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On august 19 2021 my older sister Danielle wade was found dead at the young age of 29 years old with her newborn still alive on her chest. She left behind 2 small children one is 6 I have custody of one. Denali.  We are in between relocating to GA AND UPON arrival IMMEDIATELY realized the public schools in ga (  well most) had very low ratings and were not an environment I want my nephew who has already been traumatized by losing both parents , being separated from his ONLY sibling , having big red thrown in his face at the age of 4 bc my sisters bf was mad her and other things I do not want to's hard for ppl to manage their OWN kids in a 2 parent home so it's definitely hard on me mentally at times and financially to take care of a child that I didn't birth and BOTH parents not just one are dead and I have NO experience raising children . Only with being a number 1 aunt lol I have NO RELIEF NO COMMITTED VILLAGE, NO GO TO for him Sometimes I just wanna scream but I look at my lil guy and I know he needs me and deserves the life I’m capable of giving him . He’s very welL behaved and timid . I want him to go a private school in Atlanta . I also want him in sports and other character building activities for young boys , the things I can’t as a 26 yr old young lady teach him . The cost of living in GA is a huge difference from the cost of living in kentucky and will take time to adjust to . I have a job lined up but that’s not gonna pay full tuition . . He’s also growing so fast that I can’t keep up . It’s stressful bc I have no children that I’ve raised and I have no solid support system for him but cps built aRelationship with me and approved me to have permanent custody so now it’s just me and Denali forever . We are leaving the past and Louisville kentucky behind and starting a new life and it’s hard without my sister being alive AND his father being dead too so there’s no one obligated or that feels inclined to help me with him . I want him to get a quality education and a fair chance at life that most kids in his unfortunate predicament would NEVER GET . I care for my nephew so much I refuse to let him go to foster care bc I’ve been there before . I put all my dreams , freedoms and ambitions to the side to do life with my nephew . It gets mentally n financially hard at times as any one can imagine. I pray this comes across the right people who can help my nephew and I as we leave our past 
behind and start our new life in Georgia . I don’t know anyone from the fathers side nor did I ever know his father . I was always like the extra help my sister needed when she was alive and now that she is dead oh man do I feel her pain . But this kid brings me joy Everytime I think I can’t get it done I look at his innocent face depending on me and I make it happen. August 19th 2022 will mark 1 year since my older sister died and it hurts that it seems no one cares about my nephew as much as me . But hey that’s why god gave me permanent custody bc he already knew that . Anyway sorry to write a book this is my first go fund me and I pray to god that it reaches the right people and that I can get literally my angel he gave me a purpose in life and made me realize maybe my life calling is much deeper than what I initially thought. DENALI needs everyone’s help & any amount helps and makes a difference in his life . Thanks for reading . I always was ashamed to do this or ask for help cuz I was always taught to just deal with it or get through it but I refuse to let my nephew grow up in that manner or feel less than , abandoned or anything other than great about himself . They say it takes a village we don’t have much family so I’m asking for a village of strangers. 10,000 will get him through a whole year of schoo give or take I may have to put some of my money with it as well or it may turn out cheaper . I also want to put him in character building and self esteem building classes / courses for kids bc sometimes he doubts hisself . He often says he wishes he had a dad and I wish I had the answers . Anyways thanks In advance to abt donor any amount is appreciated ❤️ Special thanks to Middletown elementary the most consistent group of ppl he’s known since I got him and I hate to tear him away from the only friends he’s ever made but hopefully he makEs more at his new school and I can stay in rouch with the parents I built relationships with . the MOST important very special person in my life that god sent to me knowing I was in need of a mother figure at one point  is JILL FRAWLEY. U are my angel I wanna cry when I think about the time we’ve spent aince I was 16 until now and what you mean to me and now Denali too . Many times we had NO ONE NOT A SOUL but u have never denied me not listened to my cries or prayed for me. You’ve never mentioned one thing you’ve done for me in my lifetime and it’s more than my own mother has ever done or ever will. U give me good advice u paid for things even when I had money u made me keep what money I had for Denali. I tell me you’re proud of me , you have ur own kids and life and students yet u made time for Denali and u didn’t even know him u did it out of ur love for ME . and I just really appreciate u so much .Years before I had Denali I only had myself and u , now I have Denali and I will hold on so tight and never let go and never met him down . I know god cLled me to this task bc I’m strong enough now after all I’ve been theu I can finally use that strength from hurt and pain and a unfortunate childhood for GOOD ! I always said it would Make sense some day. I could never repay you all I can do is continue to try to flourish into the strong independent selfless woman that I saw u be and I can never mimic anyone as angelic as u miss Jill frawley but I will try my hardest . Miss Jill is private and I’m sorry to call u out but I had to say that .
I love u Danielle . Idc if the whole world then they back in on u or forget about I never will. Never will have another big sister that I can cuss out that morning and laugh with the same night . Lol words cannot express the pain I feel as I write this about you I can’t believe I’m even writing a gofund me about your son and that you’re next here. My sister knows I love her son and wouldn’t rather him be with anyone BUT ME. Trust me. if you really know her then you know that . The other baby I really pray for bc he’s just in a terrible situation if I had enough support I want to get the baby too. He doesn’t deserve the life he’s living . I only have custody of Denali though as you can see he’s thriving and happy. Thanks for the support. It takes a village and Denali needs us . Love ❤️


Jasmine Wade
Louisville, KY

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