He took me for a ride

Raising funds for Nadine Innes, titled  GoFundMe 'He took me for a ride', to help raise funds for my legal costs to stop a '#PREDATOR'.   I am making a stand against predators everywhere that think they have the right to cheat, lie to and defraud vulnerable people when they are at a low point in their lives and unable to fight back.




The focus of this fight is a civil court action against someone (due to court action I am unable to disclose his name) that purported to be a friend, and acted as a financial advisor, taking full advantage at every opportunity when I was weak and at my most vulnerable. I believe willingly set out to mislead me in relation to my finances, knowing full well I was financially naïve, and that my physical, mental, and emotional health were seriously impaired. He has left me penniless and homeless.

I believe he thought my health would continue to deteriorate and he would have continued with his deliberate and wilful deceit and manipulation had I not gotten better.

I now know I am not the only one he has done this to, having talked to different people, and that he will do this again and again.  The cost of legal action means that he thinks he can get away with it. No one else deserves to through this much shame and humiliation. 

ASIC advised they have a file with his name on it, however, they can not tell me any other information but what I have given them. I have to get a civil court conviction, and then I am able to go down the criminal path.  He already perjured himself in the affidavit.

I have been in touch with the cybercrime unit/fraud unit and they have said they are interested in the case. I was really surprised due to the years it's been, as they said he had been grooming me all that time, the first lot of money went straight into his bank account (I have all evidence). Everyone is pushing for me to hand over all the evidence, they want justice. At the end of the day if this goes on for too much longer I really have nothing to lose and at least he won't be able to do it to anyone else.

I know he has the money to pay me back, I believe also he has hidden some of it because he knew he would get found out. Just didn't think it would be me.

By supporting me we will be able to stop this man.  I now know I am not the only one he has done this to, and that he will do this again and again.  The cost of legal action means that he thinks he can get away with it.  There has been no remorse from him or any sign of a moral compass.

He was given an offer so we didn’t have to go to court and that was not including super. He rejected it to go to court, with no negotiation.  So I have been given no choice but to go to court.

While I am only trying at this stage to raise $20,000.00 the lawyer has said it will cost approximately $350,000.00. 



The funds will be used to go towards paying the lawyer and legal costs incurred.

I believe with the weight of evidence we have compiled we will win the case. Yes, like anything in life, I need to be realistic and I will admit there are some complicated areas, but with the right lawyer, enough money and your support we can find a solution.

Going to court is not cheap - most lawyers estimate the costs to be around $350,000.00 per case. I may have another three cases depending on how much damage the second lawyer has done to my case.


Your support would literally be lifesaving, I am desperate for help.

He has taken everything from me.  I thought when I lost my third child and was told I could not have any of my own, that I had nothing left to lose. I was wrong. He took my purpose in life away: my ability to help and support the people in my life who need it the most.

I am a fighter, but I’m not sure how much fight I have left. Help me win not just for myself, but for all those that were bullied and harassed into giving up.


Please donate and share with your network, family, friends, and coworkers.

Help me stop him and provide your support by making a donation and/or sharing it with your network.


Depositing the money straight into the Lawyers Trust Account, so you know it is going to the right place.
This is a personal email, it goes with the hashtag as I will not give out my lawyers email. Each time you or I contact them it costs money and I would prefer to spend it on the cause it you don't mind.:


I know money can be tight (God knows I do), so please know that even $5.00, every little bit helps, to achieve my goal of stopping this man from doing this again and again to other vulnerable women. His weapon of choice is the massive financial and emotional cost of legal action – a weapon that he wields callously and repeatedly to get away with his cruel actions.

I am not looking for a free handout:

I am willing to work for the money (no refund once the work is done), 

I will pretty much DO ANYTHING to show my gratitude, as long as it is legal, ethical, genuine, not completely crazy, over $200.00 (no refund once the deed is done), money upfront and cleared in the trust bank account and it doesn't cost me because I have no money. Photos will be placed on here so you know I have done the deed.




Click here for Nadine's Story 


I am currently in the process of civil court action against someone (due to court action I am unable to advise his name) I believe  to have been purporting to act as my friend, and my self-proclaimed ‘unlicensed’ financial advisor who took full advantage at every opportunity when I was weak and at my most vulnerable. He deliberately and knowingly set out to mislead me in relation to my finances. Knowing full well I was financially naïve, my physical, mental, and emotional health was seriously impaired.

I am currently:

·         homeless
·         completely broke (I am unable to buy food, etc)
·         completely reliant on friends to help pay bills
·         hardship with all my bills and they are piling up
·         I am about to default on the investment property he told me to buy      
·         unable to work due to my illness and the stress of the situation
·         owing a lot of money to people who have helped me
·         existing on less than government assistance a month, which I am not entitled too
·         facing bankruptcy and possible deportation.

I met this person in 2005/2006 in a very dark time of my life, it’s amazing the amount of time, years it took before he had every cent I had.

Prior to the meeting said person, I was a conservative investor. I was and remain a relatively risk-averse investor. I was financially naïve, all I knew was to buy a house, pay it off as quickly as possible and that would support you through retirement.  

At that time the only debt I had was the mortgage on my home. All my money went on the mortgage. I do not live a fancy lifestyle.

My Sydney home was extremely sentimental to me and marked a major milestone in my life. It was the first big decision I had ever made for myself, by myself, since a near-fatal car accident when I was 18 years old, and partially funded it with the money I had received from my accident.

I resisted his financial advice until my physical, mental, and emotional health was seriously impaired. He knew how sick I was, saw it first-hand.  I worked the entire time, due to the financial pressure his actions placed on me, no government assistance, and no real support when I was sick. He offered no help, other than put his hand out for money. 

I have dyslexia, endometriosis, adenomyosis, celiac disease, artificial right eye (from a near-fatal accident at age 18). I have been constantly in and out of hospital since I have known him, due to treatments and lost my three babies.

This is an amazing article from ABC News, I strongly resonate with in regards to my illness: How endometriosis is crippling women.

This is another article from channel 7, a must-read for everyone as it affects us all: : When you have no support, this is how to become the perfect prey 

Sure, you probably think reading this 'WHAT A BLOODY IDIOT' – I know I would probably think the same.

Once the court cases are over and I win a photo and names of the people in question will be provided, as so many of you have requested. Until then my lawyer has advised to not advise names or photos.

But it's amazing how easy it can happen to anyone, anywhere and he doesn't care. Imagine if it was someone close to you, son, daughter, sister, brother or close friend.  I know I would be by their side doing everything I could.

I made a promise with my 9-year-old self: 'DON'T LET THE BASTARDS WIN' I don't plan on breaking that promise now and letting this bastard win.



This my personal character reference for Nadine Innes. I have had the honour of having Nadine as a friend since we first met in high school, back in 1991.

Nadine had transferred from Wanganui after recovering from a traumatic car accident. What first struck me was how resilient and determined a person she is. However, after becoming friends and getting to know her better it is her honesty, generosity, fierce loyalty, and genuine love and caring for other people that really sum up her character. Over the years I have watched her travel to different countries, donate money and make space in her home, all to help others out. I have admired her willingness to stick by family and friends alike through thick and thin.

Over the last few years, Nadine has had a number of health challenges, that have taken their toll, however throughout she has remained selfless and focussed on the well-being of those she cares about. She believes in the good of people, and because of this expects that her natural honesty and generosity will be reciprocated. But Nadine’s family history has made it hard for her to cultivate healthy intimate relationships, and this expectation can sometimes be misplaced.

I believe in Nadine’s honesty wholeheartedly, and because of that, I trust her completely. I hope this letter will give you an idea of her good nature and an insight into her integrity.


I have known Nadine in excess of 24 years. I am a personal friend of Nadine's and over the years she has been extremely kind and supportive to me and many of her friends and family.

I have only ever known her to be someone who strives to do her best and care for herself and her independence.  She has had some very tough situations to deal with in her life and has managed them with dignity and should be very proud of herself.

She holds high integrity and is extremely honest and kind. A very hardworking person, she has always supported herself and strived to better herself personally and professionally.

For more personal references please click: Personal References 

Please also share my story.  I have learned so much through this process, so if you know of anyone who has been through similar, and needs an understanding shoulder to lean on, then 'He took me for a ride' do let me know. You would be surprised how common this is.


Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have you heard the one about the three lawyers and a conman? No, well read on......

A girl walks into a lawyer’s office one day and tells them a tale of woe; that someone purporting to act as her financial advisor (unlicensed) and a friend had just called her and stated bluntly:

·         “Well, it doesn’t look like you will get any of your money back.”

And that he had further stated, in a blasé tone:

·         “Look, I know we had a contract, but you’re still young, you have plenty of years in front of you to recoup your losses, whereas I am in semi-retirement and don’t have many years left. I will be unable to replace the money. “

Evidently, he felt under no obligation to repay the money to her.  His words were, in effect:

·         “Honey, it is what it is, oh dear, how sad, never mind, you’ll get over it, c’est la vie”

Funny, huh?  Well, sadly that was no joke.  It really happened.

And that girl was me.
I broke down as I advised the lawyers that this charlatan had preyed on me during a period of chronic illness, had taken my life savings, every last penny and that I was broke.

The first lawyer said:

“If you are going to fight this you need to leave your dignity and pride at the door, but…seeing as you don’t have any money, I won't be taking your case”

I replied:

"Well, I have nothing left to lose, and no further to fall, and my dignity and pride was taken along with my savings”

The second lawyer said:

“Sure, honey I'll take your case, but as you don't have any money because of your situation I'll give you a discount. You’ll still get the “same service and the quality my other clients receive”, but you will need to do most of the investigation work"

But I was desperate, so I replied:

"I'll find the money and I'll do all the work"

Roll forward a year later, I’ve done all the investigation, pretty much put the case together for them. The lawyer took the money that I begged and borrowed…and yet has not done a thing of what I asked and was promised.  They left me high and dry, with nothing to show for it but the shirt on my back.

So I went to a third lawyer.

The third lawyer said:

“I’ll help you where I can but going to court is bloody expensive love, I hate hearing stories like this.”

He has been AMAZING, so helpful and compassionate. He helped with ideas, doing everything out of hours, but it’s getting to the pointy end now and I somehow need to raise the funds to pay him to go to court.


I have started to do a youtube blog of what happened and I will share as each part is done.

Part One: Don't let the bastards win Part one 

This is a trigger warning: due to breaking a windscreen with my face, the side of my face drops and I look like I have had too much to drink or I'm stoned, I am not. It has been one of the things stopping me from doing Activ8 Your Life and YouTube. I can’t help that, I got told it’s not something to worry about, but I’m a cheap drunk lol. I don’t really drink anymore. I also have to be very careful with what I say due to family and court cases.


As part of the healing process, I have written a blog titled:  ULTIMATE BETRAYAL 


Please also share my story.  I have learned so much through this process, so if you know of anyone who has been through similar, and needs an understanding shoulder to lean on, then 'He took me for a ride' do let me know. You would be surprised how common this is.


I'm not allowed to share photos or names, but I can a conversation had.

I had a major breakdown after the loss of my third child, being told I couldn't have any of my own, still in massive pain and having to have more surgery. I went to the mental health ward because I had no support.

The day I got out this is the MSN conversation we had, I didn't come right until last year, I have just been surviving. I have been doing everything to get better. This year is my first year I don't cry at the loss of them. 

This is another court case I will be going forward with but wanted you to see for yourself the kind of man I am dealing with.

Please help me stop the man. Donate and share my story.



For those questioning if I have indeed no eye, I lost in a near fatal car accident in on the himatangi straights, in New Zealand:


Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I will keep you posted as updates happen.

Thanking you in advance for generosity, kindness, compassion, and support.



Should you want to ensure I am a genuine person click on the following links:

Nadine's personal website
Nadine's Business Website - New Solutions Consulting
Nadine's LinkedIn Profile
Nadine's Personal Self Development WIP Project - ACTIV8 YOUR LIFE - to help people turn self-hate into self-love - one thing keeping me going


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