse osmosis (desalinated seawater) and/or purified rainwater will be installed in early January. We are exploring other options to install stand pipes or water catchment in East End and White Bay. Waves for water installed a community tank in Great Harbour near the Customs dock and via Yacht Aid Global, we have also distributed 20 Sawyer filtration kits.

Expenditure from this fund: $0
Matching amounts secured by JVDPS (non donor dollars) $52,000

Through a grant application that pre-dates hurricane IRMA, JVDPS has secured $52,000 via the Caribbean Development Bank in partnership with the BVI Department of Disaster Management, Rotary Club of Tortola, BVI Red Cross and ADDRA. Fund will be administered via DDM and will provide temporary shelter options for future storms.


In the early days of the fund, we also explored temporary shelter options; however, Shelterbox, an international NGO , in partnership with

Expenditure from this fund: $1500
Matching amounts secured by JVDPS (non-donor dollars) (Unspecified)
One island resident who is disabled (paralyzed young man) and needs special care received emergency relief funds. We have secured the support of “Team River Runner”, a US based not-for profit that works with disabled veterans and usually runs an annual event in St. John, USVI. Team River Runner has agreed to adopt this family, meaning that one JVD resident will get needed support, while freeing up funds raising via this platform for others.

Expenditure to date $4446
Matching: $3200
Shipping donated goods to the states has been costly and has also proven to be difficult to get out of the port following the bottleneck created from hurricane Irma. To date we have spent more than $4k on shipping; however, we are also grateful that we saved an additional $3200 thanks to the generous support of Catherine & Clint Hempel and Aeropost in Tortola.


Expenditure to date $39,000
Matching Funds: $30,000

Via JVDPS, JVD Recovery Aid will include the delivery of a Kubota Skid steer including attachments such as an industrial chipper shredder


On Monday, December 11, we will be launching out first purchase towards home rebuilding on JVD, starting with $10,000 in gift certificates to Clarence Thomas, a hardware and building supplies store on Tortola. In partnership with JVD Strong Tshirt sales raised by Jeremy and Cindy Delk, we are also applying funds towards basic supplies (e.g. lumber or concrete) for home rebuilding on JVD.

More than $50K will be applied towards this purpose. We are also working with organisations such as Adopt a Roof BVI.


Each child enrolled in the JVD Primary School will receive $100 to be used towards purchase of Christmas goods for themselves or family members. We are also exploring subsidized ferry transport to Tortola to sponsor a day of shopping.
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GoFundMe Update :

Greetings! Here is an update as momentum continues to grow!

*Heavy Equipment: After much deliberation we have steered away towards the backhoe and opted to get a skid steer for JVD clean up. After clean up we hope it will contribute to recovery with reforestation and sustainable agriculture projects. It will be A BIG ONE and a new one as we have some concern about maintenance issues. We are getting comparative quotes. Looking at add ons that include a grapple and chipper/shredder. Anyone who wants to sound off. Please go ahead. There is heavy equipment in operation on JVD but we don't think more will hurt. Approximately costs for new equipment with attachments will run about $55,000. MSRP for base machine is about $51,000. Want to see the machine specs or contribute knowledge to purchase? Or think it's a bad use of project funds? Let us know: susan at jvdps dot org.

* On Saturday, October 21st, interested persons can gather in Washington, DC. International Rescue Group (an established humanitarian aid group is partnering with the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society and 2 large cabins are designated for JVD relief goods. YES YOU CAN BRING GOODS TO DELIVER TO A SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL - JUST MARK THEIR NAME ON BOX. (Limit one box per individual). Here is the major challenge-- this is an enormous saving on shipping; however, note it will still be about 10 days before catamaran reaches JVD. WE HAVE SET UP AN EVENT BUT PLEASE MESSAGE Debbie Pomeroy Cloud who will be the local organiser assisting with this event. Also-- we have no idea how many goods our coming. But here is our plan-- we will work to fill up the catamaran-- if it's too little, we will release some of the GOFUNDME and ask the people who show up to head over to Target or Walmart and fill the rest of the space. If it is MORE than the catamaran can hold, we have a second boat leaving Annapolis the following weekend- details to follow. Do you have a few available weeks and want to volunteer in the BVI? You can hop on board, help deliver aid and then sail in the BVI for 2 weeks. want to learn more? Visit http://members.internationalrescuegroup.org/group/rendezvous-cay-virgin-islands for details!

* We announced prior but 9 pallets of goods left the Georgia Warehouse bound for JVD. There are still associated shipping costs but the GOFundMe covered $1,600 in shipping costs. The Catamaran "TimeOut" owned and operated by Kim & Jack Nies also arrived to JVD with Timoth & Tanja Gross who brought 35 boxes of relief goods to District Officer on JVD for general distribution.

* The donated Van from Steve & Mel Wilcox is loaded with goods and will be driven by a volunteer from the Band HyRider in Indiana to Port of the Everglades. Van will be used to support efforts for JVD recovery and will be based on Tortola. Van was free and we got permission for Duty waiver (although HM Customs lifted the duty on vehicles a few days later). So all this is free but we still need to pay approximately $2,100 in shipping costs to deliver van. But total value of this donation runs around $7,000.

* We loved Anguilla's "Open for Business" social media advertisement produced by Anguilla's FCO office. We've heard one of the businesses is dong a BVI-wide one. Kudos to Marcie Parker for assisting staff from Virgin Motor Yachts. We learned about this after asking our talented JVD photographer Leon Miller to help produce a JVD specific "JVD Open for business" video.

* JVDPS spent the week working on a proposal and managed to meet the deadline to submit for a grant through the United Kingdom's DEFRA "Darwin Plus" -- the project, if funded, will look at evaluating ecological resilience of important habitats and wildlife on JVD and adjacent offshore cays. This project builds on years of protected area management work carried out by JVDPS. If funded, we will be able to hire 2 JVD residents for 24 months to carry out field work.

That's all for now. More next week when back on island. Cheers and thank you for donating!
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This update can be best summarized by simply saying that everyone is being awesome with their support! It is truly heartwarming to see the sheer numbers of people that love our tiny island.
Sorry for the lack of individual thank you's. Our efforts are constant and ongoing. Please know that without each of you, this mission to bring aid to our island and help the citizens of JVD rebuild would not be possible.
Life saving aid and evacuations are being executed successfully.
The Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society(JVDPS) has always been a non-profit organization. Due to current urgent needs, its mission has transitioned into a relief effort for the community of Jost Van Dyke. The current effort is beginning to transition into a rebuilding phase.
With everyone's help, we will rebuild JVD for our friends and family who live there. One day soon we will all be enjoying our island paradise again.
There is no one person who speaks for everyone on the island. JVDPS and the community will work together as to the best way to help the island as a whole. A meeting was held yesterday with JVD residents that are currently in Puerto Rico. A meeting will take place on JVD very soon which will include JVDPS and community members of the island. At these meetings a plan is being formulated as to the best way to allocate funds and supplies to rebuild the island..
There are far too many people than can be individually thanked here. And no single individual could possibly make all this happen.
Thanks for your support and God bless the people of Jost Van Dyke , the BVI, and all the effected islands.
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Here's the latest update on the ongoing situation on Jost Van Dyke written by Susan, the director of the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society. I am working closely with her on getting help to those on our beloved island. We have made lots of progress with the help of so many. Far too many to list... Things are stabilizing and we are seeing much progress. Of course it will be a long involved process to get everyone back on their feet. Many have asked how they can personally help besides donating money. We appreciate the offers very much, and believe me, we will need more help as time goes on. As everyone knows that loves Jost Van Dyke and the people there as I do, the biggest need they are going to have is to see all of us back down there patronizing their businesses, because tourism is their livelihood....
Keep the faith, and keep praying. Our beloved island will be back!

Here is the update:
Dear Friends:
I am writing to provide you with an update to the best of my ability. To say the least communications with JVD and even between islands for average people is limited.Yesterday I communicated directly with Foxy's (David, Justine), Government, colleagues from UK that have been charged with doing assessments and friends on Tortola. I pass on second hand but what I heard DIRECTLY from them.

FOXY's (David & Justine):"we are ok". They were very upset that someone on the island has been issuing fake reports about violence. They asked me to pass along word that the reports are fake. There are a few boats in water and moving things around now.

BVI GOVERNMENT/DISASTER MANAGEMENT: "5 tons of food and water was distributed to JVD with Medication." "I had recon out there today and they reported that all was peaceful."
Assessment -- the situation is bad but if there is a life threatening situation JVDers have access to Emergency Response sytems (VISAR, etc) The special needs patients were taken off island are receiving medical attention.

Although there was a bottleneck, things have started flowing slowly with expectation that things will be coming in soon. THEY NEED STUFF we are asking them to be as specific as possible and one problem is that our access point through Puerto Rico is being overwhelmed and selling out of everything. (Rosa spent hours trying to get a chainsaw and they sold it out from under her). Help is also on the way from St. Croix (Kenny Chesney and others) and we are hoping it makes its way to JVD as much has been going to USVI and not JVD/BVI

Assistance will drop off after the initial shock of this epic disaster wears off. Please do not forget us. We need your help.

Please consider donating to the GO FUND ME Page https://www.gofundme.com/jost-van-dyke-humanitarian-aid or directly to the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society at www.jvdps.org You can email JVDPS Director (me) at susanjvdps@gmail.com to learn about tax deductible contributions and how the money is being used.

Note that lots of GO FUND me and $ requests are being set up. JVDPS Inc although Environment and heritage focused was set up over 10 years ago. We are the only charity on JVD that is legally registered in the BVI and also in the US as a 501c3. As an established NPO, we have an existing relationship with BVI and UK agencies. This means that we are likely to be able to take your donation and use it to leverage other grants and opportunities maximising the impact of your donation. It also means that our work will be integrated into national plans in the BVI. Please consider learning more.
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$100,375 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 648 people in 5 months
Created September 7, 2017
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