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Welcome to the Bee Bus Mission.

My name is Ellie Lobel.

If you wish to go straight to my website click here:

For those of you who are new to this Mission, let me bring you up to date.

The Bee Bus Mission is about saving the lives of those who are disabled and dying from a tick borne bacterial infection called Lyme disease (Borrelia Burgdorferi) and other co-infections.  We save lives through education about Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) and the profound effect it has on tick borne infections.

The Bee Bus Mission also educates people about the plight of the bee population.  Most people will be surprised when they discover that those utilizing BVT are an important part of saving the bees who in turn save those who suffer.

 Many people do not realize that Lyme disease is now a worldwide pandemic.  It meets all 8 criteria of the NIH to be classified as a pandemic.  It is the fastest growing vector borne disease and has been noted to infect at least 300,000 people a year in the USA.  Most in the Lyme community believe this number is much higher.

            I, too, was a victim of Chronic Lyme, as well as a common co-infection called Babesia.  Babesia is a cousin to Malaria and is a fatal infection.  I spent 15 years battling these tick borne infections at an outrageous cost to my finances, my health and my quality of life.

            Over those 15 years, I utilized every treatment known to man.  In May 2012, I was in multiple organ failure and congestive heart failure with no available treatment options left.  Doctors gave me 3-4 months to live.  I was out of money, disabled, and broken in every aspect of my life.  There was nothing left to live for.  I accepted my fate and found some relief in the fact that my death was only a few months away.  I let go of all hope and was ready to be free from the suffering and pain.

             In early June 2012, I was living in Southern California and waiting to die.  One day I was in need of fresh air, so I shuffled outside with the help of a caretaker and was attacked by a swarm of killer bees.

As horrifying as this was, little did I know at that moment it would be the one thing that would change not only the fate of my life, but the fate of many  Lyme and tick borne disease sufferers worldwide.

           Days after the killer bee attack, I noticed that my mind was clear and I was able to think.  It had previously been foggy and had severe cognitive deficits (Lyme brain).  I also had a brief respite from constant pain and could only link this to being stung by the killer bees.  Based on my education and a natural propensity toward problem solving, I began to research and study anything I could get my hands on relating to bees and bee venom.  Through much trial and error, I stung myself with bees for 2 ½ years and was able to rid my body of Lyme and Babesia.  I was restored to health once more. 

The outcome of my experience was the development of the Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) for Lyme Disease Protocol.  I created this protocol so that other Lyme sufferers could follow it and get well within safe parameters.  

In March of 2015, the Bee Bus Mission was born.  I set out on the road to help as many Lyme sufferers as I could.  I began to spread the word and teach BVT to those who were broken from this disease and left without hope.  I spent two years on the road.  It was just me, my old truck and the bees.  I spent many a night in rest stops, sleeping across the front seats.  I traveled in inclement weather and did not allow snow, sleet or ice to stop me from getting to the next Lyme sufferer.  It took everything I had, but I could handle it because I was well and healthy.  I pushed my beloved truck out of an intersection when the fuel pump went out and even slid into a rest stop one night when icy roads made it impossible to travel. That old truck saved me from a fatal accident and together we made our way across the country.  I was on a Mission! 

I look back on those two years and know that it was a journey I will never forget.  It wasn’t glamorous by any means, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  There is no greater joy than bringing hope to one who has lost it and offer an end to the horrid suffering that comes with Lyme disease.  I feel blessed that I got to be the bearer of good news for Lyme warriors and their families.

 Like all Missions, they must evolve and this one is no exception.  It has a life of its own now and I keep showing up for it, each step of the way.  Here are some exciting updates:

 A book on Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) for Lyme disease is underway.  We are working hard to get this done so we can get the information out to the masses.

We have a great support group with over 5900 members and growing. Nothing beats the support of your fellow warriors and those who know what you’re going through. 
You can find the group on FB here:

We also have a documentary in the works. The trailer is filmed and moving along nicely.

My story has been written up in every major publication across the world.

Here are  just a few links:

  Radio happened along the way as well. A big thank you to  NPR.
Here is a link to that program :

 It was fun to be in a real radio station in Kansas ( minus all the rain) doing this with the guys at SnapJudment in San Francisco, Ca.

 So grateful for all the print/internet write-ups helping spread the word about BVT for Lyme.

So, as things progress, our tick problems are escalating. Many reports are saying this is going to be the worst year for ticks then ever before since the tick population is exploding and there are still no real answers for tick borne infections in Western or alternative medicines.

Bee venom therapy is our greatest hope to survive.

The 3 1/2 years of research at the New Haven Univeristy on Bee Venom and Lyme is in peer review awaiting approval and publication. Animal testing is now underway.

 Next important steps include:

·         Setting up a Non-Profit

·         Completing and publishing the BVT book

·         Finding ways to get much needed financial support from outside of the Lyme community

·         Increasing support for bee programs and research on Lyme disease and BVT

 Working together, I believe we can accomplish these goals.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you who have supported the Bee Bus Mission.  We would not have made it to this point without you. 

Your continued help is much needed and appreciated as we continue to grow.

Many blessings to all.

Ellie Lobel


Ellie Lobel
Phoenix, AZ

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