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Dear friends,
I have finally gotten up the nerve to reach out to my community for some help. Please take a sec to read my story >>>

The short version: I haven't been well for quite a while and recently found out the culprit is severe mercury toxicity (poisoning). I need financial help to have all my old fillings safely removed and then begin long-term treatments to help remove the mercury safely from my body in able to recover. This is an expensive process that insurance doesn't cover. No amount of donation is too small, every little bit helps!

The long version: After over a decade of trying to find answers to a myriad of mysterious health problems (and visits to countless doctors and health experts), a physician recently checked me for heavy metal toxicity by testing my blood, hair and urine. Each test came back with my mercury levels literally off the charts. The leakage is stemming from 10 mercury fillings, which I got as a kid in the 70's and 80's. Due to genetics, my teeth are what they call "porous", causing a  weakening in their structure, which is why I got so many fillings at a young age. To make matters a bit more challenging for me, I have a genetic mutation (which 30% of the population has) called MTHFR, which affects the body's ability to make glutathione, a crucial antioxidant which helps the body to detox and remove metals by way of the kidneys from the body. 

First off: I'm confident I can fully recover and will continue to do anything and everything until I do. It's going to take time, money, dedication, patience, love and support, but I feel very optimistic.

So what does all this mean?
In able for me to get the mercury out of my body and feel well once again,  I have to get the mercury safely removed from my mouth by working with a specialized dentist called a "Biological Dentist" (and who follows a strict protocol called "The Hal Huggins Protocol", which ensures very little mercury gets absorbed into my body during the removal and also protects the dentist and their assistant). I will also need to begin IV treatments (called Chelation therapy) shortly after the fillings are removed for anywhere from 3 months - 2  years. This time-frame depends on how fast my body is able to mobilize and move out the mercury from my body. Both of these processes are extremely expensive and insurance doesn't cover it.  All in, I'm likely looking at roughly $20,000 in costs - that's assuming I don't need the full two years! I'm graciously aiming for whatever help given through you and this GoFund me page.

You don't seem "sick"! 
I've been avoiding the word "sick", for many reasons, but in short I've been struggling for a long time --- and I mean pretty much every day. I have a lot of shame about not being better yet because up until recently I thought it was something I was doing to cause it. It has taken a huge toll on my life... it's no fun, but it's never all bad and, considering how much this sucks, I'm in a pretty good head-space. Over the years, I've had every test one could imagine including a spinal tap, multiple cat scans & MRI's, insane injections, blood & urine tests for things I never knew existed-- all of which kept coming back fairly normal and, as you can imagine, was extremely frustrating (and expensive!). It appears the mercury has affected me primarily cognitively and neurologically. To give you an idea of what this looks like --- my left leg and parts of my torso are numb, I have weird pins and needles sensations throughout my body, constant floaters in my vision, jerking in my legs, my memory is all messed up and brain fog and fatigue is immense and my eyes have a ton if issues, including constant watery eyes from a root canal which is filled with mercury and located directly on the eye meridian, according to Chinese medicine. Furthermore, despite a healthy, organic, nutrient-dense diet and regular exercise my weight has increased 50 lbs this year due to the mercury primarily being stored in fat tissues, (which according to my physician may be saving my organs from failure. 

Mercury toxicity is no joke. It is a scientifically proven highly toxic poison. This is why mercury thermometers were (finally) removed  from the public and why (most) dentists wouldn't dare use mercury today. How it ended up in our mouths in the first place is absolutely astounding. Consider this: every time one bites down on a mercury filling or drinks something hot, mercury vapors are released into the body. Everyone's ability to detox (or not detox) naturally from metals in the body is different (we all have some metals including mercury in our bodies), which is why some people with mercury fillings develop issues and others don't. Unless one is exposed to a large amount of mercury at once (like when kids used to open up thermometers and play with the mercury blob) it's generally a very slow process of leaking with regard to tooth fillings (or, in some cases, people who eat way too much seafood that's known to have high levels of mercury will develop issues related to toxicity), hence why my health has gotten worse over the years despite my healthy lifestyle and persistent, dedicated efforts toward complete wellness. 

How have I been managing?
Many of you know I'm working my way toward finishing my Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as becoming a therapist. Being in school has been a blessing and a curse - it's been hard, especially with these issues, but it's given me a focus other than trying to figure out what's wrong with me! Meditation has also been my saving grace and I try to be of service as much as I can and when I can.  Needless to say, my beautiful wife, Paloma, my Mom and my awesome friends have stood by me no matter what, which makes all the difference in the world.

They are finding connections to serious illnesses such as breast cancer, depression, MS, ALS, and many auto-immune diseases (to name a few). For more information please visit: 

Thank you for considering helping me and at the very least, please spread the word about the seriousness of mercury toxicity. 

No amount of donation is too small, every little bit helps!
If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.



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