Paying tribute to Jeremiah and Neahmiah

Hi, my name is Caprice McKee. I am the niece of, Cathy McKee, who has asked me to create this account due to a unexpected event that has changed her life forever. Please, we are asking for everyone’s help. Just last night, my two little cousins, Jeremiah White (12) and Neahmiah (10) lost their lives to an explosion under their home. Jeremiah and Neahmiah were full of life. They loved video games, riding bikes, visiting family and they loved their siblings (who were also in the house) and we’re sorry but unfortunately they did not survive either. Please, due to my aunt, Cathy McKee, being self-employed, we are asking for financial help. Any amount will help and we truly will appreciate it. We just want to help give Jeremiah and Neahmiah the proper burial. If anyone would like to reach out to Cathy McKee she does have a Facebook.  Thank you all for your help and generosity.

Organisator und Spendenbegünstigter

Cathy McKee 
Camden, NJ
Cathy McKee 

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