The Wandering Inn: Boddington Build

The building of a Semi-Permanent Tavern structure for the Perth LARP Community at the Boddington LARP Site.  This Project is a Joint Endeavour between the Wandering Inn and the Church of Belligerence with the goal to build a community building available for use by the Wandering Inn, The Belligerent Arms and the wider Perth LARP Community.

Over two years ago, myself and my partner began work on the Wandering Inn for Shattered World Game 1.  Originally designed as a collapsible Pop Up bar, the Wandering Inn's goal was to create an Immersive space for Roleplay as well as a safe licensed venue for drinkers.   Not only did it succeed in both of these endeavours, it was loved so much by the community that I became committed to expanding and improving on it.

Originally built over several weekends by myself, my partner and several members of our community, the Tavern has seen four Weekend Long Games, as well as over a dozen minor games and events.  It has survived the test of time, weathering Storm, Flooding and being loaded into trucks over and over again. 

Now it is time for the next stage. Bigger, Better and Badder.  The Boddington Site offers us great opportunities for the LARP Community in building not only semi-permanent structures, but shaping an area to our design.  This is but the start of that!

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we have access to 100 acres of land that we can build, reshape and use for the purposes of the LARP and Medieval communities. Along with this, Myself and a small team of builders from the Church of Beligerence and the Wider Community have come together to design the New Tavern.  

The Team
While small, the Design and Build team is dedicated to getting the job done, and brings quite a bit of experience in building and engineering projects from past endeavours.  If you're interested in joining the team and being closely involved with the build processes, please don't hesitate to message us!

Mark Williams  - The Wandering Inn
Craig Williams - The Belligerent Arms 
Cary Wintle - The Belligerent Arms
Elizabeth Mary - The Belligerent Arms
The High Priest- The Belligerent Arms

The Plan

The Goal of the Campaign is broken down into 4 stages.  These funding goals are Estimates only based on the existing Designs we have.  These prices may or may not be higher or lower than we expect, and as such there is a chance that the raised funds will not cover the entire build.  We are aware of this and will do our best to minimise costs by using salvaged and wholesale materials.  The entire design has been drawing up as per Australian Regulations for Flooring and Roofing, ensuring the structure is strong, safe and stable.


Stage 1: The Floor - $1000.00

If we Raise $1000.00, we will build a complete 9x9m wooden floor to be used for the Tavern, including a 3x3m central area to be used as an open Beer Garden and Firepit. If we only reach this goal, we will then use Gazebo frames and walling to complete the rest of the Tavern


Stage 2: The Walls - $3000.00

If we raise $3000.00, we will completely enclose this floor with stud walling, including Half Walls for the Internal Beer Garden area. This Internal area will be configurable, with removable walls and roof to allow it to be an open outside section or part of the Internal Structure.

If we reach this stage, we will use Gazebo frames to complete the Tavern Roof

Stage 3: The Roof - $5000.00

If we raise $5000.00, we will construct the roof for the Tavern, ensuring it's completely covered and out of the Elements.  This will mean the basic structure of the Tavern is entirely complete!


Stage 4: The Extras - Above $5000.00

Anything we raise Above $5000.00 will be put towards dressing the Tavern.  Painting, Tables, Chairs, Shelves, Fancy Gubbins, everything to better improve the Immersion of the structure!

Reward Tiers!

$50 Donation or more

Your name will be added to the Hall of Heroes, our VIP list. This comes with the eternal Gratitude and Thanks from the build team for helping us make this dream a reality

$75 Donation or more
Your name, or the name of a character of your choice, will be engraved onto a Plaque which will be held within the Tavern itself, proudly on display for all to see.

$100 Donation or more

During the build Processes, your name, or the name of a character of your choice, will be physically carved into the structure. You can choose between Floor, Wall or Roof, and we will place your name in a visible location so that it will forever be a part of it.

$250 Donation or More

Ontop of all of the above, a commemorative drink will be created in your honour!  You will be contacted to discuss the name, contents and details of the drink, as well as be invited to a Taste Testing event to trial the new drinks!

  • Eugene Marshall 
    • $200 
    • 36 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $800 
    • 36 mos
  • Liam Crooks 
    • $200 
    • 36 mos
  • Trent Bersan 
    • $100 
    • 36 mos
  • Laura Hodges 
    • $50 
    • 36 mos
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Fundraising team (3)

Mark Williams 
Lynwood WA
Cary Wintle 
Team member
Craig Williams 
Team member