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Seeking more funds to repair the roof & finish misc expenses

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Hi, I'm Linda, and I'm reaching out for help with some emergency home repairs, and other expenses. My plumbing was damaged during the cold snap in mid-January, and 3 major repairs are needed:

1. plumbing repairs ASAP - completed
2. expenses: Hire plumber, bought parts for a temp fix and paid for repair estimates. Paid for retiling of bath after plumbing repairs. Also replaced shorted-out hot water tank and repaired additional plumbing breaks - completed
3. repair leakage into the house from roof damage from the summer - To do = becoming critical

My home is 75 years old, and up until a couple of years ago, it'd been somewhat easy to maintain. This year has been impossible - my brother, who usually helps me do DIY, is over 2500 miles away now, and I'm disabled.

As well, the roof, already needed repair, was damaged this summer (storms/tornadoes), the foundation has washed out from under the front due to the water running from plumbing leak (the house is beginning to tilt downhill). I have found an additional break in the line from the bathtub drain to the main sewer line - I can hear the water running onto the ground from inside the house (02/05).

What can't wait, is the plumbing, or paying the water bill incurred because of leaks and line breaks.

I'm retired, on fixed income, disabled, and can't afford even the minimum repairs that are now needed. I'm no longer able to do them myself, so am asking for help. Any assistance would be appreciated, I'd be grateful.

We recently had a week of bitter cold weather. There were 5 nights, 15 - 19 January, where overnight temps dropped into single digits, near 0°F. I left the taps open and dribbling, then placed a heater to blow additional warm air into the main bathroom. The water pipes, and sewer line run through the crawl space and along the outside walls. But the morning of the 18th, the main bath had frozen over completely, as if there had been no heat at all in the home or the room.

The toilet tank and bowl actually contained solid ice (took the whole next day to thaw out). The inside walls actually had frost ice on them as well, and the water taps for the bath tub, although still dribbling, began running full out when I attempted to turn them off.

The valve assemblies appear to be damaged: the handles turn but the water flows full-out regardless. Both the hot and cold water valves in the tub are shot, and won't shut the flow off.

I no longer have any hot water if I don't boil it myself, although the water tank appears to be trying to work. The water bill was at $897 and counting - I've slowed it down temporarily and put almost $300 towards it, so the city is holding off on cut-off for now.

I couldn't get a plumber at first because none were available, and then I heard water running onto the ground and saw it running from the yard into the street when the taps were open.

I used the bill and food money to pay for a few estimates based off photos and video and to buy some parts to install a new shower head assembly that came with a flow control valve between the shower line and shower head, then used the tub diverter to send flow towards the shower head, which reduced the flow to a trickle.

I hurt myself in the process when I slipped and fell (I'm almost as old as the house).

The shower head with full shut-off water control valve is a temporary fix, however. And the water bill is currently at $700 and counting where the water was going down the drain. I don't yet know what impact it has had on the hot water tank, which I replaced in 2017, but I don't have hot water anymore.

This "fix" is already failing after 7 days, and the flow from the tub is increasing again. I discovered a few days ago that the lines from the drain to the main sewer line is leaking as well - that's going to be very expensive as I've been told the yard has to be dug up to replace those pipes. Since there's been an additional break located, the amount needed has been amended to reflect the increased costs.

Funds will be used to fix the plumbing, catch up the bills, then go towards servicing the hot water tank (if needed), the overflow lines, and building a roof replacement fund, if there is anything left.

Thank you kindly, for any assistance you can provide.


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Linda Mansker
Tulsa, OK

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