The Blade of Light

Hello my friends.  I have good news for you.  The age of human want and misery, has ended.  I have located the science which will free humanity from its misery, and constant descent into war.  These solutions extend from the genetic unconscious basis within the human mind outward, to include solutions to the practical problems of clean energy and pollution.  I invite you watch the video introduction to these ideas, entitled The Gathering: Our Human Future so you may share with me the gentle shades of our new world.  Please do read The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity, for the detailed solutions.  You should know, it is true: The age of human want and misery, is over.


However, there are forces that wish to prevent these many advances, such as inexpensive treatments for diseases including cancer, and the production of clean burning, inexpensive fuel that will end our dependence upon oil.   These same organizations and governments are now changing the weather of our planet, and are doing so in a way that is toxic and dangerous, while they allow radiation to bathe the earth’s surface.  It seems, that no matter which politician is elected in whatever country, that nothing changes, division and anger, discontent and rage grow louder and louder, and the tender Earth itself is clearly under assault.  We see: Darkness.  Massive and wrong, imposing its will upon all living things. 


Look in to my eyes, and know, it need not be so.  The pollution and shortage, can and will swiftly end, the contamination spread upon the tender earth must be halted, and her sickly grey sky poured above us as a liquid jewel, once again arching and blue. 


The only possible answer to darkness, is light.  I have found the suppressed science, the cures to disease and other science from brilliant men whose work has been wrongly hidden and kept down, to the detriment of our race.  I have found analysis of the exact poisons and military devices used to harm the earth, and the weapons which have been concealed beneath the misinformation the public is told concerning the climate.  Now, the science must be made available, and advanced, and all must know: This is your right!  A Future.  A future free from contamination, pollution, shortage and deception.  Free, from darkness.


All this deception has taken place under the cover of secrecy and suppression.  This, will end, and our future, will begin.


It is light, which will end darkness.  Let what was hidden, be known!


I have established: The Blade of Light. The blade of light has two parts, information and support.  At this address:
you will find the suppressed information.  I have collected it all.  You may see what is available, and what pathways have been blocked.  This information, must and will be made available to all members of humanity.  Then, the suppression will end, and our new day will begin.  I can not do this alone.  You must help me.  I require your support.  The beast we face is massive. I have informed each member of the Senate with a complete analysis, and now they must be held to account.  Many ads must be run, many books printed and made available, and science requires advancement.  The Blade of Light is a publicly open fund, with all expenditures openly disclosed, and no profit for me.  None.  Each penny will serve the dissemination of information to end human want and subjugation.  You have my word.  No profit.  Only light.  


Let us expose each secret kept, and begin our worthy future. I can not do it alone.  Please help me build, the Blade of Light. 


Thank you.


Richard Norman
O'Brien, OR

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